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Just cause I read worse don't mean it ain't cursed
Jet smiled at the newest kid. His wings tucked a little closer to his back in mostly muscle memory. The shafts of the massive feathers clicked. "Pet—that's a new one," he chuckled good-naturedly. "But no—I'm a Lancer." His right wing smarted with an electricity-like jolt that lit up his nerves with sharp pain.

No quicker than his attention turned from the idea of being a pet, a blur of someone vaguely blue bounced up to his face with shouting his long ears didn't quite translate. His crest poofed, surprise blooming under his feathers as they fluffed.

"—very many shiny rocks! Take whatever one you want!” A handful of glittering rocks were promptly thrust in his face the same moment he had to dodge grabbing hands.

He took a moment to process, blinking with the clear membrane settled in the corners of his eyes in an owlish manner. "Very kind of you, but I—"

Another one. This one was far quieter. Better. Better, but distracting. His heartbeat was too high. Jet could hear it from his spot at the end of the hall. After the brief pause, he managed another slight chuckle. "I'm good, thank you, though. I just need some time and rest."

Flattery would get these kids far—but it couldn't substitute power.

He barely managed to catch Rumi's reply in the chaos, but it earned an amused smile, ears perking with his crest.

And yet another—this one spoke... Greek. Yes, Greek.

So many new babies for the agency. So many to fill the gaps left in the power structure.

Jet turned to look at Gregory, one if his ears turning halfway. He was tired. He was so tired. He smiled, anyway. He smiled a obsidian black, fanged smile. "Less the sitting and more of the broken ribs and post-surgery lethargy.

His smile evolved into a "grin", grey fangs giving way to inky black theripodian teeth thhat glittered in the light. It appeared his face all-but ripped itself apart in one of Jet's rare full-teeth smiles.

And as soon as it started, it was over, pieces of flesh and bone settling back into place.

"Well—that and naps are the only thing keeping me from raiding the human world for all of the coffee it's worth." His smile was back to human—pleasant and gentle for those more accustomed to human expressions.

It felt more fake to him, personally.

"Everyone sees things, A-class," he added, the "title" as it was, slipping off of his tongue out of muscle memory. It actually sounded kind-of demeaning coming from him. "I'm sure Rumi is tired of you telling her how to do her job."

Jet supposed moderation was required, anyway. He wanted to go back to sleep. Instead, he opted to hop up to sit on the front desk, slipping a lollipop out of the jar with clawed fingers. He unwrapped it and popped it in his mouth, smiling lopsidedly.


indiscriminate sloth
Arcadius only registered the consequences of his actions until after the fact. So when the cat scampered with claw-drawn paws all over Lan, he winced as if the pain carried onto him. Lan’s feathers fluffed the floor, and a strip was torn from his shirt. It would take a magnifying glass to scope the falter in Arcadius’ smile, coaxed by the churning of his gut, a feeling he shoved into its depths as quickly as it rose. The sensation leaves him off-kilter for enough seconds that Lan can grasp his arm in his nagging frenzy.

There’s a flash of surprise on Arcadius’ face, one rare on account of his role usually being that of the surpriser. Even if a revelation were to shock him, he’d turn his reaction into a mockery to smear any tracks of genuine vulnerability. His current mask arrived with a carefree laugh towards Lan’s jabs, juxtaposed by the warmth of his magic spreading to each open cut and tenderly sealing them.

"Next time, when you have a stupid idea; why don't you say it out loud first - and then I can say ' fuck, no; you're an idiot' and we can skip the middle part where you actually do the stupid thing,"

A bubbling swells in Arcadius’ chest; amusement, perhaps? The crease between Lan’s brows looked so deep it might have already become permanently ingrained on his face. “I’ll keep that in mind for the future, baby bird.” Arcadius smirks, the smallest discernible account of affection in his tone as he lifts his hand with the intention of an action that might cost him a few fingers. Before it can come to that, fortunately, he’s stopped by the growing figure just off to the side of them.

Arcadius watches the cat shift into a disgruntled man with prickly ears and a bristled cat tail. He blinked, wondering of Lan’s powers had some illusion conceiving side-effects, but when the angel turned and addressed the man, it was clear they were both out of the loop.

Being threatened with a bite oddly—or not—wasn’t new to Arcadius, so it was a promise he took light of and was eager to know whether the new addition to the room would truly go through with it. He whistles out a breath and picks up his camera as Lan barks about having treated the other like a cat. Arcadius tilts his head back to recount the times he’s done the same, albeit his interactions with animals were more formal exchanges than one might assume.

“Well, okay. Which form will you be biting me in?” Arcadius nonchalantly inquires, lifting his camera and snapping a picture of the other. “Just so I’m prepared for when it happens, you know?” He grins, plucking the film from the camera. Another scowling face for his collection. “Can’t say I’ll mind it being in this one,” he gestures from the man’s head to his feet. “But I think an introduction is due before I’m treated to something like that.” A foxlike slyness overwhelms his features as he lies horizontally in the air, hands holding his cheeks as if they’re propped on a solid surface.


Llama hand
" Hey- hold the hot hell up, you were a dude this whole time? I tried to pet you, you ass! I 'pspspspsd' in your direction! Why in the name of all that is sane in fuckery , didn't you say anything?"

Two weeks ago—if asked—Gray would've told you that he'd gladly do anything to never have to be a cat again. Now, he was already beginning to regret turning back. With a noise halfway between a hiss and a sigh, he took a breath to try and settle his still-bristling fur.

"Shifting takes energy." He crossed his arms, tail still lashing back and forth. "Energy I wasn't willing to expend telling a random runt to back off." Energy that he was acutely aware of as it was slowly leeched away to keep this form, he noted with a wordless grumble. "And the hiss should've been enough to tell you I wasn't interested." A clawed finger jabbed in the angel's direction, "And that's all you needed to know."

He was just about to chalk the day up as a lost cause and leave when a camera flashed in his eyes.

“Well, okay. Which form will you be biting me in? Just so I’m prepared for when it happens, you know? Can’t say I’ll mind it being in this one, but I think an introduction is due before I’m treated to something like that.”

Obviously, Gray couldn't see his own face, but—based on the heat he felt falling over it—it was rapidly turning bright red. Unfortunately for him, he wasn't nearly as oblivious as the angel, and whatever small amount his fur had smoothed was immediately lost because every strand proceeded to stand straight up. He sputtered for a few seconds before finally managing a choked, "I— No."

Lucius Cypher

Delicious Friend
After taking the time to repair the training area as best as he could, Domic leaves to go store his equipment in his room. He was going to need to do some maintenance later, both on his equipment and himself. But before he got very far he noticed others in the hall gathered around, chatting and meeting newcomers. Domic was curious and wanted to meet them as well, though he was struggling to think of what to say. Oh he remembers back when he was living and could mingle easily enough, but nowadays if it's not about work Domic has a hard time remembering how to do basic small talk. Well, practice makes perfect. And if Domic was going to work alongside any of these people in the future it would do him good to introduce himself to them, get to know them.

One of the newer folk seemed to be some dragonoids. Domic vaguely remembers them back when he was living. He had a few as allies, though he doesn't remember them very well beyond their features. One in particular was a blue girl who was rather loud. Domic had heard her all the way back at the training hall. And so the lumbering giant approaches, taking his helmet off only to reveal another, smaller helmet underneath. And not only where the two dragons here, but also Rumi, one of the seniors. Sort of. Domic wasn't exactly sure where she placed on the company hierarchy but she conducts interviews so he could only assume she was high enough to have some authority over newcomers. As he approached he nods his head towards the group. "Hello. You new? Am Domic." He bows his body from the waist, causing his armor to creak a bit as he both bows down and straights back up.


Len Clementine


Gray BittyBobcat BittyBobcat
Arcadius Klown Klown

"Baby bird"- that one was two whole ass words! Lan was three letters.
Babybird did not grumble anything to express his grievance this time though. It seemed the nicknames were on an unending downhill path of becoming longer, and more deragatory.
Also he was too busy complaining about unknowingly trying to pet a grown man.

