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Grace: I was terrified, lost, and confused. I didn't know where my group was and I look around some more, but there was no sign of them. I nod my head and take a few steps closer to him. I grab his arm and cling to him. This was such a strange place and I wanted nothing more than to go home to my mom and dad. @Arcticwolfpaws

Xavier: Finally the day was done and I could finally get out of this hellhole for the day. I was absolutely starving and I decide to get fast food again. Vivian had been blowing up my phone and I try to scroll through the messages. I sigh, not sure how to help. Normally I would head over to her dorm, but I wanted to go to my apartment first. I wonder if Kathleen was already there. I park my car and head inside. @SRUNewman

Seamus likes me..
He asked me on a date
I said yes but should I have said no?
I don't know what to do. HELP.
I don't know if I actually like him back..
He's a good friend but omg..
Don't want to ruin friendship
Ian takes grace to a quite corrner were a raven haird girl sts silently. "Hey alice we need your help" Ian chips clearly more confident around this girl

Alice: she looks up and over to grace but stays silent.

Ian: she lost her friends I was hoping you could help us"

Ailce: "I'd need to know what I'm looking for..." she stated in a emotionless voise


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Kathleen was lounging in the living room eating a sandwich on her phone when Xavier walks in. "Yo. How was training." She says not looking up from the video she was watching.
Ander: "Fuck!" Ander yelled loudly. A female pedestrian turned to look at him. He returned the glance and the pedestrian averted her eyes.

Ander's prosthetic was malfunctioning again, smoke blurred his vision and he could feel the sparks flying past his skin. He quickly pulled the emergency latch on the port which connected the bionic arm to his elbow. The prosthetic fell onto the ground, Ander immediately stomped the sparks out with his boot. The arm stopped malfunctioning and he picked it back up, his boot hadn't even left a scratch. Ander reattached the arm to his elbow port, the latch clicked and the prosthetic buzzed back to life.

He gracefully lifted his backpack off the ground and continued down the path.
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It had been a very long day, he sighed and stood by, watching everyone do what they did. It was boring. He felt a stab in his chest and he began to breath heavily until the pain subsided. He hoped that no one had noticed as he slid down onto the ground.
I had that dream again. I've seen my parents in it before they came in. They forced me to the ground, making me watch as they executed them one after another.
As soon as the fire lit up around me, I woke up screaming. Upon looking around I've come to my senses, this is another nightmare I had to sleep through. I have let off a slight sigh before speaking to myself. "God.. damn it..." I took few more minutes to get myself together before somebody pounded on my dorm's room. I already knew who it was. The door finally opened as the man in question stepped inside accompanied by two guards which begun shuffling through my personal belongings to find any contraband.
The Man:"Good morning Mr.Vox. Where you sleeping okay? We had a report that you were screaming so we rushed to check if anything is okay." This man had the biggest grin on his face as he said that. Disgusting to think about what is going on in his head.
Jacob:"We both know why are you here. Still looking for reasons to Terminate me along with the program?"
The Man:"Oh you know why that's not like this. We cannot allow our little test subject to be rebellious..." Which he followed with a cold statement. "... Like your parents."

I looked at him in anger but even so. Besides showing emotions right here right now, I was powerless.

The Man:"At least we are giving you a chance Vox. Either you die now or you finish the program and become a soldier. Which too has a high risk of dying." He grinned at me letting a faint laugh "... hehe. You could say the game was rigged from the start Mr.Vox. I personally know you won't be able to finish the program. So that gives me more the reason to be the one who sees to your termination first."
One of the guards walked up to him, letting him know that no contraband was found. They moved towards the door before that man spoke for the last time.
The Man:"Have a nice day mister Vox. Your school program begins tomorrow. Don't be late." before they shut the door I saw that sickening grin on his face.
Like a taunt that never fails to anger your opponent.
Jacob:"The game was rigged from the fucking start..."

