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Fantasy Hellspawn Anonymous!

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☽🌣𝕎𝕖𝕝𝕔𝕠𝕞𝕖 𝕥𝕠 𝕊𝕚𝕝𝕧𝕖𝕣 𝕊𝕦𝕟 𝕄𝕒𝕟𝕠𝕣 🌣☾
The World's Premier Rehabilitation Facility for Monsters, Ghouls, and other Ghastly Creatures of the Night!

The human lifestyle is no longer exclusive to mere mortals! In the modern era, the beastly folk of myth and folktale have found ways to adapt to the mundane ways of man. What was really so appealing about stealing babies and sacrificing virgins, anyhow? That being said, we know that old (or possibly ancient) habits die hard. At Silver Sun Manor, supernatural beings who have relapsed on their old ways are guaranteed a safe and non-judgmental environment where they are supported in reintegrating into human society. Enjoy a rest from your mortal persona among fellow patients in our group living accommodations and in weekly group therapy sessions. Receive high quality care from an expert staff experienced in supervising and regulating supernatural outbursts. Enjoy a stroll under the full moon on our sprawling and secure campus where nobody will think twice if you morph into your grotesque monster form!

Before you apply please refer to the following materials:

General Rules
You must receive an acceptance certification to be permitted on manor grounds.
You are expected to post at least once a week and average 1-3 paragraphs.
All residents are prohibited from leaving the manor grounds aside from weekly community service trips.
Failure to behave as an active resident will result in expulsion.
Residents are here to learn to reintegrate into human society. Any resident or staff undermining this endeavor will be expelled.
Curfew is mandatory.
All concerns or complaints should be brought to the attention of a staff member immediately.
While magic and supernatural ability are welcome here, excessive use is not.
All residents and staff are expected to be attentive to announcements.
Dr. Phantom is the head of operations and can terminate staff or expel a resident at any time for any reason.

  • Weekly Schedule

    Please pay attention to announcements to be informed of the day and time, which events are happening, and when you are expected to retire to your dorm.
    The kitchen serves residents and staff from 10 am to midnight, food made by request.
    Curfew is sunrise every day, no exceptions.
    Art Therapy - Recreation Room (12pm and 10pm)
    Group Therapy* (8pm)

    Mortal Studies - Great Hall* (8pm)
    Graveyard Meditation (10 pm)

    Small Group Therapy- Group A - Dr. Phantom's Office* (See acceptance classification for more info)
    Community Gardening - Garden (noon to 5pm)
    All-Resident Shared Meal - Great Hall (12 am)

    Small Group Therapy - Group B - Dr. Phantom's Office* (See acceptance classification for more info)
    Community Service - Off Campus (6-8 pm)
    Act Normal Class* - Great Hall (10 PM)

    Weekly Assessment - Recreation Room* (8pm-10pm)

    Free days, magic allowed in the Great Hall from noon to midnight
    * = Mandatory

☽🌣 𝔼𝕟𝕛𝕠𝕪 𝕐𝕠𝕦𝕣 𝕊𝕥𝕒𝕪! 🌣☾

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Plot Master
Saturday // DAY 0
To the mortal eye, the horse drawn carriage with the cleanly etched "Silver Sun Manor" placard on the side appeared a joyful novelty. The glossy cherry-red stagecoach was driven by a smartly dressed man with an unassuming yet cheerful grin, and the sturdy chestnut driving horses were reminiscent of a simpler time. Under supernatural gaze, however, the coach carried a different tune. The cheerful grin of the stagecoach driver distracted from his deep, dead eyes and the scent of decay. The glamor on the horses hid that they were made of nothing more than bone and enchantment. And one with knowing scrutiny could sense that, somehow, the coach itself was larger on the inside than it appeared on the outside.

Nevertheless, this same paradoxical vessel made its voyage far and wide to collect the newest residents of Silver Sun Manor. It crept slowly up the streets, an unnatural silence seeming to form in its wake, until, steadily, it descended upon its destination. Once parked, the driver slowly dismounted from the coach and approached the door of his newest traveling companion with an uneven and lurching stride. Without hesitation he rapped his gloved hand on the door thrice and politely waited, breathing heavily through his mouth, until the door opened.

"Greetings from Silver Sun Manor," He groaned in a raspy Irish accent that vibrated off of withered vocal chords. "Ay'll be your chauffeur tis' evening. Ta names Kieran. If ye don mind, wheel depart posthaste."

Without waiting for a response, the undead driver turned clumsily and shambled back towards the stagecoach. He opened the door with a bow, revealing a generous cabin which included a table and cushioned chair, a small bed, a short bookcase with a number of titles, a television mounted to the wall, and a door to a small restroom.

"Please mek yerself comfertable and wheel be on our wey,"

Fred Colon

It was so much easier to blame it on Them.
Pollyanna Ziegler flew low in between the trees. Not just because flying too high might get her spotted by normal people, but also because her broom was being weighed down by her cast iron Cauldron, filled with her books, assorted alchemical ingredients, and a CD player of course, her giant frog Jeremiah, a Bullfrog she had enchanted and bewitched so many times that it was now the size of a Great Dane, and she herself. She wasn’t sure that her broomstick was capable of making it much farther off of the ground.

She could have just told the Silver Sun carriage to come to her home. It was in the middle of a swamp, sure, but she was positive the carriage could make its way there anyway.

But Pollyanna hated when people trespassed on her land, so she’d told the carriage to pick her up at the highway that cut across the swamp, a few miles from her house. She could stand a little inconvenience. Plus she wouldn’t have to take down the hexes she’d set up around her home to deter trespassers when the carriage came.

When Pollyanna broke the treeline and floated onto the side of the road, she muttered ‘Verdecken’, waving her plain yew wand above her head, and a weak Glamour turned Jeremiah into a particularly fat Tibetan Mastiff, her broom into a motorcycle, and materialized an insubstantial pair of sunglasses over her own iressless, pupil less eyes. Just in case.

“I vear my sunglasses at night, Jeremiah.” Polly sniggered. Jeremiah let out a low, mournful croak as they disembarked from the broom. Polly could feel Jeremiah's resentment at being made to walk. Jeremiah was monumentally lazy.

“Maybe valking a little vill help you be less fat.” Polly said reprovingly, before turning to the figure standing by the carriage.

“Hello, Guten Tag, ect.” She said. An undead driver, skeletal horses, and the carriage was enchanted and quite nice, too. Polly wasn’t one for luxuries, but it was nice to know she wasn’t going to some poorly funded halfway house. Perhaps they’d have a pond. She and Jeremiah would both like that.

“It’s a pleasure to meet you, Kieran. I am Pollyanna Ziegler, as I’m sure you know. I’ve no issues vith departing post haste. I’m anxious to see my new home avay from home.” She snapped her fingers and pointed at the open door to the carriage. “Jeremiah.” Polly crooned, “In, you fat lump of useless.”

Jeremiah dragged his way onboard, causing the carriage to rock slightly before the frog settled in on the bed.

Polly then set about dragging her broom and cauldron inside. It was certainly wide enough, but hopefully if anyone else came on the trip with her, they didn’t take up too much space or someone might have to sit in the cauldron.

Polly stuck her head out the door when she was finished and her things were situated.

“All ready to go vhen you are.” She said. Then her tongue lashed out almost instinctively as the first of the evenings mosquitos flew a little too close to Polly’s face. Though, to be fair, ‘too close’ extended about five feet in whatever direction she pointed her face.

“Vun for the road.” Polly said, crushing the unfortunate insect between her molars, before shutting the door behind her. “Get off the bed, you horrible lump of soggy meat! I vanted to sleep there! Take the CD player out of the cauldron and stop vhining. You can pick the music."
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The bumbliest bee
The morning the carriage had arrived to collect the poor souls who had sought help from Silver Sun Manor, Ana had completely forgotten. It wasn't unlike her to forget things like this. Only last week she had forgotten that she had put a pair of slippers (she had stolen them from a previous resident) near the top of the stairwell, and the next day had nearly fallen and tumbled down the stairs. Ana was sure ghosts couldn't die twice, but it still made her a nervous wreck for the rest of the day. And just yesterday she had left a pot of tea boiling on the stove, and of course it burnt due to her negligence. Not that she could drink tea anyways, she just liked how it smelled. So yes, forgetting something like this was completely normal. The only reason she had been aware of the carriage's arrival was by the sudden knock at the door.

