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Fantasy Guild of Heroes: Recall Protocol - Characters

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Guild of Heroes: Recall Protocol is a parallel-continuity, side-expansive, hyper-achronological mega-crossover pseudo-sequel roleplay to the Guild of Heroes franchise.

Which never seems to die, and perhaps never will.

As its basic premise, Recall Protocol will tell the story of the Guild of Heroes and its glorious (or not-so-glorious) return to the conflict-shorn kingdom of Albion, as well as its surrounding territories. Although the focus will be on the Guild's return and its activities, you can play as anyone - a villain, a non-member, or a mere bystander whose fate happens to be entangled with the events brewing around them. Around you unfolds an endless fractal beach of possibility, whose waters are dreams, and whose shore is the mind's creative spark.


Character Format


The God-Emperor of Mankind
: (Their true name.)
Aliases: (Other names, titles, nicknames, and aliases.)
Age: (Age. How long have you been there?)
Gender: (Self-explanatory.)
Race: (May create your own race, provided that you will write down a fairly detailed description of its physiology, traits, etc.)

: (Ships gotta sail, then sink each other.)
High Concept: (Sum up your character in a sentence or two.)
Backstory: (At least a solid paragraph. Keep it relevant.)

: (Written, or a picture. If written, then at least a detailed paragraph of text.)
Weapons & Armor: (Anything that the character uses for protection, or attack during combat.)
Items & Personal Belongings: (Any other items that the character has, or belong to them.)
Skills & Abilities: (Not magical. Include things like bartering, or the ability to pickpocket.)
Spells & Magic: (Magical. Spells and magical abilities that the character has.)
Weaknesses: (Weak sides of a character, if there are any notable.)

FLUFF (Optional)
Hobbies: (What does the dark lord do in his free time, when not vying for supremacy over the world?)
Quote\s: (Notable things that the character has said, that may show off their personality or speech type.)
Theme: (Musical theme.)


Always remember: a like from the GM or his approved staff indicates acceptance of a given character.


Demon Lord of the Diabolic Spuds
Owner of The Raven's Arcana, Faust Windfallow

  • Name: Faust Windfallow

    Titles: The Raven-Masked Magus, the Suspicious Salesman of General Wares, Midnight Merchant, Lord of the Frying Pan

    Age: Nobody knows.

    Race: Elder Lich

    Alignment: Chaotic Neutral

    Gender: Male

    Sexual Orientation: Asexual

    Personality: Eccentrically egotistic, there are generally only two things in the known multiverse Faust has been recorded to care about: his pride, and his personal amusement. The only constant in Faust's actions is his whims, which is about as predictable as your average game of monopoly: one minute he is saving orphans from human traffickers out of boredom, and one moment later, he is chaining the orphans together onto one giant boulder to yeet into a swamp filled with caustic, polluted water just to see what 'naturally-born undead' could come out of it. Other than that, Faust can usually be classified as a disgruntled 'boomer' who frequently dismisses younger generations for their supposed incompetence.

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June Verles

Depression? Never heard of her.

  • Name: Sasha Korneev
    Aliases: Sierra Kilo (NATO phonetic alphabet denomination), Master of runes, successor of Odin, Supreme Sage (All self given), Sir. Mann I. Fuchalot, Adventurer 1, Chris. Shattered Mind.
    Age: 27
    Gender: Female
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Name: Claire Motoye
Alias: Lady Motoye
Age: 19
Gender: Female
Race: Human
Height: 5'6
Sexuality: Heterosexual

Claire is a very determined knight seeking to make the world a better place for everyone. She believed deeply in protecting the weak and helpless. She generally keeps very upbeat and positive, always being one to see there is hope even in the darkest times, whether it might be an intimidating foe or a task that seems too difficult to overcome. She shows a great deal of loyalty to those she aligns with. She is innately rather curious person eager to see new places, meet new people, or try new things. She attempts to live by 'the knightly code' trying to be chivalrous particularly in public though such a demeanor is often dropped when it a more casual setting.

She can be rather naïve, rather easily buying into things or even putting a false hope that she might be able to help redeem someone who might not have any hope of seeking it. She is a rather terrible liar even in the case she is attempting to obscure facts to prevent hurting someone's feelings. She is very determined to not back down, to the point of being a rather easy target to get suckered into gambling games or cons. She is rather easy to get flustered by things that embarrass her.

Claire's birth and general origins are unknown event to her. Her most earliest memories being that living in an orphanage in Stockade of Irons at which point she already had her name Claire Motoye. It was there she generally got along with the others, even then being the very upbeat girl she is today. When she was around six she along with a few other interested children were adopted into the Knights of the Nameless Wanderer. A group formed in honor a hero long since passed said to have wandered the land proviidng aid to those who needed be departing without even giving their name. They were given names (should they not have one before) and be raised to become prospecting mercenaries or public servants should the way of the sword be found unfit for them.

As a knight in training, Claire did her best to follow in her teacher's footsteps. She would work hard to keep up with her teachings. She would work to keep peace not only through keeping law and order but also with a warm smile attempting to keep the peoples spirits raised. Her ambition to help others and act on her own had lead her to a few stumbling points getting herself tangled in affairs far above her, often getting saved by her fellow knights or just sheer luck saving her from too much of a thrashing or trouble. Despite all the hurdles it never stopped Claire believing herself capable of becoming a Knight and doing good.

