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Futuristic Hackerz~

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Adventure, Anime, Cyberpunk, Dystopian

Amaya Itami

~Ayano Neori~

Ayano yawned as she leaned on a shiny white building in The Genesis District. It was 8am and she was showing up for work, but she wanted to relax a little before walking into the police force headquarters. She was very tired as she had quite the night out in the Neon district last night. On top of that she needed to relax since she uh, lost something of the departments last night. Thoughtlessly she had forgotten to take her department ordered watch off last night. She uses it throughout her day to perform background checks check holocar speed other things and also some entertainment but her department didn't need to know that. Anyways it's gone now She hasn't the slightest idea how but when she went to put it on this morning it was nowhere and that's when she remembered she had been wearing it out. She looked down at her can of Energy on the ground. Government issued coffee that is entirely synthetic, same energy no addiction or side effect. though some may argue the addiction part. She checked the city clock across the road, those things were everywhere since electronics were banned but time still exists, clocks have become very very popular in Genesis district homes, in addition to the electric clocks all over the streets and buildings. It was 8:30 now. time to walk inside and get her assignment.

She took a deep breath and nodded to herself. She walked through the auto doors and waved to the receptionist as she walked past. She made her way to her head officers office and got her assignment without having to explain her lack of a watch! well today's patrol will just be a bit more difficult but, she will be looking for the thief who stole her watch like that as well. She held onto the little cube that held her assignment. and grabbed her glasses from the break room wear she left them yesterday. SHe put them on and clicked a button on the cube, she saw her assignment pop up as a hologram that only she could see thanks to the glasses, it worked this way for every officer. Hmmm nothing special today, patrol transport central for the morning shipments, genesis district in the afternoon-oh that was good she could get lunch at her favorite spot-and then the Neon district until midnight. Well, at least she doesn't have to do much in the Genesis district, although, she new better than anyone that even though it looks perfect, many crimes still occur. awful crimes not vandalism or destruction of property, but human crimes. She stood and put the cube in her pocket, she'd return it later. Off to transport central.

When she got their the Simulation daylight lights were way too bright for her eyes and she had to shield them as she walked into the center. first things first, check with the front desk to get an inventory and list of shipments coming in as well as a description of their frequent suspicious peoples. no pictures just words, Ayano stood reading it not paying all that much attention to her surroundings since she knew that most piracy happened on the far docks rather than the ones close to the building, she would go once she was done reading.​

Cas let out a groan as she pinched her nose. Her head was poised backwards in an attempt to stop the blood from gushing out her nose. The day had only begun on the Demo crew’s newest job site and of course.. there was already an injury. Usually Cas was the one helping others walk their pains away.. but not today. The new guy forgot to look where he was throwing stuff and well. It caught Cas square in the face.

Of course the man had profusely apologized.. but eh. He was new. Accidents happen.. Cas just shooed him away and sat back until her nose finally stopped sobbing blood. A thought in her mind told her that it was probably a good idea to go and find something sweet to eat after a substantial loss of blood.. some advice some nurse had given her a while back. Meh. A little dizziness never bothered her before. It wasn’t too bad. She sighed and moved to get back to work. A few smears of blood still adorning her face. No one would chance telling her though. They didn’t want on she-hulk’s grumpy side.

Like always Cas was determined to be the last person on the job site. She liked to make small hidden piles of any possibly good finds or forgotten tech. Heh. It wasn’t often that it happened.. but yet.. it did happen enough to warrant any over-time.

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Master of the Winter

> Victor Hawke <

The sounds of loud snoring could be heard coming from under the covers in a small apartment room, deep in The Dark Gate. Snoring that sounded so loud that even the neighbors were getting fed up with the sound traveling through their paper-thin walls. Suddenly, the sound stopped and the covers were gently pushed off the man. His eyes, hazel in color, squinted as the light from outside pierced through the holes in his blinds, momentarily blinding him. Sitting up and rubbing the sleep (and light) out of his eyes, he silently thanked that the smog of the lower city helped block out a lot of the sun's harmful rays. He slid to the side and let his feet dangle off his bed. He used one of his toes to test the waters of the cold hardwood floor and shivered as the chilly temperatures started to brush against his skin. Groaning, he pushed through and stood up with a long stretch and a few smacks of his lips. Morning breath was never pleasant.

Moving through the shabby apartment and skillfully avoiding all of the super creaky floorboards, the man found himself in the bathroom. He began his daily routine of showering, straightening his hair, brushing his teeth, and then getting upset about his hair again. Looking into the mirror, the man who looked back at him was Victor Hawke. A handsome, suave, charming guy (if he does say so himself) that solved crimes by uh...doing crimes. Yeah, his methods weren't always legal per se. That didn't stop the 25 years young man from doing his best in keeping crime off the streets and warmth in his sheets. Leaving the bathroom with a sharp smile and a good (enough) hairstyle, Hawke made his way to his second favorite place in his apartment. The kitchen.

Alighting his gas stove, he began to boil some water for his morning coffee. A black steaming cup of caffeine always got him through the mornings in NeoGen and he wasn't about to start rehab on his addiction today. He didn't have to dig through his cabinets much until he found his favorite instant coffee mix. The brown-haired man was lucky that it was so cheap. Or was it because it was cheap that it was his favorite? Meh, he didn't question it so long as it tasted good. Setting that down on the counter, he made a brief exit to pick up his paper from outside. Lifting up his "Welcome Back" mat, he slipped the day's newspaper into his hands and shook his head in annoyance. The only reason he had to keep doing this was that his neighbors couldn't afford their own paper so they kept stealing his, cutting out the coupons, and then setting it back at his doorstep. Thankfully the paperboy was a nice lad and hid it in certain places he instructed him.

