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GTA - NoPixel 3.0 -- Looking for someone to play Males


Galaxies The Limit
  • Roleplay Style -- I roleplay in PM’s / 3ed Person / Paragraph Style / 100+ Words / Daily Availability
Hello, today I am looking for someone to play any (one) of various males from GTA’s NoPixel 3.0. I’m partial to cops and civilians but there are a few crims that I like as well. I’d like to build my character background/backstory around and for the person I ship them with. Some paring dynamics that sound great [Crim X Cop / Naive Civilian X Crim] Open to other options. I watch Cop’s most, then a lot of Burger Shot / Roosters Rest Characters. I am also interested in BBMC and The Lost characters. I haven’t watched a lot of Gang Rpers though.
  • It’s probably best if you just list some characters you’d prefer to portray and then I can tell you if I am aware of any. Then we can get creating a storyline for the roleplay.

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