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Fantasy Heaven's Smile REBOOT {Character Sheet}



True Black Rose Beauty
Post characters here, if you have any questions please pm me or ask on the check. Depending on number of players and overall feel of said players I am open to two players being the main characters with similar powers.

if you plan on making the "heavens fire" that means your characters Power is one of holy fire and I'll explain elsewhere how it works, a subset of this power is being chosen by God's has a effect on people in general to like/adore/listen to this character. Half the reason a crew of legends become their pawns.
These legends Could describe this feeling as "love at first sight" or "A intense unwarranted feeling of being subservient" or anything between.

If you are making a legendary warrior then feel free to think of whatever power/mana/magic you like but stick to one thing.
Though I'm not against a knomage character who uses artifacts to produce multiple kinds of magic.
As mentioned above your character will follow the chosen one from the moment of seeing them or very shortly after. If they fall in love or feel a need to serve is up to you.

Cs is below but feel free to add to it of you like




Notable gear:

Any skills at all:

Any flaws at all:


Background check:

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True Black Rose Beauty

Name: Gwen Hollins ( Fake name: Gavin Jarvis )
Age: 23
Gender: Female
Appearance: Gwen's height is 5'5", her hair and eyes are white, and they are wearing a full steel armor set. Her body is an athletic build.
When it is winter or summer, Gwen will wear a coat, scarf, a smile mask, pants, a hat that she puts her hair underneath, and brown boots.
Notable gear: A sword, steel female armor set, bow and arrow, 40 normal arrows, notebook, wallet, pencil, and a pouch belt.
Any skills at all:
Swordsmanship, Cooking, Unnatural Charisma ← Heaven's Fire has this effect on people, Martial Arts, Hunting, Archery, Scavenging, and being blessed/cursed with Heaven's Fire.
Any flaws at all:
When it comes to having to talk to someone who isn't from her family, Gwen is a complete mess. They usually try to avoid them, become extremely quiet if forced into a conversation, or do a disappearing act when they aren't looking.
She also doesn't like to be on a team for this reason, because her parents told them about the people in the city who kept trying to take her away when she was a baby when they got a bit older.
Gwen will never take off her helmet unless she is in a safe place, because they had a bad experience with someone who saw her face. They are pretty naive towards anything that her parents didn't teach her, since Gwen had to be sheltered from the rest of the world.
Heaven's Fire: The power to burn and punish evil, it forms as a beautiful fire that can be shaped into a sword when Gwen is comfortable or it is used to enhance another.
However, it doesn't hurt those who believe and worship God.
Background check:
Gwen's birth was a chaotic mess, because everybody in the city of Desara wanted to get their filthy hands on her for an unknown reason. Her father and her big brother: Liam kept preventing people from getting near baby Gwen, and they did a good job of stopping people from doing that.
However, when dangerous people appeared around their house. Her father and Liam keep beating the ever living crap out of them, because they knew they wanted baby Gwen for some unknown reason. Her family knew how to fight, because they have a knight tradition running in their bloodline.
As more people attempted to get near baby Gwen, her family had enough of dealing with this chaotic mess, so they moved out of the city towards the farming village outside the walls.
Upon arriving there with their stuff, the people of the farming village looked at the Hollins family. They all had a similar reaction towards baby Gwen when they were in the city, but they seem to be more relaxed about it. Some of them called the baby cute, but Gwen's family made their way towards their home.
They unpacked their stuff once they were at their new house, and some of their neighbors appeared to not only greet them. But they wanted to see baby Gwen, because of their cuteness. This would just end up with her parents saying no to them. Some of the neighbors understood that. However, a few would leave baby supplies in front of the door. As for the creepy neighbors, they would spy on the Hollins family like a hawk. Her family would ignore them, since they aren't doing anything wrong.
Their life from that point on ended up being very peaceful. Although, there were a few creepy neighbor incidents towards them. The people in the farming village protected the family from them, because they wanted to protect Gwen.

