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Iori's Model Shop
“Closet or basement,it is a perfect idea...for getting me murdered once they get out. Actually,I think I'll come up with something to help Elizabeth confess her feelings to Kotori.”

Jing replied,eventually finishing his can of soda and throwing it into the recycle bin in the shop.

Einzbern Residence
Hibiki paused,thinking for a moment.

“Come to think of it,I did remember seeing a video of the European Qualifier Tournament's finals. The winner seemed to remind me of you. So it might not be out of place that it is indeed true you're here because of it.”

Mirai's eyes sparkled in happiness.

“It doesn't change the fact that you were about to sexually harass one of my only two best friends however.”

Hibiki continued dragging Mirai towards the door,much to the latter's horror.
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Einzbern Residence,Illya's Room
Once again,Hibiki paused midway through the door and looked at Mirai.

“If it's a Gunpla Battle to decide the deal,then forget it until the GBWT. I'm still upgrading my Novus.”
Einzbern Mansion,Illya's Room
“Never thought you'd be willing to actually wait till that day.”

Hibiki spoke,still sporting her deadpan expression while looking at Mirai.

Illiyasviel Von Einzbern

Little Autistic Albineese and Budds with Godzilla!
Illya would freak out. "What are you doing?! I didn't get a say in this!"

Mirai would wave to Illya. "Don't worry my White Rose, I will be with you forever when that day comes!" She said, then exited the door.
Einzbern Mansion,Illya's Room
Hibiki simply stared as Mirai made her dynamic exit,then she looked at Illya.

“You could always watch the recording for the European Qualifier Finals to see how she fights. Anyway,she's using a customised Gundam Flauros.”
Einzbern Mansion,(Do I even have to say it anymore?)
A large question mark appeared above Hibiki as she looked at Illya's terror-stricken face.

“What's wrong?”

Illiyasviel Von Einzbern

Little Autistic Albineese and Budds with Godzilla!
"I don't know how, but her eye can see any move your gunpla makes before it happens..... When she first used it, it was when she used a custom AGE Dark Hound." Illya wrapped her arms around herself. "It couldn't even get scratched unless I somehow do something unexpected..... But I can't remember how I did it....."
“Predicting enemy movements before they even do it huh...? Sounds like an ability the participant Aila Jyrkiäinen has.”

Hibiki titled her head as she thought.

“Maybe she was looking at the way the plavksy particles may have moved from her POV..?”
“Ironically she defeated the only remaining battler in the opponent's team who used the EXAM System....though I'm more worried about her managing to defeat an entire team by herself. ”

Iori's Model Shop
Jing was cleaning up whatever dust there is on the boxes of the model kits that has yet to be picked up by its soon-tob- owners. There he heard the doorbell ring as it slid open. By reflex he quickly turned to bowed at the the customer entering the store.

“Welcome to Iori's Model Shops.”

He looked up to see a young battler wearing some straw hat of sorts that has a red and white line forming an X,a pink coloured long sleeve sweater and some kind if suspended baggy pants (I legit have no idea what to call that)
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Illiyasviel Von Einzbern

Little Autistic Albineese and Budds with Godzilla!
"Well, we can definitely rule out the fact she isn't allied with my sister. But that is something I'd like to know too." Illya then took her phone out to watch Battle footage of Mirai managing to defeat three black federation MS using her Flauros. Those moves in the battle using Flauros was quite different from using the Dark Hound, almost similar to the.... "She used the Alaya-Vijnana?"

-Iori's Models-

Sei himself was in back, working on a back unit for Reiji's gunpla when the tournament began. He soon heard Jing greet someone. 'Odd, almost feels as if I'm getting struck by a sense of Déjà Vu.'

Reiji left the battle room, worn out from the battle simulations using his Beginning Gundam. He was finished yawning, when his eyes adjusted to see someone he didn't expect to show up. "Maoh? Is that you?"
Iori's Model Shop
“It's been a while since we last met,Reiji!” Mao responded as he titled the front of his hat upwards to look at Reiji...if he really is looking that is. His eyes are usually closed.

“So,where's Sei?”

Sei himself would eventually exit from the workroom,where he saw the pilot of the Gundam X Ju(10)Maoh.
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“Fellini told me that a particular legendary undefeated battler who used a straight built 00 QAN[T] and won several matches until his defeat by Meijin Kawaguchi III is working here.”

Let's just say that both sides of Jing's brain are becoming a Shiba "Doge" Inu word processor,as the man could only think of words like "Wait","How"," What","Why" etc. The last thing he ever wanted is for someone to spread the word of his alias.
“Well...” Mao scratched the back of his head. “He was drunk when he and I met,thus he babbled about it.”

Jing felt his vein pop in anger upon hearing it.

Itsuka Kotori.....!!!
Immediately snapping out of his anger,Jing cleared his throat and calmed down rather swiftly.

“My apologies for the behaviour I displayed earlier.”

“U-uh...no worries! But still....” He looked at Jing,as if examining a well built Gunpla for its faults. “You look pretty familiar...”

Jing could feel himself sweating nervously as Mao circled around him.

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