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On this fine morning in the Celestial Realm, Michael spends time connecting to the power source that all angels connect to for starting their day. His previous day was considered light work protecting and guiding Sarah, his human charge, away from the daily dangers everyone faces on earth. However, this doesn't mean he's always been able to help. Sometimes the power of the enemy is too great and he has to retreat or ask for help. In which time, numerous misfortunes befall Sarah before Michael is able to get back on track. Such events as that one time where there was a near-accident which Sarah narrowly avoided being hit by a car, caused by him not anticipating the danger fast enough. That left him with a profound responsibility for Sarah, although it wasn't the last time he would make a mistake. The other time was when he was momentarily absent, and wasn't watching Sarah at all due to assisting another angel. During this absence, Sarah encountered a supernatural entity that threatened her. Michael returned in time to protect Sarah, that experience left a lasting impact on her sense of safety. She hadn't seen him clearly that night, which was a good thing. These failures he had admitted to the other angels and was admonished no small amount for his carelessness with the car collision, though he had some leniency with the second one since he needed to help another angel. Michael finishes his daily morning replenishment, and goes off to start observing Sarah once more. "What will you do today, Sarah? Don't worry, I'll remain vigilant while I'm watching. I can't promise to be perfect, because we angels can make mistakes. We try our hardest, though..." Michael feels a hand on his shoulder, and turns to see that it is none other than his friend and mentor, Raphael. "Good job yesterday. I know I don't say this enough as your mentor, but you make me proud. Keep up the good work." Michael nods with an appreciative look. "Thank you, but it was a trivial day. As far as that goes, I have a question. Do I have a moral responsibility to inform Sarah about the supernatural threats she faces? Like that one time I was helping another angel with his charge. I know I got there in time, but that has scarred her for life. It's been somewhat affecting my ability to keep her protected since she's questioned her safety all this time." Raphael leads Michael to sit down for a second. This is going to require a delicate approach. "Michael, let's consider it like this: to begin, we should ask ourselves: What is the ultimate goal of our role as guardian angels? Is it to protect, to guide, or perhaps both?" Michael groans, recognizing the pattern his mentor is using. He's heard the same pattern with different questions asked each time. "The ultimate goal is to protect and guide, to ensure her safety and well-being." That's an answer straight from the book. Angels are required to study and know these things, though the way Michael approaches them are a bit unconventional. "Very well. Now, let's contemplate the value of free will. We understand the significance of human free will, but how does it relate to your moral responsibility? Is it morally just to interfere with someone's free will, even if it's to protect them?" These types of Socratic questions are what helped Raphael produce some of the best guardian angels, particularly with Michael. He was one of Raphael's top proteges, and he subtly bragged about it among other senior angels. "I've always believed in respecting free will, but when her life is in danger is it not my duty to intervene?" The smug look on Michael's face at his attempt of asking a good question only makes Raphael chuckle. "An important consideration indeed. Now think about the consequences of disclosing the supernatural threats to Sarah. How might it affect her psychologically and emotionally? And how does this relate to your moral responsibility?" Just like that, Raphael comes out the victor! Michael hadn't foreseen this question, or even thought about it. This shows how much more experience his mentor had than his own. Sighing, Michael concedes this win. "It could cause her fear and anxiety. But at the same time, she deserves to know about the dangers she's facing." This conversation was about to wrap up soon, but there was one or two more points he could make to help Michael see the desired outcome. "You're exploring the complexities of this issue admirably. Now let's examine the principle of honesty and transparency. Is there a moral imperative to be transparent, to tell the truth, even when it might be uncomfortable or distressing?" Michael checks back on Sarah. She's about to burn her hand on the stove, so he sends a quick alert to her brain about the impending danger, then speaks again when he's sure Sarah won't get burned. "Yes, I believe honesty is important. But I worry about how the truth might affect her life." Now Michael's mind has changed from "Should I tell her?" to his last reply about the truth affecting her life. Raphael considers this a well-taught lesson. "Indeed, the impact of the truth is a significant factor. Now, let's delve into the concept of personal growth and learning from experiences. Could there be a moral benefit in allowing Sarah to learn and grow through her own choices and encounters with these threats?" "That's an interesting perspective. Perhaps she can become stronger through her experiences, but the risks are substantial." Raphael pats his shoulder again as he stands up, signaling the near conclusion of his talk. "Your contemplation is commendable, Michael. These are essential questions that will help you determine your moral responsibility in this situation. Remember, the Socratic method encourages self-discovery and introspection. It is through this process that you will find the most ethical course of action for your role as Sarah's guardian angel." With that, Raphael leaves Michael to think about these questions as he watches Sarah's day unfold before her.