After a few minutes, Hawke made his mug of coffee and sat down with paper in hand. He glanced over the coupons, still intact, for now, and focused on the big articles. A new building was being constructed in the Genesis District yada yada, some fireman saved a cat from one of the synthetic holo-trees down in Transport Central blah blah. His boring morning was not being saved by the day's paper, that's for sure.

"Hmm? Now now, what is this exactly?" He mumbled to himself, sipping the burning hot coffee. No time to let it cool after all.

The article he was looking at now talked about a new piece of tech that would "change the way the populace saw tech"! Something revolutionary apparently. It was mostly just hype and the journalist didn't even manage to get an announcement date on when it would be reviled but Hawke was hooked. Pulling out a rusty pair of scissors from his drawer, he cut the article out and folded it up neatly. Hawke walked over and slung his Carmel trenchcoat on and stuffed the article into his front pocket. Stepping out of his apartment room, he made sure to lock the door and smiled as he looked down over the railing. He had some people to question.​


The Fashionable Crab
Killian Newsy
Killian huffed as he planted one foot after another, descending downwards. Below, the sounds of the crowded streets of the city roared, above, the silence of an empty penthouse beckoned. Clinging to the side of a construction crane, Killian was crawling downwards with no ladder or harness to save him. He did have a pair of magnetic gloves he made himself, fortunately, but his inventions always had ample opportunity to fail. The mag gloves, to his gut-wrenching horror, slipped up on the climb upwards three times, so Killian was rightfully worried.

Seeing the construction crane hovering over an unfinished penthouse suite atop a twenty-story building had been a chance encounter. Climbing said crane, in order to break into said penthouse suite, was a rash, stupid spring-of-the-moment decision that he had plenty of time to regret on the climb up. Penthouses usually came decked with tech. Not anything too fancy by his standards, just a lot of electronic parts and a few hologram projectors here and there, but it was tech. Places like it usually had some pretty useful parts he could use on his devices.

Now twenty feet above the ground, Killian felt nothing but joy as he neared solid ground. The crane didn't even have a ladder attached to it for the first ten or so floors of the building, it just connected to the building on the 11th floor and started a ladder there, which he didn't really get, but it did make the job of climbing it significantly harder and taxing on his heart.

As he approached ten feet from the ground, Killian was hit by the nagging worry that someone might have seen him. A figure clad in formal wear with a messenger bag filled with parts slowly descending the side of a crane in clear view of the street? Someone had to have seen him by now. Well, no worries, all he had to do was hide the messenger bag and pose as some urban explorer if he got caught.

Finally, Killian reached the point where he could jump off. Landing with a grunt, Killian dusted himself off before quickly looking around. No one seemed to be coming after him. Taking that as his cue to leave, Killian began vaulting the construction site's fence.
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𝙟𝙪𝙣 𝙠𝙞𝙢𝙖𝙩𝙝𝙞
Holy. Fucking. Shit.

Jun opened his eyes tentatively, got blinded by the sunlight, and immediately squeezed them back shut, internally cursing himself for whatever it was he had done last night. His legs ached, his back felt bruised, and this migraine was downright cruel.

“Process of elimination: I don’t smell like alcohol. No hangover. I’m not completely fucked up, so not drugs either,” he mumbled to himself, glaring almost accusingly at his window as if the sun rays physically hurt him. The late-night deliveries were always shitty, since it was the best time for the drunks and junkies of NeoGen to get their fix, but sometimes lowlifes just want to party too.

He turned to one side, nearly taking the entire blanket with him, and found a notepad on the dirty carpeted floor next to him. Names, addresses, amounts of money, and various drug code words were scribbled into it. Each one was crossed out in blue ink, and Jun smiled contentedly—no work for today!—until he turned the page and saw another twenty-two names written in.

It was way too early for this.

Bracing his pounding head with one shaky hand, Jun promptly checked the kitchen for any signs of his father. Sure enough, he wasn’t there and was probably already at the lab, doing whatever shady shit he did while he was out. And of course he had taken the last makeshift phone he bought from Electric Ave, damnit.

Jun stocked his backpack, taking extra care with the higher-quality goods, and headed out into Transport Central’s bustling streets, his legs still not seeming to cooperate with him. He considered stopping at an electro cafe for a quick snack before deciding that getting another gadget to locate the next customers would be a better idea.
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The Charming Llama

Ethan Summers


Ethan woke up with a yawn as he sat up from the old mattress he called a bed. Looking at his charging laptop, he saw it was around 8 am. That meant he'd probably gotten around....4 hours sleep? Last night was supposed to be his night off from performing for the club, but Ethan had been busy doing other things. First he'd been making up his set for the performance tonight. And of course Ethan then had to send that music to Meiko ( animegirl20 animegirl20 ) to get her opinion on it; Ethan had loved what she'd done with the music he made for her, so he also complimented her for that.

The most important thing Ethan had done, however, was spreading his message. Last night he'd snuck into the Transport district and tagged one of the station walls, as well as several other places, with his message. Each one of them showed planet earth covered in bright neon buildings, surrounded by music notes. The planet itself also were, the currently banned tech known as, headphones. Each tag was joined by one of his mantras; Music for the People, Freedom for Neogen, Justice not Laws. That was all the stuff people could see. Hidden in the tags, was code that told certain people of the concert he was holding tonight.

