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Disclaimer:Some of the images of nicely built Gunplas belong to neither one of us. They are simply used for clearer visualisation of the Custom Built Gunplas being used by characters in the RP.

(Just a faceclaim "Tamotsu" has)
It was another day in the lodgings Tamotsu,or rather,his real name:Jing Lin,stayed in,the same schedule as always;Wake up early in the morning,clean his specs (They always get dirty within minutes...),prepare breakfast for 5,leave for work in one of the high class hotel kitchens (I rather work in one of the common restaurants however,but i need money),work on the upgrades for Destiny (47% Progress Completed),and then take some of the completed upgrades for a test run. Why is it a "Breakfast for 5" you ask? Well....

“Uuoh! I really want to swing around the city like Spiderman!”

"“Eeh!? But it looks so dangerous! >∆<”

“As long as you don't fall you should fine.”

“That doesn't sound real reassuring at all...”

(Try to guess who these kids are by the colour of the font)
Considering that this is a lodging belonging to a parent who needed to travel overseas due to their jobs,it is to be expected that he would wind up under a roof with several kids who couldn't come along. They're watching "The Spectacular Spiderman" as their caretaker is preparing breakfast.

"Ikazuchi,lower your volume,you don't want to disturb the neighbours and have them running towards us in their pajamas."


"Anyway,breakfast is ready girls." He responded as he went towards them,a tray containing their meals for the morning.

Placing the tray on the table in front of the television,they ate their breakfast while watching the show. Jing was still thinking about how he somehow won against the Extreme Sword using a default Destiny.

How did i even win that round anyway? I was pretty sure i would lose the moment she activated that.....

"Mister Jing? Is something wrong?"

"Hm? Oh,nothing,Inazuma,just thinking about what I should cook for dinner. My thoughts aside,I trust the four of you have finished your homework?"

3 out of 4 nodded,causing Jing to sigh in exasperation as he looked at the girl who's always either forgotten about her homework within seconds or never attempted a single question;Ikazuchi.

"You're lucky we're up early before the 4 of you go to school....."

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(I will do some face claiming too.)


Illya was in her bedroom inside of her family's large mansion. She sat at her desk, working on a sketch for a Gundam build. "Fighting that guy gave me some ideas." She thought. She looked towards the window, the sun rise being a beautiful red and purple horizon. "How long has it been since I fought another newtype? I remember, that was two years ago, before I became champion." She thought of the person she fought, who used a custom build of the Gundam Dantalion.


That Battle two years ago was one that was spoken of in many tournaments, where the 'Berserker', Illya herself, Battled the seemingly unbeatable 'Incarnation of the Devil' Elizabeth Kyoujin, the previous champion. Illya's Extreme Sword Gundam fought the Dante Lucifer "Evangelion" to nearly both being destroyed in the battle, but with luck, and Illya's awakening as a newtype during the fight, she came out victorious.

Illya then got up from her desk, and went to grab her back pack. "If I remember correctly, today is the anniversary of that battle." She then opened the door to her room and left.

She walked down the stairs, and then went to the front entrance, to put on her shoes. She finished and then left the mansion, to walk to her school.


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“Hey,did you see that person over there?”

“You mean that guy who looks like Ignis Scientia who's walking with those 4 kids there?”

This again.....

He quietly sighed as he had to hear someone comment on his looks for 10th time in a week,he recalled that even the 4 girls he's taking to school now mentioned of his similarity to the specs-wearing-dagger wielder.

When would there be a day where they finally stop talking about my looks...?

He then looked at Ikazuchi,who looks as if she was force to eat something disgusting seconds earlier ago.

“I hope you remember what I've taught you when we're finishing up your homework.”

“Y-yeah! I do remember!”

She gave a smile,trying to hide that she found it hard to learn what Jing has taught her,prompting the latter to pinch the bridge of his nose in disapproval and look at the other 3 girls:Akatsuki,Hibiki and Inazuma.

“I hope you 3 could guide your sister during class as usual. I'm uncertain that I'm that capable being a teacher.”

Receiving a "Got it","Okay","Yes,Mr Jing" from the 3 of them respectively along with a nod. It didn't exactly ease his worries as much as he had thought,but at least he knows that they'll be able to help their sister out when she's in a pinch.

“Good,” He looked ahead of the girls,where they've now reached the entrance of their school, “I'll be here to fetch you at around 3:15pm as usual. Do stay within school grounds as you wait for my arrival,understood?”