Anastasia jumped upon hearing it, and then groaned. It could only mean one thing- new residents.

'They must not realize the realtor isn't here yet.' She thought to herself, thinking already of all of the possible ways to run them out of town as she crept up to the window that bordered the side of the door. Peeking through the curtain she was surprised to find a small man with sunken eyes and clear discoloration in his skin, clearly marking signs of past death. Ana straightened up and scowled a bit. Finally she opened the door, giving the zombie a tentative grin.

"Hello. May I help you?" Her expression slowly turned into an excited grin until Ana was practically beaming. Silver Sun Manor! How could she have forgotten? Before she could speak however, the driver began shambling his way back to the carriage.

"I'll be there in a minute, let me grab my things!" She called, waving an excited hand before dipping back into the house to retrieve her bags. Finally! This was her beginning to a new and better life. Everything was going to change now. She wouldn't be stuck haunting this house any longer. Or perhaps it would be the house that no longer haunted her. Hugging her wedding picture close to her chest, she whispered down to it as she walked slowly along the sidewalk.

"Oh Erik if only you could see me now," she exclaimed nervously to the smiling face of her now deceased husband, "I promise I won't forget our house. I just... I can't protect it anymore. It's weighing me down, you understand." At least, she hoped he would understand. A pang of sadness suddenly shot through her as she said this. So this was it. Taking a deep breath, she crammed her belongings in the corner of the suddenly very spacious carriage and settled down near the selection of books that were provided, picking one at random and delving into it as the driver pulled off to the manor.

Emotional Enigma

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Aurora Violet Howell

Aurora stood idly in front of her vanity mirror, counting the years that never seemed to pass. Her memories had gone, how long before she was nothing more than a shell of her who she used to be? Dark eyes among a sea of pale skin, devoid of blemishes or scars, birthmarks or moles. Today would be her first step to remedying her magical dementia and she wished to look her best but she wasn't sure what that looked like. Had she liked her hair up or her usual free flowing? Navigating the things she liked and disliked would forever be a hassle. Hopefully she'd be making some friends at the manor that could remember these things for her. She chuckled to herself at the idea of someone caring for her; how ridiculous. She never found making friends quite easy but this time was different. They were all just as broken and searching for something as her, the keys to fixing their lives however unfortunate they may be. Aurora was determined but nervous she'd discover she was unfixable but nevertheless, the only way to find out was to try. This also meant that no one would care for her and she couldn't expect them to; she was still able bodied enough to and thus the idea was indeed ridiculous.

Three loud knocks came at the door. Aurora bent over and picked up a single suitcase clad in belts and patches from heavy stitch work. She descended the steps of her old Victorian home and opened the door, greeting Kieran with a charming grin. Her eyes, no matter her emotion, always seem to gleam as if she were on the verge of tears. She gave a slight bow, "Good evening, Mr. Kieran. Lovely afternoon, wouldn't you say?" The coachman was quick on his feet; the man was already off the doorstep and opening the carriage. He looked well put together despite being undead but Aurora supposed she was not much different. Still she suspected a limb missing here or there from someone of his caliber, she was delighted he wouldn't be driving with one arm however. She might have been not completely alive but she didn't entirely enjoy pushing the boundaries of her immortality.

Aurora stepped out into brisk air, a wind picking up and tossing her brown hair about. She closed and locked the door with a skeleton key, shoving it into the pocket of her capelet coat. Quickly she followed after Kieran, climbing into the carriage and nodding again at Kieran who held the door for her, "Thank you sir." Aurora settled herself into one of the cushioned seats at the table, setting her suitcase down beside her feet. The door closed behind her and through the tiny window she watched the carriage lurch into a slow gait. Her large estate sliding out of view and Aurora somehow feared her memories would go with it the longer she stayed away.

She reached into her capelet and yanked out her leather bound notebook and an ink pen. Her memories were all sorts of jumbled and she wanted to record everything she could while she still had them. Her pen began to dance along the stained paper, detailing stories long forgotten and the first step of another that started with a gentleman named Kieran.
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Kazimir Rozhnov
In this strange, mechanical world, Kazimir had known the age of his birth had long since passed. He mourned for simpler times, yearned for the familiarity of his home; all of which now resided in the cold Siberian soil, ready to be exhumed for archaeologists and historians. Among the inherent hatred of all their useless automated systems, these modern men had embraced witchcraft and rebuked religion. They had shown him pictures of landing among the stars, of giant steel carriages that ferried them to and fro, of tall grey buildings that housed hundreds on top of one another.

They told him of wars and grand inventions, written word that surpassed the bible in literature and industrial giants which churned steel in their bellies. Fellow sufferers of his disease had tried all they may to drag their fellow Vampire into the twenty-first century, yet their efforts were all for naught it seemed. Kaz, above all need for social interaction, preferred to be alone. Ideally, he would observe and listen, angered by the very idea that he was some poor project to build upon.

While he may have known little for a man of his time, Kazik wasn’t concerned with trivia. He saw no need to learn of solar systems nor philosophies of Greeks, as far as he knew there were stars to navigate and old women to tell tall tales. He didn’t need a book for that. Nevertheless, he would be sent to this strange rehabilitation centre as they called it akin to a monastery to recover the soul. A short stay would do him good, have him grow accustomed to this human-dominated landscape - persuasion which flirted with the idea he would be somewhere quiet instead of killing pigeons in front of the local youths.

All of this to stop harassing some tourists and misled skiers where the snow lay thick and the mountains rose high. He contemplated many times to return to Siberia, much of it cold and empty as he had preferred, but this was a chance not lightly let go.

Three sharp knocks alerted him of the carriage, bringing what little luggage he had to meet the chauffeur on the doorstep with a silent stare. The ghoulish driver appeared capable, named Kieran with an accent he didn’t quite recognise. Garbled English for a man who had never passed beyond Eastern Europe. Muttering a low ‘thank you’ in reply and inspecting both the wheels and witchcraft of the cabin, Rozhnov ducked inside and only glanced out once for reassurance he hadn’t been stolen away into some arcane trickery.

During the long ride to the Manor, Kazimir sat with much reluctance to touch anything lest it held a witches’ ire. Or the fact he didn’t understand nor wished to plague himself with the black glass that depicted small men and prophecies.

Emotional Enigma

Empathetic Empress
Elijah McCormick

There were a lot of things that were easy in the life of a faery but sending a spoiled son to a rehabilitation center was not one of them. Aerongas sighed, his chubby fingers tapping against the arm of his chair. Elijah hadn't taken the news well at all and it hadn't helped matters that Aerongas decided moments before the coachmen arrived to notify him. He could've been much gentler with his only son but the times for being soft were over. Elijah had gone too far too many times and Aerongas's patience had faded.

A grand piano flew across the room and splinters of wood whizzed throughout with the intensity of the hurdle. Shouting could be heard as Elijah stormed into view. He pointed at his father, sweat beading on his forehad, "F*** you, old man. If I don't make it back it here I swear I will rip everyone to shreds and watch you burn." Every word was sharp and crisp, fury dripping from each syllable. His father gave an understanding nod just as he always gave to his son's threats.
He gestured broadly, "This isn't an assassination attempt Eli, we're try to help you." The maids all with a strange assortment hair colors, stood by in preparation to clean up the mess Elijah's temper tantrum was raining. To the untrained eye, they all looked the same but anyone able to dispel their glamours, they were each a different seasonal faery. Despite their differences, none of them could handle Elijah's screaming without flinching, worried that the next thrown item would careen towards their heads like so many times before.

"Help me? Help me?! If you wanted to help me, you'd drop dead already." Elijah reached over and picked up a white vase with delicately painted blue lace. The maids gasped and held their breath, waiting for the priceless heirloom to fly through the air and shatter on some neck of the grand home. Elijah chucked it as hard as his arm would allow him, straight at his father's head. To no one's surprise, Aerongas caught it with lightning speed and with little to no effort, the difference in their power was almost alarming.

"Enough of this Elijah - you will go to the manor and you will obey their orders. You will only return if they deem you fit enough to rule and if not, you will die before you can ever call yourself a king." Aerongas stood, cradling the vase in one thick arm. Elijah's chest heaved with anger but he swallowed it. There wasn't anything he could do once his old man's mind was made up and he'd have to play his game for awhile. He loathed childish games and his father was a glutton for them. He had spent just about all his energy throwing things and wreaking havoc on the house so he was too tired to yell anymore, not that anyone was truly listening anyway.

