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Help Help regarding coding

Hey all,

I know RPNation recently changed/cut how coding was used on the site. I don't have a clue how to go about any of it but I like the use of tabs 'spoilers' in peoples rp searching threads.

Could someone tell me whether they are still able to be created and then how one goes about creating them?



hard to find
psst ! anything regarding coding and bbcode goes in the bbcode library, you’ll find ppl to help u out there :>

as for ur question, spoilers can still be created ! just add
[spoiler]these tags around ur text[/spoiler]

and if u want ur spoiler to have a “name” then:
[spoiler=whatever name u want]and the text goes here[/spoiler]

there’s also an option in the little “insert” button in the editor (which is next to the emoji one) that has a “spoiler” option

hope this helps xx

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