"Shifting takes energy. Energy I wasn't willing to expend telling a random runt to back off, and the hiss should've been enough to tell you I wasn't interested."

The catman jabbed a finger in Lan's direction.
"And that's all you needed to know."

Ah, so this cat was a rude bastard. Well; Lan was perfectly fine treating him like one.

" Wow, real fuckin nice way to talk to the guy who's feathers you just made into pillow stuffing, Mr.Fuck you," The comment was more so grumbled than overt, Lan's arms crossed and his foot tapped as he muttered his disdain.
" And also-double fuck you; I'm an average height in the Isles!"
Though the former statment was true; he truly not been hurt in the slightest- a few fallen down feathers didnt mean much when he lost the same from nervous plucking every now and again.
The latter statment was a blatant lie. Angels were on average; over six feet tall.

Well, okay. Which form will you be biting me in?”
Arcadius snapped a picture of the scowling catperson. The cogs were turning in Lan's head as his annoyance cooled slightly.

Just so I’m prepared for when it happens, you know?”
The cogs were not turning very fast.

“Can’t say I’ll mind it being in this one, but I think an introduction is due before I’m treated to something like that.”

Oh. Lan's eyes narrowed as he looked between Arcadius and the cat. The latter bristling and sputtering his disdain.

His gaze passed between the two a few more times, before settling on Arcadius.

" ...Are you trying to go on a damn mission, or fuck a cat? Because theres no way in the deepest depths of hell I'm gonna stick around for the latter. "
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indiscriminate sloth
The corners of Arcadius’ lips quirked up, peeling open to show the slightest amount of more teeth than average. The feverish redness that blooms over the pale man’s skin proving a nice pop of color to his drab palette. The rugged edge of his previous display falters and collapses, the man unwinding at the seams as he sputters through iterations of broken English, chokes on mangled words, before settling on a concrete “No.”

Throughout the other’s fluster, Arcadius had allowed gravity to drag his feet back on the ground. His hand lifts to his chin, rubbing it with a scholarly pensiveness as he tilts his head. Amused, curious. Observing the uncanny specimen like a scientist would as puzzling discovery, or a mathematician would a convoluted equation.

“Oh, that’s cute.” He chortles, finally reaching his conclusion. The cat ears and tail certainly had a charm to them by virtue of their acute expressivity.

Lan’s voice breaches his thoughts, the demon turning his head towards the angel, his tail lazily swishes from side to side. A burst of a laugh blows through Arcadius’ lungs, the words “fuck a cat” not being a phrase he thought Lan would ever grace his ears with.

“Whichever comes first, I guess.” He gives a nonchalant shrug, fangs gleaning as he pulls another grin. “Fucking aside, what’s your name, whiskers?” Arcadius looks to the cat man; taller, now that he realized. “I’m Arcadius, and this charming fellow here is—” He throws his arm around Lan’s shoulders, pulling him into his side and staring down at him. Acradius knew his name. He knew that he knew it. But instead of Lan’s name coming from his slyly curled lips, he says, “Feathers.” With all the confidence in the world.


Llama hand
Gray's eyes narrowed oncemore as the demon drifted back down. He took a cautious step backward—moving just out of arms reach—and regarded his curious stare with a cold glower that flicked between him and the exit with calculated quickness, never leaving the demon out of his focus for too long. He wasn't kidding about that whole biting thing. Ridiculous jokes aside, very rarely did someone actually want a near-stranger's teeth sinking into them (especially if they were sharp), and he wouldn't hesitate to deliver on his promise if this was merely a long pause before a leap to grab his tail or otherwise push him around.

What it turned out to be was a completely different method of annoyance (one which he perhaps should've expected after the demon's initial... comments). "Oh, that's cute."

"Don't call me cute," he snapped, his previous fluster seemingly forgotten (though, the blush—slow to fade—hadn't yet left his face). His ears, still bent backward, slowly unflattened while the fur along his tail finally settled properly.

Taunting. That's all this was. Taunting for a reaction that Gray wouldn't be giving him... ignoring the fact that he just did, of course.

"Wow, real fuckin nice way to talk to the guy who's feathers you just made into pillow stuffing, Mr. Fuck you. And also-double fuck you; I'm an average height in the Isles!"

A distraction. A loud, aggravating distraction, but a distraction nonetheless. He'd take it.

False as it sounded, he decided to ignore the ending statement because, regardless, he had no way to know for sure. As for the nickname... best to ignore that as well. The angel did have a point, after all. "For what it's worth, I do apologize for that," he said in the first non-hostile tone he'd used so far. "I don't think the blame lies entirely on me," Gray shot a pointed glare at the demon, "but, for the part that does, I'm sorry. If you want, I could pay for..." he trailed off as he reached down toward his pocket and felt absolutely nothing. Right. He was broke right now, almost forgot about that. "I can't pay for the shirt right now, but I should be able to after a mission or two." It occurred to him only halfway through the statement that, considering his situation, he didn't actually know if he would get paid for assignments—he never asked—but he continued anyway, the only hint of his thoughts on the matter being a slight twitch of his tail. He'd find some way to scrounge up the cash.

"...Are you trying to go on a damn mission, or fuck a cat? Because there's no way in the deepest depths of hell I'm gonna stick around for the latter."

...Or maybe he wouldn't. "No one's f—"

“Whichever comes first, I guess. Fucking aside, what’s your name, whiskers?”

"Don't call me Whiskers," he hissed. "My name's Gray. Use it."


Funai Ren
Interactions: Cello. Cello. Tapfic Tapfic FlameAriiDrayceon FlameAriiDrayceon

Gregory, (who Ren was now under the impression was actually named Babe), got reprimanded for the prior behavior. Ren narrowed his eyes in smug rancour, much like a spoilt kid invoking the wrath of their parent’s protection.

Rumi’s justice was swift and he was pleased.


Ren blinked at the display; hand to their chest in what the incubus was taking as an expression of sorrow. Was not having a license so heart-breaking? Provoking such strong emotions by his lack of driving knowledge? If Ren felt things outside of vanity or greed, perhaps he would’ve even taken it as a sign of care.

A very casual “yes,” in answer to the nickname was the only sign that things were actually being processed. A confirmation that he indeed, was the sweetheart. Being nice to this individual would get him promoted, and that was all Ren needed to know to set aside the squalor of the agency from the refined éclairs. To everyone else he could be his usual self: horrible.

"Oh, absolutely. Not many people have bothered to ask, but I'm basically in charge around here,"

Ren had shown initiative! With a favorite like Rumi, this basically meant he was the… the baby manager. Manager junior. Up and coming CEO. Something that brought a delighted perk to his posture.

Until a hand rested his shoulder.

Freezing, his eyes flicked back and forth between Rumi’s vermillion and the physical touch, and in a strangely meticulous fashion, peeled it off. A resemblance to picking up a wet napkin, with pinched fingers and slowly guiding it away.

Ren’s intentions were good, execution far less. The whole, I could accidentally eat your feelings, was an issue, and not something he wanted to test out on co-workers. With harmful stereotypes and very outdated practices, there weren't any health and safety guidelines on how to handle it. If Ren wanted a quick promotion and that future fruit farm, there’d be no going around devouring emotions. At least with this one, after all, they were in charge around here.

The big bird heard his comment, and for a passing moment, the opportunity to sidestep over and pat the wings was presented. If not spoken to by the feathered individual, Ren would’ve been distracted enough to make use of that opportunity.

Gregory, better known as Babe, referred to them as Jet (alongside a little jab about being lazy). It was a very good name for a bird.

"Pet—that's a new one. But no—I'm a Lancer."

Without so much as a flicker to Ren’s expression, the demon presented his new discovery.

“Pet Lancer.” Like pirates and their parrots. A sidekick. An animal companion.

Rumi shared that the agency owned not one, but four pets.

