Guardian Angel (romance 1x1)


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I still remember Grandma Lucy leaning back in her rocking chair, the sounds of the wood creaking filling the silent room. I began to sniffle as I poked at my band-aid, my fresh scrape stinging fiercely. "Darling, was today a good day? Or a bad day?" She asked, her frail voice cracking with each word. I began to scowl, muttering nonsense about how I would never try to ride a bike every again. "Bad." I squeaked, rubbing at my eyes roughly. "Why?" She asked, pushing her thick glasses further up the brim of her nose. I gave her the most irritated look ever. "You know why! My boo-boo!" I whined, smacking the area around my wound. She nodded as if she finally understood, still rocking away in her delicate ol' rocking chair. "Your guardian angel was being careless." I must have been making a confused look, because she began explaining quickly after. "You can't see your guardian angel, but it's there. It protects you and loves you. It will never leave you until the day it walks you up the stairway to heaven." She said, raising her hand halfway. She always did this rp whenever mentioning heaven. I guess that's why I lived such a positive life, because I knew I had a back-up every step of the way.

I'm actually supposed to be doing a lot of 1x1 right now, but I can't help but introduce this idea.

When a girl has her rowdy guardian angel fall down from the heavens, what will she do?

Name: Jupiter Ranger

Age: 17

Gender: Female

Personality: Sweet, shy, naïve, dependent


I'm looking for a semi-literate (a least 4 lines per post) RPer who is fine with playing the role of our crazy boy. I'm only looking for one person.

((also, if you're one of the people who I still have to reply to for a 1x1, please message me.


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Would be interested! PM me? Btw I might not be on RPnation all the time cause of schoolwork and stuff(ill still try to reply every few days or every week if possible =.= school in Asia is cray cray), if thats ok with you then sweet!

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