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Fandom Hello! Looking for partners that are interested in naruto!

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Action, Adventure, Anime, Romance


One day at a time I suppose
:: the trees howled has a gust of powerful wind rushed between them, Waitachi could hear the sound of a few of them snapping in half from the force of that jutsu along with the enemy shinobi's taunts and laughter. Luckily he had taken cover behind a strong and sturdy tree. A cold sweat had dotted waitachi's forehead , and his breathing was hard , his mind racing with things that he could do but fear clouded his mind ' I'm just a genin , how am I suppose to fight powerful ninja like them" he thought as swallowed hard ::

So I've been gone for a minute or two and am looking for a partner or partners I think itd be cool to have the three of us in a squad, I've got a plot all worked out and stuff, just need a second a of opinion and would welcome more ideas on how we could make it more interesting. All I ask for in a partner is patience, I work crazy hours so there might be a day that not respond. OOC communication, so this is a big thing for Me, so if you dont like the way things are going just say so, so that we can fix it and nobody his getting ghosted. Last is semi lit to lit, it helps keep things fun and interesting ^^. Please shoot me a message ^_^.

P.s I'd love to rp with a tsundere type OC, not a mandatory thing just think itd be fun ^^

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