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Truly baffled by the interaction that had occurred in front of her, it didn't distract her from the response she was still expecting to her request to sit down. The first year swept her sharp eyes towards the brunette who'd addressed her. She was clearly the most sympathetic, but bold of the bunch. It took a lot to stand up for someone whom you had just met, even if they were embarrassing, like Ron, who had somehow managed to get away from the trolley accident and back to his cabin. She had recognised the vibrant red mop the boy bore, a Weasley for sure. She'd met their family at some ministry event before, she had heard her mother talk about them, pityingly. It actually irritated her, they'd been the ones to have that many children, it wasn't anyone elses' fault they couldn't afford it . But she was only eleven years old, what did she know about money? She had no right to judge. She wouldn't express her judgement outside of anyone she knew she could trust, that was what her parents taught her.
She gathered that one approval was enough, and she set Pippin and his cage down beside this girl. She extended her tanned hand towards her, a strange formality her parents insisted was charming to adults that she met. It all seemed so pretentious but if this was her shot at making friends out of her cabin-mates then she thought she should make her parents proud.
"Thank you. My name is Tamora Morcroft, you are?"
Her eyes glancing the polite stranger up and down as she judged the body language.
She then progressed to examine the others in the cabin. It was tense so say the least. Did these other two girls know each other? She planted herself down beside the friendlier of the trio. She tasked herself to figuring out which house they all belonged in from first impressions, her older brother Caleb had taught her the traits of each house, and she was hopeful for Slytherin. The Greengrass female line was traditionally Slytherin, her Grandmother was a Slughorn, another Slytherin family. But there was still speculation within the household that she may be a Ravenclaw like her brother. She didn't want to be in his shadow at school as well as at home. She wanted Slytherin, and that was what she would get. It was not difficult to see from the demeanour that there was at least one other Slytherin in this cabin. She had a feeling the one who had initially addressed her was either Hufflepuff or Gryffindor. She had yet to speak to the other two, but she expected they were about to take a nap from the conversation she had overheard so far.

Soon one of them had left with Draco Malfoy, impossible to miss, his appearance distinctive. Tamora disliked the boy, her family had the Malfoys over to stay at the estate in the spring. He was a snivelling coward of a boy, who was guided by his fathers' hand. He thought himself better than everyone else, but she saw straight through him.

Finally the time arrived where they reached Hogwarts, changing into her robes and assembling in the great hall, the atmosphere was strangely exciting. Along with this, dread crawled in. Was she going to end up in Slytherin like she wanted? For some already, the choosing ceremony lasted seconds, barely touching the students' head before bellowing a house name. The girl she had met on the train, Eleanor was up next, time to see if her guess was correct. Surely enough, Tamora was correct. Setting her elbow on the bench, her chin in her hand, she awaited the next name. It was surreal for a moment, ripping her elbow from the table as if caught doing something she shouldn't, she stood up quickly, tall for her age, approaching the stone steps at the front of the hall, sure to not glance out at the rest of the hall, knowing her cheeks may flush red from the many eyes that were on her in that moment. She wanted to see her brother but didn't think it wise to start looking now, there were too many faces. She set herself on the stool, the hat lowered onto her head. Tamora took a shallow breath, her eyes lay straight ahead as she waited for the snarl of the hat. Time moved slow in that moment, in reality it was barely seconds.
"ah, We wouldn't want to betray tradition would we?" the enchanted hat smirked.
Tamora's eyes flashed up, somehow meeting Caleb, her brother, in the crowd, as though she knew where he was all along without realising it. He looked relaxed, a gentle smile across his face.
"SLYTHERIN!" the hat yelled.
A brief sigh of relief, another glance at her brother, who gave her a nod of approval. "Mum and Dad would be proud", he seemed to mouth to her.
That other girl she had met in the carriage was also in Slytherin, and she was gestured towards her, on the benches decorated in Emerald green banners, with ties to match. She sat between Violet Blake, and Blaise Zabini, a boy who was busy dusting off his gown and straightening his tie, vain was the first word that sprung to Tamoras' mind. She studied Violet a moment, was she pureblood? She hadn't heard of the Blake name before today. Whether she would enquire this was debateable, did she care enough to know?
"Hello again, Violet." she managed to say, watching the hat and stool at the front of the room rather than the girl she spoke to.
The witch who stood at the front of the room then shouted out another name. "Lileath Slytherin!"
So that was her name. Tamora had no doubts where that girl was going, as the icy blonde student approached the front of the room. From the murmurs she could tell the name had reputation, and having a name that heralded from the house, it was peculiar.
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Lileath was quite content sitting in the train compartment, but she and the other girls had to wait outside while the boys got changed, and vice versa. Feeling slightly nervous about changing in a room with a bunch of people she'd just met, they thankfully all stood in different corners and the rather awkward affair was over with quickly. Smoothing down her new robes, she twisted and walked around a but to get used to them, not wanting to embarrass herself by tripping over in the sorting ceremony. Her nervousness only increased as the journey reached its inevitable conclusion, as she wondered what might happen if her true name was announced to the great hall. Rumour and a few people knowing for certain was one thing, but the entire school? Also, what if she didn't get sorted into Slytherin? She didn't see how she couldn't, but Yaxely might kill her if she ended up in something like Hufflepuff or Gryffindor.