As if he was a mother being firm towards her children,he gave them his last words before they enter school. After what happened last time involving Hibiki walking off due to the smell of fried fish,he was sure as hell not gonna let something like that happen again.

As always,the girls nodded in response and waved goodbye as they went into school grounds.

I really hope something bad doesn't happen to them....

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Illya reached the school entrance about a couple minutes later. She looked around at the other students amongst the entrance, mostly in groups. She would walk through the school yard, as many students would look at the white haired female, causing some whispering to be heard. "So the Berserker returns." Whispered one student. "I was not expecting her to be showing up today." "Didn't her parents go on a trip overseas?" "Yes, and I heard she left with them."

"Damn It!!!!" Yelled a voice amongst the mast of students, causing one group to move away from the girl who said it. Illya looked at the girl who yelled. "Well if it isn't my school rival, Zakuro." Illya said. "What's wrong? Were you applying to become the club president while I was gone?" Zakuro pointed at Illya, fangs barred. "No, I was going to get the team captain position for our school's GBWT team! But now that you are here, I have to fight you to keep that position!" Illya looked up to the sky, and said, "I have time. The first class doesn't start until 9:30. So if you are up for it, lets get set up." The other students would follow Illya to the Gunpla Battle Arena inside of the school's main building.

One teacher was in the far back of the crowd, watching the event with interest.

Zoe Drake.jpg


The Bunny-Ears Gundam Meister
Among the crowd,the 4 sisters were also there to watch the battle. Ikazuchi and Akatsuki (Inazuma doesn't really have much interest in Gunpla Battle or any form of fighting in general) were particularly excited to see the "Berserker" fight once again. Hibiki as usual doesn't seem to care in the slightest.

Illiyasviel Von Einzbern

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"Gunpla Battle, Start Up!"
The Table used for Gunpla Battle created an AR version of a city modeled after San Francisco.
"Field 5 - City! Please Set your gunpla!"

Illya placed her Extreme Sword Gundam onto the starting platform, before taking over the control panel. Zakuro did the same, but her Gunpla was a Reginlaze Julia, Colored Red and with a more Dragon like head as well as a tail resembling that of the Gundam Barbatos Lupis Rex.


Illya looked surprised. "You changed your gunpla?" Zakuro smirked and responded by saying, "I needed to in order to get past the strength your gunpla has." "Fighting isn't all about power however." Replied Illya.

"Battle Start!"

"Illya Einzbern, Extreme Sword Gundam! Let's go!" The Extreme Sword Gundam launched forward and onto the battlefield.

"Zakuro Uchiha, Reginlaze Drakon! Launch!" Zakuro's MS launched out to battle.

The two machines spotted each other in the air, as the Ex S Gundam fired its GN Beam Sword/Gun at the Reginlaze. The Reginlaze whirled around the Beam and jetted forward before swinging its left sword arm at the Ex S Gundam's chest.


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“Will Illya be okay? She doesn't seen to look like she's expected Zakuro to use a different Gunpla.”

“She'll be fine~” Ikazuchi spoke in response to Inazuma's worries in a cheery tone,only to immediately sulk as if she suffered a very bitter taste of defeat.


“Doesn't it look like her fighting style's changed a little though? I mean I guess if it's due to Zakuro's different Gunpla then-”


The 3 girls looked at their aloof sister,who's still maintaining her bored look while observing the fight.

“She's very likely changing her tactics to avoid a loss.”

“Huh? What makes you say that?”

“Nothing,it's just my opinion.”

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The slash left a decent scratch wound in the Ex S Gundam's chest area. The Ex S Gundam flew back and switched its GN sword to blade Mode, before jetting forward and swinging its sword at the Reginlaze's chest area. The Reginlaze veered left before spinning and throwing a kick at the Ex S Gundam's unprotected side, sending it crashing towards the ground. The Ex S got back up and looked at the Reginlaze. Illya herself stared at the machine with signs of worry in her eyes.

"This MS she is using, it is fast......" She thought.

"It is fast, don't you agree?" Zakuro asked, as if she knew what Illya was thinking. She then grinned wickedly. "Don't be too upset, it was bound to happen sooner or later, the day I would find a gunpla to defeat you with."

The Reginlaze jetted towards the Extreme Sword Gundam, swords crossed and ready to slice it in fouths.

"This is it!" Zakuro said.

The crowd was worried. "Illya is going to lose?" One boy asked. "How is this possible, she won the world championships!" Another asked.

"Is this fight really over?" Asked one girl, who was next to the teacher from earlier. She was quite concerned. "No. Illya was capable of getting out of situations like this before. Look again."

