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Harvest Moon: Our Wonderful Land (Anime farming role play with plot~)


Always try your best~

Setting: Harvest Moon is a game where you take the role as a farmer, and do your best to expand your farm. In the video game, you try to find a wife or husband, obtain new farm animals, and explore the town.

Our role play is set in the town of Valoria, a place with many acres of green fields, fancy boulevards, and specialty shops. It can be whatever season we decide to start on~

** I feel like an anime style approach would do well for this, but we can discuss this, as well.


Farmers - They own their own land, and can be female or male. There will be three of them, aged between twenty-five and thirty.

Shop Owners - At least three of them, with no more than six. They are between the ages of twenty-three and thirty-six.

Inhabitants - Their ages are between eighteen and thirty-four. (There are older residents, but there are considered non-playable characters. ^,^)

Plot: I haven't tried doing a Harvest Moon role play for a while. Let's bring Valoria alive, and have fun with our characters!


Follow RPNation rules, as always.
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Always try your best~
@ThatSideCharacter Hi there! Harvest Moon is one of my favorite games, and it revolves around friendship and starting a family. You harvest your own crops, visit unique shops, and go mining and collect materials. These items are used for expanding your farm. Gift giving is also relevant in this game.

As far as role playing, I want people to have fun when making their characters. For my role play, you can choose to run a farm, own a shop, or inhabit the city in your own style.


ᴍᴀsᴛᴇʀ ᴏғ ᴀʟʟ ᴛʀᴇᴇs
One of the best games ever. Too bad the new ones aren't the original creators anymore (But I mean hey, they're still producing games -> Story of seasons!). I'm not too into fandom roleplays, but this is an exception lmao. [Falling more into a shopkeeper]
I have a big soft spot for harvest moon so count me in. :') I'll probably play a shopkeeper or inhabitant (depending on what sort of occupations they can have without being considered a shopkeep).

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