“Four.” He whispered, amazed over their collection. “That’s more than three.” Technically, yes. Silence ensued from the demon, deep in contemplation over something heavy on his mind. After a few side-eyes at Rumi that established nothing but awkward suspicion, he simply had to ask:

“Can I have them?”

He’d use the sad eyes if need be. Those pets would be his.

“Greetings other monsters! I am Nivara!”

Monsters. How offensive. With such an insulting and very loud introduction, Ren made no inclination to heed them any mind, keeping his back to the new entrant.


Of course! A simple miscommunication, they had noticed he was not a monster, but a picture of envy. Woe is him, the stardom of beauty was always destined to catch up. It was very hard being so beguiling and having everyone love you and embodying perfection.

Yes, he thought as he twined a lock of hair around a finger, so difficult.

As if burdened by a heavy hindrance, an airy sigh left his lips, and Ren languidly turned to face the (completely understandable) adoration.

“So, you have noticed m-“

It was not for him.

Wounded eyes watched as the blue individual fawned over the big bird, lips pursing in what could only be unrestrained jealousy. While feathers were nice in their own right, (particularly in boa scarves, fluffy coats and a good pillow), had they failed to notice him? Ren? Right here?! Pretty?! Did he have to stamp his foot and command attention? How could someone be so thoughtless? So cruel? So dismissive of the perfection in their presence?

They had to be blind. It was the only reasonable explanation for such an ignorant crime.

No, Ren realised as the short blue one turned to acknowledge the rest of them, not blind.

Death by a thousand suns.

“Dont worry! You are all gorgeous too!

“You are all gorgeous,” Ren mimicked childishly, glaring from under a head of aggravated hair. “I bet they like blondes. What a rude, senseless-“

“Want a shiny rock?”

“-Kind, caring friend who I have always liked.” Ren was beside Nivara within seconds, the trait of a magpie, drawn to the gleam of the gifts she presented. River stones did not quell his attraction to the pile, but the gemstones certainly did.

His pupils had dilated to grow almost completely round, black dishes of complete awe at the offerings. Valuable. Plucking a particularly shiny gem to stare at, soon grew to a whole bunch clutched to his chest. Paired with the coffee and (hopefully) soon-to-be pets of his, Ren was going to need more hands.

At least these donations were distracting him from the sheer amount of people accumulating, a small crowd that would usually set his skin on edge. There'd be no motive for pouncing anyone if he can fidget with his new shinies.


Lan Clementine


Gray : BittyBobcat BittyBobcat
Arcadius: Klown Klown

"For what it's worth, I do apologize for that."

The little angel's expression may have turned the slightest bit smug at that. It really wasn't every day someone had to apologize to him. Despite the frankly ridiculous number of transgressions commited against him every single day the sun rose.

"I don't think the blame lies entirely on me, but, for the part that does, I'm sorry. If you want, I could pay for..."

Lan watched as his hand drifted to feel a pocket. Okay, maybe this guy would work for a third party member- it looked like he could use the spare cash, buy some razors. And a comb.

"I can't pay for the shirt right now, but I should be able to after a mission or two."

" Don't bother, I'll just sew it," Lan knew very little about sewing ; but he did know wasting perfectly good things that could be easily fixed pissed him off. So he would learn.

Lan had to gape at Arcadius as he responded to his earlier accusation.
" You- you werent supposed to -" he was not supposed to have chosen that. He was supposed to have gotten embarrased and backed off. Like. Any normal person would have.

“I’m Arcadius, and this charming fellow here is—”
Lan was too caught up in contemplating what could have possibly created a person with so little shame, when Arcadius threw and arm around his shoulder, and pulled him closer.

Not a headlock.
There was a small hitch in the angel's breathing, but he didnt pull away. He just needed time to process what was happening. His brain was loading. Of course. Far too many things, far too quickly.
That is what was happening.


And just like that, the semblance of what could have been a pleasant moment dissapated. Lan yanked himself out from under Red bitch's arm, and glared at him instead.

Whiskers- feathers- this guy just chose a body part huh?
" It's Lan- you bitch, you know it's Lan!"

Feathers looked the demon up and down; deciding on a nickname to fit his own scheem.

" If you keep calling me fuckin feathers; I'm calling you-"


" Horny."

" Wait. No. Fuck-"
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Gregory & Kaito Knight boi Knight boi
Ren Gao Gao
Margate Huntertabbysandshark3 Huntertabbysandshark3
Nivara Cello. Cello.

The recruit peeled Rumi's hand from his shoulder carefully, though they didnt need to do much before she lifted it away; taking her usual straight posture.
It seemed this one didn't like to be touched; a mental note was made to use this information at a later date. Now, would it be used for good? That was yet to be seen.

“Hey Rumi make sure to get this kid his license also, he looks like he’s seen some stuff.”

Said "kid" was one of the new little problems to grace her presence. He did look like he had recently seen some stuff. Like the inside of a highschool.

" Gregory. Everyone has seen "stuff", they are going to interview like the rest of the babies- so that we dont end up having to deal with letting people eaters loose in the human world, "

What she would not give to instill a lick of common sense into others sometimes.

With a heavy sigh and ever so slightly twitching smile, Rumi place one hand on her hip.

"Can I have them?”
This question was very unentintionally entertaining.

" Sure, but a few bite," how many folks here bit, without a morsel of reason; was concerning.
Sure; Rumi had also bitten her fair share of folks- but she was still allowed to be concerned.
And she had sharp teeth; it was basically in the contract that she had to bite sometimes.

At least Domic was here- maybe he could make conversation with that greek transpher. As Rumi very much did not have the necessary spoons nor desire to do so at the moment.

" Hm, you; sweetheart," she pointed lazily to Ren, " You're accepted- you can go to the front desk and Winnie will get you set up with a Headhunter License. After that you can opt into an assigned room; and she'll show you to the living quarters."

That was one down.

" The rest of you, Baby blue, Kiddo, and Wallflower- you all line up right here."

Rumi pointed to the ground infront of her- and gestured to Nivara, Kaito, and Margate in the order their newly assinged nicknames were called.

" We're doing a group interview babies,"

...This one would be ever so slightly longer than Ren's , as Rumi was now a bit frustrated; and enjoyed being unnecessarily crule when frustrated.

There was no need for them to worry though; not unless they lied. Of course.
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Knight boi

Kaito looked at the man with a straight face, it was quite odd how this, man? Acted? Or what his behavior was like really. Everyone here was strange, they all looked or acted weird, for example, the dragon girl, quite loud and slightly obnoxious, but Kaito himself talked a lot, but he wasn’t as loud as her, he was quite friendly himself but after the events of last week he hasn’t been himself lately.

He looked at the strange girl who was making an odd comment about him or how he looked. Though Kaito remained quite, not wanting to bring unwanted attention to himself, god that would be awful. Quite awful indeed. Anyways returning to subject, Kaito made a confused face at the girl until she gave him and the others an order.

Kaito did what he was told as he got into a line forming it for the rest to follow behind him, he looked up a the taller girl with a straight face he didn’t know what to say or introduce to him, so he remained quite as he looked up at the girl. His clothing can immediately tell that he was the lower class, his clothes diet and raggedy, though he prayed the agency will give him some clothes or a pair of fresh clothes at least

Tapfic Tapfic Cello. Cello. Huntertabbysandshark3 Huntertabbysandshark3


We are going to trust the giant flying sharks?
Nivara Kaida
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Location: Main Hall

The other being very narrowly avoided her hands. What a shame but no worries at all! “Oh alright then! I have shiny rocks and plain rocks whenever you might want or need them. Sometimes they are said to bring luck! Time and luck can only get you so far! Where are you hurting? Maybe I can fix it!” Someone else had approached them and she looked up over her shoulder, waving and smiling brightly at them.

