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Harvest Moon: Through Famine and Sunshine [REBOOT]


Just a Falling Star
I'm interested ^^ Anyone need me to make a character that has a relationship with their character or something?


Born of Sound and the Seas
Is there any room for a highclass pastry chief who is a complete show off and can't cook for the life of her. She just orders take out and stuff.

Vagabond Spectre

Cookie Muncher
If this is still open and happening I'd love to take part.
I would love to take part.
This seems oddly familiar. Anyways I'd like to join if there is room for me.
If this is still going on and there's room, I'd love to join!
I dunno if i should still open this but i do appreciate your enthusiasm guys. Are you sure you still want to join? I could open this one more time.

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