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Hey there! I'm Grizzle, I am 26 (So please be 21+, I'm just more comfortable with that) and have been roleplaying for a decade now, I consider myself to be descriptive though dialogue is where I feel I shine. I prefer third person and tend to write 3-4 paragraphs per post though I sometimes can be longer or shorter depending. I LOVE OOC chatter and it's important that I am friends with my rp partners, so please be open to that! I would like to use Discord for OOC so please be okay with that too!

Looking for mxf but willingness to portray both genders as background or side characters.

Themes I like include fantasy, romance, sci fi, crime drama, detectives, supernatural, superheroes, medieval, I do like some canon stuff, questing/adventure, angst, some dark and mature themes as well so if you aren't okay with darker stuff then this might not be for you. Though I will very much respect any triggers.

I have an original idea but am open to other ideas as well, for canons I am mostly comfortable roleplaying in the Batman universe and Marvel universe, I would also be interested in Pokemon, Digimon, BNHA and Fairy Tail among other things! I'm interested in AU's very much and am open to any original or canon ideas you may have!

My original idea is that there's a storybook owned by a child (btw I'm open to changes and ideas.), the characters are sentient but basically lack free will and follow the words of the book over and over again whenever it's opened, when it's closed they're aware but frozen. The book itself is for children and is about a party going on in the candy themed kingdom of Gummaria where the inhabitants of the royal castle are the characters. Another kingdom attacks the party in the book but in the end the good guys win and the bad guys leave and they throw their party. But one day the book is lost in New York City and left open. For some reason a portal opens at the party blocking the words and giving the characters free will, they go through the portal and them and their cutesy personalities are now in a rough and scary real world NYC and they have to adjust, some I imagine grow jaded, some get into shady stuff, others keep their optimism but for how long?

If you have any questions feel free to reach out in PM, but ideally I'd like to roleplay on Google Docs though I'm open to suggestions.

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