“Hello tall one! I dont speak your mysterious language as beautiful as it is! Maybe you can teach me cause I wanna know! More friends the better! Rock?” She extended her hand up to the fellow dragon and placed it in his hand. M&Ms were given to her and she held the bag close to her heart. “A present? For me? Thank you oh kind one!”

Someone with very pretty hair, a grey and pink color that totally suited them, asked if she wanted to eat humans. Well- How would Nivara answer that? She has eaten a human before but it was totally by accident. They walked into her mouth when she was sleeping! Other than that she hasnt ate one or had the urges to eat one. “I can if needed! I dont like it but I can do it! I can be the best human eater or the worst human eater! See totally flexible to your needs! Im perfect for the job!” She grinned brightly, her tail flicked back and forth.

Some guy with pale blond hair told her to quiet down. White hair comes with age and his blond hair sure looked white. Was this guy old? He looked like he was old. Though that was not her concern right now. She tilted her head and stare at him with wide unblinking eyes. "What does take it down a notch mean? What is a ma’am?” Though before her questions could be answered someone had invaded her personal space, picking through her shinies. OH THIS WAS A MEANS OF A NEW BEST FRIEND!

“Hello! Whats your name? Whats your favorite shiny rock? I like all shiny rocks. You are also like- one of the most beautiful demons ive ever met by the way! Love the hair! Howd you get it so poofy? Anyways you are my new bestie!” She bobbed her head quickly before loud THUNDEROUS footsteps echoed outside the hall. THIS MEANT A BIG NEW FRIEND!

She couldnt help but squeal as the person entered the main hall, her smile growing impossibly wider. OH MY GOD HE HAD A SHINY BUCKET ON HIS HEAD! He had bowed so out of custom Nivara bowed back. One arm tucked at her gut while the other was out gesturing to space. “I am new! Im Nivara! Nice to meet you Domic! Love the bucket! Here have a rock!” She placed a turquoise river rock in his hand before turning and facing the person with pretty hair.

“Oh yes! I am baby blue! Is that a term of the endearment? Does this make us friends! Oh that means I have to come up with something for you now!” Nivara bounced over into the line, rolling her shoulders back to seem a lot taller than she was. A quiet kid who looked fresh out of the grade of freshmeat. He was a baby which meant protecting at all costs. He took the left side of her and a very very tall shark looking lady had entered the building who seemed really nervous.

Nivara skipped over to her and gently grabbed hold of her arm. “It will be ok Wallflower!” She took on the nickname Rumi had called her apparently. “You can stay here with us! You are very pretty by the way! And tall!” She giggled before standing in line once again. She let go of her arm and tucked her hands behind her back. Ok time to focus now! She can do it!

“Stop!” She quietly chided her tail, hoping it would stop swinging back and forth. It didnt. She turned her head back to Rumi and grinned. They had her full attention now she could interview and get her job!


Funai Ren
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"Sure, but a few bite,"

Dismissive of the danger, Ren was now the proud owner of a job and four pets– and he didn’t even have to sulk or beg or steal them! As to what or who they were, that would be found out at a later date. For now he owned Jet, big bird.

To approach the short blue individual meant the price of interaction. Luckily, Ren’s good mood had been swayed by the gems.

“Hello! What's your name? What's your favorite shiny rock? I like all shiny rocks.”

This was a person of taste, someone so generous to share such valuable items. It made perfect sense to befriend them, become close and steal borrow their stuff. That’s what friends do, borrow clothing, food, toothbrushes and wallets.

“You are also like- one of the most beautiful demons I've ever met by the way!"

Hang on. Ren’s eyebrow twitched.

Hang on a fucking second.

One of the most?” He whispered dangerously, never mind a person of taste! “Why! What’s wrong?! Tell me!” While an improvement from being referred to as a scummy little monster, Ren was difficult to please. Not only that, but the wording had isolated his beauty exclusively to demons. “Why not the most beautiful? Ever?” Ren stared at them through narrowed eyes, trying to suss what the issue was. Any kind of imperfection had to be stamped out. “Oh, I see exactly how it is.” With a long hateful hiss and a baring of teeth, Ren’s paranoia over fair-hair would make a return. “Blondessss?!”

“Love the hair! How'd you get it so poofy?

“Classified!” Riled up, the demon glared and turned away with a huff and angry whip of the tail. “I only tell people who know I’m the most beautiful. You are not worthy. Too naïve. Blind.” If his hands were free of gems and coffee, he would’ve waved Nivara away and given his hair an extra floof in hopes for a little extra compliment. Maybe preen and fuss over his clothing to recover from this cruelty.

“Anyways you are my new bestie!”

“Stop being nice!” Growing exasperated, this was not how it was supposed to go! “I am mad at you, Blue Thing. We are enemies.” Clutching the shiny gifts closer with a scowl, Ren continued to speak. “And because we are enemies, I won’t be returning these. It was a robbery. Ha, bet you feel stupid.”

How evil of him! His demonic presence was oh-so-powerful! The mountainous arrival earned a short silence of inspection, wondering if this was one of the pets. With no animal characteristics, Ren settled for no, not one of his. The harsh stare blanked completely seeing the removal of the helmet reveal… Another one underneath. Oh. Anticlimactic.

Honestly, Ren was starting to feel short. Maybe he should start wearing taller shoes.

"Hm, you; sweetheart,"

Ren’s tail gave a wiggle at being acknowledged, looking over his shoulder innocently at favorite Rumi.

"You're accepted- you can go to the front desk and Winnie will get you set up with a Headhunter License. After that you can opt into an assigned room; and she'll show you to the living quarters."

He turned back to the group, and the sides of his lips curled into an evil smile. The first expression that wasn’t empty-brained-sheep-eyes or louring. There was no way these new ones had a chance of getting in after someone so impressive! Himself! Funai Ren! He was all the agency would ever need, so very competent and so very beautiful, a perfect candidate.

Instigative as usual, he mouthed the word, “suckas,” at the three newbies as he wandered past. As to Rumi’s direction, he assaulted the front desk with his expected torrent of demands, ‘give me a license’, ‘give me a room, executive suite with little chocolates on the pillow’, etc.

Not before he’d emptied his hands of gemstones onto the desk with a ludicrous volume of clattering noise, did he notice his feathered friend sitting nearby, occupied with a lollipop. Ren perked with recognition, his first pet! Having recalled a mention of raiding coffee, the demon slowly set the cup onto the desk and looked back and forth; hot beverage, Jet’s face, trying to get him to drink it. Not weird at all.

“It’s a pet treat.” He explained, poking the coffee an inch closer. “For you, since you haven't bit me. I'm a nice owner."

While Winnie went about doing whatever it is a desk clerk does, slacking probably, Ren was side-eyeing Jet. Not with malice, but with a silent want to pat the wings.

Tempted by the fluffy, it was not long before a hovering hand was reaching out to try and fulfil that aspiration. It was good to pat your pets and create a bond!

Lucius Cypher

Delicious Friend
Suffice to say Domic was going to have a real hard time keeping up with Nivara with how quickly her words jumped from person-to-person. He barely got his hands on the stone before she moved on to another newcomer. But that was fine. Places like the Lycanthrope Hall needed people with energy, with drive. Calmly and methodically Domic took out some string from his pocket and used it to wrap up the turquoise river stone, making a sort of crude amulet with it. Then he wore it over his chest plate proudly. Now then, it looked like Nivara and many of the new folks were here for an interview, so Domic wasn't going to get in their way. He waved goodbye to them as he heads over to the Quest Board and see what jobs are available. Though he's still working through regaining most of his memories and mental abilities, he still knows that a proper hunter preps before a mission.

Looking at the quest board, there was a only a few and only one that caught his intertest. This "Auquarium Armageddon" job piqued his interest. Being an undead revenant, Domic has no need to breath and physically he's still pretty strong, so he could reasonably breath underwater to find this seamonster and bring it back should his strength be needed. Then again, he's definitely out of his element under water and that creature could very well eat him if it's big enough. He'll have to think about it but keeps the job on hand. The other job that interested him was this "Jam Packed" job, which was simply guard duty. He could also easily do this one as it's very similar to some of the work he did when he still lived. He can't imagine the payout is too great but it's a simple job and it'll keep him busy. Still, Domic needs to challenge himself so he decides to sigh up for the Auquarium Armageddon quest, writing his name down before heading back to his room to prepare.

