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Fantasy Growing darkness. (Demon RP)

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Adventure, LGTBQ Friendly, Magical, Romance, Supernatural

The Captain

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My father was mortal. He was an ordinary man from a small farming village with a doting wife who waited for him at home all day to return from the fields.
It happened at the end of a long day working under the burning sun. My father was just starting to make his way home when lightning struck the ground in front of him causing him to jump back and shield his face. When the light began to fade he opened his eyes and came face to face with the most beautiful woman he had ever laid his eyes on. Her beauty mesmerized him but he was hesitant to approach her. As he looked at her he began to realize she was not all human. She had long horns protruding from the crown of her head and her eyes were the color of glass. He had always been told stories as a child of these creatures but never could have imagined that he would ever come to meet with one. Demon. That was all his mind could manage to think and as if the she beast could read his thoughts gave him a devilish smile exposing fangs. Her smile seemed to cast a spell on him and he found himself walking into her open embrace as large black wings extended from her back enclosing them together.

Weeks had past and my father had not returned home.
His wife sat in the kitchen everyday waiting for him to come home.
She had just recently found out they would be expecting their first child.
And then one day as she stared out the window a shadow could be seen walking in the distance.
She ran outside and was greeted with the face of her husband.
She hugged him asking what happened to him, where he had been.
He had no memory of the last few weeks. He would see flashes in him mind but none of it made sense.
His wife brought him inside and as she began to clean him up she noticed he was covered in bruises and claw marks.
It wasn't until she the saw the bite marks that she realized what it meant.
She had been told the same stories when she was young and how some demons will seduce mortals.
Her face went pale and she stepped back from him.
He tried to call out for her but she just ran. She didn't know where she was going but she knew that anyone touched by a demon was marked by darkness.
He was never able to find her. He didn't know of the child she carried or that a few months later she died giving birth to that child.
And as for that child no one is sure what became of them.

That is not my story though. My mother was the demon.


He was born a half demon feared by the mortal world and hated by the demon world. He knew little of his father aside from the story of his conception. His mother was a powerful demon princess but demons don't make a habit of raising their own. Being one of the rare few to survive after birth Damien was to be giving to a higher demon in their world. As a half demon he would be stronger then most humans but still weaker then any demon. As a half breed grows the demon part of them begins to grow stronger until one day it devours the human part of them making them almost as strong as a high powered demon and the perfect weapon for an army. They become a shell of what they were being used like a puppet to obey their masters demands.
On the night he was meant to be given a low ranking demon stole him away. He had been raising Damien until this night and had grown attached to him. Not wanting to see him used in such a horrid way he did the only thing he could think to do, leave and hide away among the mortals.
They lived like humans shaving down their horns and teeth when they started to grow but knew it was best to keep to themselves as much as possible. Damien has never been told of what his future holds but the one who cares for him knows that one day soon he will have to tell him.


Alright so I am really excited about this one and hope people get really into this.
Both demons and humans are welcome. Haven't decided if I will allow others to be half demons but if it makes sense I don't see why not.
some magic is alright with me as well. Even humans using light magic.
If someone would like to take role of the child that no one know what happened to (the one who is supposed to be the half sibling) then please feel free to do so. I kinda left it open to where it can come to play if someone is interested in it.

The Captain

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Alright that is awesome. Feel free to post your character here or you can do when I make a post in the other form.


Praise the sun
Well here's the character I thought up.
Name: Terria Vaun Daurias (The Masked Warrior).

Age: 50(Don’t really know if demons live longer than humans in this world so I’ll make her younger if necessary).

Gender: Female

Species: Demon(Royal).

Appearance: Terria appears as a very tall lean but well-muscled figure. To put a number on her height she’d be around 6’ 3. She lacks horns on her head as they were ripped off and lacks wings on her back as those were severed during her trial. Her skin is tan and her eyes are red. She does still have a demonic tail which ends in a point resembling as arrowhead. Her hair is kept short and it is black. Normally she wears clothing that hide these traits being long robes. She wears a mask made of oak wood with small holes made to allow her to see. Her ears end in points. She carries scars along her arms and legs from her time in battle.

Equipment: Terria carries a pair of dirks.

Personality: Terria is a woman of few words, she doesn’t like to be asked questions about where she came from or how she is feeling. Beyond that she is professional, preferring to focus on a single goal instead of being bogged down by a bunch of other things. She prefers to do things on her own and her trust is hard earned. Though once Terria counts you as a friend of hers than she’d walk the world and back for you. She doesn’t act much like a demon and seems to have a dislike for others of her kind. Terria goes as far as to not want anyone to know exactly who she is or what she is. She seems to not care a whole lot for humans but she certainly likes them more than her own kind.

Backstory: Terria was born among a family of royalty known as the Vaun Daurias, Terria was the only child her parents ever had. She acted like the son her father never had, preferring to train with a blade or run with her hellhound. As Terria grew older her skill with the dirk became almost unmatched. As an adult she was perhaps the fiercest warrior demon in her family’s territory so she often did warrior-esque duties. She was quite dependable on these sorts of things, Terria seemed to be living the perfect life until one night the older Vaun Daurias’s were killed. A neighboring royal appeared accusing Terria of being the murderer in some attempt to gain the throne. Evidence was planted and Terria was put on trial. The trial was a sham, though instead of being outright killed Terria was simply banished to live among humans, with a few wounds. For one her horns were cut off completely to the point where they would never regrow, her wings were also cut off. The wounds were terribly painful and Terria spent the first few months attempting to recover from them. It was during those months Terria’s most faithful companion, her hellhound, rejoined her. Terria lived like a hermit in those months, she eventually settled in a hut not far from a village. One day on an excursion into the village where Terria first donned her mask and robe, she ran into a demon demanding tribute from the human villagers. This seemed to be a normal occurrence, Terria ended up slaying this demon. She was celebrated as some form of hero, the villagers gave Terria a reward. Believing her to be some skilled human warrior. Terria took this reward and went back to her hut. She re-enters this village once every month, now she is known by the population as a masked warrior who rides on the back of some odd bear-sized beast. There are rumors that the masked warrior is a demon, and there is a lot of arguement over whether or not they are a man or a woman. Other demons steer clear from that town, after another appeared demanding tribute in place of the first and Terria ended up slaying that one as well. She is comfortable with her life, though she is full of spite to the demon who ripped her wings off and seems to have sworn off her own kind. Preferring to be seen as just some masked human.

