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Fandom Harry Potter Interest Check


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Hey everyone! I'm Riliane. I'm 21 years old, and I work part-time at Papa Johns as a manager and I also go to college full time. I've been roleplaying since I was 12 and it's something I still really enjoy! It also keeps me somewhat sane with everything going on nowadays lol

I absolutely love having conversations with my partners. Either about the roleplay plot, headcanoning, or even just about what's going on in our lives, and I love making new friends with roleplaying. As long as we talk about a plot enough, I can write almost anything!

I would like to apologize if I accidentally ghost you. I’m easily distracted and very forgetful. If I haven’t said anything in a week, there’s a good chance that I may have forgotten our roleplay or am unsure how to respond. Just give me a nudge and I’ll get back to you!

I am looking for a Harry Potter roleplay set in either the Golden Trio Era or the Marauders Era. I will mostly want to double up with OC x Canon but I am also okay with doing OC x OC on occasion.

For Golden Trio Era, my love interest would be Hermione Granger, Harry Potter or Draco Malfoy. For Marauders Era, my love interest would be Severus Snape. I would also be interested in doing a platonic relationship roleplay if that is more your style!

If you are interested, please DM me with a small introduction and who your love interest options are!
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I'm interested! What do you have in mind?

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