Nivara ( Cello. Cello. )

It's been quite a scene, watching things in the Lycanthrope Hall. Kirk wasn't one to make a scene so he's been observing things quietly from a distance, just to get a gauge of all of the new folk and old regulars. Didn't take him long to get an idea of what the power hierarchy was here, and despite being a small, no-name guild the Lycanthrope Hall had some heavy hitters. Or maybe they're just old bags trying to relive their glory days. Kirk knows the type, and knows better than to bring it up. When it looked like the boss of this little interview was ushering all the new hands off somewhere, and though Kirk wasn't called he decided to join the lineup too. So he stepped out from the garbage can and joined the others, tossing away some stick paper towel to stand next to the newbies. As long as he looks like he's suppose to be there, no one will question it, right? "Howdy folks. Name's Kirk, Kirk Thorne. Pleased to meetcha."

Rumi ( Tapfic Tapfic )
Nivara ( Cello. Cello. )
Evan, Margrate ( Huntertabbysandshark3 Huntertabbysandshark3 )


It was easy to assume that Ambia was the softer of the two once you got to know her. She bent her shoulders ever so slightly; arching down to talk to the little Lancers that needed her help. She spoke softly; annunciating each and every word as clearly as she could- catering to those who may or may not have trouble with luanguage. She carried bandaids and sweet candy in her pockets; just incase someone needed comfort.
Seven years gone and nothing about her changed. Maybe that was just how the immortality warping her perception of time, or maybe the traits were just incredibly inherent to who she was as a person.

" Gin," Ambia's voice was firm. Dissapointment pricked at it's edges.

" You left without a word," the slight tinge of frustration would be inaudible to most.
" You did not tell anyone where you were- you did not tell anyone anything at all. I thought you were dead- Rika thought you were dead."

Gin could only sigh and run a weary hand through his hair.

" I know, I know- I just," he didn't think it through.
He never thought anything through back then; and as the years stretched into nearly a decade- coming back only became more and more difficult.

" You know how I was," he made an excuse.

He had changed in his time away. Become a better man (he hoped).

But Ambia held firm on her decision. Gin wasn't to be let back into the agency until he was completely sober.
Which he was. Currently. He hadnt had a sip of achohol for AT LEAST the past. Um.

Six hours?
Considering it was currently one in the afternoon- that was not too impressive.

Unfortunately; Rika could not uphold Ambia's standards.

The witch had been holding back tears through the awkward reunion, until her watery eye overflowed and she broke down. If Gin was addicted to his drink; Rika was addicted to forgivness.

It didnt take more than a few minuets for Rika to beg her wife to let the man come back; and just like that the were's resolve split into pieces. The gorgon got his old job back.

That had been a week ago. It had taken him a week to actually show up to the Agency again. And even then it was only because, well.

He still had to pay rent.

It wasn't like he could avoid talking to Amb- or any of the others that might have stuck around; while living there.

The little apartment he had wasn't luxurious in the slightest, but it was insulated and dry. And did cost money.


Gin ignored the recruiting process as best he could, keeping his shoulders hunched and his face turned well away from the others; towards the quest board as he stood near the front desk.

He winced when he saw Jet; awkwardly tugging the edge of his coat up to somewhat hide his face- the snakes tucked themselves away inside.

Maybe. He could put this reunion off a little longer.
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So the kitten’s name was Gray. Fitting, Arcadius mused, gaze stretching across the length of the man’s desaturated body. More phantom than feline, although it would be no shock to the demon should he be both. The most striking burst of color came from his enraged emerald eyes. Perfect glass orbs that had trapped the peaks of pine trees as they’re crested by the morning sun. Formidable contenders to the vivid flush of Gray’s pale skin, and uncanny animal extremities.

Lan rips himself free from beneath his arm, and Arcadius raises his hands as if bracing for an attack, or possibly wave a white flag of surrender. But surrender didn’t define the action, more akin to that of a lion tamer easing the feral beast. Down boy, he would have said if not aware of the potential chaos it could herald. Arcadius held no foresight, but there was an unfaltering certainty in his prediction of the dining hall exploding in a flurry of feathers and scorching holy light should he not hold his tongue.

Lan’s vehemence fails to persuade so much as a flinch from Arcadius. He takes the impacts like a war-hardened wall, barely dented and stubbornly upright. It’s not until Lan’s unfortunate slip of a nickname that Arcadius’ face is broached by something other than sly amusement. Surprise. The amber pools of his eyes widen and his smile falters. Even his tail, usually swishing from side to side, pauses as if it also needed time to register the words.

Arcadius stares at the profane-mouthed angel, the shock on his features slowly melting into a grin in tandem with the turning cogs in Lan’s head as they twist and think. When the realization finally strikes like a damning bullet, Arcadius bursts into a fit of laughter, gentle sparks flying from his throat.

“Out of all the things—” He wheezes, swinging backwards and liftings his feet off the ground as he starts to float again, gripping his tense abdomen. “Oh, angel,” he sighs almost adoringly through softening chortles, wiping the corners of his teary eyes with the base of his palm. “I’d love to thank whatever higher being dumped you down here with us.” He steals a quick pinch of Lan’s cheek, swiping his hand away before it’s swatted.

“Anyways,” Arcadius’ attention points towards Gray. “You were around to hear us earlier, right? Cheeky little eavesdropper.” He winks at him, floating towards him only a little over his height. “You seem like a sensible guy, and probably less annoying—” air quotes, “—than me. So,” the demon’s hands clap together with a finality. “You’ll be joining us on whatever mission the darling dove decides on, won’t you?” He flutters his lashes pleadingly.


Llama hand
"Don't bother, I'll just sew it."

His tail, still swinging back and forth across the floor, paused to curl across the top of his shoes for a second before returning to it's constant movement. Passive aggressiveness. That never bode well. Of course, Gray wasn't exactly in a position to expect complete forgiveness, but he couldn't stop a nervous flick of his ears all the same. He was annoyed, not an idiot. No rational person wanted an angel to hold a grudge against them.

Any sign of his unease, however, was forgotten when said angel opened his mouth again. It was a bit hard to be scared of someone when they were trying to recover from calling an excessive flirt horny as a means of getting back at them. He sighed. Pointedly. A loud, drawn-out sigh that gave him a horribly long amount of time to contemplate the fact that Gods, he still needed these idiots, didn't he? A fact that Arcadius seemed happy to remind him of.

Gray watched the demon's display with silent resignation. Though his tail flicked ever-so-slightly higher from time to time as he spoke, his face remained unmoving—wearing that same squinted expression of judgement that they had more-or-less met with—as he watched him float closer, pushing down the urge to give him a shove just to see if he'd stop himself in time to avoid hitting the wall (unfortunately, he probably would).

"The dining hall's a communal space, it's not eavesdropping to sit in it," he noted, meeting Arcadius' eyes with a deadpan glare. "But you're right. I am less annoying than you." Gray forced a sharp-toothed smile and a tilt of his head to make the comment as biting as he could manage. "Though, I can't say that's a very high bar to set." He eyed the angel for a second, taking in the obvious height difference and general air of frustration that seemed to be Feathers' whole shtick, before finally conceding. "I'll have to see which mission he chooses, but—so long as neither of you pull anything stupid—I would be..." A pause. He had to hold back a habitual 'happy to'. If the momentary wrinkling of his nose was anything to go by, it took a bit of effort to find an alternative. "Willing to accompany you."

Another silent second passed before he added a hasty, "For the record, any attempt to pet me is considered stupid."



