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  1. In 2032 the popular VRMMO named The World has finally came to the United States. This is a new version of the VRMMO that allows it players to connect with a VR headset called Neuro Goggles v.2. They proved to be incredibly popular and most stores quickly sold out, leading to a shortage. The Neuro Goggles v.2 boast 100 hours of consecutive use with the CC Iron battery. The Neuro goggles can connect to any device running The World whether it be a phone or home computer. It allows anyone with internet connects to play. The World is connected cyberspace to help bring in new quest and activities to players in the game without the need for moderators and administrators input.
    In 2035 strange things start happening in The world and in the real world. In The World people have reported strange glitches that the game moderators and administrators have no record of. In the real world minor accidents have happen often pass off as human errors, but it what they don’t know that might hurt them. In New York city group of people has formed clan in game and often play together when they can. A small group at different ages and experience.
    1. No character under the age of 13
    2. Character must live in new york metropolis area ( New York, Queens, Brooklyn, etc)
    3. Must write at least a paragraph
    4. Please let us kbow if you are leaving the rp

    We might be adding additional information later


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