As time went on, Gwen became the beloved star in the village when they learned how to walk and talk. People would be all over the poor girl whenever she goes outside, and they would receive either a hug or a cheek pinching. Her parents would then appear to take little Gwen back to the house, so they can protect them from the creepy neighbors. Furthermore, Gwen's schooling was also considered by her parents, because they knew they can't put their daughter in a normal school. Everybody would just look at them, and the weirdest things can happen if they aren't there to keep a good eye on her. Not wanting that to happen, her parents homeschool Gwen, because they wanted to know why people kept targeting their daughter.
It took them a while to figure out why people were being so weird around Gwen. She created a beautiful fire sword from her hands when they were in the house. As they seem to be comfortable enough with using the wooden sword during their training. This shocked her parents, since they weren't expecting Gwen's power to be so beautiful. They were also impressed with their daughter, because they are able to use their power when they are just a kid. Little Gwen then tried to make one of the plants in their house burn, since they wanted to test her power on something. However, it did nothing to the plant. Little Gwen turned her head towards her parents upon seeing that, and asked them if it was normal for fire to not burn plants. Upon hearing about that, her parents were a bit confused about what Gwen meant by that. Little Gwen got the plant that she tried to burn with their fire power, and showed them that the pretty fire power wasn't burning the plant. She told her parents that her power might be broken, but this only got her parents to be suspicious of Gwen. Gwen's mom told little Gwen to never show off her power towards anyone outside of the house, because people might make fun of her for not being able to harm a simple plant like that. Little Gwen was sad about that, but she agreed with her mom, because they don't want people to make fun of her.
By the time, Gwen turned into an adult. Some of the people in the farming village respected her when they heard some rumors that Gwen had applied to become a guard. This caused them to give her flowers and sweets in front of the door of their house, because they wanted to celebrate Gwen's possible accomplishment. Eventually, Gwen was accepted to become an informal guard under the name of Gavin Jarvis for their village. They were also wearing a full steel armor set during the interview, and she was pretending to be a male guard, because they wanted to be taken seriously by the other guards. But they thought that wouldn't happen if they know that she is a female, who has a useless power.
As they took their guard job seriously while having to deal with a few weird moments. Like when they put her on a team, but Gwen was being quiet towards her teammates. Even though, the other knights seem to like her for an unknown reason.
Eventually, the king made an announcement about the search for the light, and it made its way towards the farming village. Everybody, including Gwen's parents, heard about the news, so when Gwen got home from finishing her guard job for the day. Her parents made their attempt to encourage her to go to the city, so they can figure out if Gwen was the light. However, they refused to go to the city, because of her hatred of being in the spotlight. Not to mention, Gwen doesn't think that she is important, because her power is useless. This is when her parents had to remind her about their kid self, who wanted to protect the people of Desara from danger. Gwen knew about that, but it disappointed them that her parents had to bring it out just so they could go to the city. Seeing as her parents were going to beg for Gwen to find out if she is the light, they left the house to go to the city, so her parents can stop doing that.


Junior Member
Name: Gust Uratarou

Age: 28

Gender: Male

Appearance: Gust has a tall foreboding silhouette with broadened shoulders. He is well over 6 feet tall, typically seen as a tall figure wearing a cloak that covers the shoulders and upper torso that falls long behind him like a cape. A helmet often placed securely on his head that covers everything but the mouth. This makes his grin visible. He is a jovial fellow who always has a smile on his clean shaven face, however when in battle, that smile becomes an almost terrifying, sadistic looking grin under that helmet. His attire besides his steel armor of heavy plates is nothing notable. He wear plane clothes of white tan and brown, long sleeves, brown pants and dark leather boots. He has a noticeable scar on the right side of his head and temple, where a chunk was carved out.

Gust.png Gust armor.jpg
His armor, Minus that not being his helmet.
His helmet, minus the signature grin.

Notable gear: His weapons are, a large sword (refer to previous image.) and his signature Poleaxe, the latter of the two is his primary weapon that he is most proficient with. he also lugs a thick steel tower shield on his back to accommodate his larger build. His more miscellaneous items are; A small empty booklet, a pen and several metal inkwells. A colorful gemstone that means something to him, but he can't recall what that is. Lastly, he carries with him a single roll of bandages.
gust axe3.jpg
His poleaxe, minus the lady.