She worked hard to train herself to become stronger despite seemingly lacking the ability to use magic on her own. She was resolute in being as strong as she could be to ensure she could help those who need it the most, even should a potential foe be far beyond what an ordinary human like herself might be capable of dealing with. As her time as a Knight in Training passed she managed to show more and more talent holding up to the code even if she might not of appeared as 'flashy' as some of her fellow knights to be. It was in her time training she did learn of her seeming immunity to magic, both good and bad. Eventually her time as a Knight in Training came to an end and her test to become a full fledge knight was upon her. Upon taking the test she proved herself, both mentally, physically, as well as through conviction.

Once becoming a knight Claire sought out to find a place in which her skills might be put to use. What other place to do such a thing but a suppose guild full of heroes, right? Right?

High Concept
A cute determined knight born of the universe's desire to correct the supernatural BS that is messing up existence.
Items and Equipment
Re'ine (Spadroon Sword)
A rather well made sword, crafted for Claire by a Blacksmith after having stood up for his daughter and saved her from being kidnapped. Named in part after the blacksmith's daughter, the blade itself is enchanted with a rather simple spell giving it the ability to resist damage and to repair itself to a certain degree of damage. Unfortunately such a trait is rather useless given Claire's magic making it for the most part just an ordinary though well crafted sword.

Battle Armor
In the case of heavy battle, Claire will elect to wear a light though flexible suit of plate and chain armor. The armor itself does adversely slow her down a bit and limit her movements though it is made to be flexible enough to generally not be too impeding on her ability to use it.

Mercenary Armor
For lighter engagements or more one on one scenarios, Claire will generally forgo armor wearing much lighter wear often sporting instead just metal gauntlets and boots. A much more generally friendly looking attire for the public to see.

Skills and Abilities
While a personality trait her determination in itself is a powerful ability she posseses. Never one to falter even in situations she knows is above her head or dire, she has the resolve to carry through no matter how dark and dire the situation might be. Always having that glimmer of hope to give her strength until her very last breath, and then some after.

Incredible Durability
While being otherwise quite mortal, her body is able to sustain far more damage then a typical person might be able to take. Even injuries fatal to say a normal human such as a pierced internal organ can be temporarily shrugged off or even potentially recovered from given enough time to heal and recover from such a wound, That said, even with her ability to stave off death beyond what a normal human body can take, it isn't forever and she WILL need to be treated otherwise she will die.

Rules Enforced
Her magic is the ability to enforce the natural order of the world. Should she slice a normal human being with her sword using the magic, it would appear to be just a normal slash of her sword. However, if she slices some immortal being, rather then the wound being nullified or simple regenerated, the sword cut would take effect acting as a normal injury requiring medical attention and time to fully heal (if such a wound might normally be able to be healed). Should say a being like a lich be cut then end up dying to another cause and return to their phylactery, while any wounds suffered elsewhere might be healed, returning from their phylactery the sword cut would still remain and need to be treated and healed normally over time. Rules Enforced applies directly to herself, meaning effects that go agains the natural order of the world have no effect on her at all... whether good or bad.

Rules Bent
While Rules Enforced sets a natural order to things involving her, she has the ability to bend rules using her own magic to alter them as she feels fit. A beneficial magic such as healing that would be unable to heal her so long as she actively concentrates her energy to do so can bend the rules to then heal her. She can use it to make a magical weapon she might hold have her magic nullified upon it to allow her to use its magical abilities normally. The more she bends the rules the more costly it becomes. While she can potentially do things such as walk on air or do other abnormal things, the more outlandish it is for herself to do, the far more taxing it is on her to use.

Rules Enforced limitation
While incredibly power against certain beings or things, it also is limited by the fact it also enforces the rules upon its user. A sword is still just a normal sword so it won't magically be able to slice through metal like it is paper. Likewise if whatever it is used on is already 'following the rules' of the world the magic itself will have absolutely no effect. The effect of the magic is always applied and is in effect as well on her. While it means it doesn't put a strain on her using it, it also means unnatural effects both good and bad will not effect her in her default state of being.

Rules Bent Limitation
Being an active effect, it requires her to actively use the ability to actually gain its effects. Should she run out of Mana or be unconscious she would be unable to have this effect active immediately causing her Rules Enforced to take full effect. This means being seriously injured and being knocked unconscious can be incredibly dangerous as only normal medication and treatment can hope to stave off her injuries and keep her alive with no way for magical healing to be used as it might normally be intended.

Too Determined and Naive
While determination to never give up is great, the problem is that very same determination is a good way for the sunk cost fallacy to easily slip in and lead to an inevitable loop of being put into a losing situation she has no hope of winning. She can easily be suckered into a rigged gambling game and be taken for a ride for all the money she has holding onto that chance of a win to get it all back even if it is rigged in a way that she has no chance of doing so.


Theme: None so far

Dalamus Ulom

Remonstrance of Identity
: Ceralder
Aliases: The Forsaken
Age: At Death 37, Current Age Unknown
Gender: Male
Race: Undead

: Pansexual
High Concept: A holy warrior from an ancient culture, fallen to the dark and raised as an undead, but still struggling to absolve his forgotten sins for the light.
Backstory: Once a warrior devoted to an ancient Goddess of Light, called Lux, Ceralder found that no matter what they did, his people were always reacting to the evils of the world, unable to ever go on the offensive. Filled with rage, he chose to try and summon a minor demon, an Imp of a Lord of Knowledge in order to learn how to proactively fight against the evils of the dark. However, due to a minor mistake, instead of the minor Knowledge Imp he had been attempting and prepared to summon, he accidentally summoned an Archdemon of Knowledge, which was able to easily destroy the wards Ceralder had placed, and attempted to steal Ceralder's Soul.

