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  1. I haven't had a completed roleplay or have been in one. What I'm asking is has the actually been a completed RP where there is nothing more to add?
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  3. I've completed a roleplay
  4. Yep. I'm in an rp with a gm who always completes her roleplays. Or, at least, she always gives them an end.
  5. I'm currently in an RP off-site that's very close to finishing - a cyberpunk RP where, initially, half the players are resistance fighters and half are members of a government task force - essentially polar opposites. Where it got interesting was the revelation that there was a third group that a few NPCs were in secretly alongside a few new characters, a shit tonne of grey morality, and when a couple of characters changed allegiances at least once during the RP. Currently, we're at what amounts to the final battle (as far as I can tell) and once the current sequence is done, the story will be about finished.
    The GM has mentioned the potential for a sequel, but not for a long time.
  6. I'm about 400,000 words in my current RP. We're halfway finished, but we just completed the first saga. >w> We took a hiatus to create another roleplay as the time passes 5-years in-universe (which'll be about a 5 months IRL), before we go back and start the second part up.

    Not finished, but it's an accomplishment I'm proud of. C:
  7. I've been in 2 Completed RPs. The first RP was Tyranny of King Valerian, definitely the best RP I've ever been in. It was about 125 pages

    The second was its sequel, Return of Corruption, which was MUCH longer, Almost 500 pages, but focused far more on Character Development than the actual story

    The vast majority don't end up completed, whether it's due to it just dying before completion or it not having a plot in the first place (most anime high school RP), but I find that the few that do have some amazing plots
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  8. I've finished a couple, but they were intentional events/plots played out with a defined ending. Usually those only cover one day/one week, etc. Other than that? Nope. I haven't finished one. XD
  9. I have seen an RP finish.
    I got excited.
    I joined one.
    It died ;-;
    Did you ever hear the tragedy of Darth Sano the Wise?
    I thought not. It is not a story the veterans would tell you.
    It is a roleplay legend.
    Darth Sano was a grey deputy undersecretary of the roleplay so powerful and so wise that he could use his skills to create... characters.
    He had such a knowledge of the dork side he could even see what kept other roleplays from dying.
    It's ironic... He could see what kept others going, but he could not save his own.
    It's funny because that gives me a lot more credit than I deserve.
  10. I've GMed several roleplays that had a proper ending. Can't name them all, but some of them are, for an example:

    • Tyranny of King Valerian (Definitely one of, if not the best of my "works" to date, but I wouldn't make it without the players)
    • Guild of Heroes (Original) (Although I do admit the ending was rather "meeeh.")
    • I also remember a few other, minor roleplays I took part of, if not GMed a long time ago, but I can't remember the names, so I won't bother.
    • And I've also participated, if not helped in the creation of a sequel to the Tyranny of King Valerian, called the Return of Corruption that lasted even longer than ToKV.
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  11. I've heard if roleplays going on for years; if you want to complete one, you need to have enough juice to the plot to keep the other person interested. 1 x 1s or small groups are better than large ones, as these they have less chance of being killed by someone leaving.
  12. I try to reach an end with my RPs. Usually with a conclusion to the plot or by finding a win or loss condition.
  13. I have been roleplaying for two years now and I have only finished one rp xD.
  14. I was in one once.

    It was called the 'The Super Awesome Roleplay' or TSARP for short. We got to kill god at the end and it spanned over 1000 pages.

    Everything else in the role play was completely irrevelent because it mainly revolved over the gm's character. Who was a gary stu, and that was an intended thing. My characters involved a semi-immortal psionic vampire hunter and a bored god.
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  15. I only just started one.
    God hopes it'll last longer then just a couple of pages.

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