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Sarah groans, "Can this day get any worse? What do I have to do for one normal, easy day? Die?"
She throws the burnt eggs away, going for cereal instead. She already almost burned her hand, after dropping three egg yolks on the floor. Only after pouring her cereal in the bowl did she realize: she was out of milk.
"I quit! Frank, I'm going to Alice's," Sarah spoke to her German shepherd, "She hates me, but she has to feed me. I get to watch her suffer being nice to me, while getting nutrients. The perfect morning. Not."
She looks down at the floor, licked clean of the yolk by Frank, knowing nothing of salmonella. Then up on the top of the fridge at her cat, Squirrel. Without a word, she heads upstairs to change into decent clothes. Of course almost falling up them once, then tripping when putting clean jeans on. After landing on her butt against the bedpost, hair landing in her face, Sarah lets out a puff of air. To no avail, of course, as her hair is still in her face. She rights herself and finishes dressing, then brushes her hair. She tries a braid, then a ponytail, then a tight bun. Finally, she gives up and puts it in the typical messy bun.
After triple-checking to make sure she has her wallet, phone and keys, she goes out to her car.
"Thank God, my car is okay. With my morning, I expected it to have blown up," Sarah mutters to herself.
She starts it up - on the third try, and heads to the cafe.
At some point Michael begins to wonder if Sarah's misfortune is really anyone's fault but her own. It's hard to believe an evil entity would try to ruin her life with these little misfortunes. Or maybe there's something Michael isn't seeing yet. Maybe the wool is being pulled over his eyes to make it look like nothing really bad is about to happen that will turn Sarah off onto a much darker path of peril than anything he's ever seen before in his entire time as a guardian angel. Whatever the case, he can't help but laugh a little bit as she talks to her dog about Alice pretending to be nice to her. "Looks like my daily duties on the surface are required. I'll be right back, everyone. Don't miss me too much while I'm gone." Michael knows there's a process he has to go through in order to descend, and he groans thinking about it. Such as first receiving guidance and instructions from celestial authorities, which would include his mentor. Gathering with other celestials who know about his mission to protect Sarah and talk about plans for today. Meditation and reflection, on top of the meditation he already goes through at the start of each day. Michael crosses that one off the list, since he already went through it at the start of the day. And a few more steps. Michael shrugs and ignores the whole process, instead eager to get to the surface.

As Michael descends, his body is covered with light as his form changes from celestial being to one closer resembling a human: classically handsome face, characterized by chiseled features and an air of timeless elegance. Dark, raven-black hair that falls in gentle waves, adding to his enigmatic and attractive appearance. His eyes maintain their celestial quality: a captivating shade of deep azure, exuding kindness and wisdom. Height and build are similar to his celestial form, a tall and lean figure, giving him a presence that is both protective and comforting. His clothing today reflects casual attire while maintaining his element of refinement and grace. He still carries a subtle, ethereal radiance that sets him apart from ordinary humans. It's not overpowering, but it lends an aura of positivity and safety to those around him. The light fades as he arrives outside of Alice's house, just in time to see Sarah through the kitchen window. He picks up a newspaper and sits down on a seat, pretending to read it while occasionally peering over the top of the pages to keep an eye on his charge. The time is not yet right to reveal himself to her. But Michael will be ready when the moment arrives.
"All right Sarah, I'm here. You have nothing to worry about."
Sarah was waiting for her coffee when her friend Marie came over to her. "Good morning, how is Sarah this fine day?" Sarah rolls her eyes and smiles, "Annoyed. Everything has happened within the first few hours of being awake. So, hopefully, I can at least get my coffee like a normal human."
"Sarah!" Alice calls with a disgusted tone.
"Thanks honey," Sarah smiles.
"Who is that?" Marie gestures to a man walking into the cafe.
Sarah looks over and her eyes widen, "I don't know but I'd like to find out."

