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This is the place for all the character sheets belonging to the aforementioned RP. No strict rules or guidelines, but give us enough info of your character. For example.








Also please provide an image of your character so they rest of us may have a good idea of what your character looks like.


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Name: Morgrim Hemwick


Age: 23

Gender: Male

Race: Human

Personality: Morgrim tends to lean towards a choatic good character type. While he does not always follow the rules or laws laid out, and can do things in an unorthodox way, he does have the greater good at heart. Always willing to sacrifice a part of himself to leave a positive mark on the world, he can be vengeful as well. If he knows something to be truly corrupt or evil he will do all in his power to destroy it.
When speaking he acts like a know-it-all, and can be rather honest, or sarcastic if he feels it is warranted. Not one to pick up on most social queues things can go over his head. He does not like to speak of his past, and would rather focus on the future he can actually influence.

Background: Morgrim grew up in a secluded village in the Eldergloom forest, and lived a quiet peaceful life with both his parents, and no siblings. When he was thirteen he sought to make his dream of becoming a Vessel for the village, a wizard that protects the village, and held great power. He joined the Eldergloom sanctuary college, and learned to hone his powers. 3 years later at living in the college, and studying day in and day out, he made a close friend with his roommate Luna Willow. At age sixteen he had to prove himself to the college to show he could take the next steps in order to becoming a full fledged wizard. He was sent into the monster riddled forest, and given the task of surviving until daybreak.

While he was out doing this, hiding, scurrying, and fighting for his very life paladins invaded his village. Somehow the armored knights made it past the barrier, and slaughtered everyone, and when they were done they burned the village to the ground. Morgrim could see the ashes and smoke of all that remained of his life. After hours of weeping, and hours more of giving everyone a burial he made a promise to avenge his home, and protect the world from anyone who would do anything like this ever again. He took up refuge in the charred remains of the school, and eventually found the headmaster's vault, and inside it a orb as black as twilight, and whispering untold power. Desperate, and thinking himself nothing left to lose he reached out to touch it. The orb turn to smoke, and filled his body with a corrupting power, it gave him new necromatic powers, but cursed him to a half life, rotting many parts of his body, and forcing him to age faster. He knew that he wouldn't live past thirty, and that he had very little time to make his dream come true. Cursed, tired and depressed he knew there was nothing left for him in the village.

He left, none of the beasts fighting him as they could smell the rot on him and thought him a rotten meal he made it to the town of Ravenscyre where he learned what he could of the world he had been thrust into. It took some time for them to become use to him, but as he helped and learned of the world, he found out about the guides. Years later he sought them out and became one of them, which brings us to the present. Now tasked with saving the world, he would still not forget or forgive those that killed his family, and burned down his home, and one day he hoped that he could still avenge them.


The Shadow

Archer, digital, 700x515px, 2012 by TFsean

General Information
Roxii Dae Sicarius

The Shadow

Twenty-Six Years


Physical Characteristics
Bayek Rough Concept
Though short and small in stature, Roxii's body seems more in the true middle between burly and thin. With a lean physique and a slightly muscular build, she is able to maneuver small spaces with ease while still being able to fend for herself.

5'2" | 157.5 cm

101.7 lbs | 46.1 kg

Her skin is light and fair, perhaps a soft ivory, erring on the side of white.

Concealed by her blindfold, Roxii's eyes have never been seen by anyone.

The assassin sports big waves on the front locks and bottom curls with the hair on the back. This allows her to achieve both a straight- and curly-hair look at the same time.

There are a line of Elvish runes running down the undersides of her arms. Each mark is earned as she lives through her life. Only six runes fit on each arm. If the elf runs out of room on their arms, they will move onto the arc just underneath their collarbone (fits nine runes) then down their spine (fits 13 runes) respectively. This tradition is used to show off to the other elves what the elf has accomplished in their life, what failures plague them, or what trials that they have overcome.
Roxii has 24 runes (six on each arm, nine on her collarbone, and three down her spine).

• Third degree burns cover the upper half of her face, including over her eyes. This is hidden by the shadow of her hood and her blindfold.
• Dozens of scars cover her back. Caused by a whip with glass and metal infused into the fall.
• A significant stab wound in her left side.
• Two obvious wounds from arrows. One is in her right shoulder, and the other is in her right calf.
• Various smaller scars from scratches, cuts, burns, broken/fractured bones, etc. from over the years.