Feeling slightly sick, she stepped off the train only to pause completely, taking in the castle that seemed to call to her, welcoming her inside and dispelling her fears. Walking forward in an almost trance like state, she was startled when she felt a hand shaking her arm, and when she turned around she came to face with a concerned looking Draco.

"I'm fine, it's just... nice to be home."

She explained with a slight smile, and he nodded, although it was with the air of someone who was confused but they weren't going to question it any further. They stayed in a comfortable silence for the rest of the journey, even if she edged herself away from the side of the rickety boat. She didn't think they'd fall in, but she had an odd fear of large bodies of water, and was certainly glad when they landed upon dry land.

Finally reaching the gates, she had to repress a sudden urge to run up and hug the building, even if she couldn't stop smiling. It felt so familiar, despite how she knew she'd never stepped foot inside before, and she was so immersed by the experience that she didn't notice how short the line of people that were left to be sorted was getting.

"Lileath Slytherin." Mcgonagall called out, and her good mood vanished like a flame dumped into a bucket of water. Going extremely pale, she simply stopped as she pursed her lips, wanting nothing more than to disappear through the floor as she heard some of the whispers. Freak. Monster. Unwelcome-

"Lileath Slytherin." The older woman called again, and it served to allow her to finally move rather than being frozen like a dear in headlights. She had few qualms about what she was; but that didn't mean she'd wanted it advertised to the entire school, especially on her first day. Stepping up to the chair, she felt piercing eyes looking at her from a man wearing a cruel smile, and she turned away from him as Mcgonagall covered her head with the comforting darkness of the sorting hat. She almost never cried, so that she felt like doing so now was extremely unusual, and rather embarrassing for her.

"Hmmm, your predecessor would be quite proud of your traits, if I may say so. SLYTHERIN!"

The hat only called out the last bit (which she was immensely grateful for) and she quickly hurried to the table, followed by a lot of whispers and stares. At least Harry's attention had been positive, but she was cheered up a fraction by what the hat had said about her father, although whether it was true or not was another question. Sitting with the other Slytherin first years, she spotted Violet sat close to her and quickly looked away, grabbing a nearby drink and sipping it instead.

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Violet looks at Lileath from the corner of her eyes before sending a glare towards Dumbledore, taking it easy with pranks be damned, scanning the great hall she finds the pair of Weasley's she was looking for, she switches places so she's sitting next to Lileath "Don't take it too personal" she whispers putting her hand on the other girl's shoulder "And I wouldn't worry about Dumblesnore too much. You're in good company here and if he causes you any trouble" she pauses before glancing at her father, who's in the middle of a conversation with Flitwich "I know my fair share of potions and pranks" she whispers.

Argument completely forgotten she feels sorry for Lileath, not only was everyone probably against her, but being on the headmaster's bad side wasn't a good thing either, in all honestly she feels bad about saying all those things on the train, so she swallows her pride for a moment and smiles "I want to apologize about my behavior on the train" she says "It's fine if you don't accept it, but I will not let you face this alone. I promise". Her eyes rest on the headmaster again and she smirks, what she has in store for him was going to get her in so much trouble she's probably be expelled by Christmas, but she doesn't care.


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Eleanor watched the sorting from her seat next to the brunnete from the train, whose name she then knew was Hermoine. She watched as Tamora's name was called and how the tall girl was put into Slytherin. The brunnete noticed how the Sorting Hat would barely touch the head before yelling the House for some students but took it's time for others. It took a few minutes for her, did it mean her dad was a Gryffindoor too? Her train of thought was broken by the mention of another name.

