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Fandom Harvest Moon: Settlers of Seashell Valley

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Willow was still kinda in disbelief that they had actually moved out here. After living with their grandparents for all their life, it felt more than a little surreal to be living somewhere else. But Seashell Valley was gorgeous. As its name suggested, it was a lush, fertile valley located right next to the beach currently being developed by that guy, Will's family. She'd honestly never heard of them before signing on to this project, but according to some of the other settlers he was a pretty big deal.

Willow and Elliot had arrived a few months after the initial wave of settlers, meaning that several makeshift houses and buildings had already been built-- including the general store. Willow and her brother were currently on the trek to the store, located right by the beach so it could take unload shipments from boats right onto the store shelves. It was pretty convenient for Elliott, who's farm was only a few minutes away, but with Willow's being deep in the valley, where the soil was at its most fertile, it was a pretty long walk.

"So, what are you gonna buy?" Willow asked her little brother curiously. "Did they leave farming tools for you in your house? I was gonna buy some, but there was a tool box in my house that was fully stocked."

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Elliot honestly thought he was living a dream right now. He and his sister actually managed to become farmers in this new up and running town? It was literally a dream come true! Not to mention that the area that they have chosen was so unique! He hasn't seen many places where both a valley and a beach meet so close to each other. And both areas were suitable for farming! He hasn't been able to meet too many of the locals yet, but from what he's heard, they're all super nice! He was excited to actually meet some new faces. But for now, he actually had work. It was time to buy seeds so he could get started on his farm! He also had a farm super close to the beach...he may have to learn some fishing as well.

He perked up when he heard his big sis ask him a question. Crossing his arms and tilted his head a bit. "I wanna try and go for more summery crops! Since I am closer to the beach. Maybe like, pineapples and watermelons! But Turnips are very easy to grow. So, maybe I will start with that! What about you?" He questioned but quickly nodded. "Oh yeah! There was a small package in my house with everything that I needed! There was even a fishing rod!" He spoke excitedly, smiling brightly as he talked. "Oh. But I don't know how to fish yet. I can probably catch a lot once I learn. Do you think someone here knows how to do it?" He asked while peering around the makeshift paths that led to different parts of the town. "Have you made any friends yet, Willow?"

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WIllow was glad that Elliot had agreed to move to this new experimental town with her. She tried her best to be mature and brave, but there was a part of her that was really scared to move to a new town all by herself. Especially because the town wasn't fully built yet. Elliot's optimism and energy always gave her a lot of strength.

"Ohh, yeah, that's a good idea. I'm thinking about turnips, too... I remember grandma was saying that turnips are always good to start with," she said with a smile. While she could probably handle more difficult crops than turnips, when it came to farming Willow still wasn't the most confident in herself. "I mean, I'm sure someone has to know how to fish. It'd be kinda dumb if no one knew how to fish in this beachside town," she laughed. "Friends... umm not really. I've mostly been busy making sure my soil is in good shape to actually farm. How about you?"


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Elliot has always wanted to set out of his own once he was old enough, though the thought of getting separated from his sister wasn't really ideal in his head. But he's basically living the perfect life now! He got to move someone new with Willow! And they're both doing their dream jobs!

"Mhm! Me too! We can grow turnips together and then compare how they turned out later? Our very first crops!" He cheered happily. They could send the photos to their too! "Oh! You have room for a pasture on your farm too, right? You farm and I fish." He mused before nodding. "I'll have to ask around. And not really either. I was busy unpacking and trying to set up my fields as well." He'll get around to meeting others soon. "We should go around and meet the others together." He suggested

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She couldn't help but walk with a skip in her step with Elliot. His enthusiasm was honestly contagious. "Oh yeah, that'd be great! A little competition to see if the valley soil or the beach soil is better," she winked. She kinda figured the valley soil was going to be better, but she wouldn't count her chickens before they hatched.

"Yeah! I really really want some chickens... both for eggs and because I like em~" she said. She wasn't all too sure if there were any chickens around her, though. "Oh, yeah? That'd be fun. Maybe we can score some free supplies that way," she joked.


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Elliot perked up at the idea of a little competition. Nodding rapidly at the idea. "Okay okay! Yeah, I wanna do that. But we gotta plant it at the same time! Which I guess would be sometime after our stop at the general store, huh?" He also assumed Willow's valley farm would do better. But he basically had sun 24/7! So long as he didn't let his plants dry out it shouldn't be too bad.

"Awww chickens! I like them a lot too. And eggs are super yummy. You should get sheep too, Willow! So I can come and pet your sheep." He suggested with a laugh. He wasn't sure what animals he could have on his farm. Probably only small ones like chickens. But he also heard you could raise ducks and rabbits too! He'd have to ask around. "I do like free gifts~" Elliot mused with a small grin. "Okay! We have a super busy day today we gotta do the most!" He exclaimed to try and keep their spirits up.

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