The Reginlaze struck, only for the swords to be blocked by the GN Sword, which now glowed gold, along with the Ex S Gundam. "What?" Zakuro asked, before the Reginlaze was pushed away, and slid back before stopping a few meters away.

"And there it is." The teacher said. "She changed alot since the last time you fought her, didn't she Ms Kyoujin?"

"Yes." The girl Replied.

images (2).jpeg


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“See? No problem at all.”

Ikazuchi said weakly as Illya countered. Akatsuki noticed that something seemed familiar about that tactic however.

“The way she did it....doesn't it look...?”

“Yeah. The risky tactic that no one tries due to how difficult it can be.”

“That's not what I meant -_-

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The Reginlaze Drakon looked at the Ex S Gundam, that now glowed bright, before the Ex S Gundam flew towards the Reginlaze. The Gundam left a trail of light as it flew. The Reginlaze's swords switched to Dancing Blade mode, the Sword parts connected by a wire, as it begun to spin itself into a Twister. 'Illya won't be able to break this defense!' Zakuro thought. Her expression became one of shock as soon as the Ex S Gundam got closer than expected. The Ex S Gundam swung its GN Sword, slicing off the left arm of the Reginlaze, the arm dropped to the ground hard, before firing its chest mounted vulcans at the right sword, shattering the blade with little difficulty.

"No! I won't accept this!" Zakuro yelled, as the Tail unit was unleashed, spinning around the Reginlaze and the point hurtling towards the Ex S Gundam. The Ex S sidestepped, and grabbed the tail with its free hand, before kicking the Reginlaze back. The tail ripped from the Reginlaze's backside, before the Ex S Gundam threw the tail to the side.

Zakuro was scared. Illya's Gundam was stronger than earlier in the fight. "No way..... It's taken away all of my main weapons...... Just what is that thing?!" She asked, fearing the outcome of battle. Illya's face popped up on Zakuro's monitor.
"You wouldn't know what true strength is. Strength is something you earn through the bond you share with your gunpla." Illya spoke. Zakuro noticed her eyes were Amber instead of red. "This fight is over. Conceed now, or I will destroy your gunpla." Illya spoke, calm, yet sounding menacing as well.

The teacher looked at Elizabeth. "You think you can defeat her now?" Elizabeth looked at the teacher, and nodded. "I can. I will not lose to her like last time."


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Meanwhile,in Shangri La Hotel,Jing was working when one of his colleagues told him a customer wishes to see him.

“A customer requesting to see me face to face? ...Understood,I'll leave the work to you temporarily then.”

Leaving his station as his colleague took over,he then stepped out of the kitchen,looking around for the aforementioned person. Noticing someone waving at him,he sighed in defeat as he approached her.

“Itsuka Kotori...”

“It's been a while,"Tamotsu".”

She smiled mischievously as she waited for the chef's response.

“What is it that you require? I'm rather busy at the moment. ”

He then watched as she took out her phone and typed a message. Hearing his phone's notification tune sound off just as she finished typing,he looked at what she had sent him.

"You defeated the "Berserker" didn't you? I'm impressed,especially in light of the fact that you've lost 79 times using the Destiny."

Subtly glaring at Kotori the moment she finished,he swiftly typed back,hiding the fact that he was very unhappy that someone was looking at his previous battle against Illyasviel.

"...How long have you been watching...?"

"Don't worry~ It's not like I'm gonna tell anyone,well,at least not for now."

"At least not for now"? Does she actually intend to...

Clearly,Jing was not one who wants to be glorified for being the one to defeat the Berserker,or even have glory or popularity for being an elite player. It was because of this that Kotori would poke fun at Jing whenever she feels bored.

“....What is it you want?”

“A Gunpla Battle of course.”

She spoke loud enough for everyone around her and Jing to hear,resulting in several people stopping what they're doing to look at both of them. Sighing as if he already knew how the battle will end,Jing then responded.

“You already defeated me 39 times,probably more than other battlers I've faced,aren't you getting bored of defeating me continuously?”

“This time's different though,and I wouldn't want to postpone the battle and then forget about it entirely. Well,what do you say?”

Persistent for a battle as always I see.....

“...Very well then,time?”

“Your break time is arriving in 30 minutes right? We'll battle when 30 minutes passed from now.”

“Understood. I'm afraid I may not be able to impress you as usual.”