Going through his morning routine, Ethan would slowly feel less and less tired. He was used to a lot of late night, so he wasn't as effected by tiredness as he used to be. It also helped that Ethan had snagged a few cans of Energy from the police. By 8:30 Ethan was all ready and dressed, wearing his black undersleeves and grey sleeveless jacket. He left the club, wear he lived, and headed up to the transport district; being careful not to wake any of the homeless who spent the night in the spare rooms. Ethan wanted to see his work, see if the Cops had started taking it down yet.​

free cake

spice and goth
~ Wan Saengkaew ~

The mundanity of Wan's morning routine made it a common occurrence for her to go through the motions of preparing herself for the day without realizing what she was doing, much less that she was even awake. It was only when she stepped through her door into the cool air of morning and the stench of city smoke and garbage that she fully came to her senses. Dragging her feet, she ascended up the stairs leading to her semi-basement apartment and onto the sidewalk. Now conscious, she wandered towards Transport Central where her usual clientele hung out; gang members lying low in cheap motels, mafia soldiers staking out in cars, pirates heckling you as you walked past. Hands in her pockets, she felt around for her essentials; keys, pocket knife, a face mask for the train, her slowly emptying wallet...

Her heart sank a bit as the thin leather wallet reminded her of her rent. Every month was a battle to pay all of her various bills, and it'd only been getting worse recently as her customers began to drop. Two rival gangs she worked for had decided to thin each other out, so to speak, leaving her with less clientele than ever. She had missed payments to her landlord in the past, an unhealthy habit of hers that'd gotten her roughed up and her shit thrown out in the street on multiple occasions. She didn't fear much, but she dreaded the thought of having to face her landlord again while short on cash; she didn't like owing anyone money, but it was a different type of fear when the alternative to coughing up the cash was homelessness.

While muttering to herself about her daily tasks, she made a decision; she wouldn't be returning home today without a new customer. Finally, she reached a street on Transport Central guaranteed to have her some of her regulars wandering about. She stepped between litter and a couple questionable puddles to a barren side of building, where she fell into a squat and pulled out a box of cigarettes and a lighter. She quickly lit one and popped it into her mouth, returning the box and lighter to her pocket; this wasn't her usual routine, usually she would have someone to report to, someone waiting on her findings from her creeping around. Today she had no clients to talk to, only time to wait around, til someone recognized her and asked for a favor. She was widely known in this part of Transport Central for her services, so it usually didn't take too long.

Eyes darting back and forth, she kept her head on a swivel, waiting for the early morning to pass and for the streets to fill with life again.


Graphic Fanatic


LOCATION: The Dark Gate​

It was eight, and as usual Proxy was regretting her decision to complete just one more level. The lethargy should, in theory, be expected by now, but her brain never followed what should. Though compared to those that worked the night shift and continued toiling away in the day, her gaming addiction problems were barely anything. The hospital was understaffed, so she was exceedingly lucky that she only had to be called in the middle of the night for emergencies. Benefits of knowing the boss, she supposed; all hail nepotism. Whenever empty positions finally seemed to be filling up — nevermind that the majority of new hires had never touched a biology textbook — something would almost certainly change that. A nurse would go missing, a patient’s relatives would beat up a physician, or past debts would catch up with one of the half-criminals employed. The senior staff had even set up a betting pool over whether there’d ever be a moment with a full crew — all bets she’d heard were on “no”.

Stretching and hearing the bones in her back crack, she finished recording the last patient’s information in the log. Turning her attention to the window beside her, she finally gave the woman screeching vulgarities by the entrance a good look. The scene wasn’t new to the workers in the building — the lady hadn’t even tried to destroy property yet — but for her to have the stamina to yell for hours straight? That had potential. Potential to be the most annoying ex-patient of the week, that is.

Hopefully throwing the woman what she wanted would shut her up. Moving out of the meeting room to the corridor, she passed a corner to the barely closet-sized space her coworker in question called his own. A dented nameplate hung from a knob, but she ignored it.

“Vanderberg,” she called out as she unceremoniously kicked open the door without waiting for a response — the door had a tendency to jam, and she wasn’t one to try her luck. “There’s a lady outside screaming bloody murder at your nonexistent dog because your surgery gave her urethral complications. She almost gave a patient in my rounds an acute myocardial infarction, so take care of that, will you?”

A straggly man sporting a beard that came from stacking five-o-clock shadows for a month looked up from a screen. Blinking blearily, he groaned. “Not again.”

Grabbing an old riot shield — ancient enough that the style was sitting in a holoseum somewhere — propped at the side of his desk, he shuffled to the doorway. “Tell Boss I tried my best.”

“Will do, soldier.” She gave him a dry salute. “Good luck, yeah? Don’t die.”

Vanderberg gave a strained smile. “I’m not planning to.” He paused. “Could you do me a favour?”

She studied his expression. Vanderberg didn’t seem like the type to pull a fast one, but everyone who worked here was a little off somewhere. “Depends what it is. Last time I took a package for the intern it exploded in my face — don’t do that.”

While it might seem strange for the staff to ask Proxy to help them with private errands, Boss habitually turned a blind eye to her actions — even if she ran off for a bit, only a reprimand would fall on her head. It was both a blessing and a curse to her coworkers. On one hand, it was easy to ask her to help them with questionable tasks that they couldn’t get to due to a busy schedule, but on the other, the hospital usually needed all hands on deck — a person missing was a person mourned.

“Nothing like that.” His eyes moved slowly away from her as he said so, and he quickly gave her a rundown of his ask, a summary too sparse to be all that it was.

Contemplating his shifty manner for a bit, she shrugged. “Just this once. If you’re selling me off or something, you better hope I don’t come back, alright?”

He grimaced and shouldered out of the makeshift office. “I wouldn’t dare. Boss would shank me.”

Proxy shook her head. “She’d more likely poison your coffee — but only after she’s squeezed you dry of overtime.”