Nivara ( Cello. Cello. )
Margate ( Huntertabbysandshark3 Huntertabbysandshark3 )
Kito ( Knight boi Knight boi )
Kurt ( Lucius Cypher Lucius Cypher )

She waited patiently as the three- no, four recruits lined up. Pointedly ignoring all other distractions. Greetings were exchanged, compliments given. Red eyes stared, half lidded as the small group settled.
" Good, don't move. "

It was harder to control a group with happy feet.

" Now, let me be frank; " Rumi uncrossed her arms- momentarily inspecting the paint of her nails as she spoke. " Power level really doesn't mean too much here, " Her gaze dragged itself across the lineup, lifting rather comically as it crossed the demon at the end. Sheesh- that one would hardly barely fit into the average building.

" The Tamer just so happens to be a softy , and a sucker for the scraggly ones. "
That woman would let a lost duckling join the agency if it looked sad enough, it was a bit funny.

" But If you're joining to make a meal of the humans on the other side of the rift," thin lines branched from each of the recruit's own shadows- unable to be felt as they crawled up the ankles. For now they were useless, but if any form of lie was to be uttered while the threads had been bound- the liar would find them self stuck to the floor. Unable to move.

Humans were quite the temptation for many. Some monsters could become stronger through collecting their souls or eating their flesh. Some were simply salivating for a taste. Not to mention the prospect of having free reign in a world wholly unprepared to deal with the supernatural .

" or a fellow lancer," the second half was less common; but not at all unthinkable. Disgusting creatures taking advantage of the trust invested in them by their parties. Taking a dangerous mission only to desiccate the corpses of their fellows before they ever reached their destination. Coming back to the agency with bloody hands, full bellies, and tall tales of violent battles.

In other agencies, they might even get away with it. Here there would be nothing solid left of their corpse before the first word left their lips.

If it happened. Of course.

" I can assure you, you're fresh out of luck. "

Her voice was still light and airy, not really bothering with any sort of warning tone. Intimidation wasn't any help when the threads tangling their feet already rendered them helpless if they were to lie.

" So tell me; why would each of you like to join the Lycanthrope Headhunter Agency? Go one at a time. I'm not sorting it out if I can't understand you. "

Winnie- NPC

Ren ( Gao Gao )

Winnie's mouth hung open slightly as she was assaulted with demands from the pretty person she had never seen before. A new recruit, most defiantly.

The breathy voice muttered, as her rather distracted mind attempted to catch up.

Oh, but what a pretty person they were- they would look ready to go into the grave if they hadn't had such a lively expression. That- and the speed at which they spoke made getting a word in quite difficult, not to mention the banshee's habit of whispering.

" ...ok," the girl hunched in on herself ever so slightly as she answered, but the person had already deposited a handful of stones on the desk and turned to Jet ( who had opted to sit on her desk for some reason???) before the word came out.
With slight movements and the occasional glance up to what the rest of the agency was up to- she readied the paperwork. One general information form for the files, keep on hand basic information- name, pronouns, species, dietary restrictions for when Ambia cooked breakfast, favorite color, etcetera. One blank license.

She wondered if she should give this to them dirrctly?
She would just set it on the desk next to their rocks silently, and they could pick it up.
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Arcadius ( Klown Klown )
Gray ( BittyBobcat BittyBobcat )

“Out of all the things—” The demon seemed to be having trouble speaking through his wheezing. Good. Lan hoped he choked on laughter.

“Oh, angel, I’d love to thank whatever higher being dumped you down here with us.” Lan felt a warm hand against his flushed cheek, and a pinch. His own moved to bat it away- unfortunately too slow to make contact.

Lan watched with newly crossed arms as Arc floated higher, just so he could gain a few inches over the unreasonably tall cat. Like the fuckin show off he was.

“You’ll be joining us on whatever mission the darling dove decides on, won’t you?”

"...Choose literally any other fuckin' name but 'Dove', jerkoff, " came an immediate comment. Giving the demon permission to desiccate his name in any form was probably not the wisest decision; but Lan was never known for his wisdom.

With the few over-acted words- from Arc, and a few mocking ones from Gray, the Cat man more or less agreed to accompany them. No doubt better than being stuck alone with Red bitch, though Lan couldn't say he was all to thrilled with Mr.Fuck You's prickly dick personality either.

"For the record, any attempt to pet me is considered stupid."

Lan took the comment personally.

" That was only like- twice, and I didn't know you were a whole fuckin dude yet, so suck a baker's dozen of dicks and get over it already, " With a huff his arms uncrossed themselves, and he turned slightly- unfolding a wing and smoothing the ruffled feathers back down with one hand as the other held it in place. Calm down, think of the kids that needed help.

" I'm picking the fight ring mission, " he said ; finality evident in the words.
" But I swear I will still kick both your asses in the human realm if I need to. "
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Kirk stood and listened, his face stoney and inscrutable. Though inside he wanted to chuckle a little. He guessed these folks get so many troublemakers but had so little resources they have to do this sort of grilling for new recruits. He understood the necessity: people take for granted that those who are good at these jobs are not always good people. The training and experienced needed doesnt mean that those same people knew or wanted to conduct themselves professionally, both on and off the job. Basically, just because you're strong doesn't mean you can just do whatever you want.

Fortunately, Kirk isn't very strong so he had a very good grasp of what he can and shouldn't do. When the recruits we're asked why they wanted to join, it was prepared by a warning against cannibalism and eating other folks. Again, he wanted to crack a smirk but remained stone face. However his words betrayed his stoic expression. "Cannibalism a common occurance among the guild? Fortunately for me, unless one of the Lancers happen to be a sentient cinnamon roll, I'm not one to eat the sapiens." None of it was a lie of course. Despite looking like a zombie Kirk was human and never had an interest or intention to consume human flesh. Now if he meets a mythical creature who could, in fact, turn into different pasties and sweet delectables, then perhaps Kirk would be tempted to bite into their flesh. But the possibility of that happening he believes is slim, so it's not a true concern of his.

As for the next part of the interview Kirk had already had a speech lined up. So after clearing his throat and resuming his serious demeanor he spoke. "I am here to join because it is what I was born to do. My clan raised me to be able to fight against the various horrors that lurk between the realm of mortal and magic. Even after I left I intend to continue the fight, but I know my limits. Trying to go at it solo will just make a meal out if me. So I bring my skills to your guild, so that I can rely on your folks to help me keep the peace, and in turn I'll use my skills to ensure my allies come back from the job safe and sound." Kirk imagines at some point the question of what Kirk's skills are will be asked, but he kept that in the pocket just in case it's a question for later. Dont want to show his whole hand so early into the interview after all.

Rumi ( Tapfic Tapfic )

Knight boi

Rumi Tapfic Tapfic
Nivara Cello. Cello.
Margate Huntertabbysandshark3 Huntertabbysandshark3
Kirk Lucius Cypher Lucius Cypher

As Kaito was in line he was looking down at the floor to see some type of ability grab ahold of him, he opened his mouth in surprise as a sweat went down him, holy crap his instincts wanted to go to berserk, he just had the emotion to murder everyone in this room like before when he gained these abilities, a gang was coming after him for his fathers debt who eventually milled himself from the debt he owned from the experiments he conducted on him and his brother.

“What the……”

He said quitely to himself, some people could tell that he was about to go berserk but he was trying his best to control this anger inside of him. He get an aura of concertration from the A rank, who had long white hair.

“I just want to figure out what I am…..”

He said responding to the question by the interviewer.


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466657_sVc2vHQC.pngValerie De'Rune
: Lycanthrope Hall - Quest Board/Front Desk
Interaction: Tapfic Tapfic (Gin)
Mentioned: FlameAriiDrayceon FlameAriiDrayceon (Jet) Gao Gao (Ren)

How long had it been since she transferred in? Maybe just over a week...no, it had been about two. For the most part, Val had been doing a bit of socializing and exploring the town nearby the almost derelict agency hall. And with a decent amount of pocket money, Valerie had managed to expand her belongings from what could fit in two bags, to something a little more substantial. Which of course, made her room there at her new headquarters feel a bit more like home. Dark curtains that allowed in very little sunlight, some candles, a few toys for Randall. She had made no effort to take on any quests yet, instead still spending her time exploring the agency hall, napping, or looking for Randall after the rat decided to run off on his own. Today was a bit different though. Her updated license had been finalized at last, which meant that Val was finally in the mood to go and look at the available quests! That didn't stop her from sleeping on however.