"Lileath Slytherin"

Wait what!? Did she hear that right? McGonnagall repeated the name as if she read her thoughts. Empathetic hazel eyes went to the girl who was now pale in probably fear. Eleanor could now somewhat understand what this whole Heiress thing was all about. The cruel names others whispered surprised the brunnete, making her glare at them "Shut it will you? She's not that bad, just a bit grumpy if she doesn't sleep well" She said, to the surprise of most of the Gryffindors. Hermione leaned over to whisper " She's the Slytherin Heiress, do you know what that means?" The brunnete shook her head "It means she's the daughter of You-Know-Who" Hermione whispered, rather hushed. Eleanor blinked " I-Know-Who? Do you mean Vold-" Her sentence was interrupted by the Sorting Hat's declaration for Lileath to be, as everyone expected in Slytherin. Eleanor sighed and smiled at Lileath as she made her way to the Slytherin table, later joined by Violet and Tamora.

So she was Voldemort's kid? She didn't seem like the daughter of an evil wizard at all. She rolled her eyes. Why was everyone so afraid of his name anyway? Sil called him The Nameless and Hermione calls him You-Know-Who, please. It's a thing to be afraid of him but his name!?. Eleanor's train of thought was once again interrupted when Hermione started talking about the books she read about. This was going to be an long enjoyable year

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Sipping her drink, she'd been too absorbed in trying to not attract any more attention to herself to notice that Violet had slipped in next to her, and she forced herself to relax. She wouldn't have to be in this hall forever, and even if they did share the same common room, but her response surprised her greatly. Unsure of whether she was faking it or not, she smiled back in gratitude, grateful for the support even if it wasn't genuine. Following her gaze, it landed on a black haired professor who (if possible) looked even paler than her. She had a suspicion as to who it was as Yaxley said one of their old members had ran off to lick Dumbledores boots, but now didn't seem like a good time to ask.

"Thanks. Sorry about earlier though, I can get a little carried away sometimes."

Lileath replied, offering a tentative smile. She was hoping that it'd remain a rumour that wouldn't start for a while at least, as it'd allow her to make friends without that being too much of a factor. On another note however, Dumbledore cruelly smirking while (metaphorically) throwing a preteen to the wolves that seemingly made most of the Slytherin house quite annoyed, and they didn't seem to be overly disappointed in her, which made her feel relieved.

Watching the rest of the sorting, she smiled back at Eleanor, wondering if she knew what her name truly meant yet. Judging by her small smile in her direction, she guessed not, but she supposed she shouldn't hope that it'd remain that way for long.

As Dumbledore told everyone to tuck in, she was so taken aback by the sudden appearance of food that it took her a moment to realize Violet was speaking to her again. Accepting her apology, she chuckled slightly as she watched the other girl smirk at the professor, and she certainly admired the nerve.

"Thanks, but try not to get in too much trouble. Yaxley will throw a fit if I get expelled within my first term."

She said, feeling a little better. Although she could feel Salazar looking at her from across the table, she thought chatting to him at her first dinner might not be a good idea. Especially as she'd once hissed at a statue without realizing it, and she didn't know whether speaking parseltongue in the great hall was grounds for expulsion. Probably, and she didn't fancy risking it.

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Violet smiles "Oh don't worry about getting into too much trouble" she says "And we can all get carried away sometimes, but let's hope it doesn't happen again, I don't think it's gonna end well next time" she adds, she scans the table for food she might like while tying her hair into a ponytail before grabbing some food "Good evening miss Blake, miss Slytherin" the Bloody Baron says popping up in front of them "I see you're following in your family's footsteps Violet, your parents were great students, your mother a bit of a troublemaker, don't become like her" he says, he nods at the two before floating off again.

Severus is watching his daughter interact with Lileath, he was happy Violet was somewhat comforting the girl, she would need it, he could offer her protection, but not much if it came from the headmaster, for that he'd sadly have to rely on Violet's potion, pranking and lying skills, but it could be amusing to see what an eleven year old turn someone into a toad with a potion.

Violet is all too aware that her father's looking at her "My parents told me about this, the house elves make the food in the kitchen and then it's brought here by magical means" she says "I've never seen it happen before though" she explains, she had never been to Hogwarts before, if her mother and grandparents were busy she would be dropped off at Malfoy manor "Did you know Lucius' a terribly babysitter?" she asks Lileath quietly, hoping to distract her from the current situation.