• She has two black wolf ears atop her head. Part of her right wolf ear has been torn off rather crudely.
• She has a black wolf tail. The tip of her tail has been cut off.
• She has wolfish canines and sharp teeth in general.
• Her left ring finger is missing.
• Six numbers in groups of two have been burned into the flesh of the back of her right hand. The numbers are 06-66-13.
Mental Characteristics
Bayek & Senu Concept
A callous and skeptical individual, Roxii tends to keep to herself. She is very quiet and reserved, keeping her thoughts to herself and hardly speaking. She is the epitome of the "lone wolf", going on adventures alone, never partaking in social interactions, and generally seen as one who would not "fit in" with society. As a result, Roxii’s not the most sociable person. In fact, she is rather distrustful and paranoid when it comes to meeting new people. Her cynicism may overrule her judgment, which may make it difficult to get close to her. The assassin prefers solitude over anything, but she knows when it’s unwise to be alone when facing a certain situation.

She’s rather brash and insensitive towards other people’s emotions, and she’ll tell you directly if you’re being annoying, stupid, or if you just look like a total moron. She considers fluffy emotions and feelings useless and a hindrance. The Lythari can be easily angered and irritated if bothered enough, so once her fuse is burnt up, she’ll explode on the nearest person or thing with ruthlessness and mercilessness. This is a difficult state to reach, however, given her strong hold on her emotions. A clear head is what she believes will get her to her destination as logic and intelligence is what should be relied on. Being a thinker and a calculating individual, Roxii evaluates every situation carefully and methodically to find the best possible route. Meticulous and careful, she never does anything without a reason.

Beyond this thick, insensitive shell, however, one may reveal that Roxii is a loyal defender. She may be cynical of the general population, but she may be viewed as a just vigilante when it comes to the weaker being unnecessarily punished. The assassin finds pleasure in causing pain to those who use their power in unjustly ways, but she also finds joy in showing off and exercising her power over those who can't defend themselves. When in the presence of close friends (which are few and far between), it will be made known that she would do whatever it takes to protect them and keep them alive and safe. Even it if meant putting her own life on the line.

• Intelligent
• Master Archer
• Observant
• Patient
• Quick & Agile
• Callous
• Cynical
• Irritable
• Physically Small
• Prejudiced

• Alcohol
• Archery
• Darkness
• Music
• The Smell of Lavender & Vanilla
• Fools
• Overly Optimistic People
• Parasites & Freeloaders
• Swimming
• The Smell of Eucalyptus
Bayek & Senu Concept 2
Known Languages
• English | The Common Tongue
• Elvish | Lythari Dialect
• Xeigin | Ancient Dark Arts

The first twelve years are a mystery. She was a part of the Crimson Shadow for four years and became the most feared assassin in Landfall. She was set up, captured, and sent to Sanguine Isle for three years. The Blackshade (Esararri) infiltrated the labor camp and broke her out, taking her for their own. Roxii was kept as a slave for two years, became a member for the next year, then imprisoned when she became too powerful. She was able to escape later on, but no one's entirely sure how. Rumors say a terrible beast escaped from one of their cages and slaughtered many of the cult.

— — — — —

Not much is known of the Lythari’s early years. The first twelve years of Roxii’s life are a mystery to all but her. She was twelve when she officially began making a name for herself as one of the most deadly assassins in Landfall. Having been taught how to use her magic to her advantage and having learned from the best of the Crimson Shadow, an assassin’s guild known all across Landfall, she quickly began building up her skills and taking on assassination jobs, completing them with ease despite her blindness. Before long, many of Landfall’s inhabitants began fearing the one known as “The Shadow.”

One day, however, Roxii was set up. Sent on another usual assassination mission, the wolf-elf left to go kill a courtesan named Winston Whitley. The job was going smoothly as she spent a few days observing her target’s routine and the last day infiltrating his room in the middle of the night to finish the job. But before she could slit the sleeping man’s throat, a dozen guards burst into the room and took her into custody, and Whitley revealed that he wasn’t sleeping at all. A cloaked man entered the room after she was bound and received a reasonably-sized pouch of money from Whitley. Roxii knew that Whitley was too stupid to figure out he had an assassin after him, which meant that only someone who knew about her mission would tip him off. And the only people who knew of her mission were those in the Crimson Shadow. And whoever set her up was paid to do it.

Anger and betrayal settling on her heart, the infamous “Shadow” was sent to Sanguine Isle—a ruthless, slave-like labor camp for criminals to spend the rest of their days in misery—at the age of sixteen. Situated on a lone island with at least ten miles (sixteen kilometers) of water on each side, the camp is virtually impossible to escape from. The labor camp has fifty foot (fifteen meter) walls surrounding it with watch towers every fifteen feet (four to five meters) along the entirety of it. Each watch tower always has at least two guards—at least one of them has magic—, and every guard is equipped with a crossbow and a power stone that helps them regenerate magic at a faster rate during emergencies. There is only one gate that leads in and out of the camp, and it is locked by a special spell that only the camp warden knows.