But the demon was unable to extract the man's soul, finding that touching it burned it's demonic hands with the Light Goddess's holy flame. So, the Archdemon chose a far more insidious punishment for the holy warrior, cursing his soul to never leave his body and stealing away all his memories, thus forcing him to become an undead creature, one of the very monsters that Ceralder had striven to destroy. Yet despite his cursed form, Ceralder still strives to help those he could, no matter what.

Once, not so long ago, he had been able to resurrect himself with the aid of friends he made during an adventure, but it would seem that exile to the Void Dimension has stripped him of his life once again.

Ceralder the Forsaken screenshot.png
Weapons & Armor: A holy cuirass blessed enchanted by a priest of Lux to ward the protector from minor evils, and a holy flamberge named Flauren.
Items & Personal Belongings: A ragged robe to cover himself, an ancient tome barely able to hold itself together, held together by a dozen locks.
Skills & Abilities: A swordsman of unparalleled skill, Ceralder was one of the greatest warriors of the ancient Guild of Heroes during life, though death, resurrection, exile in another dimension, and a second death have done him few favors.
Spells & Magic: Ceralder is able to summon from his soul and wield the holy blue flame of Lux, which is able to burn the evil and unhallowed. However, due to that very same power, it also eats away at his own undead form, thus the more he uses it, the more he will be damaged.
Weaknesses: As stated, Ceralder can only use the Flame of Lux so much before it begins to eat away at his undead form, and it cannot harm the goodly or holy creatures. Compounding this, Ceralder is also susceptible to holy wards and anti-undead magic just like any other undead, making a battle with a holy mage a completely one sided affair in favor of said holy mage.

: Reading, writing his memoir, praying to Lux.
Quote\s: "In the name of Lux, I shall smite you!"
"I wouldn't touch that if I were you."


Demon Lord of the Diabolic Spuds
Magna Weapon Series Y-ÆΔ - Designation Code 041-AA



























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The Sleepy One
Averza Reyes


The Ace of Spades, in a Uno deck

Basic Information

Name: Kyro Script
Aliases: All King/Overload related titles
Age: 30
Gender: Male
Race: Human


Sexuality: A
High Concept: Though blood may stain the ground, steel and iron shall rise. As progress and success intersect at the precipice it shall form a single throne, and from that throne, I shall watch over you.

After several minutes, the roiling amber glow over the horizon settled down, from a furious blaze of otherworldly energy into a resting aura, slowly dissipating into the winds, into the leylines. Soon, that void energy would be filtered by the planet's nodes, and there'd be no trace.

As it completed, the Archlich turned around and stepped down the hill. Their decision was for maximum secrecy, so they'd performed it close to the desolate regions, where no country's law held absolute, and where there was a minimal presence of watchmen and heroes.

“There. My spell is complete. All who bore the Seal of the Guild of Heroes within the range of Melicau's atmosphere now rest within the Void Dimension. And that, I believe, concludes our business, scion of the Scripts.”

“Agreed. With the Guild crippled and the throne open, I will seize power.”

It seemed, for a moment, as if Turenval was about to leave - teleport away

“…Actually. I have one more thing that might be of use to you. Consider it a parting gift.”

“A parting gift?” Kyro stared at the undead, suspicious.

The lich merely chuckled. “Why so surprised? I have always liked to indulge in vain charity. Now listen well - north of Fairfax, within the deepest caves, beyond the seven rivers, there is an ancient shrine from a forgotten religion, deep, deep within the chasms and mountains. And within that shrine, you shall find a group of demons the Guildsmen had sealed away centuries ago. One, in particular, might help you. Ararigonterisa, the demon of knowledge.”

2 years before current events:

“Are you sure it’s going to work this time? I don’t want another repeat failure,” a clearly stressed and agitated Kyro asks. Affected by the lack of progress in the endeavor.

“Indeed, I believe this time it will work.” The woman dressed in a lab coat looked to another member of her team.

“Begin.” She slid the Script Crest into a key slot. A display of runes rose from the ground, and lines of faint light converged to a piece of paper in the center.

An unimaginable amount of magic energy flowed into the machine. As it started to shift gears, broaden the connection, the mana seemed to almost suffuse the air physically, a faint bluish-white tinge to everything, like a filter over the eyes. As his breath rose and fell, he could feel its sharpness in his throat, like an itch tickling the inner parts of his trachea. He coughed a little, cleared his throat.

After some time, the light dissipated, and the runes fell again.

Kyro collected the paper, which now showed a detailed blueprint. He looked up at it, a faint smile dancing on his lips. “With this machine, we will revolutionize the future. Albion shall advance beyond all other nations technologically. And then, we will assimilate them.”

3 years ago:

A single drop of blood falls to join an ocean of sacrifice. The stench of crying flesh poisons the air.

“How fascinating,” an overly eager voice of a woman exclaims. “With this, the last remaining rebels that opposed you have been eliminated.”

Within the center of the carnage stood a bloodstained Kyro Script. There were mutilated arms, and legs of different people around him; bodies hacked apart into thin displays of gore, almost phantasmagorical in their arrangement, like something from a fairy tale illustration. He snapped his hand and caught a floating deck of cards, and from the environment, more cards flew into it: cards that had been lodged in between eyes, cards that had cut into the walls with their razor-sharp edges, and cards that had fully pierced bodies. All of them bloodied.

The woman stood at a distance to avoid even a single drop of blood getting on her. Almost obsessive to keep every inch of her clean. “This will be useful when pursuing further knowledge. I am excited to see what your newfound authority will bring me.”

1 year ago:

“Allen.” Several men stand inside a massive room filled with boxes and artifacts. Goods to be sold at a market. There were runes carved across the floor and walls, minute and fine markings glimmering with subtle arcane power.

An older man, dressed in a very formal attire bowed at the Overlord's entry.

