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Guess The Song!


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The rules are that you use something like emojis to say the title of a song that comes from any show or movie, and the next person has to guess that song and/or what it comes from before the others then say a new song. You can also use pictures of scenes that happen during the song, or a lyric, but NOT A LYRIC THAT SAYS THE NAME OF THE SONG. If you can only guess what it's from, then the next person has to guess the song before continuing. No looking at files for images because that can reveal what song it is.
StevenUniverse: 🍪 :captaincat:
Smarty Mcsmartsmart #1: Cookie Cat from Steven Universe. omn8erscgjzvccuvvh46.jpg
Smarty Mcsmartsmart #1.5: Mulan.
Smarty Mcsmartsmart #2: I'll Make a Man Out of You.

Easy, right? FIRST SONG!
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You need to add either a part of the song or a picture of what happens in the song's video/segment of the movie/show like I did with A Whole New World.
beautiful-sound-beetlejuice-override.png I just wish I could say the name of the whole production.

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