I shifted towards my bed. Trying to fight emotions I could hardly contain. This is gonna be a long year and I'm not gonna be able to live through it.
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Grace: "They're not my friends.." I say with a slight hiccup though I'm not sure why this information really mattered. I could feel the tears welling up in my eyes, this girl seemed mean, and I cling on tighter to Ian. "I don't know anybody..there was a group of five or six of us..all my age. There was a teacher, a woman, with red hair. Uhm.." I try to remember the teacher's name but this was hopeless. There weren't that many people around here and as I try to look around for others, I notice someone slid to the ground. They were a bit away and they seemed to be in pain but I was too scared to go to them. @Arcticwolfpaws Mentioned: @NineTimes

Xavier: I simply groan, not really answering Kathleen's question and flop onto the nearest surface, right onto the couch. My head landed face down onto Kathleen's lap. I lay there for a few moments before flipping over to my back, hoping that I didn't hurt her when I flopped onto her. I slowly open my mouth with a winning look, hoping she would feed me a bite of her sandwich. I didn't care what was in it, I simply wanted food. @SRUNewman


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Cardin had finally finished with class and was excited to finally be going to town to relax. He goes to his favorite cafe in town and does the best he can do to relax when he hears a familiar voice curse in the distance. His classmate Ander seemed to be having some trouble with his arm. "Way to go making a scene," He says to himself. "Maybe he could use some help. He's one of the most competent ones in class after me." Cardin Stands up and walks over to Ander. "Whats up Ander, looked like you were having a little malfunction."
Kathleen laughs at Xavier and puts the sandwich to his mouth. "You eat it all I'll kick your ass." She presses a button on her phone and streams what she was watching. It was a boxing match between two of he classmates in Close Combat. "These two are the only ones I've had some trouble in class and they both use specialize gauntlets. They typically stream their sparring matches for others." Kathleen was pretty excited when talking about fighting.
Alice: she looks over to the student bbe for calmly geting up and walking over. "are you okay" desspite her calm disposition her voice showed she was clearly worried.

Ian: It's okay she comes off cold but she's a sweet heart he said motioning to Allison the boy as an example
Ander: He stopped and turned to Cardin, "Oh, Its been malfunctioning all day, I'm going to take it in for repairs tomorrow." Ander looked at his prosthetic and thought, It's definitely fucked up now, I shouldn't have messed with the programming... His thought was interrupted by something Cardin said, he didn't hear it though.

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I woke up another day, getting myself prepared for the school. Considering my options I need to figure out a plan to ensure my survival. I can't be too forward with my needs because the supervisors will find me out. I wish I knew a way of acting right now. I can't trust anyone. Socializing isn't also an option. If people learn too much about me they will start asking questions, which will have to beg for honesty and that I cannot provide due to the nature of this program.

I changed my clothes heading over for the door, I looked back at the plain room I resided in. before speaking. "I guess this is the last time this place will serve as my safe heaven." I turned my head forward leaving the dorm, heading outside of the building. The smell of wet metal assaulted my senses as I stepped onto the streets. I usually sat in the room with air conditioning. Completly avoiding this remarkable smell this place bears. Though when you know the true purpose of it. The smell becomes sickening and distant. Like you are in a very unwelcoming place where everything is out to get you. I boarded the nearby bus, sweeping my card on the Identity checker. Allowing my stay on the bus. (Only public transport lines are accessible to specific school staff members, School co-operating corporation employees and School students themselves.)

The bus has finally reached its destination. Standing before a juggernaut of a building you could feel the crushing Intimidation along with the acknowledgment of its purpose. I stepped in as all the staff members were giving me a cold stare. Simply judging my failure of this program they have thrown me into. Although they were competent enough to give me instructions of the locations of the classes I was supposed to attend today. I made my way towards the classes. Attending one after the other. The time seemed to grow terrifyingly slower as each lesson came by but alas. It's finally the lunch time. So I might get some rest. Though that depends on if any of the other students will decide to approach the new transfer student. And that student isn't looking forward to anything other than some peace of mind.


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Xavier: I take a bite out of the sandwich, I don't eat all of it, but it was a decent-size bite. "Don't kill me," I say after I done swallowing the bite. I look over to the screen to the boxing match of who Kathleen was having trouble beat in class. "I'm not one for fighting," I state and lift my head up, getting off of Kathleen. Of course I knew how to defend myself being trained in the marines and I knew a small variety of guns, but I wasn't great at it. I finally get out my phone and answer Vivian's texts. @SRUNewman

Grace: I stand still where I was and watch as Alice goes over to see if the boy was okay. I nod my head to Ian and continue to cling to him. "Should we go over there?" I mutter, I wasn't going over there alone. @Arcticwolfpaws Mentioned: @NineTimes


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He begins to think about "his past" and is sickened by the thought that he was abandoned... As he walked throughout the corridors he began to smell the sweet aroma and began to think about how amazing it would be to learn with other people and how great a time he would have here...