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Tamora glanced across as the new addition to Slytherin quietly sat nearby her and Violet on the benches. The two girls engaged in conversation soon after, seemingly their quarrels from earlier on the train journey were subdued now and they had resolved it. Was it common for Slytherin students to hold grudges? She thought not, evidently so, but she knew that if it had been her in their shoes, she would have revenge of some kind. Blaise had eventually stopped preening himself, Tamora turning to face him as he did so with a raised brow. His eyes met her own for a moment and he frowned.
"What?" He almost growled.
"Would you pass me the bread basket, please?"
The young wizard rolled his eyes and scoffed, shoving the basket at her, as if she had been some major inconvenience.
"Thank you?" she drawled in response. Was there any need to be so rude? Why was everyone seeming to get off to the worst start around here? She wasn't expecting it to be like this. She started to wonder if it was the company she was making, or if it was a mistake putting her in the Slytherin house.
Zabini cast her a warning glare before running a hand over his hair, sticking up his nose, Tamora narrowed her own dark eyes in return.
She turned her attention to the other side. Lileath and Violet were still talking, if these people were the closest to being her friends right now, she would have to try a little harder.
"My brother told me that the Hufflepuff dorms are right by the kitchen, they might have an idea about the elves." She offered, pointing towards the yellow table with a banner bearing a badger.
"Hey do you mean Lucius Malfoy?" she interjected with an easy smile.
She lowered her voice considering that the mans' son was nearby.
"My parents wouldn't trust him as a babysitter."
She was offering a branch of trust here, not to tell Draco, or allow her parents apparent distrust for the Malfoy family to be made common knowledge that would affect them in their position in Wizengamot court. Hopefully the two would become her friends, so offering her confidence in them was not in vain.


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Eleanor's eyes widened when the food appeared all of a sudden. Many of her favourite dishes were on the table and so the girl began to take pretty much everything. She wasn't a picky eater and was happy eating different kinds of foods.

Her hazel eyes flew over to the Slytherin table and saw Tamora, Violet and Lileath. It looked like Violet and Lileath made up and were chatting like old friends. Eleanor smiled and looked at a certain yellow table. Silvia was also chatting with her fellow Hufflepuffs. Her concentration went to two similar looking red heads "Hey, are you guys Fred and George?"She asked. The twins grinned "Yup" one said "The only ones" the other continued. She chuckledas she then realized she didn't know who was who. She spent a good while guessing and chatting about pranks and the best ways to make them until the food dissapeared.

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Lileath nodded back to the bloodly Barron with a polite smile, yet his words to Violet struck a slight cord of sadness within her. Obviously she wouldn't to be able to enquire about her parents here, especially her father, but she hadn't really considered how that might actually make her feel. Sighing softly, she turned back to Violet as she chatted about the tables.

"I knew it was made by house elves and brought to the Great hall, but I was expecting them to bring it in as a display. I guess this way is more practical though."

Lileath mused, taking a cheese cracker and snacking on it. An unknown girl interjected that she thought the house elves were near the Hufflepuff common room, which led her to ask the obvious question: did any of them know where the Hufflepuff common room was, because she certainly didn't.

"Oh he's not that bad, a bit stuffy though. His wife has a great sense of desserts, have you ever had cake at their house? It's amazing Draco is as small as he is."

She replied quietly, keeping in with the conspiratorial tone of the conversation. Wishing she had a slice of cake actually, she guessed she'd have to wait for dessert, which was mildly irritating to someone who liked to eat their meals backwards.

Hearing someone cough pointedly several seats up, she looked up at them to see two incredibly bulky boys, presumably in her year. One of them smiled awkwardly as they nudged the other one to speak, and it came out as a rather stumbley mess.

"Well, Lileath, we didn't mean to interrupt your conversation, but.. we thought we could be of use to you. Not that you can't handle yourself, but if you ever wanted any extra... you know.. help, we would always be available."

She smiled and thanked them both, asking for their names, which caused them to blush as they realised they hadn't told her who they were.

"Oh, I'm Crabbe. He's Goyle."

Honestly, she couldn't tell them apart, but she supposed she'd learn eventually. Thinking on their offer, it could actually be useful to have two... goons, although she felt a little apprehensive. Creating a group of servants sounded extremely similar to another Slytherin that's walked these halls, but she dismissed such thoughts. It wasn't like she was going to order them to kill anybody, and two people was hardly an army.
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"I have had cake at their house actually" Violet says with a smile "I tried to get her to tell me how to make them, but she is one hard woman to convince of those things. I still don't know how she makes them so tasty" she explains taking some bread as she thinks back to her time at Draco's house "Stiff sounds about right, I once switched the shampoo bottle in the bathroom with neon green hair dye. He wasn't happy with me, but the others had a good laugh about it" she says.

She looks at the two boys and tilts her head before looking at Tamora "He's actually not that bad once you spend more time with him" she comments "I spend quite some time there and Lileath's right, the cakes are delicious, I thought my grandmother's cakes were the best in the world, but Narcissa topped them big time".

She had plenty of good memories in her time there, but she also had less good memories, not that she wanna share that with someone who couldn't stand them "Draco can you pass me the salad?" she asks leaning forwards a bit and she takes the bowl from him "Thanks" she says earning a smile "No problem" Draco says before continuing his conversation with Pansy.


