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“Hmm...Oh! Could it be that you're-”

“I am not whoever you think I am.”

“Actually...I was about to say that you're the "Destiny's Fool" which people have been gossiping about.”

“Is that so.”

“That said though...” Mao smirked as if he's solved a mystery left unresolved for centuries.

Tsch....he now knows who I am...doesn't he...?

“You are....” Mao pointed at Jing in the most dramatic way he could possibly get,as if he was some porcupine-haired lawyer whose last name spawned as inverted pun at the said lawyer's expense. “Thenearundfeatedbattlerfromthreeyearsagowhosewellknownfordefeatingwhateveropponentisthrownathimusingthe00QAN[T]untilMeijinKawaguchiIIIcameinandutterlydefeatedhim,Setsuna F Seiei!!!!!”

............well that was pretty quick,*ahem*,anyway...

A plastic bag is "rolling" by outside of the store,the wind aiding its silent journey.

....Jing,from today onwards,remind yourself not to deny one's claim before they could finish.
“"Destiny's Fool" is a nickname that I've gotten from other battlers in regards to the number of losses I've accumulated exceeding that of wins as Destiny,and still not switching MSs despite the losses. I can't exactly tell if it was meant to be an insult or the opposite however.”

Jing looked out of the transparent door for any onlookers or listeners,none luckily.

“Frankly,I'm astounded that you'd be using a Gunpla far weaker than your original Gunpla from three years ago.”

“...I wouldn't have called myself Setsuna F Seiei if I hadn't also used Exia and 00 before using 00 QAN[T] entirely. That aside,what do you need to see me for? Gunpla Battle too?”

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-Einzbern Residence-

Illya was dressed in clothing quite different from her usual more expensive looking outfit. She had a white shirt on with blue jeans. Her Strike Destiny Raiser was on the table, as she sat with her phone on video chat with Hiro.


Hiro was helping Elizabeth with building a gunpla when he got the video call. "Illya? What are you calling me for at this moment? I'm busy helping Elizabeth with a build." Elizabeth glared at Hiro. "Did you by chance give a Alaya-Vijnana to the cat girl?" "Who are you talking abou- oh. No I didn't. But who do you mean by cat girl?" Hiro responded, keeping a straight face. "You know exactly who! That Nico person!" Illya said. "It's cute how you have given your Girlfriend a pet name already." Elizabeth said, jumping into the conversation. Illya's face blushed red, as she screamed. "I am not in love with her!"
“Ho~ Is that so...”

Ikazuchu pondered,smirking mischievously at the thought.

Iori's Model Shop
On the counter is a newly built High Grade 00 QAN[T],courtesy of Jing under Mao's request as the latter wanted to see how good of a builder "Setsuna F Seiei" is

“Hmm...not bad,from the looks of this build here,it seems you have practiced making a perfect model time to time.”

Finally,a challenge that isn't Gunpla Batt-

“Now then,” Mao then took out the Gundam X Maoh,apparently using his original custom Gunpla in case it would be too unfair on Jing's end. “Let's see how good your Gunpla will be in Gunpla Battle!”

At this point,Jing was sporting a deadpan expression rivaling that of Hibiki's. Inside his mind on the other hand...

How is it that I always jinx myself...?

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Hiro smirked back, before asking Illya, "So did two sleep together yet?"

Illya yelled at Hiro, her fangs barred. "Why would I ever sleep knowing she's around?!"

-Iori's Models-

"Hey, if you lose this one, then he won't keep thinking you are him." Reiji said, hinting that Jing could lose on purpose.
Elizabeth and Hiro could see Hibiki appear behind Illya,responding to Hiro's comment about Illya sleeping with Mirai.

“It would not be possible,Mirai would attempt to sexually harass Illya the moment they are both on the same beds.”
Iori's Model Shop
That could work-.....no

Jing didn't know why,but...all of a sudden,he felt as if he would be betraying "Setsuna F Seiei" if he really decided to purposely lose the battle to keep Mao from knowing that he's truly the famed battler. Looking at Mao with a determined expression,the pilot of the Destiny and 00 QAN[T] made his mind.

