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Reaching home,Hibiki and Hiro were discussing the upgrades they could implement into their Gunplas,Hibiki being the one who's not quite satisfied about how lackluster Novus is in comparison to Barbatos Omega and Strike Destiny Raiser.

Illiyasviel Von Einzbern

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Hiro would then say something Hibiki might take offense for suggesting. "If you are using an IBO MS, I would suggest using the Alaya-Vijnana, but I can't tell if you actually have that on you or not.


Illya was next to Elizabeth, waiting for the light to turn green. " So.... You really don't have any feelings for me?" She asked. Elizabeth looked at Illya, and said, exhausted from arguing, "For the.... Last time...... I. Am. Not. Homo." Illya laughed. "I like how you always believe I'm serious. I'm not actually."

The light turned green, as the two crossed the street. The unknown person following them had a black jacket on, and white jeans with black shoes. The person had apparently short black hair with a downwards brushed bang covering the left eye, and a black baseball cap with white cat ears on the top.

The two girls soon came across a outdoor Battle Table. "Strange. I never knew this was here before." Illya said. "You mean that wasn't here before?"

"Yeah. Like, I didn't expect a table here, and there is no store on this street..... So why is it here?"

"Illyasviel, " the Berserker? "" A young male voice asked. Illya and Elizabeth turned around to see the person following them earlier, but they didn't know he (From appearance) was with them from the beginning. "Do I know you?" Illya asked. "I'm a huge fan of yours. I never knew you would be around here though." "Really? That's nice that I have fans." Illya said, laughing.

Elizabeth looked at the stranger suspiciously. "Tell me, what are you here for?"

"A Battle." The boy said. "I wanted to see if I could someday be as good as you in a battle." Illya smiled. "I would be honored facing you. Can I ask you for your name?" "Nico Angelo." The male replied.


The Bunny-Ears Gundam Meister
“Well...I don't actually. Plus,I used the Kimaris Vidar's frame when I made Novus,so I don't know if I can sort of use the Alaya-Vijnana System.”

Meanwhile,Jing looked at the door as if someone was hiding behind it. Ever since after his Innovator senses have developed fully,he has been finding it hard to NOT notice something out of the ordinary. Nearing the door,he opened it,only to see that no one was outside....until he heard a familiar voice.

Up here,on the roof

Sighing he looked at everyone else in the room.

“Sorry,I'll be back in a moment.”

Shutting the door behind him as he exited,he went up the stairs,wondering what his rescuer has in mind.

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Hiro sighed. "So you don't have it? There has to be something you can use to help in the tournament. Something..."

He took his phone out, and texted Illya.

'She does not have any ideas on what to use. I can't figure out either.'

'Damn it Hiro, can it wait until later? I'm busy fighting a stranger in a gunpla battle!'

'What do you mean?'

'As in the stranger is kicking my gunpla's ass!'

-Battle Table-

Illya put her phone away, quickly grabbing the other orb as her gunpla veered right to evade a silver energy beam. "Your quick," said Nico. His Gundam, a AGE Dark Hound with the wings of the Gundam Wing in Endless Waltz, got behind the Strike Destiny Raiser, throwing a kick whick knocked the Gundam to the ground. "But not fast enough. Are you wearing down?" He asked. "Don't count me out yet!" Illya said, her eyes changed to an Amber color. Her Gundam's eyes flashed before jetting towards the Dark Hound Custom, Excaliburs drawn.

-With Hiro and Hibiki-

"Illya is facing a stranger who is beating her."


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“Maybe we should ask Elizabeth who she's fighting?”

”I'll do it.”

Kotori spoke as she messaged Elizabeth.

> Elizabeth,I heard Hiro tell Hibiki that Illya's in a battle. Who's the opponent?

Apartment Roof
The door leading out to the rooftops opened,prompting the stranger to avert her gaze from the scenery and look behind her.

“Sorry I left you suddenly. I was in a hurry for a schedule.”

“I should be the one apologising...really,I never got to thank you for your assistance back then.”

“It's not necessary,really. I just feel like helping out. So...”

She turned to look at one of the corners,where there were dried paints on cardboard covering the floor. As well as a melted saucepot that had glued itself to the floor.

“Is this where you airbrush your Gundams?”

“Add custom modelling to the sentence. There's no room in where I'm currently living that acts as a workshop.”

“And the melted pot over there?”

“That....would be due to the girls I'm taking care of attempting to prepare a curry meal. They wanted to speed up the cooking process and somehow managed to find a flamethrower to heat it up. The saucepot couldn't take the massive amount of heat and melted as a result. Cost me a fortune to get a new one...”

The girl laughed softly under the helmet in response.

