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Fantasy Heirs of Yenlaren (Fantasy RP)[OPEN]



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After 700 years of peace, Yenlaren has been hit with the spark of war. King Ruada, Master King of Yenlaren, has been taken by a madness that no healer can cure, nor scholar can put explanation to. The only reasonable explanation for his volatile state, is the loss of his wife Yseldi, and his unborn heir. This debacle has caused massive tears in The Five Kingdoms which he oversees. Tensions are high and there seems to be cause for everyone within the realm to sleep with one eye open.

Fingers are being pointed all across the board. The rulers of each kingdom are slowly losing their minds along with King Ruada. Ceberon has fallen into a storm of crime, along with the other kingdoms. The Holy Kingdom of Veruca is being poisoned with the tongues of warmongers and those who seek violence. Tiamat's strength is fading at a frightening pace. Morava's abundance is fading ever so swiftly.

During King Ruada's mental unrest, his younger sister Rohanna, Queen of Tiamat, is in charge of overseeing the entire realm. Because of this, most blame has been cast upon Tiamat. The realm believes that Rohanna is to blame. There are those who wish to remove her by force. Even if it means the end of her life. There have already been several attempts on her life as well as her heir, Oksana.

The Heirs knew something was going on that the entire realm of Yenlaren couldn't quite see. King Keita of Morava had enlisted a woman named Boudicca from across the Sea. He had lost his wife recently and was blinded by his grief. He was too blind to see that this woman had a selfish plot for Yenlaren. There was not much known about her, yet she had been missing for two months before King Ruada had lost touch.

Oksana sent an emissary to each of The Heirs, pleading for them to meet her in Uppsala, a legendary and historical summit in the Jehu Mountains. There they would meet, and discuss their plan to absolve Yenlaren of this chaos, perhaps ridding it of Boudicca.

We will create this tale :)



The capitol of the entire continent of Yenlaren. The Mad King, Ruada Yenlaren, oversees millions of his citizens amongst this bustling city in the north. Ceberon is a beacon of trade and commerce within the entire realm. An island in the middle of a lake whose channeled rivers stretch across the entire realm. The city is made of black-grey stone and towers as tall as the clouds themselves. While wild, Ceberon is a magnificent yet cruel city that has stood for thousands of years, despite hundreds of wars and bloodshed over it's ownership. Ceberon is a place where status is everything and there is always a serpent in the bushes.


Queen Saraiah rules over this walled holy city to the east. Healers are all but scarce amongst its citizens. Even the children are adept healers before the time they come of age. The capitol city of Veruca is built entirely out of opal, gold, and ivory. It is comparable to Paradise. It's citizens are pacifists, but don't let that fool you. When times are hard, Verucan's will always outlive the rest. Scholars and mathematicians flock to this city once they've finished their schooling at the Citadel in Kalais to learn what they can to heal and improve in medicine.


Tiamat is an ocean side kingdom, stretching along the entire far Eastern Coast of the continent of Yenlaren. Ruled by King Miacha, the finest of warriors and an impeccable sailor. Tiamat's culture is deeply rooted in the history of combat. Nearly every citizen is knowledgeable in the use of any weapon in existence. Tiamat is home to almost all of the military training facilities in The Continent. In the capital city, the intimidating Arena stands upon it's highest peak. There, soon-to-be soldiers must fight and defeat 40 criminals to ever be eligible for the chance of rising in the ranks.


In the south, Morava is watched over by King Keita. It is the epicenter of horse trade and agriculture. For the most part it is a warm and wholesome kingdom, just like their ruler. Morava has served as asylum for thousands of travelers throughout recorded history. This is what brings Morava it's power. The knowledge and skills of the melting pot of people, make this kingdom home to may skills and many secrets. Although King Keita is a good man, there is disarray in the kingdom due to the indifference amongst the people within.


In the west, Kalais is ruled by Queen Moriga, who sits upon her loft studying books in the Citadel much more often than she tends to the city. However, the knowledge and education that those who are allowed to reside in the capitol city for more than four years keep the kingdom peaceful. It is rumored that there are those within the capitol who can wield magic, but that has yet to be seen. It is also rumored that if there were to be magic users in the city, that they are forbidden to ever leave the kingdom and that they must report to her upon realization of their abilities.


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