The whole room tensed when knocks echoed through the silence. They had all been waiting for another screaming match but were relieved when someone finally came to take the young prince away. They couldn't endure much more abuse and it was someone else's turn to clean up Elijah's messes. A male servant with long, vibrantly colored hair answered the door. He didn't smile nor did he speak to give any inclination he understood what the coachman said. Everyone in the room stilled, listening intently as Elijah glared at his father with a tensed jaw and closed fists. If he could've reach across the space between them and beat his father until he breathed not a single breath more, he wouldn't have hesitated.

Aerongas stared back at his son under heavy, grey eyebrows. There was no exchange needed; the deal was made very clear and there was no need for force. Elijah would go if he wanted the power he was owed and go he went. He stormed out of the house, bucking his shoulder as he passed by the vibrant colored servant. He gave no greetings to Kieran and didn't even manage to grab his duffel bag. The servant picked it up in his steed and handed it to Kieran who awaited at the door of the carriage.

There was no one to see Elijah off, no one who said goodbye...


The bumbliest bee
"Derwin, honey! Your ride is here!"

The old werewolf turned his head slightly at his mother's call, and he smiled a bit under his thick, grey beard.

"I'm on my way ma!" He croaked in his slight southern accent, grunting slightly as he stood from the old rocking chair that had, as far as he could remember, always been there. He set the plate down that now only carried the crumbs of the pumpkin pie he had made earlier that morning for his mother and himself. It was his gift to her before he left; a farewell present.

"Oh dear," his mother said and began fretting over his button up shirt, "I do hope they treat you well there. You'll be a cook, right? So you'll have plenty to eat then? Make sure they make time for your transformations during the full moon, and be good to those poor dears that go there for help. You'll help them right?" Derwin let out a low chuckle that sounded very much like a growl. He placed his calloused, scarred hands gently on his mother's frail ones and kissed her cheek.

"Don't worry ma. It'll be perfectly pleasant down there I'm sure. Those kids will be taken good care of by Doctor Phantom, I have no doubt. It's my job to feed 'em, and feed 'em I will!" He smiled before pulling her into a hug. He couldn't see, but he knew his mother well enough to know she had tears in her eyes.

"Don't cry. Everything will be just fine, ya hear? I'm gonna make myself some money and buy myself a nice ol' house with a nice ol' garden. You can come and stay anytime. This is a good opportunity." She only nodded at his words before letting go of him. He grabbed the few clothes he had and followed Kieren out to the carriage. He nodded a greeting to the coachman, pet one of the horses as he walked by, and loaded into the ride. He stood for a minute to take in the interior design, smiled in appreciation, then sat down to rest his eyes, thinking of all of the wonderful food he might prepare for the next day.


Plot Master
Time: 10:00 AM
Event: New Resident and Staff Arrival
Location: Front of Manor

As the voyage came to a close it somehow felt like it had been hours but also mere minutes. A line of stagecoaches made their way up a winding cobblestone drive and towards the spacious estate of Silver Sun Manor. As the carriages approached, the artistically welded cast iron gate swung open and suddenly the gothic manor was before the new guests. The carriages pulled in to form a semi-circle around the front of the manor and finally came to a stop. Suddenly, Kieran's voice filled each coach.

"Welcome to Silver Sun, ye've arrived at yer new home. Please disembark with all yer belongings when yer ready. There will be a staff member at the portico holding a sign with yer dorm on it. Please group by dorm and you will be shown to yer living quarters to unpack and freshen up."

With that, the doors of each coach opened and the manor stood before the new staff and residents. A new beginning before them all. At the front steps of the manor stood three staff members. Percy stood to the left with signs for "Solstice" and "Staff", Gracious stood in the middle with a sign for" Eclipse", and Kieran, who had disappeared from the coach driver's seat and appeared in a single form, was holding a sign for "New Moon". Doctor Phantom was still in her office preparing her opening statements, but her welcoming presence could be felt.

As the residents filed out of their carriages, they were addressed by a cheerful and colorfully dressed wizard.

"Hello one and all. My name is Percy Phantom and I am the head teacher here. We are pleased to have you. Please take the next few hours to get adjusted to your new living arrangements and getting acquainted with your roommates. You are welcome to wander the estate, but please be prepared to meet in the Great Hall at noon for Doctor Phantom's welcoming reception. Feel free to ask us any questions you may have as we take you to your rooms."

With that, the staff spaced out and waited to receive the new members, introduce themselves, and hand out maps and room keys.


Emotional Enigma

Empathetic Empress
Aurora Violet Howell

Aurora watched as her carriage pulled into the circle, the Silver Sun Manor cascading a shadow over everything inside. It was daunting and vintage, old Victorian-esque much like a home she longed for but had lost a century ago. Birds ascended from the trees at their arrival, carriages pulling all around. Aurora felt a usual uneasiness that any newcomer would feel on their first day. She was riddled with her own personal doubts and shortcomings; a habit she wished would cease. Closing her notebook and picking up her patched suitcase, she exited the carriage. The brisk wind that had once shooed her away was now welcoming her once again. She clamped down on the top of her head, shielding her face from her own hair and evidently smacking herself with her notebook. She probably looked like a drunken sow if anyone had seen one by the way she teetered with her bag.

Aurora looked around at the other carriages expecting to see a strange array of broken individuals. Unexpectedly, the people that exited their carriages looked just as normal as she. Not broken, not destroyed and desperate. She supposed that was the true image of broken - normal. She didn't linger on the thought, her glistening eyes turned to usher herself forward. She ascended the steps as she listened to the voice of Mx. Percy, the vibrantly robed wizard. Their voice echoed all around Aurora and for what seemed to be, all the campus grounds. Staff shuffled into their places, beaming smiles and welcoming nods. She couldn't help but feel the desire to explore after Mx. Percy offered though she'd never consider herself adventurous. The haunting domain reminded her of simpler times and she wanted to bask in it, just for a moment.

Aurora jumped at the caw of raven, readjusting her focus to the greeting staff. Nothing seemed to ease her nerves quite like the terrifying screech of birds. She stepped up in front of a tall man holding the sign that read "Eclipse". She bowed her head politely, "Hello, I'm Aurora Howell but I prefer the name Vy. I believe -- " Aurora set her suitcase down to search with the newly freed hand in her capelet pocket. Her fingers dug around and resurfaced with her acceptance letter, " -- I believe my dorm is called Eclipse so that would make me, albeit briefly, your responsibility." She steadied her nerves and reached out her hand holding the acceptance letter. The tall man didn't seem to need proof as he only smiled and held up a hand as if waiting for others to join them.

Aurora chuckled under her breath. Of course it was more plausible to wait for others, it would be a waste of time to only take her if she had dormmates. As she waited she thought of how she'd describe this moment for herself in her notebook retelling:

Each passenger was the same kind of pain that was held in a different way. They bloomed from their carriages; a man with more secrets than family members and another with a pit of loneliness so deep it would suck you in. A petite maiden who held many curiosities and another with porcelain hair and elusive, pupil-less eyes. A man who seemed more like a child with the most peculiar drawings all over his skin and another humanoid with complexion as dark as ink. A colorful cast of misfits, no - a place to belong.

Emotional Enigma

Empathetic Empress
Elijah McCormick
Elijah was startled awake as the carriage came to a stop. He had elected to simply try and sleep through this whole disastrous misunderstanding. What a shame it was he had awoken too soon, he hoped rather he would awaken at home to find it this was all a terrible dream. Alas, he had awoken to the clapping of horse hooves and carriage doors opening. He didn't belong here, he was a damn prince and no prince in all of seven hells needed rehabilitation. That was a ploy humans used to get paid telling others what they already know about themselves. Psychologists just read off horoscopes and pretended it was a crystal ball. Elijah didn't belong here, he belonged on a throne under a crown with his name on it.

He stepped out of his carriage, stretching his arms up over his head. He felt his limbs crack and release pressure as his body awakened from the long trip. He hated being cooped up but he hated being hungry even more. His stomach growled with the anticipation of his usual meal, freshly prepared and chock full of his favorite dishes. His mouth nearly watered at the thought of honey suckle wines and roasted boar with butter cakes and battenbergs. He doubted he'd get grade A service here seeing as no one was even here to collect his bags for him. Elijah reached back inside the carriage and snatched his duffel bag, annoyed he had to carry his own items.

