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Multiple Settings happy's search for longterm romance rp partners (fandoms + originals welcome)

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hello, my name is happyfurara, so feel free to call me happy, or even my given name, lexi. I am 21 years old and have been writing since I was 12, roughly, which means I have, about, a decade of writing experience (the time sure does fly, doesn’t it?). I am located in Central Standard Time. I am a polyglot (meaning I speak four languages). I am fluent in English and Spanish, conversational in Korean and French, and am currently learning Italian. Despite this, I have incredible grammar and spelling skills. Although I am human, and may make mistakes here and there, I like to think that, for the most part, I write well.

about me

I am a full time student and worker. With everything happening, all of my classes have gone online, and since I’m an author, my work hasn’t changed too much. With this in mind, I am a fairly active roleplay partner. At the minimum, you can expect 3 responses from me, a week (so, every other day), and at the maximum, you can expect 14 responses a week (or two a day). It depends on the length of our rp, the amount of characters that we have, and the time it takes for you to respond.

OOC chatting is something that I enjoy doing. Typically, I can give my partners estimates on responses, talk about our rps, and ultimately, just get to know you. I love to create google docs and boards about our characters, but of course, this is not required of you. Even though I’d like to, we don’t have to be the best of friends, in order to have an rp together.

When it comes to my response, I am a literate to novella style rp partner. I can write anywhere from 2k - 9k words, for a starter, and roughly 400 - 4.5k words per response. This, drastically, depends on my partner. Typically, I like to mirror my partner, so if you want something with 1k words a response then that’s what I’ll give you. If you’d like something with 500 words, per response, I can give you that. Let me know your preference, and that’s what I’ll do. After all, rping is a fun and relaxing hobby, not a job.

I write third person, present tense. I have found that not many people write like this, and I have no problem roleplaying with people who write third person, past tense. It’s the story that’s really important, in the end, right? :)

With all of my years of experience, I write, both, male and female quite equally. I enjoy writing both, and most times, I prefer to do M x F, for my side. For your side, I am more than willing to do F x F, though please be aware that if you’d like an M x M, I have to really love the plot and envision you as a partner, as I have been burnt before with this one. Now, I will not, under any circumstances, rp with someone who only wants to play female. No, this has, also, burnt me several times, in the past, and I won’t do it again.

I can play from one character, in an rp, to about ten. (I have efficiently juggled ten characters before, it just meant I could only respond about twice a week). I love having a cast of characters, as I think it really makes the rp fun. But, this is not required. If you only want one, then we’ll only do one, it’s as easy as Sunday Morning, as they say. I do like to start with character sheets. While mine lean towards more the detailed side, yours can be as simple or detailed as you’d like.
I am a long term partner, and my longest rp partner, has been with me about five years now. I’d like to have partners who are also with me, long term. This doesn’t mean we have to do the same rp for five years, no, when you get tired of something, let me know, and I will do the same. We can make it spicy, add more characters, or just start an entirely new rp. Of course, I am not against short term partners, just please let me know if those are your intentions.

I am ghost friendly although I will never ghost you. If something doesn’t work out, then I will let you know, and I’d appreciate the same, in return, although I do understand. Typically, I will bump you twice, once after one week, and one more time, after a second week has gone by. If you don’t respond to either, then I will assume that you are no longer interested in rping with me and will let our rp go.

Also, I like orcas….. Deal with it.

:) I watch anime, Korean dramas, popular television shows, and movies!

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