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My name is Eliza, and while I may be new to Role Play Nation, I have been role playing for years. If I had to approximate how long I have been role playing, I would say about five or six years. I love writing so much, and I consider it to be my main passion.

I am a literate role player, and I post three to ten paragraphs per post depending on the literacy level of my partner(s). I am currently only interested in role playing with other literate people, but if I'm feeling down, I may join semi-literate role plays as well.

I like to role play all genres except for animal based role plays. I simply do not like role playing as an animal other than a human/humanoid being. I am in love with Yaoi and boy x boy/male x male relationships. While I am female myself, I cannot bare to play feminine characters.

I am also in love with anime and manga! I have been for many years, but my main obsession would have to currently be the Haikyuu!! manga. I don't like the anime nearly as much as the manga, but it is still fantastic. If you have a pairing you would like to role play, do not hesitate to PM me! (After, of course, I get the rights to PM.)

Thank you!



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Welcome I think you will find RPN to be one of the best forum RP sites on the web, and no worries there are tons of detailed RPs so you will fit in fine, hope you have fun! Enjoy the site!


Mashoon said:
Welcome I think you will find RPN to be one of the best forum RP sites on the web, and no worries there are tons of detailed RPs so you will fit in fine, hope you have fun! Enjoy the site!
Thank you for the encouragement! I think I will definitely enjoy this website! I'm very excited to begin role playing here!


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Greetings and salutations!

Welcome to RP Nation, where Roleplay is our business.

You've found us, congratulations for choosing the best RP site on the whole intertubes, we're glad you're here and a part of the expanding universe that is RP Nation. Also, now you're officially one of the cool kids.

Before you being your quest to becoming one of the old hats here at RPN, please do take a second and take a look at the site rules. You can find them here: INFO - Official Site Rules | RpNation.com - Best Roleplay Forum.

Unlike the Pirate code, they aren't more like suggestions but rules that we take a bit seriously. If, however, you've got a few pieces of eight you'd like to swing our way, we're always more than happy to take it. (I said, the rules weren't suggestions, never said we weren't piratey mate).

Once you've had a glance over the rules there's more information to be had here: Site Questions & Information | RpNation.com - Best Roleplay Forum. You can find something there to answer just about any question you might have.

Now then, I know that you have to answers that you're wanting answered now and the first is, you can join any RP that is open. You can find the different RP genres here: Roleplays | RpNation.com - Best Roleplay Forum

They're set up by genre so if you're looking for that Belgariad fandom RP (sorry, none yet exists here) then you'll know you aren't going to be looking in the futuristic genre. Each genre has an interest check at the top of the page and you can peruse this to see if anyone is wanting to create an RP.

If you are trolling the RPs and you just gotta make your own futuristic version of the Elenium, then you can pick the genre (future or fandom? I don't know!) and create an interest check. In the interest check you can tell the whole world about your RP and what you want to do with it. If you get enough people to say Aye! then you create your RP.

If you have any questions, issues, or concerns, don't hesitate to get in touch with either the moderators of your forum (the genre), the Super moderators, or even the admin staff. You can do that here: Site Questions & Information

Now, though I don't always give a personal response to what you've said, please believe me when I say that I've read your intro. And because I've read so many intros I've come to the realization that our users have come from a wide, assorted background when it comes to RPing. For many new users a forum based RP is a new thing and it can be a bit unsettling for those who aren't sure of what to do. Some of you are a bit unsure and shy about hopping into an RP. Sometimes we need a little something to dip our toes in. For that purpose I would like to introduce you to Kaedros The Undying. This is an RP hosted by Captain Hesperus and myself. Take a peek at the interest check and see if you would like to join. It is an RP that will always be open to young, old, new, and old users alike.

If you have any questions you need to address to me, please tag me in your comments as I don't always get to every single response in every welcome thread and I end up missing a lot of questions. You can do that by using the @ before my handle.

Again, welcome to RPN and happy RPing.


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Don't worry I am new too and I would love to make some new friends to roleplay with as well, I have been intro roleplaying since I was 9 and I am 14 now so I am into any roleplay just message me I will be here!

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