He strode up before the wizard who was speaking loudly for everyone to hear. Elijah scoffed, the wizard dressed as if they were from a children's novel or had a membership as Disney. It would be a cold day in hell when he took orders from someone wearing pajamas. He ignored most of what was said, only hearing a tidbit about some kind of meeting. He could care less about meeting anyone except for the headmaster. He was wrongly placed here and needed to make amends immediately. If he had to sing one verse of hallelujah around a campfire, he was sure to burn a hole through a patient with a single glance.

Elijah scanned the growing crowd of people. He didn't see anyone who seemed interesting in the least; they all had the same sorry expression and none of them were befitting of a headmaster so it seemed he was out of luck having a word with them. He adjusted his bag over his shoulder and sauntered towards the staff. He hadn't cared enough before to read the acceptance letter the servant had told him was in his bag. He didn't care where he was supposed to sleep, he didn't plan to be here long enough to find out. Still, he went through the motions. Standing before the three staff members, staring at none of them in particular,

"Hi, excuse me - I'm not supposed to be here. I'm afraid there was a mix up, you see," Elijah forced a laugh, "I'm Prince Elijah McCormick, we don't really use last names but for human purposes," He shrugged, getting off topic before returning, "anyway, I'm a prince and I don't belong here. Is there any way I can talk to whoever owns this place?" He scowled as he peered down at his watch and back up again. "There's no rush really but I have some place to be that actually needs me. A meeting with my human affairs rep and the High Court, so if you don't mind?"

Elijah brandished a charming grin, hoping to get one of the staff to abide by his wishes on his good looks alone.

Fred Colon

It was so much easier to blame it on Them.
Polly stood up from the couch and shut off the CD player before tossing it back in her cauldron. Jeremiah let loose a croak of disgruntlement.

"Yes, I like that song too, but ve are almost there. Collect yourself!" Polly realized that she and Jeremiah had somehow, in the short time they'd been in the carriage... spread out. She'd dispelled the glamour during the trip and now Jeremiah, very much an enormous frog, was lounging in a pile of blankets and pillows in the corner of the room that he'd dunked in the sink to make them moist and comfortable. The sink was full of water, the floor of the bathroom was soaked, and there was a trail of water to where Jeremiah had begun to nest. Polly hadn't been much less messy. Bored, she'd gotten out of bed and starting grinding the Newt eye and Owl talon she'd brought along with her pestle and mortar. The carriage had 'jumped' however, hitting something in the road, and now the bed where she'd been sitting was coated in a half ground, part powder part paste substance. Not wanting to sit in the leftovers, Polly had moved over to the couch and made a mess there, too.

The carriage stopped, suddenly, and Polly glanced outside at the wrought iron gates slowly opening up before them. The carriage began to roll again as the gates opened fully.

"Ach. Make yourself presentable, Jeremiah!" Polly frantically put her vials and beakers back in their case, before throwing them back into the cauldron and winced as she heard one of them crack. She took out her Yew wand and pointed it at the bed. "Aufräumen!" There was a noise like someone sucking up pudding with a straw, and a lot of the mess vanished into the air, but cleaning spells were never Pollyanna's forte so an unpleasant smell remained on the bed. She did the same for the couch, glanced at Jeremiah's nest of soggy pillows and threw up her hands. 'Vatever. It's fine. Moisten your eyeballs, Jeremiah, you've got a stupid, glassy look in them. At least pretend you're not an idiot when we first meet these people!"

Their driver announced their arrival just as Pollyanna tossed her broom into her cauldron. She'd usually lash the cauldron to the broom and float it out, but she'd read rules about no enchanted items in the dorm. She wondered if they'd have somewhere to stow her broom.

She pushed her door open and dragged her cauldron out the door with her. She stepped out before the Silversun Manor, her temporary home. A number of staff members were already outside greeting the newcomers.

"You could help vith this, you know." Polly grunted as Jeremiah flopped out of the carriage. He croaked, waddling towards the manor and the man holding up the placard 'Eclipse' and pointedly did not help Polly with the cauldron. "I'd turn you into an uglier frog, but I don't think I could think one!' She called after him.

A number of others were already out of the carriages. The first one Polly immediatly recognized as a fae. Not because of any magical senses she possessed, but the self important way he held himself, and the fact that he was whining like a spoiled child to anyone who would listen was a clear tell. Polly didn't like the fae. They liked to think they were 'masters of all the wood', when the truth was they were 'Masters of all the wood except where Polly's house was and she'd kill or banish them if they thought different'. Getting rid of Fae was such a hassle.

He was also standing in between Polly, with her heavy cauldron, and the individual with the 'Eclipse' placard.

"Get out of everyone's vay and stop braying like a donkey," Polly grunted, bumping past the man still dragging her cauldron. "I don't really care vhat problem you have, but could you have it somevhere other than in my way?" When she'd passed him, she found another woman was standing with the one holding the 'eclipse placard'. She appeared to be human. Polly wondered if she was a witch, too, or if she was just something in disguise.
Jeremiah was there already, trying to look cute for the two strangers on the off chance they would pet him. He was not doing a good job. Jeremiah, by his nature, was not particularly cute.
"His skin is poisonous." Polly said, breathing a little heavily. "A veak poison, but it's still not a great idea to touch him no matter vhat he tries to make you do. A pleasure to meet you both. I am Pollyanna Ziegler, this is my familiar Jeremiah. Ah. Do ve need our invitations?" Polly asked, spotting the invitation in the other woman's hand. "I forgot vhere I put it." She patted herself down, looking throughout her heavy leather and hide clothes and in the many satchels she kept at her waist, while her tongue extended and began rooting around in the cauldron.

"Ah. Heah it ish." She said, her tongue sticking to the slip of paper sitting beneath her CD player in her cauldron. She withdrew it, and her tongue deposited it in her gloved hand, and she showed it to the other two. "Is there somevhere I can store my broom stick?"
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Kazimir Rozhnov
The manor was a grand monument to the past, built with elegant Victorian flourish which had greyed since the year of its construction, stained by the memoirs of its past residents and known nostalgias. Iron gates squealed and clanged to let the carriages past, curtains of Kazimir’s cabin twitching in response. One crimson iris examined their final destination from a small slit in the drapes he’d created, bouncing from the cultivated greenery to the home they were expected to live for the rehabilitation program - it appeared nothing like a monastery, but such extravagant architecture was reminiscent of a Church. Sitting back from the window the vampire lounged in the darkness he’d created, meditating on each second until the voice of the driver, Kieran, spoke with the encouragement to disembark.

Of the luggage he’d brought, mainly being two extra sets of clothes and minor additions, Kazimir hooked the collars of his shirts on his finger and slung them over his shoulder. Stooping low to duck down the steps of the carriage, his free hand grabbed the top of the doorframe to avoid hitting his head until eventually, he joined the others as they gradually began the check-in process. Retrieving the crumpled invitation from his pocket, the Cossack frowned at the scrawlings of English word, his brows drawing together to cast intimidating shadow over the eyes before deciphering.

Nevertheless his attention would soon be divided, as much as he was interested in what their teacher had to say, the loud fae and the suspiciously witch-appropriate looking woman captured his curiosity. He danced around the suggestion of witch simply because every woman before his subsequent in-death isolation had owned cauldrons and brooms as necessities in housework. Perhaps she was just domestic? Nay, whatever there was to say, the spotlight was stolen by the large frog.
“Ah, fat dog.” Rozhnov remarked with confidence, voice a thick racket of Russian which rumbled from his chest before giving a slight nod to Jerimiah as if he could respond in kind.

Seeing the slow amphibian he couldn’t quite think the English equivalent for, Kazimir’s mood improved slightly. There was something amusing in the way their bulging eyes blinked out of sync, as if their thoughts were pinging off the insides of their skulls. It reminded him of catching frogs in the summer as a boy and putting them in the shoes of girls he liked. It gave him a thick skull from all the heels thrown at his head.

Approaching Kieran for the New Moon sign, he awaited the supposed next steps of the introduction. Angling the collar of his tunic correctly downward, the Cossack couldn’t help but wish shared dorms weren’t necessary. He didn’t sleep anyhow but the nightly rested state he used to pass the time was vulnerable to an extent. Mayhaps he would simply watch his roommate until they appeared slumbering before his own.


