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Fandom Harry Potter (Present)


The Professor
Hey guys. Trying to satisfy a few of my cravings, so I thought I'd break down a few of the fandoms into their own search threads.

Obviously, I'm craving a good, strong Hogwarts story. At the moment, I'm specifically looking for something set in "trio era" - which I define, personally, as the period between Harry's birth and the events of The Deathly Hallows. I'll consider Marauders' era, but I'm feeling the other much, much more.

I do have a few things for which I'm specifically looking in a partner, though, so let me lay those out for you:

  • First off, the all-important literacy expectations we all hate to talk about. I am a writer at heart. I have been a writer for longer than I can even remember. When I write, I take it very seriously. Now, that doesn't mean I'm not silly and chatty OOC, because I totally am when I hit it off with someone. What it does mean is that I need a partner with as much love of the language as I have: someone who will use correct capitalization, punctuation and grammar; who can write posts that have both quality and a modicum of quantity (don't need constant novellas, but I need more than two tiny paragraphs); who knows the difference between possessives and plurals, "your" and "you're," etc. I am a stickler, and when I got my useless English degree, I didn't get it because I love the literary canon. Because...I don't. I got it because I love words (no kidding, eh?), and I love all the fascinating rules and nuances around them. Typos? Not a problem. Occasional mistakes? We all make them. Stylistic rule-bending? I'm doing it right now. Just...respect the language. Realize that it's just as important as the story it's trying to tell.
  • I only write hetero couples. I have nothing against non-straight people or relationships, but it's outside my wheelhouse. I would like romance in the story, because I'm such a chick-flick-loving, hopeless romantic.
  • Along similar lines, I'm not into those blue NSFW things. I love romance, and I love conflict and action in my fantasy and sci-fi adventures, but I'm more PG-13 than R-rated when it comes to my writing. Plenty of very good stories don't have gratuitous "mature" content, and - quite frankly - we're not here for TV ratings; we're here to create compelling stories that make us laugh and cry and think. That being said, I do still prefer my partners to be over 18; there's a line, and I don't want to risk crossing it. Also, given that I'm well-established in my twenties at this point, it's just easier for me.
  • For trio era, my character is an OC music teacher. I am looking for someone willing to either take or double as Remus Lupin for me. In return, if we're doubling, I'll gladly play any canon of your choice.

I think that's everything...

So! If you're interested, I very much encourage you to PM me, so we can see if we mesh! Please note that I DO NOT respond to comment replies left here under any circumstances, so please use the PM function.

Thank you!

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