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Gunzosha Warrior Style

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The Gunzosha Warrior Style is a somewhat different style from most Terrestrial Martial Arts in two ways. First, it was designed primarily for use by mortals. Second, it is not attuned to any element. This style is a very ancient style, rumoured to have been created prior to the Dragonblooded Shogunate.

According to the traditions of the style’s practitioners, the style was created prior to the Usurpation by the Immaculate Dragon Mela, Petitioner of Clouds Accordant to the Call of Battle. It is said that seeing the depredations of the Anathema who ruled at this time, she considered the battle that was soon to take place, and the men and women she led in battle. Knowing that while the Dragonblooded officers were mighty, the mortals they led in battle would certainly take the worst casualties of all, she developed this style…both to add to the strength of her mortal followers…and to protect them in some small way from the dangers of battle. One of the eldest of the Dragon-blooded host, and a survivor of the long ancient battle against the Primordials, she had been a teacher among mortal prior to her Exaltation. While many centuries had passed since that time, she now brought her skills once again to bear, creating a style both to enlighten mortals in the use of essence, and to enhance their battle strength. When her forces were fully prepared, she brought them to bear against their supposed Anathema commander…whom she had long acted as the Executive Officer of…handling most of the true work of leadership of the legion as he fell into madness. According to the traditions of this style, it was created to work in tandem with the style Mela created for her Dragonblooded officers, the Five Dragon Style…a much more famous style generally considered superior.

In modern times the Gunzosha Warrior style is practiced almost exclusively by soldiers of Lookshy. Passed down through the generations of Gunzosha and Ashigaru warriors, it has been a potent addition to the arsenal of that state. The practice of this style was one of the many differences which helped cause the schism between the Immaculate Faith and the Immaculate Philosophy, as the Mouth of Peace at that time considered a style which enhanced mortals in such a fashion to be rank blasphemy, while the Chaplain General considered it both a useful addition to Lookshy’s arsenal, and a sign that those who were capable of mastering the style were likely to be born again as Dragonblooded in the next life. In Lookshy enlightenment is the province of those who seek to improve themselves and make themselves more Righteous Warriors, not the province of those who will not strive to improve themselves.

Complementary Abilities

The Gunzosha Warrior style is designed for the use of experienced soldiers. As such its secrets cannot be grasped by one who has not learned at least the levels of Melee 2 and War 2. Further, it is unlikely that a sifu of the style would allow a student to be lax in their abilities of Dodge, Resistance, Awareness, Survival or Integrity. Further, practice of Stealth is quite common. Designed for use by specialized Gunzosha troopers, it is still primarily practiced by mortals trained in the use of powered armor.

Weapons and Armor

The Gunzosha Warrior style treats attacks with spears, the Shock Pike, the Fire Lance, and the Dire Lance as unarmed strikes. Further, the style may be practiced in Powered Armor. Other forms of armor interfere with the motions of the style, although those not so encumbered may use the style without difficulties. However, most practitioners find themselves much more effective when utilizing the signature armor of the style.

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