Vanderberg made a face.

Their conversation concluded, she nodded and left him to meet his ex-patient. She gave a quick heads up to the nurses in her unit, splitting the morning’s orders between them. Pulling a jacket from her locker and changing her shoes, she slipped out the broken emergency exit and started her walk to the appointment.
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Simply Kanna

"We've got a lifetime to figure it out."

Morgan hated showing up late for work, or, well, what counted as work anyway, the Midnight Run didn't have any official 'punishments' for showing up past clock in, after all, Kendall had shown up three hours late last week, and had only gotten an amused laugh from Dale when he threw an empty bottle of Swann Vodka at the retreating form of a patron that decided skipping the bill was going to be easy, but... When it came to Morgan, Dale always got this Look on his face that made her a mixture of pissed off and uneasy. Then again, everything involving the Midnight Run made her a mixture of pissed of and uneasy, so, she usually chalked that up to shared ambience between the place and the owner.

Still, barging through the kitchen backdoor, thirty minutes late, and covered in what was likely three day old rain water, (fuck Talia Matthews and her new car, fuck her), was not a good precident to any dau honestly.

She sped through the kitchen, ignoring the smell of breakfast that made her want to snag something for herself, and the angry bark of one of the cooks.

Bursting through into the main dining room, and promptly smiling at the sparse guests that littered the floor, Morgan weeved her way through to the west end of the room where the workers staircase was, and yanked open the door.

The trip up the stairs burned her legs, her entire lower body actually, having already ran to Midnight Run in panic, (a whole three city blocks, good Lord above Morgan was surprised her legs still worked at this point), and pushing her tired limps further was just killing her.

Opening the large metal door that led into the bar on the second floor of Midnight Run, which was unusually empty for the morning, she had expected at least Yvette when she cast her her gaze around, the woman never missed a chance to snag half-priced drinks during the Early Bird Special that somehow applied to the fucking bar, immediately sidling up beside Kendall.

"I'll cover your shift tonight if you pretend I've been here the past hour, arguing about who should deliver that shitty-detective's next package," was her immediate offer, gaining an amused raised brow from the older male.

"You think they'll believe that?" Was the reply, leaning away from her slightly, "I mean, yeah, we're both blonde, and I must say, very attractive, but even a blind alcoholic could tell the difference between a man and a woman."

Morgan rolled her eyes, her voice dropping so that only he could hear, "You aren't even supposed to be serving alcohol Kendall, your nineteen, and I'm not even entirely sure this places license has been reinstated yet, much less whether or not you have the degree of a mixologist."​
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Quiet but also not Nezuko


S T A R T​

Silent snores were heard, in a room that was caked with posters of old school rock bands, anime, even some comic book covers. She seemed to love Batman, specifically the Robin covers. Maybe it was something about men in tight clothing that just made some drool.

These posters aged well. But it looked like they were just bought. Whoever owned these should be sealing these in a glass case.. not.. Snoring in an awkward position in their bed. It was a double, with a box-spring, an entire foot gap between the floor and the case of bed itself.

It was a tall bed for a double. But it was empty, in a way. Being that only one girl, her hair a mess, sheets scattered, one pillow under her chest, the other six on the floor. Wearing only an oversized white t-shirt, with a Scarlet Spider symbol over her chest. The abdomen of the spider had reached to where her belly button.

After a few loud moans and hisses from a nearby cat, the female had only rolled over, spreading their arms out as far as they could, a silent grunt came, but it sounded pained, as they had reached for their throat, they had realized they were too close to the edge. And thus, with their arms brought back to themselves, the balance was off and they slid right off.


Just like the comics on her wall. She made the very same sounds.

Getting up quickly, she had opened her tired eyes. Shifting from side to side, all they could see was a bright blur in her home. She must’ve left the blinds open again. And here we go again;


Right. She has walls in between her bedroom, the bathroom and the kitchen. She rubbed her eyes some, whilst walking into the kitchen, opening the closest cupboard to then slide out a large Meow-Mixers! Bag of kibble. Three Twenty pound bags were under the counter.

Stuffing a small bowl into the kibble bag, she placed it on the floor and slid the bag back into the cupboard and pushed the power button on her trusty old coffee maker.

One of the very few techy-things she’s allowed to own. It angered her, since everything was powered by tech. There’s a microchip in everything now. But people aren’t allowed anything.

As the coffee had brewed, Evelynn had pushed two slices of white bread into the toaster, taking the peanut butter out of the cupboard from above the fridge. Looking down at her bare feet on the ceramic floor, she silently sighed. No pants. She’s comfy in her home, but she also left the blinds open.

Shutting her eyes, she had memorized her apartment, using muscle memory as well, she had walked slowly to the window and kept her eyes closed to keep her eyes resting. She was ready to fall back asleep at any moment. She tugged on the blind’s string and pulled to the left, letting the folds drop and cover the beaming light in her apartment, suddenly making it significantly darker.

Walking into her bedroom, she fought the urge to even touch her bed, for she had simply opened up her panty drawer and slipped a pair on, still wearing the oversized Scarlett spider t-shirt. She felt like a zombie, waddling and dragging her feet all over her apartment, waiting for the coffee to brew.

Finally she decided to put some clothes on.


Quiet but also not Nezuko

Monday (Cont.)

Bursting out of her bedroom, Evelynn was seen once again, instead of wearing an oversized t-shirt, she decided to throw on a comfortable polo. It was dark blue with white spots scattered to make it look like a deep blue space. The white specks were the stars.