The bumbliest bee
Ana blinked in surprise and glanced up in time to see the rusted iron gates come into view. The abrupt stop of the carriage as they waited to enter had drawn her from the book she had been reading. Taking a deep breath, she set it down on the small oak table beside her and reached for her photo, drawing it into a gentle hug. Her eyes grew wide as they took in the Victorian styled mansion just past the gate. It was a house she could've only dreamed of having when she was a child. Brief images flashed through her mind from way back then, when she was just around nine years old. Her father had taken her to visit a boss of his. Who the man was Ana couldn't remember for the death of her, but she knew he had been an important man indeed. Her father had warned her plenty that day to be on her best behavior or she wouldn't have supper that night, and as far as she was concerned she had been perfect. That man had lived in a house very similar to this one! It made her feel nearly homesick as she took in the sight.

Hearing Kieran calling out instructions pulled her attention back to the present. She grabbed her things quickly and hopped out of the carriage, scanning the other residents quickly even before she noticed the staff and their signs. The fae was the first to catch her attention, as it seemed he was the others' as well. He was causing quite the scene, and it almost made her want to look away with secondhand embarrassment.

'What a way to start your rehabilitation. Makes sense why he's here.' She thought rudely. Although she didn't want to stare, she found it hard to look away. The only thing that managed to do so was the witch who had pushed past him- and it seemed she was the only one who would speak against his complaints. Ana giggled at her and Jerimiah as they made their way through the others. There was another man just beside them, his face a bit too brood-y for her taste. He didn't look too approachable, but Ana had learned throughout her years- dead and alive- to never judge a book by its cover, no matter how cliche it might sound. There was an older man too. His expression was one of pure joy as he took in the mansion. Although a scruffy beard hid half of his face, obvious, deep frown lines were etched permanently in his skin. There was another girl who seemed to be taking in everyone as she waited in front of one of the staff with a sign that read "Eclipse". Ana's gaze again stayed on the other resident with curiosity before realizing she needed to get in line.

She pulled out one of her bags and dug around for her acceptance letter before realizing it wasn't there. She felt a lump in her throat when she remembered she had left it on her dresser at home. She felt her chest tighten, wondering if she should tell someone or if she should just keep quiet and hope no one noticed. Ana opted for the second option, deciding to hang back and hope for the best.


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Agnes Csilla

In her four thousand years Agnes had never felt compelled to leave Europe until the last century when it became abundantly clear that she had lost her place in the world. Hungarians were a strong people, they had fire in their blood, and they were once worthy foes. But with time the spirit of humanity had become soft. Battle was now reserved for petty international squabbles over resources that could power the damnable technology of the new age. Not to mention that Agnes was the last of her kind. She sometimes envied her weaker brethren that fell to the swords of heroes long ago. But now, here she was, far from the sacred cave she had always called home, glaring out the window of a carriage- a humiliation in its own right since she had the ability to fly with mighty wings- watching the form of the ugly black-hued manor draw closer in her vision. She was here to learn to live as humans do, but also to be in the presence of her supernatural kin and remember the feeling of worthy company.

As the carriage drew to a stop Agnes felt the fire on her breath. She was agitated and uncertain, a creature who hated change but had pursued it of her own volition. She heard the gratingly polite voice of the driver instructing her on what to do next and stood on steady feet, snatching the black leather duffel off of the table before her. She had left behind thousands of years of untold riches and now traveled with only a few sets of spare clothes, some jewelry from ancient times, a small knife made from the bones of one of her long-since decapitated heads, and a flask perpetually full of apricot pálinka. Thankfully, this was a rehab program for outdated living, not for substance abuse.

With a deep breath, a creased brow, her luggage in one hand and her flask in the other, Agnes kicked open the carriage door and stepped out into the brisk autumn air. She was not eager to get to her accommodations. Fragile, wood-based human architecture tugged at her desire for arson and demolition. Nonetheless, she approached the manor and the growing crowd at the front steps, her slit-eyes flickering over the group of strangers. She witnessed the commotion of some prissy faerie boy who was standing in everyone's way being a dramatic little punk. Agnes watched with admiration as a funny little bog-creature... perhaps a witch? nudged the boy aside with a smart but passing remark. Agnes appreciated those who took no bullshit but kept their heads on straight. The dragon woman herself shoulder-checked the sniveling fey on her way to the colorfully dressed wizard holding the "Solstice" sign.

"Hímszamár, couldn't even go three seconds before pissing yourself in public, fairy boy?" Agnes jabbed in passing with her thick Hungarian accent. She then found herself standing next to a timid and panicked looking girl from an era she couldn't remember where to place. Was everyone here going to be a crybaby? The thought sent an angry fire shooting through her chest and she took a quick swig from her flask before presenting her slightly-charred acceptance letter to the absurd looking wizard before her.


The bumbliest bee
It was the commotion between the other residents that had woken Derwin from his light slumber. He felt the heat from the weak rays of sunlight make its way into the carriage, heating it up just enough to make beads of sweat form on his brow. The old werewolf grit his teeth together as he stood, his joints protesting with small bouts of pain. He couldn't quite make out what everyone was saying, but it was obvious that there was a bit of a disturbance in the otherwise fairly cheerful day. Stepping out with what few items he had brought with him, he glanced up at the mansion. His eyes grew wide with wonder and a big smile stretched across his face, unseen under his thick grey beard. It was just as he had imagined.

'Ma would enjoy this I'd bet.' He thought to himself happily before looking around at the other residents. He was just as curious about them as they were about each other. Who would he be spending the rest of his time here with? The resident who had a scowl on his face was the one Derwin pinpointed correctly as the one who had spoken his concerns first, causing the others to glance at him with disdain. A few- from the looks of it a witch and... well, Derwin wasn't sure what the other one was exactly- both had voiced their thoughts on his outburst. Derwin couldn't help but wonder why the fae felt as if he didn't belong here. He had never had any connection with a fae before, but he was sure the man had his reasons.

A few students meandered to their respective line, and Derwin had followed their lead. He walked slowly up to the sign that read "Staff", nodding politely to the colorfully dressed staff member who held the sign.

"Hi there," he drawled, tipping an imaginary hat in greeting, "I'm Derwin. I suppose I'll be the cook for everyone here now. I hope ya'll like rat boogers and chopped liver!" He laughed at his own joke, waving a wrinkled hand as if to say he wasn't serious.

"Give my thanks to Doctor Phantom if we don't see her, would ya? I really appreciate all she's done, giving everyone homes and a chance to do better. It means a lot." And she would never know how much he meant it.
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Time: 10:10 AM
Event: Move-In
Location: Front of Manor → Living Quarters

Leave it to a fey to keep things exciting. Percy thought to themself with a grin, Kieran and Gracious stifling chuckles at the spectacle. The wizard waited patiently as all the residents filed in, and even gave them time to sort out their mixed reactions to the dramatic display on behalf of Mr. Elijah. In the meantime, they turned to the mustachioed cook who addressed them.
"Ah, Mister Lancaster, pleasure to meet you" Percy greeted the cook with an amicable smile. "As long as we keep toad soup off the menu I'm sure your food will be eagerly received." Percy returned the humor, glancing at the fat frog that had plopped down before Gracious.

"I believe I can handle a bit of poison for a good frog" Gracious said good-naturedly to Polly as he leaned over to give Jeremiah a few gentle slimy pats. "I'm already dead, as it were. As for your broom, I would be happy to take that for you once we get to your room. You will get more information on when you can use your enchanted items during the Doctor's remarks in a few hours."

"I would be glad to pass your thanks along to my beloved, though you will have a chance to speak with her this afternoon." Percy informed Derwin with a friendly pat on the shoulder. Then Percy took a breath and finally turned to the fey after giving him a few moments to let the jostling of his new peers solidify for him how much of an ass he was being and let him finish having his tantrum.

"Your majesty, welcome to the Manor. I'm quite glad to hear you aren't in a rush as my wife, the owner, will not be available to address residents until her opening remarks this afternoon. In the meantime, you are welcome to make yourself comfortable in your new accommodations. If I am not mistaken, you are to room with Mr. Rozhznov, the dark towering figure over there." There was jolly civility in Percy's tone, but also an unmistakable finality as they pointed Elijah towards Kazimir and Kieran. Those who didn't know the wizard would actually mistake them displaying genuine politeness. The reality was that Percy didn't have time to wipe the nose of every supernatural brat who threw a tantrum, and so they moved on to show the other residents a welcoming reception without waiting for the fey's reply.

"We will now take your acceptance letters. Once they are handed over you will be bound to the manor unless and until you discuss ending your stay with Doctor Phantom. If you do not have your letter let a staff member know immediately so we can get you a new one. Please make yourselves at home until noon."