“Looks like you've kept busy when we aren't talking on the line.”

The last statement had Jing raised an eyebrow.

“ "When we aren't talking on the line"?”

She shook her head as if it was nothing. Walking towards Jing,she handed the latter two folded papers.

“I think you and one of the girls will need this,seeing that you two will be in the GBWT too.”

“Huh? Thanks...I suppose...”

Receiving the papers,he looked at them,wondering what made her so generous. Remembering that she still didn't tell him who he is,he quickly looked up,only to see that she isn't in front of him,nor was she anywhere around him either.

....Who is she...?

Sighing,he unfolded one of the papers to look at its contents. Needless to say,what his eyes had seen was far too much for his mind to process.

This is...!?
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-Battle Table-

Elizabeth would send a reply back to Kotori, explaining the situation.

'Some stranger who calls himself Nico Angelo. He is using an AGE Dark Hound with parts of the Wing. Illya was getting bested, but she is now going Berserk using her newtype abilities.'

The Strike Destiny Raiser combined its Excalibur Swords and swung one end at the Dark Hound, which the later sidestepped before drawing its Beam Saber and thrusting it towards the chest. The Strike Destiny Raiser jumped away, only getting its right shoulder grazed.

'He's good....' Illya thought, as the Dark Hound appeared behind the Raiser, punching it to the ground. 'Too good......' Illya gripped the orbs, feeling a new feeling of weakness. 'Its not possible...... Is this person working with Shindou Ikari?'

"I'm not your enemy."
"Huh?" Illya spoke, confused. "I can tell by your eyes..... The eyes of a white rose.... That become tainted by bloodshed when you go Berserk." "What do you mean?" "You can't always rely on being a newtype." Nico swept the bang over, his eye under it glowed red. "If you do, people can easily see what you do before you do so."

Elizabeth's eyes widened. "That's the......." "The eye that can defeat any Neo human, the Sharingan System." Nico replied. "But that's a special piece of equipment that was discontinued due to side effects, similar to the Alaya-Vijnana!" Elizabeth said. "How did you get it?!"

Nico would sigh, before he answered. "I was given it by my birth parents, before the project was shut down, and they were taken away for illegal child experimentation. Only I, and one other still exist with the two special powers."

Illya knew who Nico spoke of. "Hiro Mitsusada....." She said. "But he still has the data to give it to anyone, as long as it isn't the type he uses....."

Nico nodded. "Type E. That's the Alaya-Vijnana the others use, except Hiro.... But the reason I'm here is for myself. You are my target."

"Why though?" "To prove myself." Nico replied, the Dark Hound jetting to the Raiser. Illya closed her eyes, before opening them. "Trans Am!" Illya shouts, her Gundam glowed the red tint of 00 gundams, before sidestepping. The Dark Hound spun around and fired its chest mounted shock anchors, impaling the Strike Destiny Raiser, before zapping the opposing MS with electricity.

The GN Drive soon exploded, causing the Strike Destiny Raiser to kneel down, head looking at the ground in defeat.


The Bunny-Ears Gundam Meister
“We got the name. She's facing someone named Nico Angelo.”

Kotori spoke to Hibiki and Hiro,looking at them with a serious look.

“From what Elizabeth is implying,the situation doesn't seem to be looking good for Illya.”
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Hiro looked down, before turning around and running to go rescue her. 'That Nico person....... I know him....... Or rather.....'

-Flash Back, Hiro, Testing Facility-

Hiro sat in a corner, looking bored. On his head was a black cap with cat ears. He soon heard a little girl crying, which caused him to look over. A girl had bandages wrapped over one eye, blood soaking the patch. He walked over to her and asked, "What is wrong?" "My parents..... I heard that if my special eye doesn't work...... They'll......." Hiro took the hat off, and gave it to the girl. "Here, if you need to, try giving yourself an extra life. It may sound wierd for me to say, but this hat will make you feel brave, and maybe, you could go by another name...... Maybe Nico Angelo?"


Hiro ran quickly to warn Illya.


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Noticing Hiro running off,Hibiki was about to follow suit,only for Kotori to tell her off from doing so.

“Let him go,he must've known who's the person Illya's fighting currently.”

“Will Hiro be okay...?”

Inazuma asked,worried about what Hiro is doing.

“...that would be something we'll see for ourselves when he gets back.”

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-Battle table-

"Is that it?" Nico asked. The Dark Hound walked towards the Raiser, slowly taking its time. "You disappoint me. You aren't worth fighting anymore, the way you are now."

Elizabeth looked at the fight worryingly. 'Is she...'