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Ariels home is much different from the typical students. Having pressed the school at the time of her acceptance to give her special abominations to her specifics. Perhaps the most normal part is her actual living quarters. A small room average of students where she sleeps, showers and such.
The next room is technically the main entrance. Closed in by a big set of double doors when you enter your promptly greeted by her computer mainframe, chair, book shelves and some other things. To the left of the entrance room is a small door that leads to the labs, to the right a door to her personal quarters.
When you go left from the entrance room you are greeted with a small hallway with glass windows peering into two of the three sections of the lab and three doors, one on each side of the hall and one at the end. The door at the end is perhaps the most important of the three. It being where she does anything related to the building of androids, AI's or other similar technology
The door to the right of the hall is the biggest of the three it mostly being where she runs tests, invents new tech like gadgets and such, or anything really not pertaining to androids.
The door to the left she has set aside soecifiacly for anything that has to do with bionics or human technology integration, despite her deep knowledge of androids she is also one of the best students in augmentation technology, many students having gone to her in the past for help with glitches or upgrades.
There Ariel sat in the opening room to her living quarters. Eyes glued to the massive screens of her computer. Her fingers rocketing away at the keyboard thousands of lines of coding flying across one screen while others held various other things. Ariel already having skipped the first day of school to do her own work. She knew the school wouldn't be happy about it but her work was important and technically she could say it was for the school which would make them understand a little more.

Abruptly her rapid typing stopped mid key as her stomach growled making her look down to her stomach. "Oh yeah.... food." She said quietly as she stood up and let out a small yawn her arms out stretching up into the air as her eyes closed. There she stood for a minuet of constant yawning before she was done. Letting her arms flop back to her sides she looked down a little only to realize she was still in her bra and underwear clearly having not changed since she has woken up. "Maybe I should go see what's going on with some of the other students." She said to herself as she headed into her personal quarters and to the fridge she had. Pulling out a small box of fake hole noodles from a Chinese place she had gone to last night she put it in the microwave and turned it on to heat up her food. While it heat up she decided to put a shirt but still no pants or skirt yet as she saw no reason to leave her home yet.

Walking back to her computer only to stop to see that the door leading out of her home was wide open. "Hhhhelo?" She called softly as she walked to the door and leaned out and looked around curiously for anyone that could have tried to enter. Seeing no one that seemed to have a need of her attention besides a few random students who had looked at her as they passed with friendly smiles she shrugged a little and headed back inside. Making sure the door was closed she looked around the entrance room with a small sigh before she started back to her computer to continue her work
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Cardin looked at Ander and chuckled a bit. "I mean that definitely is something you should keep for the Tech Kids to handle. Us Leadership Elites shouldn't concern ourselves with such minor things." Cardin walks a bit with Ander. "So where are you heading to anyways." Kathleen glares at Xavier when he takes the big bite. And flicks him on the nose as he was getting up. "Don't be a dick. Also, I was really comfy with you laying on my lap." She looks at the screen. "I'm not much for hand-to-hand combat. I'm more of a sword and gun fighter but these two are so good it just really impresses me. I was thinking of asking them to teach me how to fight like them so I can use it in a pitch."


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As he heads to his dorm still daydreaming he looks down at the green bracelet on his arm as it projects a small smartphone size hologram on his forearm (he designed it himself, it was simple technology but he had to start somewhere) it was already 6:00 pm he had missed the first day... "No biggie I guess..." He thinks. He then begins to download every textbook on to his bracelet that he would need all year... "Man I could make a fortune off of these if I sold them in the school, they are simple, small, easy to use, and fun." He thought. He then goes to his room and even though it is early, lays down in bed and falls asleep.



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As he wakes with a start, he realizes it is a racket coming from a nearby dorm. He then turns over and tries to fall back asleep, even putting his head under his pillow to shut out the sound. Since it wouldn't stop he got up and stormed out in his Pajamas ready to raise 3 kinds of hell. Once he locates the dorm it is coming from he opens the door storming inside... He then stops dead in his tracks and looks around at all the screens, he then takes the door on the left, and opens it. Then he proceeds to the door at the end of the hall, he was already mesmerised by everything and had calmed down, then he opens the door...