There she was, sleeping peacefully in the pile of pillows and blankets, not a care in the world when suddenly, something plopped onto the back of her head! Val was a light sleeper even in the best of times, so this sudden assault caused the vampire to wake with a start, her hand immediately shooting back to grab whatever it was. After a brief few seconds, she realized that the small, furry body now being gently squeezed in her hand was her beloved friend, Randall the Rat. The young woman let out a small huff, letting the rat drop onto the pillow beside her. "You are very lucky you're cute," She spoke, the rat letting out a little chitter before doing a small spin in place. He seemed excited about something, hoping a bit after he spun again. Val couldn't help but chuckle, slowly sitting up with a small yawn. The woman tossed the blankets off her body, Randall hoping up on Val's hand to scurry up her arm and settled on her shoulder. Val would float up off the bed, yawning a bit as her eyes settled on the curtains. From the looks of it, the day wouldn't be too sunny. Which was delightful! The less sunny it was, the less protection she would need against the sun!

With that in mind, Val would put Randall down for a little bit so she could get dressed, throwing on a random but functional outfit. Most of her clothes were pretty simple so she'd look nice no matter what. Once she was dressed, Randall would be placed in her pocket before she headed out into the main hall. She could immediately tell, by the onslaught of sound, that it was very lively today. Val had a love hate relationship with lively days. The noise was always a good sign, a sign that it was a good day. That nothing bad had happened, at least not so far. But at the same time, Val also often found her head hurting after prolonged exposure to it. So hopefully, there would be a good mission for her to take. Val floated down the hall, her fingers grazing the wall absentmindedly as she did until the vampire rounded the corner and the front desk came into view. Already, the woman spotted a few new faces. Or maybe just members she hadn't met yet? There were quite a few in that category. Anyway, she wove through a small group, being able to fly helping Val avoid bumping into anyone.

Which was a success! She settled just infront of the front desk, a pale man to her left, a dragon man she had seen before and a newbie who seemed to be trying to sneak up on the dragon man. For the moment Val paid no attention to any of them, looking at the quests she could until from the corner of her eye, she saw the man she didn't recognize trying to pet the dragon man. "Should...should one of us tell him that's not a good idea?" Val whispered, looking to the paler man on her other side.


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Main hall
Interactions: Gao Gao , FireMaiden FireMaiden
Mentions: Pretty much everyone else in the hall

Jet shuffled his wings as he settled, stray bits of soft downy falling to the edge of the desk lazily. He was a ways out of Winnie's way, but only so much could be done with his wings, and the feathers scraped the ceiling in such a manner that Jet's skin prickled. He waved idly at Domic as the he entered, chirping something that sounded vaguely like a noise of greeting while also trying to figure out how he was unlucky enough to get some unearthly mix of pineapple and rootbeer.

Well, he was at least distracted from the disaster of flavors in his mouth by the entry of a new member—who towered over everyone else in the agency much like Jet did. In fact, he'd estimate they were almost his shifted height.

How interesting.

The little demon's dramatics interrupted that train of thought rather swiftly, but Jet didn't quite find a need to say anything, instead letting his eyes (read; head. Only his head moved. Not his eyes) meander across the room only to be brought back to Rumi as she spoke again. "Rumi," he drawled in what could be interpreted as a scandalized tone. "Did you just sell me? Not even for a corn-chip. I've been betrayed." Honestly, the whole act was a little low-effort. He barely put any thought into it. But let it not be said that Jet was a poor actor, because for a moment, it sounded legitimately like he was hurt.

The stupid, fang-filled grin (keeping all parts of his face in their "proper" place, this time) was the only indication that he was absolutely joking.

His eyes lingered on the trio of draconids for a moment. At this rate, the agency would need to change its name to avoid the confusion. There were probably more members of the draconis species under the agency's care than anything else.

He made a mental note to talk to the tall one about seeing someone to help with the oh-so-obvious anxiety, maybe get the blue kid a small ornate box for their apparent hoard of shiny rocks, and maybe get a translator for the Greek one just in case.

Just adding more things to his already-long checklist to be dealt with later, he supposed.

And for the umpteenth time that morning, his thoughts were interrupted by the little dramatic demon who seemed 100% convinced Jet was a pet. And now he was being offered coffee.

Jet blinked. It was a slow and lazy motion that had his eyes flickering white under the nictitating membrane that moved to cover them. One of his eyebrows raised slowly, emphasized by the sleeking of his feathers in what, broadly, seemed to be confusion.

He'd have to warn Amethyst before she bit the little demon.

That would be bad.

Either way, though, coffee was coffee, and, ignorantly, Jet reached out to take it. Only for a rattling (thanks to his feathers) shudder to trail down his spine as he recognized that the coffee was, indeed, hot coffee. He took it (notably minimizing his hand's contact with the cup) with a hummed "thank you" before setting it aside to cool. His internal temperature was perfectly fine and he did not need a repeat of that time Vihaan had convinced him to try hot coffee.

By the time Jet had gotten his mind off the coffee, the little demon was reaching out toward him, staring quite intently at his wings. Well, the unbroken one, Jet assumed. The storm-herald shuffled his feathers, but unfolded his healthy wing to meet the demon's hand with a light warning of "Don't pull on the feathers."

...not that the demon could probably pull out any of the larger ones. They were big and rooted deeply. It'd take breaking his wings to pull one out, he imagined. He would still like to avoid the irritating sensation of plucked feathers, though. Even the smaller ones hurt when plucked.

Another person entered the hall, but Jet had gotten far more distracted by the very distinct silvery slithering that he caught just on the edge of his peripheral. Oh, she wouldn't.

A turn of his head (and peering over the demon who currently had his wing hostage) had revealed that she most certainly did, as his eyes landed quite solidly on a shock of white hair almost hidden by the collar of a coat.

Jet didn't say anything, but a low, probably familiar to some, disappointed whistle made its way into the air. Jet saw Gin.

Jet wanted Gin to acknowledge that he'd been seen.

But Jet was also very distractible, and Winnie's voice drew his eyes back to the desk. He offered her a little smile, the clicking of the license being set on the desk making his ears twitch. Which turned out to be good, as he picked up on the sound of another's footsteps drawing closer to the front desk.

Ah, another one of the agency's new kiddos. Vampire with a pet rat that he never caught the name of. She spoke—Jet recognized that she wasn't speaking to him, but in his distracted state, he answered anyway. "It's alright—as long as they don't pull out any of my feathers."

He halfway listened to the tall draconid's introduction, but was far more distracted from the sleep-rough snarl from the agency's hallway.

"The fuck is all this noise at the asscrack of dawn."



Main hall
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Amethyst Veerien entered the hall with her ears flat against her skull, irritation on her face, and murder in her stride. Her hair was ruffled by sleep, and she was wearing what barely constituted as appropriate clothing. Though she looked fairly human for the moment, her broad wings drug behind her, held like a vulture's and scraping the ground in laziness.

Notably, it was not the asscrack of dawn, and any reasonable person would have been up hours ago. But that didn't quite matter to the venomous chimera. Especially not when she realized that the agency was full of new places. Her face soured even more, but softened after a moment with a sigh. "Right."

With a dramatic turn, she hopped up on the desk next to Jet elbowing him in the leg as she settled with a pointed snort.

"So," she purred, neutral expression morphing into a smirk. "New meat?" She looked to Rumi first, ears relaxing to perk up to their normal positions. Then, as she was looking over the rest of the recruits, she glanced at Gregory. "Stop glowering at the kid, you dick. It looks like you've traumatized him."