"You... Shouldn't.... Count me out!" Illya looked at Nico, her eyes now back to their normal color, but somehow, still looking like she is in Berserker state. Her gunpla looked at the Dark hound, eyes glowing red intensely, before leaping up and punching the dark hound down.

"You really think you can beat me still?" Illya asked. Nico's glowing eye was having trouble figuring out what the next move Illya's gunpla was about to make. 'Its not possible.... Is she somehow hiding her abilities right now?! ' Nico thought.


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Apartment Room 366 (random apartment room number is random :P)
Just as Kotori finished,the door slammed opened,courtesy of Jing who looked like he just outran a blue coloured,black and red eyed hedgehog that calls itself a God.

“J-Jing? What's wrong?”

Looking at Hibiki,he tossed one of the folded papers at her,prompting the pilot of the Novus to catch it before it hits her forehead.

“You need to look at it,NOW.”

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-Battle Table-

The Dark Hound was getting knocked all over the area. Nico was having trouble keeping up. 'She recovered from the GN Drive exploding.... And her gunpla can still fight?'

The Strike Destiny Raiser drew a beam Saber. "Next time you say you can see all of my moves," The Strike Destiny Raiser jetted forward, the Dark Hound bringing its Beam saber up to block, but the Strike Destiny Raiser brought a second Saber out and sliced the dark hound's arm off, before stabbing it through the chest, destroying it.

Hiro Showed up at that moment, seeing that Illya has won. The AR field dispersed, as Nico looked at Illya. "You are pretty good." He said, walking around the table, and to Illya. He held a hand out. "You really deserve that title of yours." Illya would bring a hand up to shake. "Thank you, but it isn't just me who got the win. I had friends I fight for." Illya replied.

Hiro smiled. 'Illya managed it. She actually beat the Sharingan Eye.' He thought. "Friends? You have one more then." Nico said, as he pulled Illya close and had his lips make contact with Illya's.

Elizabeth's eyes widened, Hiro held back a laugh. 'Of course, she still has feelings for the Berserker.'

Illya pushed Nico away, coughing. "What the heck?! Why did you kiss me just now?!" She looked at Nico, only to see his hat fall off and reveal he had long hair, and when he spoke, "Ouch! That push hurt!", his voice sounded like a girl in the same grade of school as she was. "W-wait...... You're a girl?" She sat down, hands covering face. "Oh no........" Hiro said, as he walked up. Elizabeth looked at Hiro, not taking the time to ask what he was doing here, but rather, "What is it?" "That was Illya's first true kiss if I remember her saying that she never kissed someone before.... And with the opposite gender too."

Elizabeth had to laugh, "Okay, that is ironically funny, I have to send a message to Kotori about this!"

Elizabeth sent a text message to Kotori,

"That Nico person, went up to kiss Illya after the fight, and turned out Nico was actually a girl. ROFL"


The Bunny-Ears Gundam Meister
> We're never gonna let her forget that,aren't we? >:3

Kotori replied,sporting a mischievous smirk as she read the message.


The Bunny-Ears Gundam Meister
> Hah XD

She also messaged another one in response to Elizabeth's apology.

> Eh,it's okay,I'm fine with the image having a pony from MLP.

Meanwhile,Hibiki was looking at the paper that she was given along with her sisters,all of them sporting the same look of amazement and shock that their adoptive brother had sported a while ago.

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-Battle Table-

"Okay, you are telling me Nico Angelo is actually a fake name?!" Illya asked Hiro, still in shock.

"Yeah. Her real name is Mirai Yamineko." Hiro responded.

"Say, I recall her name being spoken back at the store before we left. She was the daughter of the Italian Dandy wasn't she?"

"Step Daughter actually." Nico, or rather, Mirai responded, giving the victory symbol and winking with the artificial eye.

She then looked at Illya, before running and tackling her to the ground, hugging her. "I really want to be married to you! Please be my girlfriend?" Illya tried pushing her off to no effect. "Hiro, some help?!" Hiro shook his head. "She isn't my problem."

Illya would look to the air and yell, "What did I do to deserve this?!!!"

Elizabeth laughed, before noticing that far away, leaning against the wall, with his arms Crossed, was Ricardo Fellini, smiling. 'Of course. He was testing Illya's response to a Sharingan user...... Interesting. "


The Bunny-Ears Gundam Meister
“C-can I really use this!?”

“She just blatantly give this and another one to me. She said "one of your girls may need this too" after all....so if anything,yes”

“I'm gonna get started on this,like...NOW.”

Hibiki rushed into their apartment room's Gunpla Building/Customisation room. Jing has made it clear that he'll be using the corner rooftops so that at least two people in the room could get their customisations done at the same time.

The hell was she (the stranger) actually thinking though...? That is just something really invaluable to simply give away like that....

