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Advice/Help Have you ever written a post that doesn't feel up to par?


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Yes, but want to know a secret, every single one of my best posts ever come from those too. Rewriting it til it's good is something I've done a few times.

Also a few times I've had to go 'fuck it, it goes up', and those weren't... pretty. But moved the RP forward, and was necessary

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Without a doubt. Like it's been noted before this response, we all have had those moments where we don't write our best; it can't be helped. There isn't anything we can do but push forward. Sometimes I write posts that either lack detail or have too much (yes that is a thing). I just keep reminding myself that this post needs to be written regardless of how I feel about it.

What I find helps is getting opinions from those who will read it. I know there might be a few that you should write for your own satisfaction. While I agree with that (to some extent), when you are your own worst critic, the validation from your peers can go a long way. So that's why it makes me feel good when I get a notification about someone giving me a love or like reaction to something I've written.


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Contrarian post warning... What is an "on-par" RP post? Seriously, it's a completely free-written, context-necessary piece of short-form creative writing ranging from 100 to 600 words. At that point, I think anyone should be proud of that: you're writing over 100 words a day on the spot. Not bad!


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Literally everything I write of late feels this way. I haven't felt myself in my work in quite some time and it's so upsetting sometimes. You feel discouraged after a while.

Thankfully, I've got partners who are very understanding and supportive of the time I take to write. They give me nice boosts of confidence which is always very awesome of them to do, but I always have that hesitation to write and doubt in my ability regardless.

I think it's just something you've got to realize and overcome. Learn to work with. Overthinking is probably the leading factor in feeling this way... But still. I miss writing contently and without a whole lot of worry.


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I think a lot of writers struggle with perfectionism. Unfortunately, the amount of effort you put into a post doesn't correlate to good prose. At some point, you just got to post even if it's bad. It's better to make a bad post than not post at all.

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