Beast: As before stated Terria is accompanied by a hellhound, this beast is the size of a brown bear, weighs about five hundred pounds, and is covered head to toe in shaggy brown hair. It has the head of a wolf, the musculature of a bear, and the tail and legs of some large cat. The beast is named Enrik, and is very loyal to Terria as it has been her companion for most of her life.

Magic: Terria is not skilled in demon magic, she prefers to rely on her strength and skill. Though she can conjure up a very small amount of fire if she is forced to.

Neo Alice

Mahō Shōjo
The Captain The Captain i hope she's acceptable


“The child marked by death, only a mother’s love could have saved her from it. She’s the stealer of lives even if by chance, the world will tremble in her hands.” –Sahprah (The Midwife)

Basic Information:
Full Name:
Ophelia Blackwood

Age: 25


Sexuality: Heterosexual

Occupation: Heiress.

Personality: Cold and devoid of emotions she’s usually only driven by curiosity and ambition. Having being cursed even before being born had natural sequels on her psyche, she feels disconnected from this world and as such fails to care about menial matters too much. There’s a little spark however, something really deep inside of her that from time to time allows her to feel things as a regular person… she sees this a weakness and seeks a way to get rid of it.

The Blackwood family is a noble lineage of successful witches and warlocks, even if hidden among the other humans who are only aware of their wealth. For centuries the most powerful human magical users were born in it and any rumors around the members were usually dealt with in the shadows regarding this matter. However a terrible predicament had befallen on the last heir, no matter how much he tried he couldn’t successfully bring the next heir to life since all of his wife’s pregnancies ended either before time or just were stillborn. Of course… that’s not really my family, so you may be wondering why I’m explaining this or why I am even involved on it.

I was told that my father, my real father, was once kidnapped by a Demon and my mother, my real mother, waited patiently for him to return. She didn’t actually knew what had happened to him until he returned with obvious marks on his body that signaled the truth behind his disappearance. She didn’t actually notice until it was too late for me, the demon had cursed me through my father to avoid any link her own child could have to humans. What else would she return him for? It should have been obvious but she was a peasant quite uneducated on the matter. She ran away from him, trying to avoid any harm that could come to us… but the harm was already done, I was cursed to die before I could start living.

She traveled as far as she could, arriving at her friend Sahprah who was also the midwife for the Blackwood family at the moment. She remained hidden within the manor to avoid prying looks but fate struck wisely that day when both women delivered at the same time while the heir had gone on a business trip. My real mother, against all chances, managed to safe my life by offering her own through the most powerful magic that humans, allegedly, have a their disposal: love. I know I should trust it a bit more since it actually saved my life, it’s just that I can’t feel it… My magic is dark, I was given life through death and that’s bound to have side effects.

My fake mother delivered a stillborn baby once more, however Sahprah wouldn’t allow this chance to go to waste and since my inherited golden blonde hair had turned pitch black during my birth I already looked a lot like a Blackwood to begin with. The stigma around a child that kills their mother in order to be born would have been horrible and Sahprah saved me from that by switching me with that stillborn Blackwood baby after my fake mother passed out exhausted and hopeless. Sahprah disposed from the corpses and no one knew about what happened that day, it wasn’t a matter of luck or chance that I resulted to have the gift of magic since the circumstances around my birth were what usually gave start to witches and warlocks families in the first place.

Sahprah wasn’t as skilled with magic as the Blackwoods but she was allowed to stay as my nana in order to protect and take care of me. I was the only heir they were going to get, that was clear, and they couldn’t afford to lose me to some illness or lack of proper supervision. I was never a happy child… rather a well behaved one, so my parents saw me as a true blessing arriving to their lives. However I always felt disconnected from them... And from everyone else so Sahprah eventually had to tell me this story for me to comprehend and stay silent about my concerns.

Now I know what this flicker of weakness that appears within my heart from time to time really is, my last true link to this world lives and as soon as I get rid of him I can finally rest peacefully in death’s sweet embrace.

-Death’s Mark:
Ophelia is able to see ghost and other spirits, her eyes glow green when she channels eldritch energies from the other side to perform her mystical feats. If she takes someone’s life, their soul is claimed by her and added to her body to fuel her magic.

-Eldritch Energy: She’s able to use raw mystical energy syphoned from the other side, being able to shoot it to cause damage to the target’s soul, build platforms and form barriers to defend herself against energetic and physical threats. If she surrounds an object or someone with this energy she can use a limited kind of telekinesis on the target, although it’s hardly subtle.

-Floral Necromancy: She can’t rise an army of undead thanks to the limitations of being human but she can control plants to a degree and use them to provide limited animation to a number of corpses by having their vital energy syphoned towards the undead.

-Witchcraft: Since she was raised in a family of noble witches she had a proper mystical education on the old arts of sorcery, being capable of conjuring spells, brewing potions and enchanting artifacts.
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The Captain

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OH and yes Demons don't age like humans so that age is good.
Also forgot to post Damien's looks so here is that.

The Captain

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Forgive me guys. Not new to RPing but new to using this site!
Let me know if this works!
And thanks for helping with the replying!

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