Upon arrival, Roxii was immediately led to an upraised stage where a table, a branding station, and a wooden column with shackles hanging from it stood. The assassin was restrained as her right hand was held out against her will and one of the guards burned her flesh with three sets of numbers: 06-66-13. An identification number. She was then shackled with her wrists above her head and whipped fourteen times.

Roxii spent three long, terrible, nearly fatal years in Sanguine Isle. Diseases and illnesses killed laborers every day, even petty sicknesses like the simple cold, and it was a miracle that Roxii didn’t fall prey to the death surrounding her. Every night was freezing cold and none of the laborers slept on any form of comfort; their beds were the cold, hard ground. They arose just before sunrise and worked through the day until about an hour after sundown. The laborers were fed only once every few days or so, but none of it was enough to keep them healthy. The guards frequently abused and took advantage of the laborers. The assassin was one of their favorite victims given her Lythari heritage—since almost all of the guards were human—and that was how she had part of her left ear torn off. She had also attacked one of the guards after he had tried to take advantage of another woman laborer, and, as punishment, the guards had her endure seventeen lashes.

It seemed as though the merciless world she called home was not finished with the half-elf just yet. After the fall of the Kingdom of Felnethyr, home of the royal Vaneiros family and the Lythari, the elven-werewolf race became hard to come by. The kingdom was overrun by all sorts of races and species, including those of other elven heritages, as they plundered the failing kingdom. The healthy children and female half-breeds were taken by force as slaves as the men and unhealthy were slaughtered. Many races viewed the Lythari as inferior and worthless; the other elves especially viewed them as unclean. And so the rest of the land began to make use of the animalistic elves by putting them to work in whatever line of work they saw fit. The remaining free Lythari—now few in number and fearful for their lives—fled to the dark, mysterious corners of the world in order to hide from the ruthless, greedy grasps of the rest of the world.

So when the Blackshade, an extremely dangerous group of bandits, found out that there was a Lythari out of hiding and ripe for the taking—one that was as dangerous as they were, despite her malnourished state—, they became desperate to have her for themselves. After careful planning, the Blackshade—also known as the Esararri in the ancient magical language of Xeigin—set out for Sanguine Isle. They cloaked their boats in the dark of night and, with uncanny precision and ruthlessness, infiltrated the labor camp with ease by using their magical language to break the spells on the prison and practically strolled right inside.

The Lythari awoke from her light slumber to the rising tumultuous clamor of guards barking orders and releasing terrifying screams of pain. Still shackled to her spot in the mines, Roxii could do nothing but wonder what was going on outside at this time of night. Before long, the Esararri entered the coal mine and found her and her unit, restrained and afraid. When they approached the half-elf, Roxii immediately began to fight back. Unfortunately, she was too weak to do any sort of damage, and they easily subdued the assassin with a short incantation.

She was taken from Sanguine Isle to the Blackshade's hideout, whose location is still unknown. For the first two years, they kept her as a prisoner and a slave. She did as they asked, when they asked, and if they were displeased they were merciless and punishment was nonnegotiable. Her punishments included burns and branding, vicious cuts, whippings, beatings, lack of food and water, "The Pit," being taken advantage of, and the severing of parts of her body, such as the tip of her tail and the entirety of her left ring finger. The first year was her being an obedient slave, but after surviving The Pit a few times despite her blindness, the Esararri realized that Roxii could be sufficient entertainment. So the Blackshade made her become a fighter in The Pit where she would fight for her life against other people and creatures of all shapes and sizes using whatever weapons the bandits gave them. She fought in The Pit for a year before they decided that they wanted her to be more than a piece of entertainment to them.

The assassin's last year with the Blackshades were spent learning from them. They taught her different techniques to use in combat, whether she was wielding a bow, a dagger, or her magic. The Esararri even taught her how to use the magical language of Xeigin to her advantage, ultimately expanding her magical vocabulary and knowledge. In her last year with the cultists, the Esararri gave her a bow, a quiver of arrows, two daggers, and a suit of assassin's armor, all made of the highest quality. They then began taking her on missions across Landfall, ranging from assassinations, reconnaissance, pillaging, thievery, and scavenging. With time, she became better than she ever was before.

Roxii even became better than her Blackshade mentors, and they figured that out very quickly. Afraid of losing their prized possession, they confiscated her new equipment and locked up the wolf-elf in the Blackshade dungeons, never to see another soul again. It was cold, dark, and quiet, as almost no one was in the dungeons save for the lone guard at the far end of the hall. Each of the cells in the dungeons were occupied, but only by skeletons or the more recently deceased. It was lonely. And it seemed that there was nothing she could do to escape, even with her newfound knowledge.