Any skills at all: Due to his constant memory loss, he often finds himself jotting down notes anytime he's somewhere new. He refers back to them when he needs to, and because of this he is very well read. His literacy may come as a surprise, but in addition, he is also something of an artist. He draws portraits of people so he doesn't forget them so easily, in the same vein of his necessity to write.
He is naturally gifted with his weaponry, as is every soldier, but his reflexes and spatial awareness is very high, and he is just as at home in the middle of a warzone than he is sitting on a stump. Weather a skill or not, he is always calm and relaxed, and totally in control.

Any flaws at all: Short-term memory loss- Forgetting where he is every few hours, forgetting people less often. He is rather slow due to his heavy equipment, and due to the same injury to the head, he is unfortunately rather slow mentally.

Power: Meteor bomb- essentially a fireball spell from his hand, while also creating a thick trail of smoke. It has moderate strength and blast range when the projectile detonates. it isn't terribly fast and is only about the size of a grapefruit.

Background check: Gust was always sick. From the moment he was born up until his teens, he was very frail and constantly running fevers. He had two older brothers, Godo and Miken, who would look after him while their parents were hard at work. Godo was strong and tall, and had a good work ethic. Miken had the smarts. He was constantly coming up with the better ideas and had the most common sense in the household.
Their family was scraping by, living the peasant's life. This coupled with the stress of a sickly boy was almost too much for the small family. Needless to say, with a lack of fortune and hardly enough food to go around, Gust was forced to endure his illnesses while he starved. It was rough for everyone, but they held on.
His mother wasn't an unkind woman, she was simply a busy one. As soon as Gust was old enough to walk and think for himself, he would be on his own if it wasn't for his two brothers. Their father was a stoic cold wall of a man. He was always like that, but he wasn't horrible, just the same story as their mother. The two of them constantly had to work just to scrape by in lower society.
With money so short, and with there being so many mouths to feed, Godo and Miken made a tough decision. as soon as they were old enough, they would enlist to become guards for their city. They would be leaving Gust behind, but it was for the good of the whole family. They wouldn't have to be fed by their limited rations, and they would be making some money that would go back their mother and father. The three brothers all dreamed of becoming knights some day, and for them this was close enough.
By the time Gust was 11, Godo and Miken had already been guards for two years, and life was much better for them. Gust even started to get healthier by the day. Without his brothers to protect him however, Gust was constantly getting beat up by the town bullies. Once again, Gust had to endure and tough it out if he wanted to live. And so, he would get beaten down again and again. He would try to fight back, he wasn't strong enough, but it was only until he started to stand up for himself that things got better. When his bullies couldn't keep him down, and his endurance paid off, they left him alone, and he had secured a victory. Unfortunately, a win is sometimes followed by a loss.
One day, their city was suddenly attacked by large group of marauders, and the guards were suddenly on the front lines of a civil war.

The loss of her two Eldest sons broke Gust's mother. The stress declined her health so severely that it later took her life. Gust lost everything in an instant. It was all a blur to him. That's when his father became violent. He was stoic, but he could only handle so much of the bottled up emotions. Drinking made him forget. All Gust was reminded of was how weak he was, and all he thought he could do was wish Godo and Miken was there to save him. But all he could really do was get stronger.
From that point on he got stronger, and stronger, and his ailments became fainter, and fainter. When he was beat, he felt nothing. He became tough as leather. By the time he was 15, he had became so much stronger than his father, that when he had realized how strong his boy had become, it was one bottle too late.
When Gust overcame his last hurdle in this cruel life, beating his father, he knew it was time to move on. Strength was everything, he realized, and this town wasn't enough for him anymore. He left his small home and was on the road to becoming a knight. He didn't start as a guard like his brothers did, but instead, he started his journey as a soldier. The presence of Marauders in his area never really went away, and his quest to purge them for his brothers' deaths quickly earned him a reputation. He was one of the most motivated and effective soldiers they had in their company. He was stronger than most, faster than most, and despite being a savage on the battlefield, he had a good heart. This caught the attention of many commanding officers, including the royal commanders.
Through word of mouth, his prowess made it's way to the ears of the royal guard. While not present on the battlefield, this was the work for the more common military, those commanding officers began to gain interest in this strange boy who has won them so many skirmishes. Before long, he had gained the audience with a particular royal commander, who had one of the most impressive track records in recent times. Under his close eye, Gust had begun to train as true knight, and soon, would become one.