She had also donned herself. White skirt, which the ripples ended at her knees. Without any make up, the dark bags under her eyes were very visible, while she had both arms above her head and brushed her hair violently. After multiple tries to keep ALL her hair put up in a ponytail, it had always decided to go wild, and she’d miss some. So she let one set of her bangs loose and drift off on the side. She didn’t even want to throw a fit, she wanted to drink her coffee.

Reaching up on the tips of her red-painted toes, she slid a mug from the cupboard, placing it on the counter next to the still-brewing coffee pot, and poured it three quarters of the way. She eye-balled it, so it really wasn’t spot on. She had taken out a teaspoon, dropping two sugars in and to then open her fridge. There was no creamer. Whatever. That or nothing. She could still get a coffee on her way to the shops anyways.

After leaving her home, making sure that nothing was left on, Evelynn was seen leaving the building, wearing a fair amount of makeup, just to feel better, yet quite really do look better, she had herself a pair of white shoes, almost looking brand new, if it weren’t for the creases.

With her bag in one arm, she didn’t carry a purse. Her wallet and chapstick were in the bag that she carried like a purse. Neon district is where she is headed, hoping to get some good deals and some people caught off guard and left without a wallet in their pockets~


Llama hand

Luca Graymin

The world drifted by with an indifferent patience that wrapped its claws around his throat and squeezed his breath away. Uneasy silence enveloped his mind. He could feel himself falling. Drowning. There was no air to speak with, no one to hear a cry for help-

Four razor sharp pinpricks ripped him from his sleep.

"Ow- OW!" Gray blinked open bleary eyes and swatted half-heartedly at the cat-shaped cloud that was digging glass shards into his arm (Pest simply allowed the hand to pass through her before continuing her impatient assault). "I'm up, will you stop stabbing me already?" He groaned, voice thick with morning-time dryness.

She mewled indignantly, but released her grip nonetheless.

The trash-heap of an apartment he called home slowly came into focus around him. Scratchy blankets were shoved to the side as he rubbed wakefullness into his eyes and got to his feet, leaving his bed (which, really, was more of a loose amalgamation of sheets and pillows than anything else) a tangled mess on the floor. Pest padded toward the poorly-supplied kitchen that took up an entire corner of the room (a testament to the meager amount of space provided rather than the kitchen's largeness) with her tail waving triumphantly back and forth.

Gray slipped easily into their usual routine, throwing on a plain gray jacket and a pair of equally bland black pants before following behind.

He grabbed a container of leftover stir fry from the previous night's dinner dumped it unceremoniously into a stained, metal pan. Pest floated contentedly over the stovetop, waiting to engulf any steam that drifted her way as it reheated. In a few minutes, breakfast -a silent affair, save for the slight hiss of oil on metal and muted flipping of pages on a meticulously organized pad of paper- was served.

It always took the entire length of the meal for Gray to decode the messages he'd left for himself (less because of it's complexity and more because he triple-checked them), but -once he had- he flipped the notepad shut and tucked it away in his inner-jacket pocket. No jobs today. Meaning he needed to advertise. "Up for a trip to Transport Central?" He hummed, standing to place his now-empty plate into the sink.

Pest scraped a glass shard across the countertop (which was already dotted with markings from such treatment).

Gray ignored her protest and grabbed a handful of fliers on his way to the door. "I'm sure there'll be plenty of exhaust fumes for you."

She gave a whining meow as she leapt into the air to hover in front of him.

"We can look for gas leaks on the way home."

She huffed, hesitated for one second more, and reluctantly landed on his shoulder -claws digging only slightly into his shirt.


They arrived to the sight of a graffitied station wall.

Gray, accustomed to searching the world for hints of less-than-legal activity (it provided the bulk of his clients), quickly made out the code within. A concert. Illegal, judging by the secrecy and tech depicted in the tag. Normally he wouldn't take much interest in it, but business was slow and anyone attending an event like that already had a taste for the riskier side of life. Perhaps there'd be better chances of running into someone who required protection from it's dangers (and would be willing to pay for it).

Before Pest had the chance to leap off his shoulder and search the station for knick-knacks as she usually did, Gray turned to face her. "You thinking what I'm thinki- Did you steal the tape dispenser?"

The light that served as her eye jittered gently up and down like she was giggling.

He held out his hand. "Drop it."

The roll of tape he had spotted drifting near her head floated deeper inter her clouded form.

"Do you want me to buy you another glass or not? 'Cause if you keep this up, I won't."

Pest huffed and it fell into his hand with a muffled thump. She shot him one last glare before scampering off to investigate a trashcan a few feet away.

"Thank you," He grumbled, voice dripping with sarcasm. Fortunately for Gray, anyone that was in the station at this time was half-asleep (or, at least, that was his assumption), and he didn't get too many odd stares for talking to the empty air. Not that he much cared. He had work to do.

His fliers were rather small, only taking up about a hand-sized amount of paper, and neatly marked with the symbol of a bodyguard for hire (the shape of a shield split vertically in half with a thin rectangle bridging the gap). Small print below gave a short list of contact methods interspersed with coded messages outlining his requirements, price, and more contact information (this time of the more illegal kind). They weren't the most effective method of advertisement, but they got the job done, so -with a quick ripping of tape- he stuck one on the wall a few feet to the left of the graffiti.
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Used to be a people-person; then people ruined it
Synthetic Jet and Flame.png

Ariiasq wasn't used to being Awake at this time in the day. The bright lights and soft darkness that danced together so gracefully were gone, replaced with harsh light that had an unfamiliar pain flaring behind their eyes. They were walking around half-blind as it was, too-bright light making everything look white and shadow-less, unrendered ground tripping them up enough that Jet decided to lean them into his side and fold a wing over them, keeping them shaded enough from the blaring ball of discomfort people called a sun that they didn't trip over every other step.