With that, the orientation staff began taking letters in exchange for weighted brass room-keys and leading residents into the grand foyer and up the double staircase to living quarters above. First went Percy with the Staff and Solstice residents, then followed Gracious with Eclipse, and finally followed Kieran with New Moon.
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Terry Hintz performs the hottest dance!
Up until now, only one of the expected residents had, unexpectedly, not shown themselves yet. For a while, as the others mingled and explored their new surroundings, our last resident took several minutes to muster up the courage to exit their stagecoach. There were a lot of new strangers there after all. It would only seem reasonable that this resident had some sort of anxiety regarding interaction with people. And they did, in a way. But they knew they couldn't just hide away forever. After all, that's what it came here for, wasn't it? To be able to live a normal life?

Eventually, this resident did exit their coach. This creature was very large and muscular, and large wings wrapped around its body in a makeshift cloak where their upper torso was hidden away. Most of their body was as black as could be. However, once they made contact with the ground, a small band of rainbow colors traveled across their spiny body in a wave, starting from its head right down to its pointed feet. As the wave went over its otherwise featureless face, a small cluster of eyes broke through the skin to frantically observe its surroundings. The fluctuation of colors was over in a blink of an eye. Speaking of which, the eyes retracted into its face as soon as it appeared, leaving no evidence of its existence behind.

The black demon briefly shuddered before resuming onto its destination. They cautiously approached a group of newcomers such as themselves. It was strange being in such a large crowd in the open. The last time it was in a situation like this, it was when it still slaughtered mortals and... well... That was behind it. It stood by in the distance as it listened to a colorful wizard instruct the others.

Percy Phantom, huh? The black demon thought she looked nice. She sounded nice, too. In fact, many of the staff appeared friendly. It certainly wasn't used to this kind of attention, let alone one that seemed approachable. The demon felt another short wave of color run across its body, and the eyes once again emerged from its skull to study the others around it. Some of them obviously weren't human, but some of them left the demon wondering if they were really mortal or not.

As soon as it ended, the demon quickly found themselves overwhelmed with emotion again. It was such an exciting but scary experience being in a place where they could be given a chance to finally start anew... But first, it had to find its dorm group. The demon, after some unnecessary moments spent patrolling the area, found the Eclipse group. They had remained quiet as they merged with the group, but they did take note of the girl and strange witch which had been there first.


The demon had entered the manor, continuing to observe the other beings around him. It was a lot of information to take in, but from what it could gather, the demon had to surrender its acceptance letter to receive the keys to their room. The demon had kept the note close until now. It even read it over and over again during its ride here. To them, the letter meant a new chance at proving themselves to God that it could mingle amongst the living as they had always wished. A way to prove itself that, despite its origins, it desired to be as morally-righteous and divine as even His most loyal followers.

The demon had unwrapped one of its wings from around its body to reveal one of its sculpted arms. In their hands was the letter, with not a fold or crease in sight. It gave the letter to one of the staff and left to follow the Eclipse group again. However, before it did, a singular mouth erupted from its blank face to say something to them. Their voice sounded androgynous, not because their gender could not be pinpointed on their voice alone, but because it sounded like two separate voices spoke from that one mouth at the same time. One was masculine, and the other was feminine. It had an ominous, yet calming tone. It was otherworldly, to put it simply.

"... Thank you... I am truly blessed to be accepted here..."​


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Agnes Csilla
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Agnes exchanged her acceptance letter for a weighted brass key, closing a tight fist around the cool metal and quickly slipping it into her boot. She had to quell her immediate instinct to snatch and hoard all the shiny metal bits being passed around to her peers. Internally, she scoffed at the idea of being bound to any one location and her eyes flicked to the front gate, mentally marking it as a challenge. She didn't feel any sort of binding spell attach to her as she gave up her letter, but she knew better than to underestimate the capabilities of a seasoned witch such as Doctor Phantom or even the silly looking wizard who had welcomed everyone.

Her group set off first and she grabbed her duffel bag off the ground before following Percy inside. The foyer was quite grand, with a black-lacquered double staircase arching around the room to meet them on two sides. The floor was a hard marble that echoed the many incoming footsteps around the entryway. Agnes also noticed windowed doors to the sides of the staircase that seemed to lead to an outdoor area, but she did not linger on these details as they were already ascending the staircase on the left set of steps.

On the ascent, Agnes eyed the sad looking girl who seemed to be the only one that forgot her acceptance letter and, as a result, would not receive a room key until the proper exchange had been made. What a foolish thing to be emotional about. And yet, it appeared that this girl was to be her sole roommate. Agnes couldn't imagine what reactions her own fiery tongue might provoke from the girl if she could be made teary-eyed over a piece of paper. Agnes also inspected the older man who had introduced himself outside as the cook. He looked appropriately Eastern European, and she decided to make an ally of him. To Agnes, Hungarian cuisine was one of the only redeeming qualities of human kind and she would sooner cause mayhem then go without the tastes of her homeland.

"You, cook who smell of dog. You know Hungarian food?" She asked him over her shoulder while following Percy onto the second floor landing. "You make good chicken paprikash and I maybe consider not tear you to pieces, oké?"

She faced forward, satisfied that the man would understand this as a firm peace offering, and continued following Percy down a hallway and around a corner. At the end of the hall Percy stopped in front of a dark oak door with a placard reading "Solstice." Agnes held a shallow breath as she waited for the door to open. She was eager to get in first and claim her territory before the crybaby girl got any ideas.

Emotional Enigma

Empathetic Empress
Aurora Violet Howell
Aurora watched the reaction the self important man had garnered. While she was tempted to shrink away and disappear to avoid watching any conflict unfold, her attention was drawn to a large frog at her feet. She had never laid eyes on an amphibian so massive and such complex lifestyles of frogs made it all the more interesting to see it out and about on land. She heard the young woman waddling up behind him introduce themselves with an unmatched eagerness. She seemed to be carrying so much for her body size and Aurora had to wonder how she managed to stuff it all in the carriage by herself in the first place. She doubted the frog had been much help.

She leaned over him and spoke softly, "Excuse me, Mr. Jeremiah but I do believe Miss. Polly has told me you can make me sick. Would it be alright if I gave you a pet with gloves on?" Aurora dug back into her capelet pockets, her bracelets jingling as she yanked out a black, leather glove. She tugged it on her free hand, her luggage sitting at her feet. Gently, she reached down and stroked the frog from the top of his head to his lower back twice. "I do hope we can get more acquainted with Mr. Jeremiah," She smiled to herself before looking at the young, peculiar woman who introduced herself as Polly, "And hello to you ma'am. I am Aurora Violet but you may call me Vy." What a delightfully adorable pair! Jeremiah was as cute as a button with a belly like a newborn and Polly had bright eyes that seemed to be all too eager for adventures.

Aurora stood back up straight, her gaze wandering over everyone carefully. The taller gentleman seemed as taken by Jeremiah as she was, nodding in his direction. It seemed he'd soon be a favorite amongst the residents here and possibly even the Silver Sun mascot if he so chose it.

Aurora caught a glimpse of another woman fast approaching with an intimidating stomp. She held her chest up high and spoke clear and loud with a thick accent. Not like the friendly wizard but in a more demanding manner. There was also another.... person? Aurora couldn't be sure who or what the last guest was, not that it mattered any but she found herself intrigued by the curious figure.

Aurora felt another wave of uneasiness as the spritely spirited wizard spoke to Polly about her broom. Enchanted items were not allowed? She must've forgotten, her memory truly was not the best. Had she remembered to ask about the specifics of this rule? Would she be caught or in trouble for her bracelets? Surely not, they kept her in place and cemented her human appearance. Without them she'd blink to and fro dimensions; heavens, the dimension of the damned was terrifying to say the least.

Aurora took a deep breath, choosing to remain quiet about them for the time being. Perhaps Dr. Phantom would make an exception?

Once it seemed everyone had settled down, Gracious had begun to pull out room keys. He took Aurora's letter, still neatly placed in it's envelope with only a minor tear, and replaced it with her own key. It was such a simple moment but she was thrilled to have access to the grounds. It was like when she was a girl and got to wear her corset for the first time; the feeling of something new. Aurora hurriedly picked up her suitcase and took off after Gracious once he had finished handing out keys, careful to not touch or shove anyone in her haste.