As if destiny was calling for one impressive young man, the Marauders had become more of a threat, and soon reinvented themselves as a true functioning, and apposing military force in the short years that followed. Things got serious, and it called for royal military to finally step in. Gust was amongst those knights on the front lines. With new training, more refined talent, and just as much drive as before, He became more and more adept in the art of war. In the coming years and battles both fought and lead by him, Gust quickly rose in the ranks, and by the age of 22, was leading an entire company of knights. Many more influential battles in the war were fought by him, and after 10 long years of war, and nearly 14 years of Marauders it was finally over. Gust was 25 years old, and was present for the last battle that ended it all. With the single poleaxe he ever owned, Gust had slain over two hundred enemy soldiers.

With the war over, and the city a time to rest, a new problem was able to be addressed. Monsters. They had quickly grown in numbers and hostility during the time of war. Desara, a far off kingdom had been taken the brunt of these attacks. They seek help from anywhere it can be spared, and after many months of rest and consideration, the knights of this city were sent off to Desara to combat the monster threat. Those knights included Gust Uratarou, who would be leading them in the battles to come as their Captain. The trek was continuously halted by ambushes of beasts and monsters of all kinds, and after almost a year of travels, the worst came to pass. On one evening, only a few days from Desara, they were ambushed by an entire corral of monsters had appeared along the mountainside. These monsters were lead by a demon, something they had never seen before, let alone faced. But before the battle could even begin, a stray projectile had struck Gust in the head, leaving him out of commission.
Miraculously he had survived the blow to the head, but barely. While his men fought without a leader, Gust was holding on for life with blood gushing from his head. As the battle went on, the monsters had become overwhelmed by Gust's men, but the demon however still stood. The only one who may have stood a chance was Gust and his superior strength. Almost half of his knights had fallen, and in an act of desperation and pure adrenaline, Gust had used the spell he had acquired after years of combat. His Meteor Bomb smacked the demon in the torso, wounding it greatly. It took nearly ten knights to barely vanquish it, but Gust's attack had given them just enough of an edge to take it down. As for Gust however, his injury was so severe that it would be days before he would awaken.
Gust held on the rest of the way to Desara, and after waking up in a hospital, things were noticeably different. The blow to Gust's head left him with severe damage to his brain. It was as if he was a completely different person the knights thought. After this, it was settled that he was no longer fit to lead. This was a great blow to moral amongst his men, as much as it was a blow to his head, but he didn't seem to mind. It wasn't long after that his close associates realized that there was more wrong with him than they had thought. The man was now stricken with memory loss. He would forget everything new to him in a matter of hours, and his recollection of previous events were fuzzy as well. He really had become a different person, his past experiences were suddenly ripped away from him. His attitude had become gleeful, as if blissfully ignorant to all life's hardships and everything had gone through. It was a clean slate for him.

Despite him being the way he was, and demoted because of it, they later learned that there was one thing Gust never forgot. It must have been engrained into him, Gust never forgot war. He retained all his knowledge in tactics and combat prowess. All the knights taught him was still there in the scarred head of his, and the experience on the battlefield didn't leave him. He was as proficient with his mighty Poleaxe as he ever was. That new grin of his, he even brought into combat, and it was terrifying. More years on the front lines gave him a new reputation. He never knew where he was, but he didn't have to when he was in a warzone. The warzone will always be the same, he knows it like it were home. He just kept treading along in the mud, cutting down his enemies with a big grin on his face.