“Lord Script?”

“Since you oversee this endeavor more than anyone, this primarily concerns you. However, I have invited the remainder of your colleagues for this demonstration. You may begin.” Kyro signaled the woman in a lab coat. With the flip of a switch, the entire room lit up.

“Right now, we stand within the capital city of Bowerstone.” As a light enveloped them, the runes began spinning. The light grew so bright that it was impossible to see. The light subsided; each member looked around in question as to what happened.

“Gentlemen,” Kyro said leading them outside. In contrast to their previous location of warmth and summertime, snow covered the ground, and cool air stung their skin. In utter disbelief, the men looked to Kyro. “Welcome to Fairfax. You and all the goods within this building have been effortlessly transported here.” Each of the men showed a different reaction: shock, amusement, awe. “There is no limit to the distance of this spell. Although the rooms themselves are difficult to construct and require a fair amount of energy to use. It will be your job to ensure these are built in multiple cities around the country, and as soon as the other nations give their permission, the world. No longer shall we transport goods across difficult climates or risk being attacked. No more bandit raids.”

“Sir,” Allen replied. “It will take a long time to build and convince neighboring nations to use this ability.”

“For now, focus on getting teleportation networks around all major Albion cities, then each capital city of other nations as they agree.”

Several days ago:

As the sun rose on the horizon, a blazing molten disk of sunlight, Kyro stood on top of the palatial clock tower, looking down on the city of Bowerstone. Its stone-laden streets were surrounded on each side by variegated buildings and small residential houses in the suburbs, with large towers looming in the dense center; the thin roads were filled with abrupt motion, a sea of people of different races and origins, living together in harmony. He was reading a book; the topic and design of the book were seemingly not of the current time period.

“I knew you would be here. We have a problem.” A girl in a lab coat said as she entered up the stairs. “They are trying to bring them back.”

He regarded her with the side-eye.

“And Mephisto is alive.”

Kyro’s face changed. He closed the book with a grim clap.

“This time it will be our responsibility. Let’s go. There is much to be done,” Kyro said, regaining his composure before anything could be said about its brief absence. "I will need your help more than ever, Arariagonterisa.”



Weapons & Armor:

Kyro prides himself on being lightweight and agile. Generally not walking around with a cape and accessories unless there is an occasion requiring it. Public appearance or formal meeting. Kyro’s general attire would be lightweight armor that protects only necessary organs with as much free movement as possible.

Items & Personal Belongings:

Seal of the Script: Small metal seal that activates only when used by a member of the Script family. On the back, it has a seal of an unknown academy. Used to identify Kyro and give full clearance. Unlocks many sealed places.

Cards of the Jester: 20 decks, 54 each. Total of over 1000 cards. Made of a unique composition of materials that make them nearly indestructible. Incidentally, they are also quite effective at protecting against magical spells. Each card was handcrafted to be as sharp as physically possible, able to cut through strong materials such as metal but being flexible enough to bend and mold when needed. In addition, they have specialty-designed art, however, this is only for the aesthetic purpose of playing cards.

Skills & Abilities:

Kyro was poor and abandoned but rose to leadership. He is effective and resourceful. He will effectively lead but sacrifice if needed. If defeated, he will prioritize his own survival over others.

Spells & Magic:

Scripts legacy: Levitation. More specifically an advanced form of levitation that combines a multitude of small objects into a single connected object to make it possible for the mind to handle controlling so many objects. Passed down by the Script family, it’s a very ancient technique and only works with his cards. However, he can levitate other objects regularly. As far as size, it’s what you would imagine, the bigger and heavier, the more power and concentration it takes to lift.


Kyro’s form of rule is gains over losses. However, this can lead to a lot of enemies.

He is no beast or undead monster, a bullet or sword to the chest is all it takes to kill him.

Anything that disrupts his ability to control his cards.

Additional Notes

Improving science. Research technology to build a better world.
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Captain Gabriel

Three Thousand Club
True Name
: He Who Rules Over The Blood Of Manyimage (5).jpeg
Name: Lord Gabriel Baryon
Aliases: 'Lord of Blood', 'The Lion', 'King of the Night', 'They Of Many Forms'.
Age: 1631
Gender: Male (Pronoun depends on form taken)
  • Originator Vampire - Often times, an Originator Vampire is a first generation vampire, someone who was not sired by anybody but became a vampire through a curse or through a deal with a devil. In Gabriel's case, he became an Originator because of a botched ritual that happened in his youth, in which a devil summoning prompted him to sell his humanity to save his brother. Oh, how poorly that ended.

: Pansexual
High Concept: Lawful Evil - Power is what's necessary to ensure the continuation of civilization. Sacrifice of the weak is necessary for the strong to be able to protect those that need protection.
Gabriel Baryon was the firstborn son of two relatively wealthy landowners slightly outside of the Kingdom of Albion. His childhood was simple and relatively quiet, for someone that is technically a member of nobility: he had several tutors in magic, swordsmanship, politics, language, alchemy and many other practices expected of a high-class member of society. By the time he was sixteen, he was a regular attendee of the family and business meetings, and his charisma and insights always proved useful in all sorts of dealings.

When he turned twenty-one, he decided to enroll in Albion's Academy of the Highest, which was one of the most prestigious schools that one could hope to go to. All of the things he learned in his childhood were taught here, but in hundredfold complexity and depth, if one so willed it. His father strongly endorsed his studies and personally funded them, but he wanted one thing in exchange: become as powerful as you can, in every way that you manage.