The man walks confidently into the coffee shop, like nothing in the world could stop him. He's dressed in a finely fitted business suit (not the armor here. I couldn't make the page like that :( ). His face easily blows any man's appearance in the coffee shop away by a mile. His long white hair falls partially in front of one eye and his other scans the room until it sets sight on Sarah. His eyes are translucent blue, almost literally glowing but not quite. He has an otherworldly vibe to him. As he approaches Sarah, the straight lipped expression slowly turns into a smile, upon reaching her area. "Why hello there. What are two beauties such as yourselves doing here? Waiting for me, perhaps?" He winks at Sarah with his more visible eye. "Pardon the long hair, it gets in the way sometimes. But it could never hide the light I see shining from you." This was directed more at Sarah this time, Malthael's quarry. As if on cue the sun rose from beneath the horizon and lit up Sarah's facial features, including any kind of reactions she was having.
As the man set eyes on Sarah and began making his way towards them, Marie kicked Sarah's foot. "Dude, he's coming this way. And boy, he has the hots for you." Sarah rolls her eyes and watches him walk over. As he speaks, her face becomes warmer and warmer. Once he makes the comment about the light shining from Sarah, her face reddens deeply. She couldn't help but smile, and finally looks into his eyes. Her heart pattered at the sight of the man's blue eyes, complimented by and complimenting his white locks. After a bit, Sarah realized she hadn't spoken. "Th-thank you. You're quite the sight yourself."
Malthael keeps his stance and posture open, turning his palms face up as he speaks. "You give me far too much credit. I have a personal stylist who helps me look good each day. It's only thanks to him I can have a higher quality appearance." So, this is Sarah. His mark for the next few months. Maybe shorter, or longer than that. Up to this point before meeting her personally, he's been hiding in the shadows, watching and influencing her actions. Those distressing thoughts and nightmares? His doing. Sarah's traumatic childhood event? His doing. That mysterious incident, distorting Sarah's reflection in the mirror at night three years ago? His doing as well. He enjoyed that one quite a lot. Just then, he starts to sense a celestial being nearby. He frowns, but it quickly turns into a charming but apologetic smile. "It's been lovely speaking to you. But I must be going." He takes her hand and lightly kisses the back of it. "Until next we meet..." When Sarah looks away, Malthael vanishes from the very spot he was standing in.


