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π™½π™Ύπš†π™·π™΄πšπ™΄ πšƒπ™Ύ πšπš„π™½
Hello! Lately I've gotten sucked back into Harry Potter, and I'd really like to rp it with someone! (I am looking for multiple partners & interactions so don't be discouraged if you see someone respond!)

I am primarily looking to rp based on the books/movies from goblet of fire to the deathly hallows. We can rp the plot of any of those, and if someone is interested in a long term rp of the events from goblet all the way to deathly hallows and so on i would be down for that too.

I can write as almost any canon character, but please ask first as i may object for whatever reason.

Pairings must be oc x canon and i can do mxf, fxf, & mxm however i am most comfortable with mxf and fxf. For my side it will always be mxf but once again i can do anything for yours.

I am especially craving the later books/movies (primarily halfblood prince or the deathly hallows, as i enjoy the plot of the war.)

Writing wise i am semi/lazily lit, and on average write 2+ paragraphs, im not a stickler but i expect my length to be matched as best you can in responses please shy away from one liners.

no student x teacher please
i refuse to do harrys sister x draco or dracos sister x harry or anything along those lines (its worn and unoriginal, sorry)
Romance is a must

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