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The pureblood girl was taken aback that she had been given warm reception from the girls, considering they had been at each others' throats so easily as strangers on the Hogwarts express. They, however, appeared to have a liking for Lucius Malfoy, which she felt uneasy about, but she wouldn't show that. Maybe she was wrong about him, but she was usually right about most things. The bread-roll in her hand was lightly crunched in her grip at the mention of Dracos' name, letting out a subtle exhale through her nose that she disguised as elegantly as she could, pursing her lips together, forcing a close-lipped smile. She had to admit that the afternoon teas that high-ranking pureblood women of the court often held at the various manors were littered with delightful cakes whenever she was brought along by her mother. She assumed they must have been Narcissa's.
Tamora's gaze cast out across the table at Draco, her brow lightly furrowed. The platinum haired boy already acting like the other girls were authority over him. She would reconsider her distrust for the Malfoys if these girls truly insisted, but it was too soon to trust Lileath and Violet. Regardless, she would never like Draco, and she'd make sure he knew it.
"All this talk of dessert, but I don't think the main course is budging anytime soon." She remarked, glancing along the bench at the abundance of food remaining, and the many who were still loading their plates. Crabbe and Goyle, the recently introduced duo, were clearly enjoying the feast.
She dug a hand into her pocket, finding there were several chocolate frogs remaining. "I have chocolate frogs if you're desperate for something sweet?" she offered, casually placing two on the table, one for each of them. This friend-making business was difficult, and it was becoming tiresome, throwing around bribes for approval was low. But she saw this as more of a generosity gesture. If it was going to take anymore effort to befriend the snakes around her, she would have to spend her free-time with her brother, and she really didn't want that.
The first year jolted in her seat as a pair of hands grabbed her shoulders.
"Wha-" She blurted as she whipped her shiny brunette haired head around to face the person behind her. Who did this person think they were?
"It's only me, Tamoraaaaa" Daphne Greengrass chirped, causing Tamora to cringe.
"Oh, it's you." Tam replied begrudgingly.
Daphne leant down, platinum blonde hair brushing Tamora's shoulder, as she whispered.
"So you're friends with.. Them?" she pointed her head at Violet and Lileath, Daphne seemed in awe, impressed? Tamora hadn't really considered that she was befriending, well at least attempting to befriend people with a loud reputation. She hoped they didn't already consider her to be grovelling like the two large boys who had offered up their 'minionship' to Lileath. She wouldn't be anyone's bitch.
The brunette guided her eyes to the pair beside her, then back at her cousin.
"Urgh Daphne, you have no idea how ridiculous you sound. Are you serious? Can't you just go and eat with ~your~ friends and leave me alone?" She whispered.
A slight pang of guilt was raised when she saw her cousins' reaction, it appeared she had been sat alone, or at least with poor company further down the table. Clearly the girl had no friends, but she held little sympathy, her cousin was insufferable.
Desperate to continue the conversation, her cousin remarked.
"Our parents will be so glad we are both in Slytherin won't they?"
Tamora turned her face partly away from Daphne, who was too close for comfort, and who's breath smelt of garlic bread, rolling her eyes.
"Yes, I'm sure they will be."
She shuffled in her seat then turned her body away entirely from the girl before picking up a spoonful of food and continuing to eat.

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Lileath chuckled slightly as she imagined Lucius with shock green hair, and his response to that. Commenting that he must've been thrilled, she was slightly amazed they hadn't bumped into each other before. Maybe it had something to do with Violet's pranking, as she had little doubt that her minder wouldn't of wanted to encourage her to get into any more trouble. She was already pretty good at that with disappearing for nearly entire days and hanging out of third storey windows.

"No thanks. I always feel bad about ripping their heads off."

She said casually before internally cursing. One day and she was already talking about ripping things heads off; at least no teacher seemed to be in range, so that was at least something. Frowning slightly as she looked to the different dishes, she decided to try a rather spicy smelling soup, something she hadn't encountered before.

Hearing Daphne drawl someone's name out, she realized that the girl who offered her a chocolate frog must be Tamora. Seeing the two talk, she wondered whether they were friends or relatives, as the brown haired one seemed rather irritated by the others presence.

"Hey Daphne." She said to her, raising her hand in a very brief form of a wave. They'd spoken on the train but only briefly, as it'd been near the end of the journey when she'd switched cabins. Even so, she seemed nice enough, but she supposed most Slytherins were likely to be artificially nice to her. Wrinkling her nose slightly, she tried the soup, only to be quite surprised. She really wasn't expecting it to taste of curry, but she found herself becoming fonder of the sauce as she sipped a little more of it. Already knowing she didn't like pumpkin juice, she settled for blackcurrant instead, the dark liquid almost looking like wine.