As Jing walked back towards the kitchen,murmurs of the upcoming Gunpla Battle between the "Ifrit" and a Shangri La Hotel chef rose. The majority believing that Kotori would win the battle while the minority stating that the results would say for themselves.

The things I get dragged into...
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Zakuro yelled, "Damn you!"
Her Reginlaze Drakon jetted towards the Ex S Gundam, its claw opened and ready to slice into Illya's gunpla. The Ex S Gundam sidestepped the attack with its sword up where the Reginlaze leapt at. The Reginlaze Impaled itself unto the GN Sword unintentionally and went limp. The screen soon showed the words:
"Battle Ended,
Winner: Illya"

The entire audience was silent as the Table dropped the AR Features, leaving behind the two gunpla, the Reginlaze itself in horrible condition.

The teacher turned away from the battle, and walked off with Elizabeth following him.

Illya's eyes went back to normal, as she picked up her gunpla, and looked towards the audience. "The fight is over. As of today, I'm the head leader of the GBWT team here. Anyone who wishes to join me for the qualifying round to reach the main tournament next Saturday will need to see me during lunch hours or before and after school. I will be looking for people I find suitable for my team."

The school bell rang. "It's time to head to our class rooms it seems. I'll see you all later." Illya then left, as Zakuro muttered to herself, "I will not be bested by her again......"


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“Illya won as usual eh?”

“Told ya.”

As the four of them walked back to class,Hibiki's mind drifted off to the GBWT team,thinking about the tournament and its contestants,before coming up to the conclusion.

...I'll give it a shot and join the team then.

Back in Shangri La Hotel,the game room was half crowded with guests,all them looking at the yet-to-be-activated Gunpla Battle base,Kotori and Jing standing at both ends and looking at each other.

“The Gunpla I'm using may be a little different than before,so don't be surprised.”


That's right...she can't always just rely on the Efreet since it requires a heavier form of customisation to be in par with most other MSs

"Please set your-"

“I wish they added the option to silence the stupid announcer asking us to do that.” Kotori grumbled as she and Jing immediately set their GP Base before the announcer could finish.

“Indeed. Frankly I'm rather annoyed to hear that continuously too.”

Both of them then set their Gunplas swiftly before the system could even say "please". Jing noticed the Gunpla his long time opponent is using. She's right about not using Efreet,but....
(image randomly found online)

It doesn't take a genius to know it is NOT "a little different"

“Itsuka Kotori,Wing Zero Ifrit. Now,let our date begin.”

Jing shook his head disapprovingly upon hearing her catchphrase before battle. Their gunplas now entering the battlefield (Field 3,City),the young girl heard her dueling buddy spoke.

“You really need to get a new catchphrase before people gets the wrong idea...”

“Heh,it sounds good to me though.”

Just as they had expected,several people laughed as they saw that the Gunpla "Tamotsu" is using is none other than the Destiny. They quickly shut their mouths as Kotori glared at them,clearly not amused about the constant belittling of her opponent.
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Several minutes later, in classroom 2-B, the room Illya always goes to for history class, Illya was at her own desk, looking at the text book and information cards their teacher, Mr. Mark gave them a few weeks earlier. Illya was looking over her cards that showed images of Samurai, Battle Formations, and Shoguns. Strangely enough, these cards had numbers and card text like 'Battle Power' or 'Defensive Strength'. She never quite understood why they needed cards that look like something found in a game. Then again, their teacher was from the U.S.

Illya sighed as she took out her notebook, and began drawing. On the page was a partially drawn out Gundam that Illya was planning on building when she got the resources. "Illya!" Mark said loudly, which caused her to jump up and ask, "Yes?" "Tell us, if you lived during this era of warlords and kingdoms, what would you do if you were on the front lines?" Mark asked. "Honestly, I'd just run in and take down as many enemies as I can before I fall." Mark covered his eyes with his left hand, and sighed. "Illya, this was an actual event, not some toy battle you kids play a majority of the time. Please be more realistic next time."

Illya blushed and sat back down. She truly did act like a berserker with her answers to Mark's questions.


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Trees were getting blown aside,mountains earning a scar on their surfaces,and the ground became burning craters. Surely,this is the job of none other than one young battler:

“You're wide open!”


Destiny barely stepped to the side as the Wing Zero Ifrit's Buster Rifle nearly hit its chest. Kotori's even more harder to approach now that she's using a transformable Gunpla that is fully customised while he's using a 1/4 souped up Gundam.

She's constantly circling and shooting at me...!

“Whats wrong? Can't keep up?”