The Abysster
Name: Kaius Solhir

Age: 26

Gender: Male

Appearance: Kaius has platinum blonde wavy hair that is always long enough to cover his ears fully. The tops of his ears are scarred, the tops which would normally be smoothly rounded, has a more linear shape from that top being removed. His face is smooth and never seems to grow a single strand of facial hair, the same following for his chest. Despite being nearly middle aged, his appearance is youthful and fresh. Icy blue eyes peer out from behind the platinum locks of hair. His build is lean and fit, however his height was on the lower side. If it wasn't for his deeper voice and strong jawline, it would be of little surprise to mistake him for a woman.

Notable gear: Generally found in leather armor for easier movement, often cladding a blue clothed uniform over the leather (as depicted in the picture). Two axes that he has mastered wielding hang individually on each hip. On his back he carry's a basic short sword as a back up defense, and a stash of throwing knives hidden within his uniform.

Any skills at all: Outside of duel wielding mastery, Kaius is proficient in the use of crossbows, however he chooses to not carry one on his person. He knows the roads around the kingdom well, having traversed many of them countless times during his travels. He is charming to talk to, and has the ability to get leads out of unwilling bartenders or waitresses. When it comes to getting around, Kaius is your guy. He also possesses an unnatural talent for singing.

Any flaws at all: He cannot read or write, skills his family also lacked. He is stubborn, his head harder than that of a mountain goat. He is prideful, he would rather work alone, believing that the job could be done better by himself. He has issues accepting when he needs help and that often times, he does truly need the help. His social skills are great for short interactions, but when it comes down to spending extended amounts with him, the callus outlook shines through his upbeat facade like the sun. He has issues trusting others, especially if they promise to be there for him.

Power: Rivers Edge || Water is pulled from the air and encases the weapons used, doubling that weapons size without the added weight. The blades of the weapon become strong enough to slice through boulders. However, Rivers Edge only lasts for one strike per weapon encased and using this ability takes a large toll on the user, the more weapons used, the larger the toll. The ability can only be used once per day, if the user can even muster enough energy to cast it again the next day.

Background check:
Kaius was found as an infant, wrapped in soft furs along a rarely used road. The couple who had come across the abandoned baby stopped and searched the area for any signs of family. They found no mother, no father, not a single sign of anything or anyone having information about this child. With three young children of their own, they decided it was best to bring the infant with them. How would they sleep at night knowing that they had left it there? Kai's adopted mother was ferociously kept busy feeding the child they just had and the new found addition. They were simple people, their lives surrounding the livestock they raised and food they grew outside of a little town called Westerton.

Several days after the newly grown families arrival home, the town broke out in illness. With the peoples complaining of aching stomaches, pounding headaches, cold sweats and vomiting, the towns Elders began to question the rumors of an adopted child by a family right outside of town. They demanded a counseling with the family and their newest addition. Upon seeing the child's frozen blue eyes stare unblinking at them, the Elders suspicion of the child seeded. They declared the spreading aliment of disease among the people was an omen from God that this child did not belong with their people. Kai's parents fought relentless that their new son was no more strange than any of the other children. They nearly lost their fight with the Elders, but the people of Westerton had begun to recover and show rapid impovement. Before the week had ended, the town was bustling with business as before.

As the baby boy grew, the parents began to notice something strange about their adopted son. His ears seemed to have started slimming out at the crests, growing almost in a pointed way. They dismissed the sight, as it was assumed that perhaps the family he came from were from across seas. But they kept growing by the week, looking more and more alien to the unsuspecting parents. Perhaps, he wasn't as normal as every other child? Years went by, and Kaius lived a normal life for a young boy. He caused a ruckus, stole rolls off the table, and chased his sisters around with the lizards and bugs he would catch. When it came to the towns local children, the questions about his scarred ears were never ending. He made wild stories up to them about how he bravely fought off a young goblin in efforts to save his siblings, and that the scarred edges at the tops of his ears were from nearly been killed. Eventually the stories became so wild and uncontrolled it was hard to believe any of them and any sort of truth to them. People stopped listening and grew uninterested. The young boy wanted to believe his own stories so much, he wanted the taste of battle and fame.

