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Fandom Harry Potter RP ideas.

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AU, Harry Potter, LGTBQ Friendly, Magical, Romance, School, Slice of Life


I like to rp fandoms.
Hi there,
So some of you may have seen me around seeking out harry potter rps or maybe not. Anyways, most of my ideas I have center around Harry and Draco as the pairing. So before we get down to the ideas I have here are somethings about me along with rules or guide lines.

About me:
1). I am Semi-literate/ Literate.
2). I am able to post a paragraph or two depending on how much time I have before/ after work.
3). I have a job, but I will always reply.
4). I am 18+
5). I grow venus fly traps

Congrats on making it through this far!
Now onto the ideas/ Plots I have in mind:

Plot Ideas #1:
It was late one night and Harry could not seem to fall asleep for the life of himself. Sitting up in his bed, his eyes scanned the dark room as if he was trying to find something in the darkness that seemed to surround him. The echoing of crickets chirping in the distance mixed with the warm summer air drifting in from his open window made it seem that much harder to fall asleep. With a soft sigh, harry got out of bed and walked over to his make shift desk. Lumos, Harry held his wand near the calendar on the wall and saw that he still had two more weeks to go before the start of the term. His eyes fell upon a piece of parchment, surely writing to someone may put himself to sleep. It was similar to dealing with homework right? Your brain would get tired of something boring and boom, you would be put to sleep. Nibbling at the tip of his quill, Harrys mind seemed to drift thinking about Draco and how his summer was going. Surely this would mean nothing, bet he will just throw it away once he reads it. Dipping his quill into ink, harry started to write.

Hope your summer is going well, can't wait for fourth year to start.
I'm sure my house qudditch team will beat yours again.

-Skip to the night before the students leave for school-

Harry looked at the note that he had gotten, it was a reply from a certain blonde snake. Harry still could not believe that out of everyone he knew that Draco Malfoy would be replying to his note from two weeks ago.

We will talk on the train about you writing to me.
~ Malfoy

Could this be the first step of slowly the two become friends? Find out in a roleplay.

Plot idea #2:
" you can go in they are expecting you"
They? Harry thought that it had been him solely that had been summoned to the office for marriages. Upon walking into an office room, harry saw who it was that was joining in on this meeting. " Ah, Mr. Potter please have a seat will you". a short man in a green robe spoke as he turned and started looking through some filing cabinets. Harry sighed as he sat in the only unoccupied chair, " Potter" the blonde male spoke in a firm annoyed tone. " ah ha!" the short man had found what he had been looking for.
" Now Mr. Malfoy, Mr. Potter. I have summoned you here due to a document that seemed to be a contract between both of your families many decades ago"

"What in merlins name does that have to do with me and Potter here?"
Harry rolled his eyes seeing that both of them were not in school anymore, yet harry was curious as to what this document refered to that involved both of them.

" Well it seems that since you two are the last of your families blood lines, and according to this contract created by your ancestors. You two are bound to be married within a year from now. " the man said seeing that both males had their jaws hanging open along with looking rather pale.

"We are suppose to get married?!" both Harry and Draco could not believe this to be happening.

That is it for now,
if you have questions or an interest in either of these ideas please contact me.
Raven ~


Storm of Eternal Rage
Would lean more towards the first plot. Had an idea that all of Draco's bluster hid his true cunning (after all, if someone acts like they're loud and vaguely ignorant, then they'll likely be dismissed after a while... never thinking that it could be smoke and mirrors).

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