“....Understood,Yasaka Mao,I'll battle you alongside 00 QAN[T]...!”

Smiling at Jing's determination,Mao spoke.

“Good to hear,now then,let's start!”
Model Shop's Battle Room
Please set your-

Jing...or rather,Setsuna,swiftly place his GP Base and then his newly built 00 QAN[T],subtly disturbed about the rather annoyingly enthusiastic tone from the announcer. Setsuna was once again dressed in his blue Celestial Beings pilot suit,complete with the helmet as usual.

Mao had done the same. Gundam X Maoh's eyes flashed to life as a catapault corridor forming around it.

“Yasaka Mao,Gundam X Maoh,Here I go!”

“Setsuna F Seiei,00 QAN[T],Beginning Second Phase of Mission!”

Both Gundams launched into the battlefield. Field 1,Space.
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Hiro's eyes would pop out. "I....... Never even expected that to happen." He said, surprised that it was more serious than he actually thought.

Illya would then say, "Its fine. If Hibiki manages to defeat her at the tournament, Mirai will leave me alone... But I don't know if it will be possible."

-Iori's Models-

Reiji watched, unsure why Jing had decided to fight without holding back. 'Is he really going to battle? I could have sworn he wanted to hide his identity.' He thought.
“I won't be holding back for this one,knowing you,will be alright with this?”

“Do as you please,I don't expect mercy from anyone fighting me.”

In response,Gundam X Mao immediately armed itself with the Satellite Cannon and fired at the 00 QAN[T]. From what it seems,the Solar Panels were still there like back then when Sei and Reiji fought Mao in the 8th GBWT. Noticing the large radius of the Satellite Cannon's Beam,Setsuna managed to evade the massive beam threatening to destroy his Gundam twice,getting closer towards Gundam X Maoh as 00 QAN[T] flew and fired at its enemy.

He also managed to dodge the Satellite Cannon I see....not bad for a battler whose stopped for three years.
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“I guess I'll adapt...somehow.”

Hibiki spoke casually as she thought about the Gundam Mirai used.

“Keeping the new ability that I'm planning to give Novus a surprise could be a little difficult though,knowing the sort of battlers we'll be up against in the GBWT.”

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"And don't forget, you need to get in the top two final spots in the qualifiers to be in the GBWT. As far as we know, the opposition could be tuning in as well." Elizabeth added. "We both need to advance however, if I'm to save Iris." Illya responded.
“Yeah,Illya...Hiro...” Hibiki spoke,looking serious this time, “Let's give it our all...!”

Iori's Model Shop
The battle has just ended,once again in Setsuna's victory,though this time 00 QAN[T] suffered quite the amount of damage during its battle against Gundam X Maoh. The left arm was sliced off,the right leg was also missing,and the GN Sword Bits were in pieces from shielding the Maoh Sword. Gundam X Maoh was lying on the table,the upper and lower body separated from each other,indicating that 00 QAN[T] had done a swift slash at the torso to end the battle.

Needless to say,Setsuna's opponent seems satisfied despite it being his loss in the battle.

“You really are as good as they say indeed,Setsuna F Seiei.”

“.....If it weren't for QAN[T]'s ability to quantise,I would've lost however.”
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Illya and Hiro nodded. Elizabeth would then ask something out of the blue. "Can you all help me with something?"

-Iori's Models-

Few seconds after Jing and Mao left the battle room, Sei was busy talking to someone. He was talking to two people, one was a blue haired boy with glasses, the other was a girl with Brunette hair, in a pony tail. The two seemed to be Distressed about something, but Reiji was busy talking to another red haired boy, who was wearing martial arts clothing. That boy had bandages wrapped around one arm, in a sling.

