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Hercules Papadopolis

Captain Hesperus

Harbinger of the End Times and Apostle of Ghan

  • Character info
    Name: Hercules Papadopolis
    Rank: Lance Corporal
    Alignment: Principled
    Picture (in spoiler)

    Herc in his Marine days. He was told to look stern. I think it worked.
    (Image credit: Gears of War)

    O.C.C.: Mechanized Infantry
    Experience Level: 8th
    Age: 25
    Sex: Male
    Disposition: Cheerful, companionable, shy around women. Hercules is almost always positive and upbeat, ready with a smile and a burst of Greek folk songs to lighten the mood (whether it needed lightening or not).
    Height: 6'8"
    Build: Heavy-set, muscular.
    Hair: Blue-black, short, curly.
    Eyes: Brown
    Ethnic Origin: Greek
    Personal Hobbies: Cooking, singing, tending to his olive tree.
    Special Aptitude (roll = %): Naturally Strong (P.S. + D6+3 (rolled a 6) +1 to Pull Punch)

    I.Q.: 14 (+1 I.Q. added from 4th level advancement)
    M.E.: 14 (+1 to Mental Saving Throws/Insanity, +2 to M.E. added from 3rd and 6th level advancement)
    M.A.: 18 (+50% Trust/Intimidate) (During Character Creation, M.A. increased to 18; Hercules is just a really likeable guy!)
    P.S.: 39 (+24 Damage, +1 to Pull Punch)
    P.P.: 22 (+4 to Parry, Dodge and Strike) (+1 added from 2nd and 7th level advancement)
    P.E.: 24 (+5 to Save vs. Pain/Poison, +18% save vs Coma/Death, +1 from 8th level advancement)
    P.B.: 16 (30% Charm/Impress)
    Spd: 21

    Hit Points: 60
    S.D.C. 92
    Action Points: 8/9
    Bonus Action Points (these do not expire when you raise in level): 1/1
    Diamond of Fate (see Shop Talk): 2/2

    Combat Bonuses in/out of Veritech Hover Tank
    Perception: +0
    Initiative: +1/+3
    Attacks per Round: 6/9
    Strike: +9/+12 (+13 with mecha melee attacks)
    Parry: +13/+17
    Dodge: +13/+16
    Roll with Punch: +8/+11
    Body Flip/Throw: +5
    Holds/Locks: +7 (+4 P.P., +1 Pankration, +2 Pressure Point Control Tactics)
    Damage: +26 (+24 P.S.) (+2 Pankration)
    Disarm: +13
    Pull Punch: +9/+10 (+3 P.P.)(+4 Pankration, +1 Special Aptitude bonus)
    Save vs. Horror Factor: +3
    Save vs. Pain: +6 (+5 P.E., +1 Pressure Point Control Tactics)
    Special: Critical Strike on a natural roll of 19 or higher. Knockout on a natural roll of 18 or higher (Pankration + Pressure Point Control Tactics). Knife-hand strike. Pin/Incapacitate on a natural 16 or higher (Wrestling + Pressure Point Control Tactics).

    Bonuses from VHT MECT: +1 attack per melee round at levels 1, 3, 6, 10, and 14. +2 on initiative, +2 to strike with cannon and long-range weapons, +3 to strike (applies to punches, stomps, and kicks) +4 to parry, +3 to dodge, +3 to disarm, +4 to pull punch, and +3 to roll with impact.
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