And who was Gabriel to refuse that? It was a completely fair request, and one that he was more than willing to agree to. They made that agreeement on his father's deathbed, and Gabriel even agreed for a soft, conscious geas to be placed upon his mind, which would unravel and collapse as soon as Gabriel found his level of power and influence satisfactory by his standards.

As far as magic went, Gabriel focused on three subjects: Ritualism, Daemonology, and the ancient art of Blood Magic. They were three of the most synergistic arts, when put together - the amount of potential power to be gained by putting the three schools of the arcane together was incredible! And that's exactly what he did. And on the fateful day, in the company of his only brother Rufus after both of their lessons had ended, the two set up the ritual that would change Gabriel's life forever...

They wanted to summon a devil.

A ritual circle, made of salt and magical ink, laced with blood. A sacrifice of two cups of blood from each brother, to be placed within the ritual circle. Several layers of wards, put in place by Rufus, who was the expert on the subject. And then, a long incantation spoken in languaages long-dead that shalt not be spoken. The circle started glowing, Gabriel unrelenting in his incantation, and then the room went cold, as everything flashed white. When the two brothers could see again and saw the figure standing in front of them, a feeling of deep-rooted wrongness took Gabriel and Rufus aback. Only then did they realize the sheer magnitude of their mistake.

This was no devil, Gabriel realized. It was an instant realization, which came from sheer theoretical knowledge and from the intense arcane feeling the young daemonologist had come to recognise from the thousands of experiments that he conducted at the Academy. This was a Demon, the kind whose only purpose is to completely eradicate existence to make it into the shape of Oblivion - the reason there are seven days in a week instead of ten; the reason why one day, numbers will stop being infinite; the reason the night sky isn't more wonderous, or the reason why bad things exist.

Of course, this wasn't a fully manifested demon. It was a mere avatar; an extension, a fragment of a demon's soul. If it were a proper demon, Gabriel and Rufus wouldn't have been alive to tell the tale.

However, instead of slaughtering them on the spot like Gabriel expected it would, the Demon radiated amusement, and introduced himself.

Its disgusting body, covered in mouths, tendrils and outgrown bones, bowed forward and stepped forward, completely ignoring the wards Rufus had placed as if they were nothing, because to it, they were.

All of its mouths smiled at once, making Gabriel sick on a level deeper than his stomach. "My name is Uxalot, One Among Fourteen, Mighty Baron of Hell. I ask you, oh arrogant summoners... why do you disturb me so, from my sleep?"

Rufus was too afraid to talk. His entire body was frozen, and it was probably because he was not used to the sheer entropic presence of a demon. But Gabriel had trained for this.

"We did not mean to do so, great Lord of Hell," Gabriel uttered, avoiding eye contact with any of the eyeballs on Uxalot's body. "We merely wanted to call upon a devil, or an imp."

Uxalot laughed out loud, spittle, shit, vomit and blood flying out from every single one of its mouths. "Hah! Why is that, mortals? Because you think yourself higher than such?" Uxalot's arm thrust forward and lifted Rufus off the ground, eliciting a scream and a yell. Gabriel wanted to move, but that would risk his brother's life. "Even a lowly imp is more dignified and honorable than any pathetic mortal like you!"

Gabriel dropped to his knees. "I offer my sincerest apologies, oh unholiest Lord of Hell!" Upon saying that, Gabriel felt something drain from him.

"Tasteful, but not enough. Offer something more if you want your brother to stay alive."

Gabriel's face scrunched up in a frown of terror. What could he do? What could he offer this Hellish Baron, that he had and that Uxalot wanted? It was a known fact that Demons, especially of his caliber, weren't particularly needy creatures. They dealt with mortals for the amusement of it, and because of their nature - not out of actual need. A devil took a soul as payment because it damaged you in the long run, not because it needed the soul.

What could he offer Uxalot, to save Rufus?

Gabriel's blood froze cold. It was the only way.

"I offer you my renounciation of humanity, in exchange for your immediate departure and my brother's safety."

The demon smirked gleefully, as its mouths licked their lips. Uxalot shuddered pleasurably. "Ah, that's so, so good. It tastes wonderful. In fact, it tastes so good, I'll throw in some seasoning."

Rufus fell to the ground as Uxalot let go of him. He was crying his eyes out, curled up into a ball, too shocked and utterly terrorized to be thankful, despite Gabriel's immense sacrifice.

"Enjoy your non-humanity, whatever form it may take."

Uxalot disappeared, and the deal finalized.

Gabriel felt something within him. He'd lost what made him human. What had he done? What was he, now? What would he become, without his humanity?

It was hard to even think about, because the feeling of worry became more distant the more he dwelled on it.

After Rufus had elected to run away from civilization and live in the woods, Gabriel returned to his task. He had to grow more powerful, so that things like what happened months prior wouldn't happen ever again.

It took months for Gabriel to notice the first effects of the forced deal with Uxalot. He noticed that people listened to him more when he spoke, and it was easier to manipulate people. He was stronger, faster, growing more so as time went on. He could outrun a galloping horse without breaking a sweat and could punch through concrete without hurting his hand. If he focused, he could shift his body, turn into other people and instinctively emulate their mannerisms and way of speaking. He had faster reflexes, better senses, and was probably peak-human in all other regards he didn't care to experiment. Was this the seasoning that the Demon had mentioned?

It wasn't all good, though. Food didn't taste as good as it did before, drinks didn't quench thirst as well. His skin had grown pale, so pale that it hurt to be in direct sunlight. His eyes had grown darker, his scleras turning to a deep black, darker than darkness, his irises and pupils fusing into a blood-red circle. His fangs had grown slightly longer, pointier. His mind was sharper, yes, but he felt less and less in touch with his emotions, as time went on. He didn't worry as much, wasn't scared as much - love was a lost concept, an emotion alien and unnecessary. Gabriel didn't understand what was happening to him, so he turned to the Academy.