There was a girl in here! She was working on an android!

He then yells "wow!" Alerting her of his presence.

He then quiets down and says "can you show me what these all do?"

"One day I am going to build an android to, I promise!" He whisper yells

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Alice: no but being kind never hurt anyone.... (muttered) most of the time"

Ian: I don't see why not if anything goes wrong I'll still be the first one to jump in the way" he stats


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Grace: I nod my head to his words and I let go of his arm. I take slow and tentative steps towards the boy and Alice. I look behind me, feeling reassured that Ian was right there next to me. The girl Alice scared me but I had trusted Ian that she would get me the help I needed. "H-hello," I stutter to the boy, I wasn't sure what to say to him. Alice seemed to be handling things but I couldn't be for sure. @Arcticwolfpaws @NineTimes

Xavier: "Well I wasn't allowed anymore of your sandwich,"
I say, defending myself as to why I got up. I found her lap to be comfy too but I wasn't about to admit to it. I make myself my own sandwich and grab a bag of chips. I pour myself a drink as well, all the while trying to text Vivian back. I'm not sure how to really help her, I wasn't good at the whole dating thing either. I sit back down on the couch, joining Kathleen. The fight was interesting to watch at least. @SRUNewman

Vivian: I was about to be asleep when my phone goes off. Finally. I think to myself but when I read the message I was quite disappointed. Xavier had taken forever answering and then it was barely anything at all. I sigh. What a big help you are. I think but I don't message Xavier back. I put on a change of clothes before heading back out for a walk. I decided to roam the 'streets' to try to get my head on straight. (Open for interaction) Vivian's Outfit

Text message:
I don't know..maybe just go for it. It couldn't hurt.
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Ander: "Just on my way home, you heading anywhere special?" He tapped a screen on his arm, opening a small compartment on his wrist. Ander pulled out a slim cylindrical object, putting it to his lips. He looked at Cardin and said, "Want one?" as purple vapor flowed out of his nostrils.


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After about an hour of working on her coding she finnally finished and had gone into her labs. Heading to her AI lab she had started to work on one of her most loved projects. An Ai with unbelievable capabilities
. She had been working hard until a child had ventured into her labs entering the lab she was in while she was working on the weapons systems his yelling startled her. Yelling loudly in fright she accidentally triggered a wire and the Ai activated and her arm shot up and opened soon forming into a gun and aiming at the child. Ariel yelled and quickly pressed a button turning the droid off. Taking in a breath she then looked to the child that had almost been killed by the AI and spoke. "What are you doing in here?" She asked him softly as she pressed a button in the bed the AI was on and it laid the bit down flat as a Machine dropped from the ceiling arms reaching out with various tools and devices as the chest of the AI opened and let the machine work on it while Ariel walked over to the child
Orion Ascalon
Fighter - Close Combat

Orion merely glanced around in annoyance at the training dummies scattered around the room. While he did enjoy practicing fighting every now and then, he knew he still wasn't strong enough to be the best at close combat. Sheathing his sword on his back, Orion swept his long silver hair back and walked out of the private training room. The gouges in the walls and floors from the sword remained behind, as did the mutilated training dummies. Dropping his sword off at the armory, Orion made his way back to his room, only to stop in the hallway and grunt in annoyance. His eye started to spark, and the cybernetics in it began tog o haywire. "Need to get to someone who can fix this..." he grunted to himself as he stumbled down the 'street'.

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"You woke me up so I came to ask you to be more quiet" he says. "But I can't complain any more." "All this stuff is super cool I wish I could build all this" he says a hint of jealousy in his voice... "All I made is this he says showing her his bracelet, its hologram technology." He then looks at her and states, "But I am trying to add a laser firing feature..." He then points at the AI she was working on "She is beautiful and I am lucky I didn't get shot." So is she strictly a battle AI?" Or does she work well with protocol as well?
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"Ok. . ." Auxilio said before standing up, stumbling only a bit. He waved to Grace and stumbled a bit more before leaning onto a nearby tree, the pain in his chest getting nearly unbearable. He coughed up a speck of blood and quickly wiped it on his shirt.

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