Thinking about school, she wondered whether she would be expected to play Quidditch for her house, and she sincerely hoped not. She enjoyed flying sure, but sport really didn't interest her. Wondering if her father ever played it, she found herself doubting it very much, but she supposed it was possible.

"Do you think we'll be handed a behavioural guide?"

She mused to the group, thinking on how they were meant to know what was acceptable or not. Just as she said this the desserts appeared, and after several minutes of trying to choose between the brownie with ice cream and the devils cake with custard, she gave up and merely had a plate of both.

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"I don't think so" Violet says filling her place with several different sweets "Besides, if they did they would only encourage the troublemakers to break the rules even more, myself included" she adds, she had no trouble admitting that she caused trouble, the amount depending on how good her day was.

After the feast has ended they're instructed to follow the head of house to their common room "Did you know our common room is under the black lake?" she asks looking at Lileath and Tamora, it was a shame they didn't have any windows, but she could live with that. After the events of that day she was tired "What class to do you think we'll have first?", she knew they would have classes with other houses, but she really didn't want to share a classroom with Ron.


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Eleanor was so busy chatting with the twins, she didn't notice the arrival of a pale transparent-ish figure. When she did, her eyes widened and she grinned"Ghost!"

"My name is Sir Nicholas de Mimsy-Porpington" he rolled his eyes. A kid pointed at the ghost "Yeah! You're Nearly Headless Nick!" The others exploded in laughter. Eleanor lifted her eyebrow "Nearly headless? His head looks normal to me" Nick rolled his eyes and pulled his head, showing his almost cut up neck. Eleanor blinked and poked the center if the ghost's neck, to the surprise of many and Nick"H-Hey! Don't touch that!" She didn't listen and felt her hand go through him before pulling back "Feels chilly.." She said and shrugged. Nick put his head back and started to talk to the other Gryffindoors. Eleanor ignored him and proceeded to check the ghosts of other tables. They all seemed normal, except for the one at the Slythetin table. This one gave her the creeps.

Eleanor then looked at the teachers. There was McGonagall, the Giant, a stuttering one, an incredibly shirt one, A Grandpa and this one that was looking at Violet. His nose was too long and he gave her bad vibes. She shrugged off the feeling and continued chatting with other Gryffindors.

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Chuckling at Violets admission to being a trouble maker, she stood up with the rest of her year as they made their way to the common room. Acknowledging that she did know that, she stepped inside and grinned. It was perfect, from the tall bookshelves, the regal aesthetic, and the dark, slightly brooding feel of the place made her feel surprisingly welcome. A fire that roared with green flame lit the room along with braziers that were attached to the walls, and the subsequent greenish tint make it seem like they were truly underwater. Stepping on to the stone floor, she noted several thick rugs carefully placed around, although the insignia of the house was left to hang on banners, which fluttered lightly despite the lack of breeze. A stone statue of Salazar stood at one end near the corner, although it wasn't being pushed aside or ignored.

"Oh I hope we get transfiguration or defense against the dark arts. Something actually practical, reading is all well and fine but it's not the same as actually experiencing it."

She said excitedly, replying to Violets question. Looking around, she browsed over the bookshelves along with serval other students while the prefects pointed out their dorms, and she spotted two well disguised doors hiding either side of the fireplace. Noting that the one on the right was hers, she went back to looking at the various equipment, as it didn't just contain books, but medals, small statues and other items that seemed themed together. Picking up a globe, she noticed little shimmering lights on it; hundreds, even thousands of them, mostly on their small island. Asking a nearby prefect what it was, they chuckled before answering.

"Most Slytherins leave an imprint on that globe that tracks their location for as long as they're alive. It's to remind us that we're not alone in the world."

He explained, and she smiled as she tilted it round. She guessed the small group of lights near the Arctic must've been where Azkaban was located, and she wondered whether her mother was one of those lights. Putting it back on the shelf, she asked Violet what she thought of the place, as she loved it.

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Violet smiles looking at the globe "Well it exceeded my expectations" she says "My parents told me about the common room, but this is better then I imagined" she says "Excuse me, which door is for who?" she asks "Okay nevermind" she mumbles seeing a few in a higher year head their dorms "We should get some sleep" she says.

She had heard they had their own rooms, but didn't know how much of that is true, she wouldn't mind sharing a room with most people, but she wouldn't mind if they all had seperate rooms either "The sooner we're awake the sooner we know our schedule" she says looking at Tamora and Lileath.