But the Lythari was able to escape anyways. No one's entirely sure how she escaped, not even the Blackshade, but most rumor that one of their savage beasts escaped its holding cell and slaughtered a good chunk of the cult members. With their numbers depleted, the Esararri members dispersed across Landfall in an effort to regain their numbers whilst the rogue built up a life of luxury for herself.

And this is where Roxii Sicarius' story continues...
Class System


• Bow, made of shadows
• Quiver of arrows
• Two daggers
• A hidden longsword disguised as a cane
• Assassin's armor
• Canteen
• Hip flask
• Whetstone
• Pouch of gold

Energy Pulse (Level 4) ➺ She can send out pulses of dark energy that can allow her to “see” her surroundings. These pulses allow her to detect anything that is within her sphere of detection.

‣ Level 1: Learned. Detection sphere begins at a 10 foot diameter.
‣ Level 2: Sphere diameter increases to 20 feet.
‣ Level 3: Sphere diameter increases to 30 feet.

‣ Level 4: Sphere diameter increases to 40 feet.
** ‣ Level 5: Sphere diameter increases to 50 feet. Pulse can also be used as an "attack", confusing any who are within range, but may be used sparingly.

Shadow Walk (Level 3) ➺ She’s able to cover herself in the surrounding shadows and, once she alters their density, she can slip into an alternate realm that parallels the one everyone walks called the Shadow Realm. In there, she actually has her vision and can see her surroundings as if she were in the real world, and she can travel in real time without disrupting the real world. To others, she’ll appear invisible and intangible. However, magic users with an affinity to darkness and shadows may be able to detect her rippling form.
‣ Level 1: Learned. Able to traverse the realm for approximately 30 seconds before exhaustion hits.
‣ Level 2: Shroud time increases to one minute.

‣ Level 3: Shroud time increases to three minutes. Ability to sense entities on the earthly plane acquired.
** ‣ Level 4: Shroud time increases to five minutes.
** ‣ Level 5: Shroud time increases to ten minutes. Ability to minorly affect beings on the earthly plane acquired.

Shadow Manipulation (Level 3) ➺ Roxii’s able to absorb and bend the surrounding darkness and shadows to her will. Some of the things she can do include building up shields, creating weapons, and forming figures.
‣ Level 1: Learned. Able to move shadows slightly to cause distractions. Able to form low-quality shields.
‣ Level 2: Able to form a tangible, usable bow that can be called upon at will.

‣ Level 3: Able to form weak creatures; can only be used as distractions. Shield quality increases to medium.
** ‣ Level 4: Able to form a seemingly endless supply of shadow arrows at will.
** ‣ Level 5: Able to form weak creatures that can fight back. Shield quality increases to high.

Shadow Healing (Level 2) ➺ The darkness can be used as a source of energy for Roxii, so if she absorbs enough darkness, she can heal wounds.
‣ Level 1: Learned. Able to heal minor bruises and lacerations.
‣ Level 2: Able to heal larger wounds, such as cuts, arrows wounds, and gunshot wounds.
** ‣ Level 3: Able to relieve minor headaches and confusion.
** ‣ Level 4: Able to heal fractured and broken bones.
** ‣ Level 5: Able to fight and heal minor sicknesses and diseases.

** • Shadow Fire (Unacquired) ➺ A vicious, destructive method of combat. Usually saved as a last resort, Roxii can conjure a type of flame that isn't quite fire. Instead, it's an element born of darkness and chaos. The "fire" appears as a flicker of translucent darkness, rippling like heat waves off a scorching surface. This fire is dangerous because it melts any and everything, even stone and flesh and bones. Its flame emits no light or aura, seeming to be almost invisible, even to the assassin's dark magic. This type of magic doesn't only kill, but it also tortures and maims, because the wielder can control how much "burn" will accompany the flame. This fire isn't only dangerous to others; it's dangerous to the wielder as well. If Roxii uses her Shadow Fire ability too long, or if she uses too much too quickly, she'll begin to endure the same pain and literally burn herself out.
** ‣ Level 1: Learned. Able to conjure small puffs of fire, similar to the size of a softball. Unable to control "burn intensity." Can only be used for very short periods of time.
** ‣ Level 2: Able to form larger flames, perhaps the size of a cantaloupe. Use time increases slightly.
** ‣ Level 3: Able to control "burn intensity." Use time increases slightly.
** ‣ Level 4: Able to form campfire-size flames. Use time increases slightly.
** ‣ Level 5: Use time increases to max stat. New sub-ability unlocked: Reign of Fire. User is able to conjure shadow fire and rain death from the sky. Very dangerous, as inexperience and lack of control may cause serious injury or death to the wielder.
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