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Fantasy Guild (Fairy Tail-ish inspired RP)

What should the name of our guild be?

  • Defiant Serenity

    Votes: 7 24.1%
  • The Funny Demons

    Votes: 4 13.8%
  • Forsaken Dawn

    Votes: 18 62.1%

  • Total voters
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Lithia Lace

The Restless One
Family, friends, comrades, allies, adventure, financial stability, safety, efficiency a purpose, a home there are many reasons to join a guild rather they be personal or practical, logical or emotional. This is a roleplay about well a guild, your guild. You are a relatively new adventurer and you have decided to join a guild. While there are other large already established guilds in the world, you have decided to take a chance on a brand-new guild building it from the ground up, helping it grow as you grow alongside it. Think Fairy Tail in a sense only you aren't the strongest guild…yet.

Pretty much this is a story about you going from being noobs and nobodies in a guild with no notoriety to being legends in the greatest guild of all time. Obviously, there will be room to have all kinds of stories and ideas but this is the basic premise of this roleplay.

So no one starts off OP everyone starts off fairly average or weak, bottom line is you're nothing special yet. Your reasons for joining the guild are your own, they may vary honestly it makes things more interesting and make for interesting dynamics and character development.

So things to know

Magic: There are eight schools of magic and you can learn from every one of them. However, be aware that your proficiency and even mastery of a school of magic will take time as each school covers a vast amount of things. While you can attempt to be a jack of all trades your progression would be much slower than that of someone who is only trying to learn from one or even a few.
Also after much consideration, I have decided not to ban any powers associated with the eight schools of magic, and here is why I want to give you the freedom to create and build the characters that you want as I believe it will lead to some pretty interesting and epic things. However, understand that RP is supposed to be fun, so if I see that you are making your character unreasonably OP and ruining everyone else's time, I'm gonna ask you to stop and reel it in, if you continue the behavior you will be banned for griefing this includes races, you can be whatever you want. Understand that I am extending a lot of trust to all of you on this...do not abuse it, please.

Currency: The currency system is pretty simple it's called coll they are coins and their value is as follows. $1, $5, $10, $25 and $100.
Quest Ranks: also pretty simple they go from D to X

D: Very Easy- 10 Coll
C: Easy- 25 Coll
B: Normal- 100 Coll
A: Hard- 500 Coll
S: Very Hard- 2,500 Coll
X: Ultra Hard- 10,000 Coll
(Keep in mind you may not always be paid in Coll; sometimes the rewards for completing a Quest might be items, food, mounts, property, etc. You will be allowed to post quests, keep this list in mind when you are making them.)

You may have more than one character, romance and relationships are fine as long as all parties involved are cool with it and this includes poly and LGBTQIA+ relationships. I don't mind them as long as the people you want to involve are okay with being in it. You can also make NPC's and side characters.

I do have maps that we will be using so that it will be easier for us to keep up with where everyone and everything is, this is the world map. I do have 5 more close-up detailed maps of all the continents that we will be using.dungeons___dragons_map__revised__by_nintendraw-d91wl9r.png

Other than the rules I have set, all I ask for is that you can do one or both of these things.

  • Create ideas that contribute to the RP
  • Follow along and have fun

Now for the rules.
  1. Obviously follow the rules of RPN and the world I have set before you.
  2. No harassment or bullying OOC and if the other player isn't cool with it happening IC for story purposes then drop it, do not persist.
  3. No bunnying (meaning you cannot control another person's character to make them do things they wouldn't do themselves. For example: Alice tries to take a swing at John so John sidesteps her and smacks her in the back of the head) if the player that owns Alice did not make her take a swing at you, you cannot then take it upon yourself to do it for them. You can control another person's character if it has something to do with your powers, but be sure to ask them if they're cool with it first.
  4. Please give adequate responses to the people you are interacting with, being that this is a group RP I understand that everyone has different styles and levels but please give proper responses to the people you are interacting with I am not hung up on post lengths but I'm pretty sure we all know better than to reply so say and attack with something like "he dodges"
  5. We have a 3 strikes you're out rule, if you are found to purposefully be breaking the rules 3 times you are done, yes we all make mistakes so I won't ban you for making a genuine mistake. However, if you are blatantly breaking the rules or trying to be slick with it, I'll give you 3 warnings, and then you're out UNLESS the offense is deemed bad enough for me to ban you instantly. Do not push your luck. I am not above blocking or reporting people if they decide they want to try and harass people after they get kicked out.
  6. No cheating
  7. No God Modding
  8. No auto-hit or auto-kill
  9. You are not your characters, your character does not know everything you do so play them accordingly.
  10. You cannot dodge or block everything nor will you land your hits every single time.
  11. Plot ideas and major arcs must be run by me or a mod when I get some. Why? So we don't have 5000 major arcs and plot points going on all at one time.
  12. You cannot kill another person's character without their consent.

So last but not least if you haven't seen or been paying attention to the poll up top there is what that's about. To put it simply I couldn't decide on a guild name and came down to those 3 names so please vote on which name you want and in the end, we will go with the name that has the most votes by the time the roleplay is up. So what will we be?

Defiant Serenity
The Funny Demons
Forsaken Dawn

So I'm almost certain I forgot something, so does anyone have any questions?

EDIT: The Extra Pages have been made the CS Page, Lore Page, OOC Chat, and Guild Quest Board which is linked under Other have been made.
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Sushi Muncher

Fyuri's Retired BBCultist
Sure if you'd like to just make a character and when it's approved you can join in.
I will do so as soon as I catch up with the others CS! Will prolly send it to ya directly in PMs to make sure the bumps are squared away before I officially post it on CS thread.

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