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Nodding at Violet, she felt too excited to sleep but knew it was probably a good idea, despite wanting to explore the grounds. They were technically hers after all, but she figured she wasn't allowed to have that line of thinking with Dumbledore in charge; no, the old coot had claimed ownership of the castle, which she found insane. Although it wasn't exactly alive, she could feel the energy pulsing through the building, and wondered how someone who couldn't feel that could truly claim to rule it.

Walking upstairs, they found several identical small rooms, each one with a bed. Claiming the one at the end of the small corridor, she bid goodnight to the others and was met with some amazement at how her luggage had somehow gotten from the train to the space near her bed. Sorting through it, she put her collection of books and art supplies on the shelves above the small desk that was presumably there for studying, along with a picture of her parents in a silver frame. Smiling, she waved at it briefly as they waved back, the photo animated. She'd realized she looked much more like her father than her mother, and she quickly turned back to sorting her items out, knowing she had a habit of falling into contemplative pauses whenever she looked at the photo too long.

Finally finishing packing her clothes away, she wondered what to do next. Her wand was next to the still burning lamp on her nightstand, and she blew it out, deciding to try and get some sleep.

Hearing a large, blaring noise seemingly only minutes later, Lileath rolled over to shut her alarm off. Shaking off the last of her dream, she was grateful for the small sink in her room, although the showers were all in a large room, separated into individual compartments. Padding across in slippers, she took them off outside before entering, running the water almost obscenely hot. Feeling rather sorrowful from her dream, it dampened her spirits slightly as she returned to her room in a dressing gown, drying off her hair and wearing her uniform. She loved the look of it, but he couldn't wait to have her proper one arrive with the house colours, which reminded her that she should write to Yaxley.

Meeting up with Violet, Daphne and later Draco, the four of them went to breakfast, surprised to find it already so busy. She'd secretly hoped it wouldn't be actually, as there had certainly been enough whispers circulating the corridors that she tried to ignore.

Sitting down together with two on each side of the table, Lileath grabbed a stack of pancakes, dripping them in golden syrup and chocolate before taking a fork and knife. Draco was looking at her somewhat incredulously as she shrugged, taking a large bite.

"It's preferable to killing people right?"

She jokingly commented once she'd swallowed the sweet mouthful, causing him and Daphne to chuckle.

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Violet is eating her breakfast absentminded, she holds out her hand when she spots Severus handing out their timetables "Don't get into too much trouble miss Blake" he says, though Violet's sure people will notice the resemblance they have, but she's not going to worry about it right now "Yes professor" she says inspecting her schedule.

It should also be obvious to her father that she's tired, but he doesn't comment on it "Your timetable miss Slytherin" he says handing Lileath the schedule before moving on "And make sure miss Blake doesn't get in more trouble then needed" he adds.

Violet sighs "We should get to class if we want to get the best seats" she says "Which is potions with the Gryffindors" she adds standing up, she's somewhat annoyed with her father's comments, but it's normal, she does however, doesn't look forwards to having a lesson with Ron Weasley "I'll see you in class" she adds before grabbing her bag and walking off.

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"Thank you professor." She smiled as she said she'd try to keep her friend in line, and Draco chuckled that she already had a reputation for being a trouble maker. Wondering how the professor could possibly know that already, his name suddenly came to her. Snape. She was certain it was him, after all, it matched what Yaxley had said perfectly.

"Alright Violet. We'll be through soon."

Daphne responded, and Lileath frowned as she watched her leave the Great hall. If Snape already knew her, and now she was disappearing off to go to his class early... maybe it was nothing, and she didn't want to look like she was stirring up trouble, so she tried not to think anything else of it.

Leaving the table, they made their way down to the dungeons, which thankfully wasn't far from the Slytherin common room, as otherwise they'd of likely gotten lost. Noticing the other students lining up against the dark stone, they followed suit, Harry giving her a rather odd look as she passed, and she wasn't sure what to make of it. She didn't blame him; in fact, she held little animosity towards him at all, but she knew he'd likely hate her for what happened, even if not yet. Giving him a brief smile, he seemed to recuperate it before the ginger kid dragged him away, no doubt to remind him of what she was. Sighing, she was glad when Snape came out to call the class inside, and she took one of the frontal seats, as far away from the gryffindors as she could manage. They seemed to be the worse for the rumours from what she'd seen at breakfast, and as they hurried towards the back, she ended up in front. She didn't mind actually, as she figured it'd be quite useful, and she had no intention of acting up.

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Violet's taking some notes before they're called inside, she'd probably have to hunt for the ingredients herself, she puts her notebook away before entering the room, her eyes landing on Ron who tries to become invisible when he sees her looking. "I hope nobody blows stuff up" she comments dryly sitting near Lileath "Or that Weasel over there blows something up" she adds making most Slytherin students chuckle, seems no one really liked Ron.