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Mirai got up off of Illya, and said, "I'll be seeing you at the GBWT. Don't disappoint me my love!" Before blowing a kiss at her. Illya would say, angry, "I don't want you ir your affection! I am waiting for someone else!" Mirai winked. "Don't be like that. You know you love me." She said, as she walked off, Fellini would go with her.

Illya muttered, "The day I love you is the day I grow a tail....." Obviously, not wanting to be engaged with Mirai in the slightest. Hiro turned around, "I'm going home. See you later Illya." "I'll go with you." Elizabeth said. "But what if my sister shows up?" Illya asked, still flustered from what just happened. "Highly doubt it, since you literally are being seen by someone else." Elizabeth said, smirking mischievously. "And the tables seem to have turned." Hiro added.

"Screw you two!" Illya yelled before running off. "This is really fun, I'm really going to enjoy teasing Illya."
Hiro smiled as they walked. "But seriously, now that I'm curious, is there someone you have in mind, that you would more than anything, be with for the rest of your life?"

Elizabeth smiled. "There actually is..... But...... I'm kind of scared to tell her." Hiro looked at Elizabeth, quite surprised. "You said earlier you weren't like that though.... " "I only said it to stop Illya from annoying me constantly." Elizabeth replied, holding one arm.

"Then...... Who would that be......?" Hiro Asked.

"You would tell her the moment we go back to see her." "No... Miss Kotori?" Hiro Asked. "Strangely enough, I never really noticed her until we first met in a local gunpla tournament.... She was using a Kagu-Tsuchi that was a straight build, and defeated a majority of players there, which I had to go and praise her for the battles she won. We became friends after, doing things like hang out at the mall, and attend tag team Gunpla tournaments..... But that friendship became something more for me...... I'm just scared to tell her. What if.... She...." "Elizabeth, you can't hide that fact forever. If you really love her, tell her in your own time, In some way that tells her she is someone you like alot."

Elizabeth would stay silent the rest of the way home, taking that advice to heart.


The Bunny-Ears Gundam Meister
(Where's Ramba Ral and his itchy-butt-love detector? XD)

Entering in the apartment room,Elizabeth would eventually see Jing with his back tturned towards her,seemingly holding something and reading it.

The object he's reading in question? One of the folded papers he had received from the stranger earlier. And what was written on it? Well....

"Actually,I don't think you really need my help. I heard you're capable of recreating several systems and abilities used by other builders and even improve them drastically despite not building fully customised builds like most other battlers. Oh well,that said,I wish you and your teammates the best of luck in the GBWT. See you there~"

Judging by Jing's arm shaking in uncontrollable rage...he was not amused. Not. One. Bit.

Illiyasviel Von Einzbern

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Hiro himself went back to his apartment room when Elizabeth entered. She wasn't sure about the issue, but she felt that Jing had a problem. "Is something bothering you?" She asked.


The Bunny-Ears Gundam Meister
“....I'm gonna go prepare dinner....”

Jing mumbled to himself as he crumpled the paper in tranquil fury and threw it away into the trash bin. Kotori was trying to hold back her laughter as she approached.

“Just to fill you in,someone whom Jing just met earlier in Iori's Hobby Shop gave him two papers which according to him,is meant to help him and Hibiki before the tournament. Let's just say that Jing got trolled instead."

Jing was still sporting an unamused look as he searched for the ingredients needed for what everyone is eating tonight.

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"Geez, that is horrible. Who would even trick a newtype or Innovator in the first place?' Elizabeth asked.

Somewhere currently, Mirai sneezed.

" But then again, he should have seen this coming, if that was a tournament participant." Elizabeth then looked at Kotori, silent.


The Bunny-Ears Gundam Meister
Kotori noticed Elizabeth seemingly spacing out while looking at the former.

“..Something in your mind?”

The smell of foreign curry went unnoticed as the two girls looked at each other.

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Elizabeth would sigh. "It's nothing. Really." She looked away from her friend, and went to her room. "I need to work on some things." She would close the door as she then sat on the bed, holding her head. "What can I do though?" She said quietly to herself. A display case full of Gunpla models of the IBO line, and the Vidar Mask, Same one that Gaelio Bauduin in the series wore when he called himself that. Elizabeth turned her head to look at the mask, and had an idea. She sent a text to Jing to ask for a favor.

"I have a confession problem with a certain Redhead.... I was wondering if you could somehow help me with creating a disguise for next week's qualifiers, so I can perhaps tell her how I feel. Please keep it between us until that day."


The Bunny-Ears Gundam Meister
> Sure.

It took a while for Jing to just fully process what he had just read however.

> Wait,why are you asking me,of all people?

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