He sought out answers, and what he found out... didn't scare him at all, but that was the problem. He had become an Originatio Vampiris - a first generation vampire, among the most powerful type of unholy creature, barring demons, fiends and the Dark Gods themselves. He could drink people's blood to sustain himself with their lifeforce, he could drain them of their blood and replace theirs with his own and make them into vampires, creatures eons weaker than he was, who would be compelled to protect or serve him due to a simple factoid that was built in a vampire's psyche - if Gabriel ever died, all of his sired children would die as well.

In the back of his mind, Gabriel's geas unraveled. Satisfactory, but not nearly enough.

Hundreds of years passed. Kings and queens rose and fell, and Gabriel's power continued to rise. He went from blood to psychic energy; emotions, thoughts, experiences, and memories, all of which contributed to Gabriel's already-great power. Resources amassed, lands owned, capital gained, willing children sired. Albion as a whole had learned to coexist with vampires - people volunteered to donate blood, some even showed up to Gabriel's doorstep to be sired, at a reasonable price. Oftentimes, it was their land, or immense sums of money, or favors, or eternal servitude, and that sufficed.

All it'd take was the return of a greaat group of heroes for the tide of fate to change...

When he'd got the news, Gabriel smiled.

Oh, isn't that wonderfully tasty?

Weapons & Armor
  • Adamantite Greataxe - A ceremonial weapon that Lord Baryon carries because it was his father's. He rarely uses it, but he brings it everywhere. To a normal man, it is heavy, but he uses it one-handed despite its size.
  • Baryon Armor - An enchanted undersuit and an armored trenchcoat that are attuned with Gabriel's blood. They create artificial shadows in the day for him, and allow him to turn invisible at night, as long as he's standing still. It grants great protection on top of that, but it is nothing particularly crazy in terms of power. But you'd be lying if you said it wasn't badass.
Resources & Personal Belongings:
  • Baryon Mansion - A very little city-state of which he is the absolute leader. However, he doesn't actually lead - he leaves this task to the various councils that he created within the city's premises. At its center is the actual Mansion, which is where he spends the majority of his time.
  • Incredible amounts of phsyical wealth.
  • Incredible amounts of metaphorical wealth.
  • Many generations of vampires sired which answer to him in some fashion.
  • Raven Familiar - It speaks to him, and he can see and hear through it as well as he'd see through his own eyes.
Skills & Abilities:
  • Political-Fu (10/10)
  • Manipulation (8.5/10)
  • Charisma - Unnaturally enhanced (11/10)
  • Armed Melee Combat (9/10)
  • Art of War (8/10)
  • Stealth - Unnaturally enhanced (11/10)
  • Drawn Experience - Decays overtime (Depends/10)
Spells & Magic:
  • Originatio Vampiris - Gabriel is an originator vampire, first of the hundreds of thousands of vampires sired in hundreds of years, in Albion. That ensues heaps of benefits.
    • Psychic Vampirism - On top of drinking blood, Lord Baryon can feed off emotions, memories, and steal the experiences of people to increase his skillbase. This can range from arcane knowledge to mundane skills, although they decay overtime.
    • Superhuman Phsyical Attributes - Senses raised to the absolute maximum, on top of massive amounts of physical prowess. If the scale went from Breaking a Tree to Breaking a Continent, Gabriel would be between Breaking Steel and Breaking a Small House.
    • Supersonic Flight - Gabriel's vampirism allows him to fly and move impossibly fast, especially at night.
    • Shapeshifting - As described in the backstory, Gabriel can turn into anyone after exposure for an hour or two, with varying degrees of accuracy. The most optimal form of imitation comes after a fraction of the imitated's lifeforce is consumed.
    • Hypnosis - Hypnotic suggestion and straight-up mind-control against those who are weak-willed, supernatural charisma against all others.
    • Regeneration - As long as something can wound Gabriel, he'll regenerate the wound and recover in as little as a few seconds.
  • Ritualism - Gabriel's stay at the academy mainly dealt with three schools of the arcane. Ritualism is one of them; the art of making a ritual is the art of creating a complex, long spell that has more powerful, larger-scaled or longer-lasting effects. Almost anything can be done with a ritual, and Gabriel knows a lot about this specific topic.
  • Blood Magic - Powerful hemomancy, drawing concepts from blood, using blood itself as a weapon, or including it in rituals: Blood Magic is immensely versatile, and with Gabriel's vampirism, it makes one terrifying tool. It is magical and conceptual at its core, before it is physical; mortals who have little conceptual weight (a commoner who knows no magic and does nothing but farm all day, for example) could be drained of all his blood in a mere instant, while someone like a Third Generation vampire sired by yours truly would be nearly impossible to influence without notable effort and an actual fight.
  • Weakness to Fire - Fire is one of the few things that can wound him as if Gabriel were mortal, although considering his impressive durability and ability to regenerate (which would be stunted considerably, were he to be wounded by direct exposure to fire.)
  • Aversion to Sunlight - During the day, Gabriel's power is reduced by 25%. If exposed to direct sunlight, his might is reduced as much as 60%. There's a reason why vampires are creatures of the night.
  • Reduced Emotions - Due to his lack of Humanity, Gabriel's emotions are almost nullified. What he feels, he feels by osmosis, by sensing - and leeching off of - the emotions of others.
  • Incredibly powerhungry - Gabriel's arrogance and power-hunger can and were often used against him, although the one that did that did not win the war, merely the battle.
: "Satisfactory, but not nearly enough to be optimal."
Funfact: Gabriel Baryon is only one of the infinite Gabriels across the multiverse! This is meta-canon!