"This isn't a good idea," the monster wheedled, tail flicking back and forth with a near whip-like sound. "You should just go back to sleep; you already look dead on your feet."

Why were they Awake at this time, anyway? They weren't usually; too bright, loud, and boring.



Recently, the Seniors had been planning "a surprise" for the freshmen to help them learn. One of the optional "LFYP" days. Well, they needed the freshmen out for the day. They'd have to make it up later, of course, but for the day, Arii was free.

And it sucked.

Their schedule was interrupted, their head hurt, and they really wanted to be doing anything other than walking down the street in daylight. Honestly, they probably looked like a zombie, aimlessly meandering around the place with a sour expression.

They yawned, practically using Jet as a crutch as they tripped over yet another thing, feet numb to the pain, at this point. Okay, maybe sleeping might be a good idea.

"'S too far," they mumbled, tugging lightly on one of the wires on his arm. It came easily before tucking itself back in, as it always did.

Jet huffed in exasperation, raising his head and glancing around. See, this is why he'd rather doze during the day; there were too many people around for him to just pick Arii up, and if they took a detour to sleep in an alley, then there was a chance some good Samaritan would come to investigate, and that could never be a good thing. At least, when it involved Ariiasq.

They'd meandered down the street to somewhere they'd never really been before... or, at least, that's what it looked like. Everything looked very similar from the ground, regardless of how much time he spend gliding around rooftops.


Ten Thousand Club
6972ad85d66f1d63a16c0b2d37756e9e44fafe44_hq.jpgBrenda had been up practically all night taking care of some hacking jobs she was behind on. She had been so busy with her new project Meiko that she didn't keep up with her actual job which was being a hacker. She passed out around 3 am and it was now 8 am. She slowly sat up with big yawn and reached over to her night stand, grabbed her glasses and put them on. She then made her lap top appear and checked her both of her emails. She originally had one for her hacking alias but she create a new one for Meiko. When she checked her Meiko one her eyes widen to see she got a email from Wizard. "Wait is this -" "Whoa Hot stuff sent his music to ya." Brenda looked next to her to her to see Jackie suddenly sitting next to her. "Oh morning" Brenda said seeming unsurprised by Jackie's sudden appearance out of no where. She was kind of use to it at this point. Jackie had a habit of just randomly popping up. "Morning!" Jackie gave her a big hug. "Aww look at you making new friends and with boy at that! My little girl is growing up so fast!" "J-jackie! I...can't breath." Jackie let go of her. "Oops sorry! Haha!" Brenda sighed in relief then took off her glasses then started cleaning them with her pj top. "Jackie I thought you had business to take care of this morning." Jackie was silent for a moment then shrugged. "Eh I don't feel like it right now. Besides I really want breakfast." Jackie said as she sat there with her eyes bright and pleading. Brenda put on her glasses and smiled at her. "Alright I'll make some breakfast." Jackie smiled brightly. "Yay!" She then gave Brenda another hug. "Your so good to me your like the perfect little housewife!"

das5cil-13a02938-c3a6-4390-a270-12ad348fba5b.jpgAfter fighting to get Jackie to let go of her. Brenda headed to the kitchen and Jackie sat at the table with a phone in her hand messaging people. Jackie never told Brenda that she worked for the mafia that was secret she kind of had to keep. Plus she was afraid of Brenda getting dragged into it. The Mafia group Jackie got involved in are quite the secretive bunch. So secretive in fact that majority of the members don't even know who the leader is or what he looks like. It's complete mystery accept to certain trusted people. Jackie was one of them. In fact he wanted to see her today but....she really didn't want to go. She was basically using breakfast to put it off. "Breakfast is ready! I made your favorite. Blue Berry Pancakes!" Brenda set the plate infront of Jackie then sat down next to her. Brenda wasn't that hungry so she was sticking with yogurt this morning. "Awesome!" Jackie said as she began to devour her pancakes. "These are so good!" After she was done she stood up with a stretch. "Alright well I better get going. I'm not sure when I'll be back. So don't wait up." Jackie said as she headed out the door. Brenda then headed to the bathroom to get washed and dressed for the day.
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Victor Wulf


Currently left home and is now wandering around The Dark Gate

Victor Wulf woke up at 8 AM just clock work as he has been doing this same routine every day for most of his life. Once he had opened his eyes the first thing he began to check is where did he put his eye glasses as he turned to check the side of his bed at what would be an old stool but it did not have his eye glasses there so he thought maybe it was under the bed where he had placed his eye glasses box but as he got off the bed and tried to look for it under the mattress and bed frame would he find.... nothing.

Just then he heard a grunt from the corner of the room, as he turned to check on the corner he sees a very large and blue vulture at the corner of the room. Blue would stretch out its neck and tap the floor with it beak to an area in front of Blue. Victor Wulf would follow Blue tapping and notice his eye glasses box, Victor would approach Blue as Victor first kneels down and picks up the eye glasses box which Victor opens the box and retrieves his eye glasses. Victor would first fix his eye glasses over his face before returning his attention back to the Blue as he now pats the head of Blue. Blue let out a hum to which Victor would stop and go to the toilet to begin cleaning himself up while Victor would walk to the toilet, Blue walked around the floor to get to the living room.

Victor Wulf would then take a quick cold shower to refresh himself as well as force himself to completely wake up. After a couple of minutes, he walked out of the toilet with a towel covering his legs as he now moves back into his room. Putting on a new set of underwear and shirt before eventually wearing his yellow hazmat suit and respirator mask once he is fully suited up did he went to the living room where Blue was waiting.