As he continued to age, he began getting himself into altercations. His hand would be caught red while snatching a fruit off a market stand off a dare. While the guard was distracted with the young snatch-thief, his 'friends' would come in behind and snag a couple pieces of fruit for themselves, leaving the white haired boy alone to his punishment. Other times he would be caught grappling with other kids in the streets, an adult being forced to pull the two, sometimes more, apart from the mini brawls. The Elders grew weary of his trouble making. Their town was plagued with sickness upon his arrival, and he had never done anything good for the people since his arrival as an infant. No boy could create such chaos among the people. The troublemaker should be expelled from Westerton. Keeping him around would anger God. Many of the townsfolk disagreed, defending his mischievous actions with "he's just being a young boy, leave him be." Their arguments shut the Elders down for a second time.

When he was finally of age to begin recruitment training for the villages local guard, Kai's parents had grown weary of the daily visits from the guard because Kaius had gotten himself into another predicament, and the Elders agreed that this was the best course, as they had failed at achieving Kai's exile. Off Kai went, sent to the academy on a short notice, giving him barely any time to pack or say good-bye to his siblings. Kai was drilled relentlessly, quickly showing how skilled he truly was in his movements, coordination, and fighting in a form Westerton had rarely seen, with duel wielding axes, he became a shining star among his peers. During his time with the academy, the young boy matured into a man. His ultimate goal became to serve on the Royal Guard. Kai's parents were beyond proud with how the decision to send him off had turned out. Their adopted son turned himself around and aimed high in life. It was their praise in his actions that kept Kai motivated to keep moving forward. Never before had they beamed at him so happily. For the first time in his life, he felt like he was actually their son.

Before Kaius could see his graduation, disaster stuck the town. Flames kissed the starry sky in the dead of night. People ran through the streets, dragging their smaller and slower loved ones by the hand in panic. Some of the elderly were unknowingly trampled in the midst of the frenzy. As Westerton burned to the ground, Kaius was one of the few who were running into the flames. Not everyone could be saved. The next morning, as the people picked through the smoldering remains of their homes, loved ones were also found among the rubble. The town grieved heavily for having endured so many losses. Putting together what little resources that survived the mysterious fire, the Elders agreed to move closer the people to Desara's mighty walls. Many of them could get a fresh start and find salvation among the magnificent holy walls.

Kai's parents found themselves with a stipulation they couldn't wiggle out of. They could leave with the reaming people of Westerton, with the three children they had together, or they could create a new life for themselves elsewhere. With all four of their children. God was surly punishing the peoples. As the group slowly walked along the dirt road toward Desara, Kaius's eyes burned like the fire that destroyed his town as he held back tears. He sat, alone, watching everyone he had ever known and loved walk away. Kai's head rose to the sky, the clouds dark and foreboding as his future now seemed. Large drops of water fell onto his face, quickly turning to a downpour. Kaius let out a desolate cry that fell upon the ears of only God himself.

Kai quickly made a living as a mercenary, traveling to places outside of the kingdom he grew up in, and back again. The curved blades of his axes ended many lives of people and monsters alike. He didn't particularly care where he ended up, letting the jobs he accepted take him where ever the destination may be. He became extremely skilled with his axes, maneuvering around his opponents with deadly precision. No one was left alive to tell the tales except for the protected witnesses, if any. His name spread like wildfire, building up more offers of hire than he could imagine accepting. It was when the darkness that fell over Desara that Kai learned of his own mortality. Monster swarms became unbearable alone, and demons posed heavily as a threat. He had come face to face with a demon, alone. Kai fought hard, yet his axes did nothing, and the magic he possessed seemed ineffective at best, only managing to separate several fingers from its demonic hand. He couldn't manage the beast alone and was forced to flee. One of his axes still buried deep in the creatures back. Kaius managed to find a spot to hide and wait for the danger to pass.

With damaged pride and a missing weapon, Kaius made his way to the walls of Desara. It was there he planned to purchase a new set of weaponry and evaluate the current sate of the kingdom.