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The God-Emperor of Mankind
    : Mephisto Pheles
    Aliases: Master of the Guild, Demon of Redemption, Demon Who Expedites Paperwork
    Age: ? (1,000+)
    Gender: Male
    Race: Trickster Demon


New Member

    Name: Jaunt Nemesis
    Aliases: Tiller
    Age: 33
    Gender: Male
    Race: Gardener
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Silver Wolf

Something Random

Sophia Gertrude

  • Aliases/Titles: Dragonblood Knight (Midrank)

    Age: 27

    Gender: Female

    Race: Human

    Sexuality: Heterosexual

    High Concept: Proud honorable knight of the now deceased Dragonblood Order of Albion.

    The Dragonblood knights were around for a long time, worshippers of the Ascended Dragon Aegir who would in turn grant them power. The order was destroyed for standing with the Guild against Kyro Script in defense of Albion. While remnant knights exist, they mostly do so in hiding or under strict watch. Sophia joined the guild to continue fighting, leading to her imprisonment with the rest of the guild within the void. Her father was a knight, and her mother was of the clergy that oversaw the knights' fortress temples.

    Due to the void imprisonment, her blood oath to Aegir has been disrupted, weakening her powers she once held. Whiel she retains the majority of her powers, they are weakened due to this stage.

    • Training
    • Helping others
    • Reading old epics
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    Name: Tamah Babbit

    Aliases: The Wicked Heroine

    Age: 23

    Gender: Female

    Race: Human(?)
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Noble Scion

Lover of Lewd and Space
: Sienna Fei
Aliases: Owl
Age: 39
Gender: Female
Race: Avian beastfolk

: "It has been a.. difficult mating season"
High Concept: An ex-assassin choosing the life of a scholarly magician, eager to expand their own wealth of knowledge and ascend to become an archmage and prove their strength.

Backstory: Being a member of the beastfolk of Espania, as well as the avian family, specifically the owls, Sienna found herself moving into a less savoury lifestyle as the more entrepreneurial ones of her kind brought her deep into the criminal underworld soon after birth, sold off hush-hush to be trained as some expendable, cheap assassin, as was typical.

Avians are light and fast, capable of making deadly use of their talons, but in direct confrontations, they were known to struggle, making them ideal for stealth with their inherent litheness. It was typical for them to disappear into the underworld due to their inherent talents, with the owl beastfolk being among the more prominent due to their nocturnal nature. To see one was an omen, and while they weren't ostracized for it, their kind was prone to receiving wary eyes.

Sienna Fei was an astute student, taking the lessons in stride and living up to her nature without much question. She grew up cold and hard-working, learning how to fit into any environment, being taught the world from the shadows rather than through experience, and finding herself longing for all the things she was missing out on.

Sienna found herself wanting for more. It came soon after her first contract, a small attack on a caravan. Planned out for her to strike its protectors and return with the caravan in tow. It went off roughly, but successfully. She returned to the designated drop-off point victorious, but wounded.

Sitting there in the caravan, being pulled along by her criminal companions, feeling the gashes in her arms and waist sending waves of pain through her body over every small bump on the road, she realized that she didn't want to be some cheap assassin, throwing themselves into danger just to make a living. She wanted to be greater than that, to become someone that nations might even respect rather than forget about, to find the worldly acknowledgement and legendary status of a hero.

So what better way to accomplish that than by embracing wizardry? The tales of fantastical feats made possible were rife across the lands, liches living forever, large dragons being summoned at will, the very land being formed by the wave of a hand. She took some time out to figure out how to begin the path of magic, and began training for it in her free time.

Eventually, after some time of continuing her 'profession' and meditation, Sienna set out with what little she had to her name, choosing a different life, and left Espania, escaping her benefactors as she began taking odd-jobs, travelling west into Albion in search of a teacher, training herself to be more capable in the arcane arts through meditation.

After some searching, she found one, a full-time old man and small-time wizard by the name of Elwin Corgly, and endlessly begged the man until he gave in and began teaching her what he had to know. She spent a few years doing odd jobs and being taught by the man before.. Disappearing yet again, leaving him with a sigh of exasperation and a couple of coins as repayment.

She had decided to join the guild of heroes.


Weapons & Armor: Sharp talons on her hands and feet

Items & Personal Belongings: A few tokens she'd picked up along her travels: a bear's tooth, a stained-red coin, and a small wooden statuette.

Skills & Abilities: General stealth - ranging from thievery to silent takedowns, both lethal and non-lethal.
High self monitor - able to adapt to any social setting, ranging from thug dens to aristocracy and keep a calm demeanor
Racial benefits - Naturally agile and balanced, able to dig claws into/around objects to withstand forms of knockback, talons, incredibly far-sighted, uses a monocle to see things better up close. Mimicry also comes naturally, though some of the other avian species are better at performing it, Sienna is more than capable of pulling it off convincingly to the untrained ear.

Spells & Magic: Elemental magic - Magic with a focus on the elements, most notably air and wind magic, ranging from lightning to cutting blades of win, though also capable of using any of the other elements to a middling degree.

Weaknesses: physically weak, in a battle of raw power, Sienna would lose. far-sighted, struggles to see things at close range. Aside from those, they're perfectly mortal.

