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Futuristic Hearts of Iron (MxM) (MxF)

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Action, Adventure, Anime, LGTBQ, Romance

Will of Wisps

I am but a humble Phantom
Greetings dearest reader I am glad you have taken a interest in my idea, but before I elaborate please allow me to tell you a bit about some basic stuff, it won't take long so don't worry.

(Oh and before you start I know this is quite the long post so if you would prefer you can just read the rules the skip to the end for in there I put a quick resume of the idea for the Rp)


1. No ghosting please, if you're not having fun do say so, that way we can either fix the problem or move on.

2. 18+ Only no buts ifs or whens.

3. Perfect Grammar is not needed, we are all human after all and as you will see my grammar is a tad wonky so no need to got out of the way to correct any lesser mistakes.

About Me:

Well there's really not much of interest about me really but since I am putting it out there here are the main things.

I usually reply at least once per day usually more.

I am not too good with side characters but I can and will most certainly try my best to play it out as best as I can.

And that's about it thank you for reading up to now but now I will give you what I presume you came here for.

The World:

In the far future humanity looked to the stars with hope and dreams of expansion only to be torn asunder by its own ambitions and greed, the old Terran Hegemony now lays as under control of a single planet clinging to earth with all they have while their old rivals the United Colonies lay shattered and still locked in endless war with each other for what amounts to table scraps while desperately trying to sell their illusion of unity like in the old days.

As the ancient powers now continue to wither great noble houses and minor empires work hard to rebuild the lost glory of humanity, it is an age of lost technology and harsh living for most but hope for a better future still keeps most with dreams of reforging the once galaxy expanding empire.

(That's the resume there is more if you are interested)

The Plot:

Deep into the galactic corner into a region known as the periphery your character was sent (a noble a prince the choice is yours) to the planet of Ophelia a old Agricultural world that had been abandoned during the wars, but now is being reclaimed by your minor noble house (Or one of the great 3 houses if you prefer) and at first the job is a dreary and monotonous one with no end to the paperwork until one of your servants returns with interesting news, deep upon the northern woods sightings of a piece of ancient tech have been recorded and with it in your hands the future of your house would seen far brighter.


Your character is a Galactic noble that was sent into a dead end job to be forgotten by history until by a miracle of fate he would find my character an ancient and sentient War machine of the old Terran Hegemony and with time they would develop a strong bond even a possible romance, and that is the main idea a unconventional Romance between man and machine because I kinda want to explore the idea and see where it leads so if after all that you are interested please do pm me.

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