Tranquil Ghost

Vyn sirius


Their original gender is male but as a shapeshifter they can be anything
Vyns hair is a light brown that goes down to his neck, his eyes are bright blue with a strong jawline. He has very fit build that focuses mainly on speed rather then raw power but can make little differences in his body if he desires more power.
Notable gear:
He wears a mask that covers his entire face aside from his eyes. He wears plated leather armor that is designed to allow him to move quickly and quietly and also has plated leather shoes that have extra leather at the soles to make his steps silent. He has twin daggers at his hips and a bow across his back.
Any skills at all:
Vyn has exceptional charisma and can talk his way out of almost any situation.
He is a master of deception and surveillance as he has a photographic memory which is how he can remember exactly how someone looks, talks, fights, etc.
He also has an abnormal reaction time because he can stay in his human form while also having the senses of an animal which makes him a very skilled fighter.
Any flaws at all:
As he can have the senses of animals a loud noise or strong smell can disorient him.
Shifting takes quite a toll and strains his mind so he is very vulnerable while shifting.
He is a light drinker so he can get drunk pretty fast and shifting in that state is near impossible.
Vyn has the power to shapeshift. He can mimic the appearance of anyone or anything he sees aside from inanimate objects. He can also copy the powers of whatever he changes into but with only half the strength. He can shift his whole body or one part as long as the part doesn't strain the body too much.
Background check:
Vyn was born in a large city that always had the smell of salt and rot in the air. As a young boy he wanted to live somewhere else but his family was poor and had debts to pay the king after they asked him for a loan a year before vyn was born. Vyn loved to explore the streets and alleys always looking for something to do. His family was falling apart because they had no money and no one was willing to give them a job so vyn decided to take it upon himself to try and find a way to get money before his family falls apart. After that he went on to steal anything he could find that looked like it was worth something and got really good at it, though one day he got caught stealing from a noble. As he tried to run away from the guards chasing him he seen a crow eating from a rotting fruit on the ground and as he looked away from the crow he wished he could fly to escape and a second later he shifts into a crow but falls to the ground as he doesn't know how to fly as a bird. the guards behind him let out startled sighs when they see vyn shapeshift. The guards walk over to him still in his crow form not sure how to change back, they pick him up and head straight for the castle all the while vyn is terrified at what could happen to him within castle walls.
The guards bring him into a small cage and goes straight to the king and explains the situation. The king looks very intrigued by what the guards tell him and he tells them to release vyn from the cage. They open the latch and tip the cage over for vyn to fall out and onto the floor. The king explains to him that he can shift back to his human body if he wants but vyn just stares at the king unable to speak as a crow. The king then realizes vyn doesn't know how to control his powers yet and hatches a plan. The king explains to vyn how to change back and eventually vyn was able to shift back to his human form. Vyn tells the king he is very sorry about stealing and that his family was poor and that's why he stole. Vyn asked the king if there was something he could do to help his family and the king tells him that if he works with him he will get paid and he can send however much of the money he earns to his family. For the first 4 years of vyn being with the king he was learning how to control his powers and how different animals work. After the king said he was proficiently trained he spent the next 14 years doing the kings dirty work and using his shapeshifting to spy on other nations. However, while on a mission vyn gets drunks for the first time and misses the date he was supposed to get back. As he returned to the castle he couldn't believe what his eyes were seeing, his mother and father were both hanged for treason, their lifeless body swaying slightly in the breeze and there milky eyes staring silently without focus. His first emotion was sadness but that sadness quickly turned into rage, a cold rage that left him feeling numb as he walked calmly up the stairs and into the thrown room. The guards knew him and let him in without question just like every time before now. When he sees the king he just stares, the king stares back for a second before seeing the cold rage that filled vyns eyes, but before the king could say a word vyn had shifted into a one of his favorite animals, a bulky tiger that was white with a tint of orange and black stripes. Vyn rushed toward the king knocking aside the guards that tried to stop him, as he reached the throne the king sent a blast of fire in his direction, but vyn easily slips around it and pounces on the king tearing him to shreds. After he killed the king vyn shifted into an eagle and flew out an open window before more guards could rush in. Vyn let the wind guide him across the land flying and walking aimlessly.


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