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Realistic or Modern Headless horseman is a good match maker [m/m]


Lir the Forest Prince
Roleplay Type(s)
It's spooky season! you know what that means!
Lir brings out one or two of his silly autumn and Halloween themed ocs, this year it's Waldwick the descendant of Ichabod crane
Maybe Diego my monster hunter later

ANYWAY, the story of 'the legend of sleepy hollow' has been a favorite story of mine for a long time, and I always thought a concept of a descendant of Crane and a descendant Brom Bone would make an interesting dynamic, even through all this time these two find each other, hate and love are the same after all

We can have them with an interesting dynamic too! since they both went to school together and have grown up, matured if you will [age range should be some where around like 24-26 give or take]

More details can be talked about in private messages! please sent me one if you have questions/ are interested

also, who would say no to this face waldwick.PNG
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