She obviously wasn't serious, grinning with all of her teeth the way she was.

Jet sighed from beside her. "Am, please—"

"C'mon, Bird boy! He looks like a kitten that was thrown in a river, doesn't he?" On one hand, Jet was currently not strong enough to shut her up if she decided to go off. On the other hand... she could freak them out. Her forked tongue flickered in and out of her mouth catching a variety of scents. Nothing too terribly interesting.

"I could just eat him up." The fact that Amethyst bared far too sharp teeth then stuck her tongue out between them wasn't comforting.

Jet however, just hissed at her and whacked her upside the head with a none-too-gentle hand. "Be nice."


indiscriminate sloth
Location: Dining Hall
With: Gray BittyBobcat BittyBobcat , Lan Tapfic Tapfic

A giddying thrill scurries the length of Arcadius’ spine as Gray sinks his fangs into him by virtue of a calculated sneer. When he tilts his head, Arcadius mimics the motion as if drawn along by a string. His tail flicks downward, a traitor to the demon’s own body. A furtive gesture that despite the widening mischief across his lips, Gray’s words had impacted him somehow. Albeit not by a large enough margin that it would discourage the demon from swiftly reaching out to dishevel the cat man’s hair like a proud father at his son’s football game. “Attaboy!” Arcadius woops. He’s got plenty of stupid to spare, what’s the cost of a little more?

As Lan shouts about bakers and dozens and dicks, Arcadius hops down onto his feet and fiddles with his camera a little way away from the duo. His ears twitch to the voices from down the hall, both new and familiar. Quite the commotion. New recruits, perhaps? The thought makes his stomach curl in on itself, pulled in a joint effort between his excitement and surreptitious anxiety. He drags himself from the noise, tuning into Lan’s words instead. Hearing him promise to kick their asses uncannily more comforting.

“Don’t sweat it, angel. I’ll be on my best behavior.” Arcadius’ standard of ‘best behavior’ anyways. He wasn’t a beacon of exemplifying good will, but he wasn’t completely lost on it either. He lifts his camera lens to face himself and the two behind him, grinning as he snaps a picture of the three. “Something to commemorate this esteemed partnership!” He exclaims in a mock posh accent, plucking the film as it’s printed. “Oh yeah, this is definitely going up on the wall.” He says, snickering to himself. The picture itself was a disaster, but he found those were his favorite to hang around his room.

“Alright, let’s go!” He hums, kicking up off the ground and flying over towards Lan and Gray. “Oh, should we assign ourselves secret roles? I call dibs on being the sexy young reporter. Mittens here looks like he could be the overworked and exhausted detective. And Feathers…is our adorably feisty chihuahua guard dog.” Arcadius hums with a smile that knows what he’s said will get him punched, and he welcomes it.
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Funai Ren
Interactions: FlameAriiDrayceon FlameAriiDrayceon (Jet +Amethyst), Tapfic Tapfic (Gin), FireMaiden FireMaiden (Val)


Ren looked intensely at the meek individual that dared to question his demands. Poor quiet Winnie would be the latest victim of his exhausting nature.

“Chocolates,” he repeated, and as if needed any clarification, “they are edible.”

With a quick, “and I want complimentary slippers,” Ren’s attention had been ensnared by pet one, who he was brisk to sidestep closer and harass. Jet blinked, and Ren returned a long expectant stare. Idle and unspeaking, if not mildly awkward. After another silent poke to guide the cup an inch closer, they seemed to have acquiesced to Ren’s subtle skill of encouragement.

The demon watched as the coffee was accepted in a meticulous fashion, pupils relaxing into a half oval and now smiling smugly about his success. With the treat awarded to non-bitey bird, the rattle through their backbone was taken as a positive sign, perhaps a happy shimmy, maybe how a chihuahua shakes with energy, or alternatively, an invitation to pet the (excited?) creature.

Like coaxing a fretting horse, his reach for the wing was slow and undoubtedly dim-witted. Too fixated and beyond awe to make better judgement, an ongoing trend was sure to occur with the adoption of other agency pets. One could only hope they were as cordial as big bird.

The theory that if Ren moved slowly he wouldn't be given a scolding smack to the wrist proved to be pointless, as with a ruffle, the wing was moved into patting proximity. So considerate! With a noise resembling a dog’s squeaky toy, Ren’s objective was complete; able to smooth a greedy hand over the presented feathers.

“Hehee…” The glow of Ren’s eyes were warm with something that looked suspiciously like pride as he crept a few inches closer, two hands now roaming and petting along the wing. Between the demon’s tail flipping back and forth, and looking awfully pleased with himself, it was almost a surprise Ren hadn’t started purring. Petting zoos were the best.

What did birds like? Coffee, apparently. Seeds? Fruit? Trees? A little cage to sit in? A bird bath?-

“Don't pull on the feathers."


“I’m not.” The sulk was audible through his grumbled response, less pride, more annoyed that Jet would ever imagine him doing such a thing. “I’m trying to tidy them. My wings don’t have all this fluff.” Did Ren know anything about the arrangement of feathers? Not at all. Should he be fussing around preening them? Probably not, but as an owner, it was now his duty to maintain the upkeep of his pets. A grooming day. In an immersed state, Ren failed to notice the happenings of his surroundings. The comings and goings of others, the greeting that big bird spared to Helmet, and the arrival of the Vampire who spoke quietly to a pale individual. If Jet hadn’t replied to what was shared, it would’ve travelled blissfully over Ren’s head.

Alas, that would’ve been much preferable.

"It's alright—as long as they don't pull out any of my feathers."

That again!

Ren was offended they would even think that — a second time nonetheless! With a scowl the hands were removed as if burned, resuming to cross them over his chest in a defensive pose.

“You know what?” Amber eyes narrowed at Jet. “I didn’t even want to pat you. I was just being nice!” Hissing indignantly and teeth bared, Ren whipped around to face the evil pair, Gin and Val. Oh, the little schemers! “Matter of fact, I didn’t want to pat-“ he made a pronounced gesture at all three, no, four now, “-any of you!”

Another big bird had appeared, and under different circumstances, Ren would’ve pounced the opportunity to reach out and meet pet 2. Fortunately, the incubus was too busy making a very important point to risk the safety of his hand.

“And-“ Yet another dramatic turn, facing Jet, “-you can kiss goodbye to ever getting a nice bird-swing. Bet you regret being mean to me now, right?”

With an upset huff and quick vanity check to his hair, Ren regained a fraction of composure to bid farewell to the cruel trio.

“It’s strange,” he hummed, “I often feel very forgiving after gifts.” Hint, hint. “My availability hours are nine to five weekdays, do not speak to me otherwise.” With a good impression made and a snooty tilt of his chin, Ren moved back to the desk to finish the application.

In his absence, a beloathed had made an appearance. Paperwork.

Angry eyes peered over the desk, pupils shrinking away from this new threat. The Winston- Wiley- Whispery one?- had set it down next to his stash of shinies, and Ren took a moment to contemplate nudging the papers off the desk onto the floor. An inconspicuous glance flickered from the paper to Winnie, deciding. After rationalising such behavior would not get him out of this situation, a begrudging hand reached to pull them closer and review what was asked.

To silent admittance, Ren didn’t understand a few of the words. Never one for writing or reading, the incubus was under the impression that jeopardy was an animal; Jaguar and a Leopard. Made sense. Wildlife biology aside, the test was going well; Ren knew how to write his name, capitalisation and everything, and to his own delight, the writing was semi-legible. Resemblant of a six year old with a crayon, but readable!


Should he just… Draw a smiley face? Or even better, scribble out that entire question. Good. Blame it on having a seizure. Next.

With paperwork finished to some degree of capability, he handed it over and pocketed the pen. After all, why should he return it to the lonely wasteland of the main desk? It might get cold, and the thief nice demon was only being thoughtful over such a shiny writing utensil.

With a license obtained. Ren was now permitted to drive.

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