Aurora followed him down a rocky plated path past the iron fence and up to intimidating twin doors. They opened silently to reveal a charming interior that one wouldn't think dwells in such a haunting estate. Delicately adorned with antique picture frames and works of art, the foyer was bigger than Aurora's own home in its entirety. She gasped, the faint scent of firewood filling the room and immediately making her feel at home. The tall windows streamed in beautiful rays of sunlight to the point where chandeliers were almost completely useless.

As Gracious ascended the stairs he seemed to match the aura the manor gave off; a sensation of safety and class. Aurora's ungloved hand caressed the sleek banister as they went, the final polish smooth and inviting. The groups seemed to branch off, dispersing into smaller ones. Polly stuck to Gracious with Aurora and she had pieced together that she was surely her new roommate. As they turned and continued down a hallway, littered with more pictures and snapshots in time. They eventually came upon a door with white lettering: ECLIPSE. Aurora could hardly hide her excitement.

Gracious jammed in a key and the door swung open revealing a spacious, living area complete with a small, round dining table and matching chairs. There was a fireplace a few feet away from it with bookcases on either side and a grandfather clock with intricate, golden gears behind it's glass. To both sides of this small living area were rooms, their doors already wide open for the taking.

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Elijah McCormick

Elijah wasn’t getting anywhere with any of the staff, their attention was all elsewhere. He grunted after receiving no response from them but was even more upset when he felt the smallest shove from under his elbow. He investigated the tiny push to see a toddler in a witch hat hauling a cauldron past him. He stared, his mouth curling into a confused grimace as she hopped up in front of one of the staff holding the sign ECLIPSE. He would’ve taken what she said offensively but he couldn’t find anything truly offensive about her comments. It was a common misconception since Shakespearean eras that fey and donkeys were closely allied, thank you Midsummer Night's Dream, but whether this beady eyed toddler was implying that wasn't very clear. He elected to ignore her for the most part, it wasn't like he could stuff her in her cauldron and call it a day.

Then Elijah stifled a cringe when he noticed a taller man stride up beside the staff with the sign to NEW MOON; he developed the worst sinking feeling. Not life boat sinking but worse, Titanic level sinking feeling. He hadn’t read his acceptance letter, it was all bull sh**, but now he definitely didn't want to read it. If he already been sorted into housing arrangements and it were with Vlad the Impaler over here, he’d rather tie a case of bricks to his feet and drown repeatedly for eternity. There was no way he was about to spend any amount of time with a guy who looked liked he bathed in the blood of his enemies. Elijah couldn't be sure he even had enough to fill a bathtub...

Then came another, albeit far more annoying, comment. This time from a woman who looked as though fire ran through her very veins. Fire sparked from the tips of Elijah’s own blonde hair, popping off and disappearing before getting a chance to light. His jaw tensed as he licked his lips to remain calm. Once again he glanced at the staff in front of him, ready to plead his case why keeping him here was a bad idea for everyone involved.

Before he could get another attempt out, the wizard started speaking again. He rolled his eyes impatiently, feeling his woes had gone unheard, “No, you don’t understand. I --” The man scoffed when the wizard, Percy, kept going on about his living situation. It was not as simple as 'I don't want to be here' but rather, 'if you make me stay here I will burn this place to the ground'.

By the time Percy had finished speaking, Elijah's sinking feeling promoted to full force drowning. Just as he had feared he was rooming with the taller gentleman. He rubbed the bridge of his nose, clamping his eyes shut momentarily to rethink his life decisions up to this point. Was it the hissy fit he threw back at the mansion? No, the carriage had already been on the way. Was it the countless maids that he abused? Possibly, but doubtful. Was it the neighboring kingdom’s peace treaty he burned at their gates? Yes. Most likely that was it. Or perhaps it were the numerous other infractions against his father, Elijah may never know and didn't care to.

“I have this diplomatic thing I need to do,” He tried again but in vain. All the staff had begun taking the residents’ letters and handing out keys. Elijah sighed, his blood was boiling in reaction to his desire to leave being ignored. His father was the devil for such a wicked scheme. He stripped him of his authority here and not a soul was listening to him. He couldn't leave without the letter from the headmaster, couldn't become king and couldn't fight.

While the groups of residents began their tread towards their rooms, Elijah stayed behind. He followed in the rear of the groups until they branched off, ignoring the fine décor of the grand manor. He had seen many grand homes and showed no interest in reveling in this one's. He was determined to make this just a bad dream and nothing more, not a permanent stay and not a temporary one.

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It was so much easier to blame it on Them.
Jeremiah was receiving a lot of attention, Polly noticed with a lot of amusement and a hint of annoyance. Jeremiah, for his part, was living it up. They would regret giving him a swollen head, Jeremiah could be a royal pest if you let him. But that was a problem for later. Polly took the key from the staff member, who was still petting Jeremiah’s slimy head, undeterred by the frogs poison thanks to his undead nature. She clenched the key in her thickly gloved hand.

Hers. Her new home. She would have to begin setting up defences right away. Iron shavings, naturally, for the fairie. She stopped as a huge, dark, colorshifting, multi-limbed being stalked into the little semi-circle around the Silversun Staff member. Yes. She’d need salt and a Circle of Protection for whatever that was. Probably a demon, and a bunch of explosive hexes in case it wasn’t…
She shook her head. This is what she’d come here to not do. She was staying here, but it wasn’t her home, she didn’t need to viciously protect it with every ounce of magic and cunning she had, preventing anyone and everyone that she didn’t know and even most of those that she did from entering into her demesne, creating a land that was totally and utterly hers! And to that end she’d need more than just explosive hexes, but enchanted guardians, petrification runes hidden in the----

Polly slapped herself.

“Ugh.” She said under her breath. “Stop it. Non-lethal traps only, Polly.” It was a place to start, anyway. She didn’t think she could sleep if she wasn’t somewhere she’d thoroughly protected. She turned to the rest of the group. “Vell it seems ve aren’t the only strange folks here. Ve are down right normal! Except for you, maybe.” She said to the newcomer. “I’ve no idea vhat you are. A demon? Doesn’t matter. I vill make friends vith you all or kill you and die trying!” She laughed.

Polly turned as one of the newcomers shot flames straight from her mouth. All of these new and dangerous looking individuals were not helping her reign in the desire to enchant and trap the living hell out of her new place of residency.
“Anyvay, I look forward to rooming vith you all. No, I vas not referring to you, Jeremiah, you traitorous sycophant. You’re less a roommate and more a leech stuck to my backside.”
As penance for being a brownnosing little tadpole, and for being too distracted by head pats to notice Polly smiling menacingly and fishing around in her pouch for a length of rope, the cauldron and its contents were now lashed to Jeremiah’s back.

Jeremiah was actually quite strong. The cauldron was actually not that huge of a burden, but he croaked and groaned piteously as he waddled behind Polly, Vy, the demon and Gracious, as if he was Atlas holding up the weight of the sky and not just an enormous enchanted frog holding a single witch’s various odds and ends.
“Yes, I do expect you to climb up the stairs vith that.” Polly said blithely to Jeremiah, as they headed up the main stairwell in the manor.

At the top of the stairs, and down a short hallway, Gracious led them to the door of Polly’s new residency.

Immediately inside was a small sitting room with a small table, a fireplace and an old grandfather clock. It reminded Polly of her own home, only this room was much, much cleaner. Well, for now it was.
“Perfect! She reached into her cauldron for a paintbrush, a pot of homemade glue, and her jar of iron shavings. She dumped the shavings into the glue, dipped the paintbrush into it, and began apply it to the edges of the room, where the floor touched the wall.
“This vill have to be enough for now. Not much defense against anything other than the stray fairy, but it’s better than nothing. By the by, Gracious, does this place have a pond or lake or river of some sort?”


Kazimir Rozhnov
Kazimir’s head turned when Percy raised their finger in his direction, damning the vampire to his fae roommate with relish. The Cossack’s features dropped, aiming a scathing glare toward the scholar for the decision before his irate scowl fixated on the Prince. It was a cold day in hell to start wishing he’d been roomed with the demon. Despite his glowering on a bright morning of presumed auspiciousness, Kazik would resign to accept the new fate presented. He would have to remind himself this place was, in part, a confessional booth for sinners and a respite from the modern rat race - even the blonde-haired boy who complained was due some compassion.

Alas, compassion was not Kazimir’s strongest suit in a small hand of emotions. His favourite being between anger and mind-numbingly staring into the distance; inherited from his father. Genuine happiness came hand in hand at third with an Orthodox guilt complex.

