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Multiple Settings Ground Zero: Florida

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Action, Adventure, Supernatural
So I had this idea for a group RP with a plot based on the Sega CD game Ground Zero: Texas. I'll explain the plot of the RP down here.

An alien race known as Hectos have invaded the tropical American city of Miami, Florida, and the Florida National Guard has been ordered to take them out. A group of recruits arrives to the Fort Nicholson Military Air Base at the edge of Miami to assist the Florida National Guard in taking out the Hectos and restoring peace to the city. Will the Florida National Guard succeed in ridding Miami of its alien invasion, or will the Hectos destroy Miami and eventually the United States? Find out in this action packed roleplay.

The amount of character slots is limited, so be sure to sign up for the RP as quickly as you can. Once all the character slots are filled, you've missed your chance. Keep that in mind, okay?

Character Slots

OOC: Realistic or Modern - Ground Zero: Florida (OOC)
Character Sheets: Realistic or Modern - Ground Zero: Florida (Character Sheets)
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