: reading, meditating
Quote\s: "If you must know, I don't regret my upbringing. It made me who I was."
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The God-Emperor of Mankind
    : Cyrus of Trostenvald.
    Aliases: Wizard of Forces and Winds, The Great and Powerful, Conjurer of Teirisgarde, Ensilvered Sorcerer
    Age: ? (1,000+)
    Gender: Male
    Race: Human

    : Elsimore "Ellis" Bellathriel
    Aliases: Ensilvered Sorcerer, Ellis the Bard
    Age: 26
    Gender: Male
    Race: Human
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June Verles

Depression? Never heard of her.

  • Name: Dr Lenin D. Arwin
    Aliases: The ultimate survivor, The revolutioner
    Age: 20
    Gender: Male


Junior Member
: Solomon of Abyrdshire
Aliases: Sol'
Age: 22
Gender: Male
Race: Iliosian. A race from beyond the stars. They externally appear human, with their main distinguishing features being white hair and yellow eyes that glow during periods of duress and exertion. They are a renowned race of conquerors and warriors, though thankfully for the universe, their attentions are most often turned upon each other. They have no single empire, instead possessing more than a dozen warring kingdoms, republics, and theocracies scattered across the stars that vie for supremacy. An Iliosan is not inherently stronger than other species, however, as they age, battle, and absorb ambient magical energy, they gain incredible abilities. They become physically enhanced; able to shrug off incredible amounts of damage, perform impossible feats of speed and dexterity, and exert unbelievable levels of strength. They also are known for gaining the power to manipulate their internal magical energy for such feats as flight, regeneration, and empowering their own equipment. However, an Iliosian is not an invincible existence. Their great weakness is cold; the colder they are, the weaker their powers become. A naked Iliosan in the midst of a blizzard isn't any stronger than a human would be, and focused ice magic is a sure way to kill one dead... Though many an arrogant cryomancer has met their end at an Iliosan's hands.

: About as straight as a mathematical vector.
High Concept: Infuriatingly Heroic Scion of the Stars
Once upon a time, there was a Conqueror. Magrax the Red, Queen of a Thousand Stars, Despoiler of a Dozen Kingdoms. Her armies burned worlds as she blazed her name into infamous legend. She was the sort of Villain that comes around once a generation, but like all Villains, she was eventually undone. A party of plucky heroes from across the worlds gathered together and cast her and her armies down. And beyond her corpse, in the burning ruin of her flagship, they found.... a child. There was much debate as to what should be done with it, a few thinking that he would be too terrible to allow to live, but a majority vote saw them sending the child to a distant world where they would grow up in peace, away from their mother's legacy.

That child, of course, was Solomon.

The falling star that was his pod crashed to the earth in Albion, in a remote village. A man by the name of Garant found him, a former Knight who had forsaken his arms to live a humble existence in the kingdom's outskirts. He raised the child as his own, with love and care, for twenty years. It was not always easy, even as a child Solomon had incredible strength for his size, and Garant often had to nurse a black eye when Solomon whalloped him in the face. Eventually, however, Solomon came of age with a head full of dreams of adventure. With a heavy heart, Garant lent Solomon his old sword, and sent him out into the world to find his own path.

That is how his legend begins.

Weapons & Armor: A very old and worn sword. That's about it.
Items & Personal Belongings: A backpack filled with things you'd need while adventuring, such as flint and steel, a bedroll, cooking equipment, a compass, and more.
Skills & Abilities:
Basic Swordsmanship - Solomon is able to use basic and effective swordsmanship techniques with a good amount of proficiency.
Inexplicable Power - Solomon has physical power that makes no sense for his physical form. Despite having the build of a (rather tall) farmboy, he has what one would 'peak physical' (for a human) strength, speed, agility, and durability, thanks to his Iliosian heritage. This will only grow with time and experience, and at a rapid rate as well.
- Elsimore's Gift: Due to recent events, he's been bolstered in all attributes by a significant degree, and in terms of physical attributes in particular, he has 5x Peak Human Strength, making him a truly powerful force to be reckoned with.

Heart is the Strongest Muscle - His simple and pure heart gives him an incredible strength of will; he can shrug off most mental effects.
Charm - There's something about him that draws people to him like moths to a flame. Maybe it's how he welcomes anyone to his side, or how he tends to be a rather entertaining idiot, but he's the kind of person who moves hearts and minds.
A Hero's Talent - In him lies that spark, that Je ne sais quoi, that separates those of Legend and Myth from the common man. He has an incredible ability to master new skills, learning at a speed that beggars belief. This is most focused on the physical arts, his talent for magic being merely a little above-average.. Given half a chance, he'll become a force to be reckoned with.

Spells & Magic:
Magic Absorption - Spells cast against him are less effective, as he passively drains their mana away into his body. This also applies to ambient mana. He isn't consciously aware of this ability, however. The more magic he absorbs, the stronger he will become as an Iliosian.

Cold Weakness - Ice magic is more effective on him, sapping his strength and doing greater damage. He also is rather sickly during blizzards, unless he's all bundled up in coats and clothes.
Inexperience - He is very new to this whole 'adventuring hero' deal. Doesn't even know to keep a ten-foot pole on him, or to test for mimics.
Recognizable - His unique features make him... not exactly 'inconspicuous'. And those in the know will recognize an Iliosian when they see one, they're a rather notorious bunch.

: Birdwatching (He's always wished he could fly), Cooking (Food is SACRED!), and Boardgames (He's never beaten his father in chess...)
"I think everyone deserves at least one chance. Sometimes what someone needs is just someone else believing in them."
"Every sunrise is another adventure! Isn't that what life is all about?"
"Today, we cross blades. Tomorrow, we might stand side-by-side."

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The Ace of Spades, in a Uno deck

  • Name: Jamazon Galvor

    Aliases: Silver Clock Smith

    Age: 54/??

    Gender: Male

    Race: Human

    Sexuality: Heterosexual

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