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Realistic or Modern Heavenly Hell's Cravings

Sub Genres
LGTBQ, Realistic, Romance

Heavenly Hell

I'm Only Human
Hello everyone I'm Heavenly Hell.
If you would prefer more of a normal name call me Elizabeth or just Beth. I have been roleplaying for a year and so far it has been very pleasant.
I just wanted to say about of things before we go into my cravings, I'm a semi-lit to literate person depending on the kind of roleplay and response. There are other platform that I like to use to roleplay but we can talk about that in private messages. So who I am looking for is someone who is semi-lit to literate it really does not matter to me, but all I ask is for at least one paragraph. But one huge thing for me is please be willing to double up, I have been playing male characters for a year not so I'm taking a long needed break so I am only going to play female characters unless we double up. I do not know how I feel about doubling up on roleplays but if that is something you would like to do please just let me know and we can talk about it more. That is it for now, now lets get into what you really came here for!
To let me know your read this tell me what your favorite holiday is. Mine is Christmas.

*= Craving the most
Bold= my role

The Fandoms I am Craving
Criminal Minds
The Vampire Diaries**

The Pairings I am Craving
Mafia boss x Girl
CEO x Girl
County Boy x City Girl
x Demon Hunter
Good Girl x Bad Boy
Wolf x Hybrid (Wolf/Vampire)
The Devil x Human
x Vampire





My Face Claim Search
(I do return the favor!)
-Stephen James
-Jensen Ackles
-Andy Samberg


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