Just as she spoke however,she noticed her opponent's shield flying towards where Zero Ifrit's flight path would be. Quickly stopping before it could impede her Gunpla,it lead to Jing and the Destiny dashing straight towards her and Zero Ifrit.

Not good...!

Quickly raising its shield to block Destiny's furious continuous strikes,Kotori found it difficult to try to counterattack as her opponent was doing whatever the hell he can to prevent her from using her weapons.

'Course he would immediately go bonkers......that's what makes him really hard to fight against even if he lost more than he won...!
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Blocking Destiny's attacks,Kotori felt even pressured as Jing seemed to be speeding up with his attempts to strike her Gunpla's weakk spot.

Gah.....! Guess I'll have to use that to stand toe to toe against him if I can!

Managing to parry Destiny's downwards slash,Zero Ifrit aimed its Buster Rifle towards its opponent,barely pulling the trigger as it had to abandon it after Jing had his Gundam immediately cut the rifle in half. However,the explosion is what Kotori needed to unsheathed a pair of weapons unnoticed. The Destiny in a defensive stance,it quickly blocked as the Zero Ifrit,now wielding two swords which were orignally part of the wings,started to return the favour of constantly striking at Kotori's opponent's Gundam.

“I see.......using my tactic against me are you?” Jing spoke,Destiny tossed the other Flashedge Beam Saber onto its left hand,resulting in the two beam colliding and forming into a larger beam blade eerily similar to that of Epyon's,an upgrade recently implemented onto Destiny. It then reached for Arondight quickly before Zero Ifrit could stop it,making Kotori sweat bullets as she knew what this means now.

“Now.....let our "date" begin!” In a split second,Zero Ifrit found itself stuck in a defense stance as it helplessly tried to fight back,only for Destiny's furiously fast attacks to prevent it from doing anything.

“Hey! That's my line!”

Good...now I just need to corner her Gundam and then-




“So uh....what did you cut?”

“The Beam Saber ended up slicing a huge cliff on my left,and it fell on me. And because we weren't able to do anything about Destiny being trapped since my partner isn't strong enough to lift something that heavy,i had to forfeit the match and accept it as my 40th loss against Itsuka and the 80th time i lost in general.”

Jing was now back in the kitchen,currently cutting some carrots into small rectangular shapes while talking to one of his colleagues.

“Oof....that's a pretty embarassing and anticlimatic way to lose.”

“Indeed it is,as a result I was being laughed at for that event. Not that i cared however.”

Several hours have passed,it was now lunch break in school,Hibiki had just finished her meal and went to approach Illyasviel with the intent of joining the GBWT Team.
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A swing from the GN Sword of Ex S was all it took to defeat the Jesta MS her opponent used. Her previous opponent picked up the damaged Jesta Gundam and ran off, saying "She is way too strong! There's no way anyone could beat her!"

Illya sighed as she went to pick up her Ex S Gundam. 'Fighting Tamotsu was an experience I want to feel again...... No one here so far could be considered an team mate......' Illya turned around and noticed a majority of the people who tried to apply were gone. The only person left was Hibiki.

Of course, Illya never had spoken to her in person, but she did see her in a couple of her classes, including the history class. "Are you here for the application?" Illya asked her.


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Hibiki nodded,the same usual deadpan look on her face present as if nothing seemed to surprise her.

“Yes,I guess I'm the only one left here to challenge you for the application.”


The Bunny-Ears Gundam Meister
“Anything goes.” Hibiki shrugged,taking out her Gunpla which she and Jing had built together during their free time. It was an IBO-lineup Gunpla with 4 00QAN[T]-like Sword bits.

(Once again random image found in Pinterest)

“Time to see how well I do after years of training with him...”

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"Alright then," Illya said as she placed her gunpla down. "Show me what you got!"

The field created this time was a vast sky with several small floating islands scattered about.

'Field #8..... This feels appropriate somehow.' Illya thought. "Illyasviel " The Berserker", Extreme Sword Gundam! Here I go!" Illya's Gundam launched into the sky.


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There she would see her opponent now in the air,waiting for her Gundam.

“Now then...”

Without another word,Hibiki had her Gundam (working name is Novus) dash towards Ex S head on,strangely calm about the situation she is getting her Gundam into.

Illiyasviel Von Einzbern

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The Ex S Gundam aimed its GN Sword in Gun mode at the Novus, firing a beam at the Gundam. She also had her Ex S Gundam draw its left Flash Edge Boomerang and throw it to follow up the Beam fired from earlier.

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