When Jing got close, he could hear Sei. "Yuma, Fumina, tell me exactly what happened from the start of the battle."

The blue haired boy spoke. "Sekai would go in to battle the opposing MS in close range like he always does, but his opponent was too fast for him to tag. It was like she could see everything her opponent was about to do, and when the Burning Gundam took damage...."

"Sekai himself felt it as well." The girl said. "But this wasn't Assimilation. Sekai could tell the difference."

"My concern was unless I could somehow get around the mental pain from the Gunpla she used, I couldn't focus. It was a huge Gamble, but I used the Assimilation ability. My body itself was hurting, but I could no longer feel the mental pain of her gunpla hurting mine." The red head spoke.

"So this Assimilation ability prevented you from being put in a coma?" Reiji asked.

Sei would then look at Sekai. "You were very lucky to be able to survive your gunpla being destroyed. More lucky that you managed to scratch that Gunpla itself."

Sekai sighed. "But to actually scratch it required the Jigen Haoh Ryu technique."

Fumina looked at Sekai. "But you managed it. You kept that Iris person from hurting me and Yuma. We really are grateful."

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Sei turned around, when he heard Jing. "Yes. She is most likely trying to prevent the teams in Japan from getting into the tournament. But, with Sekai being able to survive getting knocked out .... We may have a chance. But its risky."

Sekai looked at Sei, before shaking his head. "It's too dangerous. I don't believe any of you can mange using Assimilation. If you were knocked out easily by Iris, then Assimilation would do the same thing. No one else is able to survive an experience like that. No one."

Reiji smiled. "Don't be too sure. There is a few who could manage it."

Sei looked at his friend, suspicious. "You don't mean.... "

"Illya and Elizabeth are the two potential candidates for Assimilation. Illya herself was able to wake up much sooner than you, and Elizabeth herself is a strong newtype. If I understand, didn't Jing mention that Elizabeth gave her Dante Lucifer to Hiro, who used the Alaya-Vijnana? Hiro may be capable of that too."
“....If the two or possibly three of them are indeed capable of enduring Iris....”

Setsuna mumbled as he thought outloud,eventually shaking his head and leaving the store.

“I'll be taking my leave,if you excuse me ”

Walking out of the store and out of sight,Setsuna quickly went into an empty alleyway unnoticed and took off his helmet and pilot suit,stuffing them into his duffel bag before anyone could see who Jing is.

....I can't just leave Iris to Illya,Elizabeth and possibly also Hiro to handle...there has to be a way to help them...

Einzbern Residence
“Sure,what is it about?”
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-Einzbern Mansion/Apartments-

Elizabeth took a breath before saying what has been her issue the past couple of days. She was blushing. "There's this girl that I like-" "Ooh. Is she someone you've been seeing lately?" Illya asked, smiling mischievously. "Illya, please shut up." Hiro interrupted. "She doesn't need your assistance with making it hard." Illya had sweat drop. "Wow, now you tell me to stop?" "Illya, if you don't keep quiet while I explain, I will personally run over to your house, and punch your face until Mirai herself won't know who you are until it gets reassembled." Illya actually kept quiet that time. "Okay, Its Kotori. She..... Was someone I admired for a while...... But I wasn't able to tell her how I feel."

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"I thought maybe if I disguised myself during the qualifying tournament, she could notice me..... But Jing said I should just tell her straight up. I'm afraid though.... What if she rejects me?" Elizabeth would ask.

Hiro would reply, "I hope she doesn't. I mean, she looks like the type who accepts anyone for who they are."

Elizabeth would look down. "Appearances can be deceiving though...."

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Elizabeth froze. What unexpected timing.

Elizabeth felt sweat run down her face, trying to figure out what to say, but Illya stepped in to try and distract her. "We feel as if the person controlling Iris may have associates at the tournament. With what's been happening recently, we can't trust anyone outside of our group of friends."

Hiro would add, "But lucky for us, we can trust you guys, and you guys trust us."

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