However, hearing another Eastern European accent so far from home was suspiciously comforting, especially for the archaic remnants of pronunciation that indicated this stranger had been around for some time. He had known few Hungarians in his day, most of them merchants and mercenaries from travels with Atlasov. A strong hatred for Ottomans was little of what he recalled of the peoples, that and their strange language which was closer to Turkish than Russian. Much like an angry wife, Hungary had fought long and hard with the Ottomans only to keep the wedding ring. There was little chance left to fully make introductions as the group began to move inside the manor, yet keeping note of the new faces would be something to bide the time till they met again.

Exchanging his letter for a key as the others had, he inspected the brass briefly before pocketing it. Accommodation expectations for Kaz were very low, considering all the places he had inhabited. Between shacks in the woods, mausoleums on occasion, or sleeping out in the open - luxury was a foreign concept and only judged by the quality of a mattress. Even prior to his Vampirism, his mattress had never been better than straw. Human food was obsolete except for taste and even then, it felt useless to let it settle in a stomach which saw no nutritional value.

Nevertheless, with Elijah holding up the rear as the groups branched off at the top of the stairs, Kazik made it leagues ahead toward New Moon’s accommodation. Left of the stairs and opposite of Eclipse where the girls and resident demon entered. By Kieran’s lead, the dorm was revealed in a lacklustre nature, filled with furniture of its time and not of Kazimir’s. Still, it was nice. Comfortable with an open plan and balcony - its uses doubled as fresh air and to throw oneself off of if the roommate situation was as dire as it appeared. Built much like the others with ample privacy and tasteful decor of the last century, Kazimir paused within the entrance to intercept his unsociable roommate. He stuck out a large palm, cold and pale but polite in it’s offered olive branch; gazing down his nose at the fae by no fault of his own.

“We have not met, perhaps better to do so now?” The kid deserved a chance. After all, complaining was annoying but not worthy of a sour start. Everyone complained, some just more so than others. “Kazimir Rozhnov, Vampire to some, Parasite to others - eh? Little joke. Now, room preference? I can’t say I have one.”

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Plot Master
Time: 10:30 AM
Event: Move-In
Location: Living Quarters
New Moon (Kazimir & Elijah)
Kieran felt a twinge nervous at the idea of leaving the fey and the vampire alone together, and he wasn't even sure which one he was more worried about until Kaz attempted to be courteous and usher along introductions. Kieran could only hope the fey would not be foolish enough to get on the towering Cossack's bad side when he was clearly being offered a chance at forgiven misgivings. Alas, the undead house servant had been through enough opening days to know that hard feelings during move-in were always the easiest to overcome with time as they often stemmed from fear or discomfort at being in such a new and vulnerable position.

"Gentlemen, if ye have any enchanted items please leave 'em outside yer door and they will be collected until free magical hours next weekend. Otherwise, I look forward to seeing ye both in a few hours in the Great Hall. Ye'll find maps of the estate on yer bed to help ye get around for teh time bein'." With that, Kieren bowed his head politely before shuffling back to the stairway landing where he met Gracious and the two made their way to the Great Hall to finish preparations for Doctor Phantom's opening remarks.

Eclipse (Polly, Violet & Gully)
Gracious chuckled as he watched the peculiar witch frantically starting to do what she knew to make herself feel secure.

"Miss Polly, I assure you Doctor Phantom has taken every precaution to ensure these grounds are secured and protected. And as a matter of fact, we do have a pond in the gardens. You can find a map of the estate on your bed, but I would recommend staying within the manor proper until this evening." His voice was honey-warm and polite. He was trying to help the three odd roommates feel more comfortable. Though he had a suspicion that the spritely bog-witch could handle the form-shifting demon well enough which should make Ms. Howell feel more at ease in turn. "If the three of you would kindly leave any enchanted items outside your door, they will be collected until free magical hours next weekend. Though, Ms. Howell, I am to understand that you have bracelets that serve as anchors necessary for the safety of yourself and other residents. These will be classified as horcruxes and will be permitted. Now, I hope the three of you make yourselves comfortable until we reconvene in the great hall at noon."

With that, Gracious bowed his head politely before shuffling back to the stairway landing where he met Kieren and the two made their way to the Great Hall to finish preparations for Doctor Phantom's opening remarks.

Solstice/Staff (Ana & Agnes, Derwin)
Percy opened the door of the Solstice dorm to reveal the modest accommodations and stood aside quickly, feeling the growing pressure of Ms. Csilla's eagerness to introduce her presence the space. As Agnes and Ana entered Percy turned to Derwin and pointed him to the neighboring door just a little way down the hallway.

"The staff accommodations are just there. Feel free to let yourself and begin unpacking. If you would like to join the rest of the staff downstairs sooner rather than later you are welcome to, otherwise please take your time getting accustomed." Percy suggested warmly. Then they turned back to the Solstice accommodations.

"Now, if you have any enchanted items please leave them outside your door and they will be collected. Ms. Csilla, I understand you have a horcrux in your possession which will be permitted. You will find estate maps on your beds. Please make yourselves at home and I will see you again shortly in the Great Hall!" Percy tried to be encouraging, more for the sake of Mrs. Davis than anything else. Percy did not envy anyone who had to share a living situation with a dragon woman and the girl seemed sweet. "Ms. Davis, we will have a copy of your acceptance letter ready for you then. It may seem silly, but it is quite important that you take and return the letter to us. Now, rest easy and see you soon."

With that Percy made their way to Doctor Phantom's office to check in with their beloved and relay the events of Move-in.

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Empathetic Empress
Elijah McCormick

Elijah sighed as the groups took off towards their respective rooms. He felt his options waning as no one was paying him any mind. They all truly believed he was somehow crazy just like them but it couldn't be further from the truth. He was of refined quality with a kingdom and a palace and a tribe; he meant something. He watched the crowd of people disappear through hallways as the manor swallowed them up and with another heavy sigh, he finally turned down the hallway where the tall gentleman in black and the stagecoach fella had been standing.

Elijah hadn't bothered to bring his luggage nor his letter; they were both still in the carriage. So he hadn't received a key either, not that he felt he needed one anyway. But a slow, dreadful acceptance of his fate was descending on him as he had remained quieter for the moment than he had since he arrived. He glanced at the gentleman as he introduced himself politely and jabbed out a hand. Elijah considered himself a reasonable fae but his frustration hadn't quite boiled away and this acceptance of what he was about to undergo nearly drove him mad. He grit his teeth, his jawline noticeably tensing as he ignored Kazimir's hand. He wasn't sure how to swallow all this sudden change of scenery and therefore abandonment. Kazimir unfortunately was just the person who had reached out first and would get the brunt of his bruised ego.

At Kieran's request, Elijah started tearing off his steel rings. His glamour wavered with the lessening power boost, revealing the tips of his hair to be a light shade of auburn with a hint of glimmering sparkle. This glimmer trailed along his cheek bones and down his neck to his chest that was unseen under his shirt. He radiated and shined like dew drops under sunlight and his skin became hot to the touch. Elijah hated his natural fae appearance, it wasn't befitting of an intimidating ruler but rather that of something he despised; a summer court faery. He wished he could've looked more daunting like Kazimir, then perhaps people would listen to him more readily. As quick as he was to raised a mental middle finger to the man, Elijah felt a tinge of jealousy he would always be the 'pretty boy'.

One by one Elijah handed each ring to Kieran, his gaze glancing at Kazimir worried of the judgement he would receive. He hadn't cared much for his steel jewelry but gold was far too tacky so he didn't have many alternatives. He unclipped an ear cuff and a steel bracelet and by then was done with all his enchanted jewelry. Hopefully he'd get it all back when he stormed out of this retched place but if he hadn't he didn't think he'd mind. If that were trade off for leaving then it was well worth it.

Afterwards, Elijah strode into his new living arrangements, bumping shoulders with Kieran as he did so. He eyed the balcony for a brief moment, thinking of all the escape plans he could hatch but it was all for nought. Even if he had decided to simply leave his father's instructions were very clear: get the signature and then he'd received his rightful place at the throne. He groaned quietly to himself as he started searching nooks and crannies in the room. He opened a cabinet, a broom closet but slammed it again when all it revealed were actual brooms.

"Do you have any alcohol around here? Booze? Drugs?" Elijah had intended for Kieran to answer but if Kazimir had anything on him it would also serve the purpose of making this move in easier. "Absinthe? Liquor?"

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