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"I can certainly see why they disapprove of them though. They are different to us, and perhaps not in a good way."

Lileath responded when her friend brought up one of her inherent house prejudices. She agreed with it; up to a point. They were inferior, if not in intellect or as people, but in sheer magical potential. Yes, a muggleborn could grow to be strong, but they were never going to be able to perform great feats of magic that relied both on skill and ones personal connection with the power coursing through their blood. Even thinking this, she disagreed with the notion that they should be put down like animals, as they were still human, even if they were... freakish.

Walking inside the common room after Violet said the password (even if it was quite unnecessary, as the door opened for Lileath regardless of whether she said the password or not), she grabbed her art supplies, hesitating over whether to take her picture with her. She didn't want someone to see it and for her to get in trouble, but she enjoyed having it close while she worked. Grabbing it and hiding it in a draw under a stack of paperwork, she left her room, meeting back up with Violet. The grounds were likely too loud and windy to get any true art done, so she suggested they go to the much quieter library instead. As far as she knew, there weren't any rules aside from no eating and no destroying the place when it came to the library but she supposed they'd soon found out if that assumption was wrong.

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"I suppose" Violet says "However people are people, don't you think?" she asks, she was completely willing to accept that most Slytherin students despised the ideas of the muggle borns, but she was a half-blood too, they weren't complaining about that, probably because they didn't know who both her parents are, no if they knew who they were they would try to make use of it.

She's pulled out of her thought when two familiar Weasley's run around the corner bumping into them "Sorry" Fred says "We were just done pranking Dumbledore" George adds holding out his hand for Lileath after he gets up while Fred pulls Violet up "And I really was hoping to avoid you two" she says. When she sees Fred has the potion she still needed to test she goes pale "No give that back" she says trying to grab it, but she's too short.

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