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Fandom Guess Who Watched Dragon Prince?

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Laudandum puellam, ornandum, tollendum.
Ya demon, Lucyfer, watched Dragon Prince, all 3 seasons, and now I have a craving.

Rules below, please read them

1. For the love of everything, PM me. Don’t comment on this thread – unless you CAN’T PM yet. There is also a code in these rules to make sure you read them.
2. I RP on threads on-site, and through googledocs. Nothing else. I will maintain a PM for OOC.
3. Don’t God-Mod. I’m sure everyone has this rule by now. In general, I’m okay with movement/assuming movement and reaching destinations if they’re already on their way, and even some small timeskips – but I’d prefer asking about timeskips. Otherwise, the usual stands – don’t control my character, I won’t control yours.
4. I double. I ONLY double (or triple, or quadruple, or…). Single pairing RPs bore me.
5. Writing expectations – be able to consistently write 10+ sentences. Particularly as we’ll each have at least two characters. My intro posts range from 700-1,800 words, and my average post length is around 500-700, varying by scene and how many characters are in play.
6. I’m looking for two posts a week, at least. I prefer more if you can manage it, but this is what I’m looking for. With healthy OOC chatter, I may be able to work with once a week.
7. If you’ve read this far, and you PM me, please tell me about your favorite book/show! I need more books to read, though, so srsly. Books. xD
8. Bump/poking/bothering. If it’s been 5-7 days, feel free to ask what’s up. Usually, I should be able to respond every other day, if not every day, but March is a busy month for me, so I may fall off a bit. I will try to let you know if I don’t feel like responding anymore. If you ACTUALLY bump the IC thread, though? I’m out. You’ve been warned.
9. I am ghost friendly! I mean, obviously I’d prefer you not ghost me, but I get it. I’ve done it. We don’t all feel comfortable telling our RP partners we don’t want to continue. I’ll likely bother you once about it, and then leave you alone forever after that, lol.
10. Also, I’m in my late 20s. I’m not against RPing with younger people, for the point of disclosure, yeah. I’m not young, and I know that can bother minors, and it may encourage others, so, there’s that.

Okay, now that you've read those (or you'll go back and read those), here's what I'm looking for!

I would enjoy doing a Dragon Prince RP, either within any of the seasons, or post Season 3. I can be talked into aging up some of the characters, like Callum and Rayla, though I think Ezran ought to remain a kid -- it works with the plot of the show, and I think would take away some things -- unless we're doing this as like, a years down the line sort of RP.

I don't have too much fleshed out, storyline wise, besides continuing the story. Post Season-3, I imagine there's going to be some considerations of peace and how to live together, while Viren, Claudia, and Aaravos are getting their own things together. Probably some debates about the place of Dark Magic and whatnot. All that good stuff.

I would prefer this be an OCxCanon RP, with doubling!

I'd also prefer to RP across from Aaravos, although Soren, Viren, and Gren are on the table. I have some thoughts for an OC that uses dark magic (human).

With that, I'm open to discussion on the plot and storyline, altering some things, etc. If you're into Dragon Prince, hit me up!
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