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Hello friends!

Hello! The name's Ray (but you can call me Ray :D)​
I'm new to the site (hence why I'm introducing myself) but I'm far from new to roleplaying. I used to do it all the time on a site called Quotev but then I decided to broaden my horizons (aka they made a really shitty update)!

I don't really like to do group roleplays as I'm more into onexone. Groups tend to get a bit hectic to me, but I'm willing to try everything once. I like doing fandom rps (oc x canon, canon x canon). My current obsessions right now are Voltron Legendary Defender, RWBY, andBoku No Hero Academia. Although I'm not afraid of doing original rps! In fact I absolutely love to make come up with plots with my rp partner.

Sooo, yeah I think that's all I have for now hehe.
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Hi, Ray!! I am Eliara, but you can simply call me Ara~ ^3^
How's your day?
I'm new here, as well!! I used to roleplay at Quotev, too, until they give the horrifying update, where they remove the group search-

Anyways, I don't know the fandoms that you know, thus is it okay if we do original roleplay?​
Hello Ara!
My day (well morning) is going great so far! And you?
Yeah! What is up with that? The group's are the only reason why I was on the site in the first place! They really goofed there.

It's totally fine if we do original, I don't mind at all!​
Hey! Oh- Good morning to you, Ray~
Things are okay at my end for today~ I might head to bed later.
I know right!! Yeah- I was really angry when the group search was gone..

Okay! Do you want me to send you a private message?​

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