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Fandom Here We Go! Another Interest Check!

Sub Genres
Action, Adventure, Anime, Romance


Link's only Wifey
Heyo! PapyrusXNellie21 here! I'm looking for ONE fandom at a time, but multiple fandoms
👽 Means I'm REALLY craving this fandom
Invader ZIM 👽
Gravity Falls
Vampire Knight👽

Ships I'm interested in:
Invader ZIM;
Dib x My oc
Zim x Your oc
Gaz x Either of our ocs
Tak x Zim
Gaz x Zim

Papyrus x My oc
Sans x your oc
Alphys x Undyne

Gravity Falls;
Bill x My oc

Vampire Knight;
Kaname x My oc

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