She focuses on the lesson when it starts and she smiles slightly, potions was one of her favorite classes after all, along with transfigurations.

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Potions passed rather uneventfully, aside from having to take down some notes that was. She found it slightly boring actually, not because of the teacher or even the subject content, but because she was suffering one of her usual pinings for her parents, and she doodled several small snakes at the edge of her notes. Keeping unusually quiet, she found it ironic how she was hated because of two people she'd never met; that wasn't strictly true as she was nearly two when Harry oh-so-heroically defeated her father, but she couldn't blame him for that. It was hardly his fault, and he'd grown up an orphan too. Thinking that maybe she should speak to him, the bell went and looking at her timetable, it was charms next. Not a lesson they shared, but she could always catch him in the corridor, and saying to her friends that she'd be with them soon, she jogged slightly to catch up with him. He'd left the class rather quickly as it seemed Snape had a particular issue with the boy, but he had spoken back to him, so he couldn't think that was a good way to behave.

"Hey Harry?" She asked, causing him and Ron to turn around, the latter sneering at her. Ignoring him, she gave Harry a small smile.

"I know you've likely heard a lot, but I want you to know I don't consider you my enemy. And... I'm sorry. For what he did I mean."

She said, sadness entering her voice at the last bit. The scepticism particularly rolled off his friend in waves, but Harry nodded, giving his thanks. Asking what class he had next, it turned out to be transfiguration, and they were in similar parts of the school. Walking together for a while, she turned down a corridor after saying goodbye to him, meeting up with her friends before being called inside. Smirking at Dracos quiet comment about how Harry would talk to her and not him, they all sat down together.

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Violet is walking to class and she sighs heading to charms, she enters the classroom and sighs sitting down next to Lileath "Lileath, professor Snape wants to talk to you in his office before dinner" she says looking at her friend "You're not in trouble though, so I guess he wants to know how you're settling in" she adds, they had this lesson with Ravenclaw, which was fine really, she was just slightly annoyed she had to tell Lileath that she was to see professor Snape before dinner, the downside of being a professor's daughter she guessed "Ah right, can one of your come with me after dinner?" she asks looking at Lileath and Draco "I need some stuff from the edge of the forest".

She knew she'd have to be very careful though, going out after dinner, especially since they had curfew, but if she didn't gather them as soon as possible she'd forget it and she really wanted to see if she finally could make it without having the potion blow up in her face.

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Lileath nodded as she sat down next to Violet, slightly worried. He was the head of Slytherin house, so she supposed it made sense, but Yaxley had told her not to trust him too much. But in truth, she didn't have much to tell him. Nothing much had happened, but she frowned at her friends question.

"What for?" Draco asked, and Lileath internally echoed the sentiment. She got the impression Dumbledore would use any excuse to expel her as quickly as possible, so sneaking out to the forest on her first day might not be a good idea. Still, she didn't want to lose her new friend, but she could see what Snape meant about her being a trouble maker. Torn between not wanting to break the rules and upsetting her friend, she asked for some time to think about it. Draco was clearly having some reservations about it as well, so maybe she could catch him alone and try could talk about it.

A loud noise brought her out of her thoughts, and she realized everyone was grabbing their books. Doing the same, she turned to the correct page and saw the levitation charm, but it didn't look too hard. Standing up to get a feather from the box, she layed it down on the desk and hummed the incantation, taking a few attempts to get it right. As Flitwick walked past he asked her why she wasn't saying the spell as loudly as everyone else, to which she paused slightly.

"I don't know professor, it just seemed like the natural way to cast. Would you like me to change?"

He pursed her lips at her answer and continued walking around the room, not answering her question. Shrugging to both Violet and Draco who now also had feathers flouting in the air, she asked them to demonstrate how they'd done it in comparison. Admittedly, they both said it clearly, but she felt far more comfortable just humming it.

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"A potion I've tried making a few times now" Violet says "I can go alone if you don't want to get into trouble" she adds, she knew how to sneak out quiet easily and she had practiced the art of it at home, but she supposed she'd get into a lot of trouble if she's caught.

Hearing Lileath hum the incantation she looks at her friend "Well I usually don't say it this loud, I mean, imagine if you wanted to surprise someone, then saying it that loudly would ruin it" she explains "Besides, it's not about the incantation, it's about the intent, if you wanna set the feather on fire you can set it on fire", she sees people stare at her and she sighs, she'd done it again.

She shrinks back slightly when the professor looks at her "Miss Blake, please don't get sidetracked from the task" he says "Sorry professor" Violet says, she really wanted to disappear right now.

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