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Realistic or Modern HELLBOUND | a 1x1 search | m/f

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Vinegar Bees

flowers & teeth.

hell bound





  • a 1x1 search - OVERVIEW

    Hello! I'm looking for a partner for a 1x1 storyline that I've had a huge, huge craving for. I've been trying for quite some time to find a partner to fill this craving, so I would really, really appreciate any interest! ♡

    In a nutshell, I'm looking for a dark romance/action story with a modern supernatural setting. The vibes I'm looking for are more along the lines of an anime or video game, though, than, say, the TV show Supernatural (I know it's very popular, but I'm looking for something with a completely different vibe). The central pair of the story will be a male demon and a female human, and I would like to play the human. The story will involve the demon being spat out from Hell onto Earth, where he will meet the human, and the two will eventually forge a contract together. I would love to involve plenty of Christian mythology—Hell, eternal damnation, Satan, sin, etc. I'm also very open to adding angels to the story later down the line and even moving towards something like a Revelations-esque apocalyptic scenario. I'm definitely looking for it to be dark and epic.

    I would prefer to RP onsite, although I'm also open to using Docs! I don't like using Discord for actual RPing, but I'm very happy to plot and chat over Discord. I love fun OOC chatter; I'm the type of person who loves making playlists and moodboards, thinking up headcanons, and just fangirling over our characters in general. I'm hoping for a partner who brings a similar energy! c: This may also go without saying, but I would like this RP to be longterm. I have a deep, deep craving in my heart for this story, so I would really like it to be one that we can work together to turn into something fun and long-lasting, not something that stalls and dies within the first few posts.

    I'm only looking for anime/illustrated images for our characters, no IRL FCs, please. Other than the medium, though, I always try to give my partner as much freedom as possible to pick an FC they want to use. In the past, I've had partners who were very controlling about FCs, and it's just not something I enjoy. I do have some more specific guidelines of what I'd like for the characters and their dynamics; usually I'm a lot more go-with-the-flow, but this specific dynamic is something I'm really aching for.

    Please click on the circles on the bar above to navigate to tabs with some more information! And if you feel at all interested in this story, please feel free to either post in here or PM me. I would be so, so happy to hear from you! ♡

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I'm interested in the story, though I'm honestly not confident in myself to be the best fit for the role. I really do want to try, though, but given how passionate this craving of yours seems, I don't want too disappoint it. Still, I'd greatly appreciate to get a shot at it, as I haven't roleplayed in quite a while.

My preferred method of contact is through Discord. Just let me know if you've sent a request or something.

Vinegar Bees

flowers & teeth.
bump! Searching really hard for a long-term, dedicated partner for this story—I've had a lot of false starts where the other person lost interest, and I'm really, really hoping for someone who will be invested and committed over a long period of time. ;v;

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