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  1. "Huh. That is less reassuring than I think you mean... Please friend, if you could, explain to me what dad did for you? What, exactly, you would like me to do?"
  2. "What Edward Buttons did for us is quite simple: every once in a while in an american city, something cropped up that was out of the league of the one or two heroes that were there. So we sent a couple of operatives to cities like that to help clean up the mess. That is what we will be paying you to do, if you choose to join."
  3. "So, problem solver. Emergency response. Damage control. Public relations... Or is cover up your department? I would imagine with a designation like S8-32, Friend, there is more than a few Friends around to run interference? SoGgy sounds suitably MiBy. Do you have neurolysers? Hmm, I suppose if you did I wouldn't remember..."

    "Is there training available? Would I have actual legal, law enforcement powers? Is there a super power prison?"

    "I'm sorry Friend if I'm asking too many questions, but I'm really working blind here. Dad never really discussed any of this shadow stuff with me... Would that be a condition of employment? Would I be able to talk about it with anyone?"
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  4. "Well, I'm not allowed to answer a couple of the questions you asked there," replied Friend. "But it isn't SoGgy for one thing. Just SOG. Yes, there is training. The training program works in a simple way, we give you funds for a bit so you can learn to use your powers better and more efficiently before we put you to work. You have the ability to restrain criminals within your own city like your father did. And as long you don't break any laws, it's fine. And keeping SOG as a secret is quite necessary. It's easiest to fight our enemies when they don't know that we exist for the most part."
  5. "'Soggy' is a diminutive pejorative hypocorism used to both obfuscate the acronym in common parlance and to underscore the the relevant pop culture reference. If you insist on it I can restrain myself, but if informational security is a must then pet names are actually pretty good for confusing listeners."

    Mora cocked her head slightly.

    "What kind of training is available? Or is that self directed?"
  6. "Training is entirely self directed," answers Friend. "Nowadays it isn't hard to find a webpage on the internet that explains how a power works, so you can just look up Fairytale if you're really desperate for info."
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  7. Ask when the body will be released. Ask if fake prison dad could also be dead to let the family administer his estate for closure. Suggest that heart attacks and car accidents are far easier to generate clean cover stories for than court proceedings and far less terrible for the next of kin. Was Dad's name at least kept form the public?

    Tell Friend that you will make a decision after the funeral. Ask for a contact number/details.

    (I'm sure I could come up with more questions, but for now maybe it's time to move on?)
  8. (I was thinking it was time to move on too. Everyone else agree?)

    "So..." you begin. "when are we gonna get dad's body? When will it be possible to close his estate? Why make him kill dad instead of, I don't know, ANYTHING ELSE? What-"

    "Now hold on, hold on," Friend interrupts, "Let me answer them one at a time please. Expect his body within a week from now. This is very, very tricky business because of how hard it is to keep your identity secret and how easy it is for a single person to take it apart just by being dumb. So closing his estate may take as long as it takes to get you the body. And that last one is... tricky. The higher ups are really, really set on the idea of your dad killing Fairytale as the cover for some reason. They won't tell me why, and they won't listen to any other idea. I'm afraid I can't help you when it comes to protecting the family name when the ones that give me the power to do so say no. But... I am allowed to stay nearby and help guard you while you're training, if you'd like me too."
  9. So, vote;

    Protection from our Friend - Yes, for now.

    Next, plan of action going forward: Plan Touching Base

    1)Call Mum, inform her of the cover story. Work out what she wants to do short and long term.
    2)Check bank account, just how much money did Dad have?
    3)Look up Fairytale powers and history online.

    Mostly in that order.

    Quest goals added.

    -Shades of Grey clearly has an agenda, and it doesn't inspire much confidence in their employment benefits. There was no apparent reason to ruin Dad's civilian name and they will not change their path. Find out the real agenda.
    -Training, training, training. More training and maybe, if we're really good, a little more training for desert.
    -The funeral.
    -Dads estate. We have the feeling Mum's going to want to sell up and get out. Their relationship has been on the rocks for a while and she's likely to take the opportunity to bug out. Hope dad wrote a will.

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