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I went upstairs and scrubbed my make-up off, changing into my school robes, but I couldn't be bothered to talk off the nail varnish, especially when I'd be applying it again later on. I walked back down, my hair less slicked back so it fell around my ears slightly.
Closing my book as I saw you coming down again.
"Great, I'm actually quite hungry." I opened the door and let you go out first.
"Have you ever been thinking about visiting the cellar?
It's facinating how the elf's make food and clean after us all day.
And we don't even see them once."
I shook my head "I know they're down there, but I see no need to go to them. The one house elf I met from here did so much grovelling it would've made a disgraced death eater proud."
I walked into the great hall with you, and looked around sharply, scanning the tables briefly as I usually did. Dumbledore frowned at me, as did Malfoy when I sat down.

"I see your father was pleased."
Feeling kinda weird about coming together with you, and sitting next to you.
But I do sit down, and look over at Draco.
I will probably hear from my friends that I'm at the wrong side of the table or something close to it.
I sigh, well it look suspicious, but let's just embrace it.
My friends also start coming into the great hall. Wyatt following them, a little behind. He looks like a mess.
Alexander raise an eyebrow as our eyes meets. I try to smile back.
I shrugged a little, sipping my drink as I pulled food unto my plate.

"He was in a better mood than I anticipated. Must of been that we had some entertainment."

I glance at your friends as they walk past, and Alex looks at me slightly surprised while Wyatt grins.

"That smart mouth got you into trouble did it?"
I frown slightly and tilt my head "I see your lack of a brain has also found you in trouble. What a shame it wasn't fatal."

I turn back to my food as he scowls, clenching his fist. I drew my wand underneath the table, glad his friends had sat down so they couldnt interfere easily. I had the spell formed in the edge of my mind, he just needed to throw the first hit.
Trying to ignore what's going on.
But I can't. "Please just shut up. Both of you."
I stand up and take Wyatt in the collar of his robe.
Wave at Ryan and Alex to come. Then I hiss in Wyatt's ear:
"You have some explaining to do. About were you were last night."
He pushed you off of him

"Shove off, Eric. What, just because you got laid by the slytherin bitch suddenly you think you rule the universe?"

He yelled, and the entire hall turned as I looked at him flatly, standing up despite him being slightly taller. Oh, how I wished this place didn't have apperation restrictions.
"You know what. I tried to be your friend. Both me, Alex and Ryan.
But you are just a piece of shit."
I kicked him in the balls and pushed him, his balance was shit because of his wounds and bruises.
He fell to the floor. He was whining, moving in pain.
"I was trying to help you! Going to back you up from whoever did this to you," I yelled. Pointing at his face.
Spitting in his face. "But fuck, you are not worth my time."
I walked out of the great hall. I knew there were a lot of teachers there. And they probably would come and try to stop me.
Alex and Ryan spat on Wyatt each their time, then ran after me. I was so angry, my blood boiling.
He were the one that taught he ruled the school. But what was he without any friends?
I hurried after you, surprised by your reaction.

"Eric" I said, almost in awe. I was shocked, he used to be your friend, and yeah he was a douchebag but still... such a degrading and public outcasting was impressive. Strangely, I felt a slight new founded respect for you, that his actions towards me caused you to acted so with such volition.
My heart was beating fast, almost felt like it was going to jump out of my chest.
Turning around as you say my name. Trying to breath in and out.
I was probably having red eyes and red skin from being so mad. Still clenching my fist because I still wasn't calm.
Wasn't mad at you, and had no intentions about doing you any harm.
"Yeah?" Finally answering you.
Looking into the great hall, teachers running towards Wyatt.
Everyone probably heard what he said, and well I was more worried for him what he said, then my own words.
Snape only went past by me. "A word with you later. Think the Wyatt boy is in more trouble than you."
As what I thought. Also Wyatt had'nt been in his bed last night. He had some explaining to do about getting beaten up.
I nodded at Snapes words. Antagonizing me was never really a great idea, unless you were Harry Potter and had the headmasters approval to be a complete jerk of course. I looked at you and my eyes widened slightly, but I didn't say anything.

"Nothing... I'm just surprised. Why?"

Why only now had you realised how horrible he was? How he hated anyone else who held any kind of power, how he thought he was all that while playing everyone else down?
"He had no right to say what he said.
It was disrespectful above both you and me.
No friend says something like that."
Trying to set my hair in place with my fingers.
"Alex and Ryan are idiots and joke around all the time.
But they would never insult me, or you who is my friend."
I sighed. And sat down on a bench, putting my head in my hands.
"I know I should have done it earlier. But earlier he didn't have anything to hold against me.
Now he has been using you to get to me. And that's not okay. It made me mad."
Still sitting in the same position, while looking down at my feet.
I smiled a little "Are we friends?"

I asked cautiously, not knowing if letting you reconsider that assessment was a good idea. I supposed we were, I mean you certainly wasn't subservient to me like Malfoy was, although I tried not to exploit that too much.
I looked up at you.
"If you want to, then I'm your friend." I smirked.
Class was probably soon starting. Didn't know when I was supposed to have a word with Snape, but he would come get me.
Alex and Ryan came over to give me a fist bump, then they left for class.
I laughed a little "I guess if you're going to start punching people in my defense, it's fair to say we're friends."

Ryan and Alex chuckled slightly as they walked off, and I glanced at them before looking at you.

"You know, I've been here three days and only gone to one lesson so far, and that was Snapes. That's pretty abysmal really."

I said light heartedly, smiling.
"Going good so far then." I laughed.
"Maybe we should head to class?
Try to even out for all the trouble we find ourselves in." Smirking slightly.
"Do you know what we have?"
I looked at you slightly blankly.

"Um... no actually. Which is stupid. How can I know the Dark Lords plot to take over the country and not even know my own timetable?"

I smiled lightly as I summoned it up and groaned.

"My God no. It's the pink toad."
"Perfect," I grunted. "Better to get it over with."
Standing up. "Just need my books," I ran down the dungeons, into the common room and found my backpack there.
Then ran back to you. "Ready as I can be. And well if the pink toad bothers you, then I can just kick her in the balls." I shrugged and laughed.
I laughed "I'd much prefer it if you'd kick Harry in the balls. Preferably while I'm there so I can watch."

I walked with you to her lesson, and strolled in, and although I wasn't late everyone else sat down. I looked around sharply, my gaze settling on the toad herself.

"Ah, the Lady of Slytherin. I'm pleased that you could join us."

I stiffened immensely by her using what will be my future title.

"It's Heir of Slytherin, Professor."

She frowned "But you are the last of your line, are you not?"

I nodded curtly once "Yes, but I will only assume full command of the house once I come of age."

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