Victor Wulf went to the front door first and checked on the mail box that was installed on the mail slot by his parents. As he opened the mail box container to see it empty so that usually means that he has no work assigned to him today and his boss wants his to advertise our company and drum up new business. Satisfied that his day opened up, he decided to check the living room and noticed that Blue has its wing outstretched as if to point at the dining table. Victor would get close to Blue as he began to pat the head of Blue while checking the table to see a note. Victor reads the note which simply said: "No note from your job you might want to check with your boss. We are leaving early to get some grocery. Got lot of coupons to use. See you tonight Love Ma and Pa. Victor Wulf smiled at this note before putting it back on the table and returning back to the front door.

Victor Wulf opened the door a little bit as Blue quickly comes forward to stretch its neck and look through the small gap at the hallway making sure no one is out and about before Blue let out a grunt. In response to this Victor opened the door wider as Blue went out to keep watch while Victor quickly goes out and quickly the shut the door behind him as he also locked the door tight and quickly. Blue would waddle a bit in front of Victor as to check out the stairway and once Blue confirmed that the stairway was cleared did Victor followed all the way to the ground floor at which Blue quickly rushes forward to the vacant parking lot that has only one vehicle in there.

The shopping cart that Red the large coconut crab was in, the same shopping cart that Victor decided to leave all his tools in as Blue rushed forward to the shopping cart all for Red would immediately placed the push broom through the side bars of the shopping cart to the ground to offer Blue a climbable walkway. Victor slowly catching up to them only to see Blue makes its way onto the long pole of the push broom before gently jumping on top of Red. Victor would immediately take stock of his gear...The push broom which Red now removed from the side bars and back into the shopping cart, the mop, garbage bags, the body bags, bottles of bleach, cans of air fresheners, the dustpan, spray bottles, squeegees, tissue boxes and extra rubber gloves. All equipment here and none taken as Victor returned his attention to Blue who was already using his wing to point at a direction in Dark Gate to which Victor just smiled and pushed to the direction where Blue was pointing to.

Amaya Itami


Ayano ran through the important things she read in her head. There's a suspicious kid, no picture but he looks ab 18 apparently, he sneaks around with a backpack and seems to stick to crowds but, still sticks out. Because of how he looked around and wore a black mask over his nose and mouth. There had been an alert in the night but the police hadn't been notified because it was suspected to be some kind of large bird, which was probable being so high up. Nothing else really seemed important so she tossed the clip bored back to the receptionist and headed towards the large docking gate that led outside, it was open for goods transportation so she just walked through sticking close to the edge as to not get in the way of many people trying to do their job.

The sun assaulted her once more, and she blocked it out with her hand at first before putting on her department glasses and switching them to sun mode. Much better, now she could see again. She looked at her watch-oh right, she didn't have that. Alright, well, i guess she'll have to rely on her quick thinking and district clocks today. She looked around as she walked down the docks, everything seemed to be in order, shipments and transports were coming in from the space stations and and cities out there. no sign of pirates just yet. She smiled and waved to some of the passenger transports, gotta make the city look friendly.

Alright docs are checked, if anything happened after she left it would be someone else's problem. She veered off to her left and walked along a thin bridge connecting the docs to the streets where more people were, mostly people who were working. She could have gone back and walked through the center but that would take more time and she had to go back at the end anyway. She had a few hours to patrol so she'd take her time. She walked out from the alley the small bridge led her too and she looked around for either the suspicious person she had read on or anyone knew she should be weary off. Some store fronts caught her attention, not for what was inside but, for what was drawn on it. More tags as they're called, underground dj's trying to be brave and 'rise up' against the government. All it meant was more work for her. She sighed as she walked up to it and then looked around for others. she did indeed see more, including some on the station walls, how did she miss that before? well i guess she was tired and semi blind from the sun in that area. she sighed and then something else caught her eye, a drab looking man who was arguing quietly with....a floating tape dispenser......??? Ayano looked away and blinked a few times before looking back, he was holding the tape dispenser now, was that- what was that!! Focus focus the tags. right she looked back at the tags, she'd deal with the crazy man later.

She inspected it for any hidden messaged but.....hidden messages in tags weren't what she was trained for and it certainly wasn't her area of expertise. She could call someone in to take a look.....or she could just take it down....well it wasn't in Genesis so she wasn't under obligation to report or investigate....in that case she'll just wash them off, great this is gonna take up her time of patrolling now. Now how to wash them off.....i guess she'd have to borrow supplies from the store owner, the department would pay them back plus extra. She took her glasses off and walked in the store, She quickly negotiated a bucket of water and a rag plus a stick to reach the higher areas with the rag, she was kind of short so, she just knew she'd need it. She thanked the owner and promised the department would send funds later. She put her glasses back on and walked outside putting the bucked down and wetting the rag she began to scrub at the tag, Jeez you would think in such an advanced city there would be an easier way to do this.



The Charming Llama

Ethan Summers


When it came to sharing his message, Ethan saw no better place to act than the Transport. It was the one place that connected every part of NeoGen. People from all over walked through here; from the dirtbags in Genesis, to his fellow Mask Wearers from the Underground. Of course those from the Underground were few and far between here. Not that that mattered. Ethan spread his message to open people's eyes and convince them of something better. People from the Underground really needed no help being convinced that their lives could be improved.

Arriving at his first tag, Ethan made note of the people examining it. Most just ignored it, far too busy to care about a splash of colour. Some looked for a moment, but saw it as nothing more than a momentary point of interest. But a few stopped. A few really seemed to look at it, take it in. Those were the people that made Ethan smile. He knew that he'd planted a seed in those people. It wouldn't grow right away, maybe not even for a while. But when those people experienced the wrongs of NeoGen, wrongs done by the government, then that seed would grow into something beautiful.