While Michael was pretending to read the newspaper while watching Sarah, he felt something not right. Michael's sense of dangerous auras was almost second to none so he could usually sniff them out, but there was no such aura. He puts down the newspaper and intently watches Sarah and her friend. Sarah appears to be talking to someone, but the mystery conversationalist is hidden by a solid object. One thing angels don't have is x-ray vision. Michael folds the paper and starts walking toward the door of the coffee shop. As he's about to open the door, he stops. Sarah is looking away from where she had her eyes previously, and there's no one there. The odd feeling is now gone, and Michael lowers his hand to his side. Sarah is safe for now. He turns around and finds a different seat to sit on, resuming his reading of the paper like nothing has happened.
Sarah giggled as Malthael spoke of his stylist, then her blush deepened once again as he took her hand. "Until next we meet," he'd spoken. Marie and Sarah looked at each other, then back to where Malthael had been. "He's gone...just like that," Sarah muttered. "I'm sure we'll see him again," Marie turned to pick up her coffee, "Shall we find somewhere to sit?" Sarah nodded, looking around for the mysterious man, of course seeing nothing. Over the next hour, she and Marie would discuss him, among other topics. Topics such as Marie needing a roommate.
The rest of the day goes by without any problems. When Michael confirms there'll likely be no more trouble for the day, he ascends back to the celestial realm to finish out the day. The only thing left for Sarah is a walk in the dark, though there are street lamps along the entire way home. The other angels are also coming back, trickling in after their days of watching their charges. Michael speaks with them as well as his mentor, who frowns at the mention of the unknown person Sarah was talking to. "This is most troubling, Michael. You didn't see who she was talking to? I think it's all right for now, but keep a closer eye on her. I've seen similar situations unfold in the past, some of which didn't end so nicely."
"Of course, I'll keep constant vigil throughout the night. Speaking of which, Sarah is likely on her way back from her duties. I'll be going now, gotta keep watching her." Michael turns his attention to any potential threat that might befall Sarah tonight. Some of the shadows flickered, evoking an alarming hypersensitive reply from Michael about to swoop down and intervene directly, but it turns out the flickers were nothing. Or were they?
Sarah had said goodbye to Marie for the night after a long day of shopping and running other errands. She had her mind on other things, such as the mysterious man from the coffee shop. Something about him was different, although she couldn't figure out what it was. When she was five minutes from home, something darted across the sidewalk a few feet in front of her. Sarah jumped backwards and tripped, landing on her butt.
"Oh no, not again," she looked around anxiously, searching for the origins, images running through her mind.
The elusive creature, a master of shadows, swiftly darts behind Sarah, seamlessly navigating from one patch of darkness to another. In a disconcerting display, it emerges from a location behind her, seamlessly melding into the encompassing darkness ahead. In an instant, all but one of the streetlights extinguish, plunging Sarah into an eerie obscurity that heightens the anticipation.

A disquieting symphony emanates from the creature – a chilling amalgamation of guttural growls, demonic whispers, and the unsettling rustling of its shadowy form. Initially dismissed as a mere animal, the entity moves with deliberate slowness, dispelling any notion of ordinary wildlife. With every deliberate step, it inches closer to Sarah, a spectral presence defying the norms of the natural world. As it hesitantly steps into the solitary pool of light, the true nature of the creature becomes starkly apparent to Sarah.

The demon's body, an amalgamation of shifting shadows and ethereal darkness, moves with an otherworldly fluidity. Its form constantly morphs and contorts, as though it is a living shadow. Only glowing, piercing eyes are discernible on its face, radiating an ominous light that reflects the malevolent intent and supernatural nature of the demonic entity. Distorted facial features create an unsettling and grotesque visage, with a mouth stretching unnaturally wide, revealing rows of jagged teeth. Expressions shift rapidly between malevolence and torment.

Elongated and twisted limbs end in clawed appendages that materialize from the darkness, razor-sharp and capable of cutting through both the physical and metaphysical. Enveloped in dark, serpentine tendrils that writhe and slither around its form, these tendrils seem to extend from its shadowy body, intensifying the overall sense of malevolent energy. The demon's essence is ephemeral, suggesting it partially exists between dimensions.

Surrounded by an aura of absolute darkness, the demon extinguishes any ambient light, consuming the essence of its surroundings and creating an environment of supernatural dread. A sulfurous scent lingers in the air, heightening the sensation of its infernal origin and serving as an olfactory marker of its malevolent presence.

The demon's appearance is meticulously tailored to manifest and exploit Sarah's deepest fears. With an unearthly howl, the demon unleashes its scream into Sarah's face, a cacophony of torment and malevolence that pierces through the air. The darkness of its aura intensifies, enveloping her senses in an oppressive shroud. In this harrowing moment, the tailored manifestation of her deepest fears is unleashed, a nightmarish reality converging with her psychological vulnerabilities.

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