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Fandom Harvest Moon: Through Famine and Sunshine [REBOOT]

Vagabond Spectre

Cookie Muncher
Hi! So... Long ago, i made a Harvest moon RP which is one of my favorite RP's that died out and forgotten. I wanted to give it a sceond chance and reboot the RP all over again because i crave a good Harvest moon RP right now. So, here it is.​

Welcome to the Harvest Moon:Through Famine and Sunshine RP! Hello there. How's it going? Ever wanted to have a slice of life or just want to look for a Harvest moon RP? Well, you've come to the right place! Welcome to Sunrise Village! Where the sun shines at it's finest glory and where are the most peculiar people are at! Whether You're a big city folk or just a plain villager who lives inside the village. The village's villagers and amazing events are always something to look forward to. Sunshine village is pretty isolated from the outside world since it's surrounded by a thick forest but hey! The village is worth living for! You can interact with the locals (Which are played by other roleplayers), who have interesting occupations like being a village nurse, carpenter, or even baker! You can even find your soulmate here! Events are always to look for here! Just like the Harvest moon series does. There will be cultural festivals, baking contests, and swimming contests! There is an event, fit for everyone.

It may seem like the ideal village but there is a catch. The village is heavily affected by it's season climate. Spring, Summer, Fall, and Winter are all at it's peak maximum condition like Super hot summers and Fall famines. The mountain side village's climate will be the Rp's running challenge. Who knows why the village has to deal with these extreme weather conditions. Who is behind it? Nobody knows. That is for you to find out! How will the village pull through? A light-hearted RP for those who's looking for that feel-good RP.


The Forgettor
Ahh, I've been looking for a good ol' Harvest Moon RP for awhile now~ Thanks Spectre! Very interesting, so definitely count me in on this 👀

Vagabond Spectre

Cookie Muncher
Ahh, I've been looking for a good ol' Harvest Moon RP for awhile now~ Thanks Spectre! Very interesting, so definitely count me in on this 👀
*Gasps* It's you! Me lord! *Grovels unto to the floor* Great to see you! I'm glad i caught your interest!

Ooh, this had peaked my interest. Harvest Moon and it's fantasy version Rune Factory were part of my childhood so definitely interested
Really!? I am glad to hear that! Welcome to the RP! Harvest moon is one of my favorite video games! ^-^

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