Happy so far, Ethan headed to his next tag. He'd painted it on a store front, so he hoped that it would grab more attention. And it seemed it had, as a cop was taking it down already. At first Ethan just planned on ignoring her, moving on to his next tag. That's when he noticed her hair. Ethan's mind flashes back to a night where he had to protect a young girl from sexual predators. A night where he'd seen a cop do nothing but watch. Ethan's blood boiled as he walked over. For a moment he just stood behind her, mentally calming himself enough to talk with shouting. "You got a problem with free speech?" Ethan asked with a voice acidic enough to melt steel, "what am I saying? You're a cop, of course you do."

Amaya Itami Amaya Itami


Master of the Winter

> Victor Hawke <

Hawke smiled casually and nodded to the hooded man in front of him. After digging in his pockets for a brief moment, the man handed Hawke a folded-up piece of paper, obviously still new if the bright white coloring was any indication. In exchange, Hawke plopped a handful of coins and his own sheet of paper in the mysterious figure's open and expecting hand. A great grin stretched enough to be caught by the dim light shining from the street vendor where they were seated. "Thank ya kindly detective. I'll be in contact again after a few weeks..." He muttered a bit more to himself and shoved the coins and paper in his right pocket before sliding out of the stall and being on his way.

They were currently in The Dark Gate, far enough towards Transport Central that he didn't need his mask but still needing to keep an eye out for suspicious figures. Hawke sighed and shook his head. Some of his informants truly rubbed him the wrong way but they were useful in getting details from around the city. Such as this...

The young detective unfolded the piece of paper and took a bite of his noodles, slurping them up noisily as he inspected the weird drawing. The chef in the back glared at him but Hawke wasn't worried about being thrown out. The business was tight in The Dark Gate and he knew that no matter what, a paying customer was always right. Ignoring the death glare, he instead focused on the symbol that the man had given him. Apparently, his informant had noticed it on a storefront and was large enough to garner some attention from the populace walking by. It didn't take long for Hawke to decode the tag and understand that it was a call for people to rise up. A DJ was going to have an underground event to show off their resistance. Humming to himself, he ate the rest of the noodles that were floating in his bowl and stood quickly. He placed a few credits down next to the bowl, a bare minimum of a tip, and headed out.

As he thought about what to bring with him to the underground event, a loud squeak caught his attention. "I know that squeak anywhere pal! Lookout, where are ya buddy!?"

A large rodent-like creature suddenly appeared from a nearby trashcan and leaped onto Hawke's shoulder. He grinned and let the rat settle comfortably on his shoulder before he continued to walk towards Transport Central. "So, did you learn anything about our resident delivery girl?" He questioned his friend. To anyone around, he would have looked like a crazy person talking to himself. Luckily Hawke always took into careful consideration who or what was around him at the time. The creature gave a few squeaks and a couple of inhumane noises before it buried itself into Hawke's front pocket, causing the man to chortle.

"H-hey, I'm sorry! I promise that the next night shift will be on me!" He laughed a bit before letting his partner rest. Turns out that the girl, Morgan Amsel, was an exceptional delivery girl and Lookout mentioned that she could be trusted with both legal and not-so-legal goods. He had her deliver a few times to his apartment and the packages always did come neatly and secure but he needed to make sure she wasn't being biased with who she delivered to. Now with Lookout's information, Hawke could finally begin thinking about hiring her to make some of his own deliveries instead of keeping her service to that janky bar, the Midnight Run. Her being a high school student opened up a whole new sea of information in the student populace as well.

Smirking, the man pulled out a pen and a notebook, writing a few notes down before slipping it back into his back pocket. He decided to continue to the tag on the storefront so he could view it himself. Maybe he could recognize the particular strokes of the art and pin it on a particular advertiser or DJ he's seen before. Anything would be better than the shabby copy the hooded man had given him.

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Aha. It was going to be a good day after all! Cas was standing facing a giant slab of concrete that use to be a side wall of one of the many buildings in her Demo crew’s work today. As it turned out, the beautiful graffiti on there had garnered some attention. That attention lead to some hold ups in the Job for the day. Which in the end.. meant the entire crew had the rest of the day off while their higher-ups decided how to go about it.

Most the crew had already left as soon as word spread. They were all more than happy to foot it outa there as fast as they could. Paid-time-off was like.. Christmas. Absolutely wonderful. Well. Once the lot had cleared off.. Cas’ watch had suddenly decided to appear by slinking it’s way mysteriously around her wrist. It’s odd gps had lead her to current position.

It was sure an odd gadget. Cas never really was sure why it appeared when it did or how to really.. communicate with it. But that seemed to be alright. The piece of tech had only brought good fortune her way, and this time was no different. It had her hold her arm towards the art and it sat there “processing” for a few seconds. It gave her a buzzz when it was done and she peered at its screen once again.

“huh.” She muttered as she wiped away stray sweat from her brow. Even though her working shift had been cut short, the crew had already done plenty to make themselves look like a bomb went off. Dirt and grime. Some blood in Cas’ case.

The watch let out another buzz to bring Cas’ thoughts back to the moment and out of thinking how grimey she was. The watch displayed a cartoon like impatient face before showing its decoded find. It seemed like a revolutionary event was taking place tonight. Cas preferred to keep a low profile.. but this event.. seemed more like a raving party. And. She loved loosing herself in a good party. The over population of the cities always made sure she almost never ran into anyone she knew.. so she’d cut loose and have fun. Drinks were always a must.

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