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Fandom Harry potter rp with evy

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In the Adirondack mountains of new york lived the stormdancers and where Lucius and some of the others to the stormdancer estate where apart from Lutz who was a professional charms master his wife was a magi zoologist and also a Native American. And here lucius was with some members going to recruit their daughter "Why do you think Lutz asked us to sponsor his daughter? He could just enroll her in Ilvermorny and called it a...Oh my HEAVENS!" the woman wait pointing at the trees. When they arrived they backed up to see what looked like a mountain lion staring at them. "Everyone...dont look at it...just keep your head down...dont show any fear. Their Eyes capable of hypnosis and legilimency." Lucius said trying to be calm but then he hear a girls voice "That's correct sir!And Its okay to look up. Kitty wont do it unless ordered by me or mama." "Kitty?" One of them asked as they look up seeing a little girl with black hair brown eyes and pale skin. "Hi. My name is Angel. I take care of the Wumpus here with mama. Oh you must be daddies guests right?" They nod and she looked at kitty. "Kitty tell the clan daddies guests are here and they should play nice." Kitty looked at lucius and growled "That includes you missy!!" With a snort the Wumpus leaves and the girl walks to what looks like a treehouse. "Do you... not get harmed by them?" one of the members asked and Angel looked at them "Oh no. they never ever even nipped me.. well moms kneazel did but it was because mom said she was jealous of me. But stay away from her...she doesnt like men." "Whats thats cats name?" The member asked and had a look of irony when she said "Cuddles.." As they were walking Angel finally noticed the kids next to her parents and began walking a little faster. Lucius chuckled and looked at Draco "Go on...remember what i told you..she must be a little shy now that she sees you and the firecracker twins."

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