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Guardians Of The Gods

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Action, Adventure, Magical, Supernatural


The Rouge
Long ago there was a battle between the gods over the earthen plains which led to nothing destruction and chaos and after intense battles and no results the gods all agreed to a solution where every thousand years the gods would give a fraction of their powers to one human that would be known as a Guardian and they will fight for control over the earthen realm in the name of their god, but if the gods lost their guardian their influence in the gods court would be put to ruins and they would get 0 say and be forced to cater to the whims of the other gods until the next millennium. Every child who is blessed by a god on that millennium is given powers, contact with their god and the ability to live for 1000 years (So they will basically age a bit slower or just stop ageing at a certain point and resume ageing at some other point.)
Note: That gods do have followers temples, priest and cults which they can use although they aren't able to give them direct orders or give them powers (Unless they got permission from the majority of the council of the gods.) . They usually can give indirect messages or assist indirectly, their are celestial beings like Angels but each angel is more like soldiers for their gods, while demons are basically angels who abandoned the gods for the earth realm. I will also allow races like Elves, Orcs and Dwarfs, since this is in the Fantasy genera. Their is also the 6 guidelines for the gods which they have to follow or else they will face consequences such as disqualification.
1. No god is to give more than 5% of their power.
2. No god is allowed to attack another god. (Unless its a god duel.)
3. Gods are only allowed to give power to their guardians.
4. Gods are not allowed to kill mortals themselves.
5. Gods may forfeit the life of their guardian in exchange for a moderate but still reduced standing among the Gods Court.
6. The only mortal a god may speak directly to is their Guardian.
7. Demi-Gods can't be chosen as guardians due to it being a huge advantage.
Their will be a list of gods to choose from and i am open to god ideas just message me first, each god will also have to have a guardian
- God of Death
- God of Life
- God of War
- God of Sky / Lightning/ Thunder / Air
- God of Sea / Water
- God of Flames
- God of Ground
- God of Healing
- God of Moon/ Darkness
- God of Sun/ Light

- Guardian of Death
- Guardian of Life
- Guardian of War
- Guardian of Sky/ Lightning/ Thunder/ Air
- Guardian of Sea/ Water
- Guardian of Flames

- Guardian of Ground
- Guardian of Healing
- Guardian of Moon/ Darkness
- Guardian of Sun/ Light

Last note: Your character can die, usually if you put yourself into situations where their is no way you would be able realistically survive or you got consent from the owner of the character your killing.
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The Rouge
Alright their are 4 things you can choose from.
A god.
A guardian.
A angel/demon.
A mortal.
Also demi gods will also be a thing although you will have to ask a god about the possibility.
Also i noticed how i said god for everything and i just wanted to clarify that you can choose a goddess.
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The Rouge
This seems interesting, im curious as to how strong a guardian is compared to a demigod.
A guardian vs a demi god
I would put my money on the demi god unless the guardian has extended their training to become super powerful, although that would take quite of few years of relentless practice and combat experiance.

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